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Why study Social Science?

Social Science continues as a core subject in Years 9 and 10. Within this subject, Australian CurriculumHistory and

Geography are studied. The course is intended to provide students with the skills necessary to make sense of the

world they inhabit, to exercise judgment and responsibility in matters of morality, ethics and social justice and to

become active and informed citizens. They will also develop a sound understanding of the wider global context

in which they are operating.

The course is student-centred and multi-disciplinary. Learning how to participate in social inquiry, critical thinking

and problem solving is the basis of the program. It is designed to foster a commitment to lifelong learning.

What is studied in Social Science?

Year 9

In Year 9, students explore the complex and exciting history of the making of the modern world covering the

period of 1750-1918. They study the changing political ideas and attitudes towards women through an

investigation into the Suffragette Movement. They also engage in historical inquiry by looking at the nature and

significance of key revolutions and WorldWar I and the impact these had on people globally and at home. Finally,

the Geography unit in Term 4 focuses on Australia’s connection to the Asia-Pacific Region.

Year 10

In Year 10 the theme is “The Modern World”. Students learn about the causes and course of World War II and

the ColdWar aftermath. They also study Human Rights through an investigation of Indigenous People of Australia.

Finally the course concludes with a geography unit looking at natural and human-made disasters in the

contemporary world.

Assessment for both years involves objective tests, research assignments, research essays and spoken tasks.

Library research involving both print and electronic media resources are essential features of the course.

Senior Study

The Social Sciences course contains many elements

which relate directly to themes and skills in the

Economics and Modern History courses. Capable Social

Science students also understand the links which can be

made to the Study of Religion course.