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Why study Business and Enterprise?

Business & Enterprise provides opportunities for students to learn about how businesses function in today’s

society. Students are exposed to authentic and practical business situations that assist them in developing a

sound knowledge of business principles and essential communication skills. The importance of

professionalism in the workplace is at the forefront of the teaching and learning within this subject. Students

are encouraged to be life-long learners and to obtain knowledge and skills that will continue to benefit them

into their senior years and beyond.

What is studied?

The topics covered include but are not exclusive to:

The Australian and global economy

Competition in the marketplace

Venture planning, implementation and evaluation

Improving business productivity

The changing work environment

Economic performance and living standards

Finance and computerised accounting systems

Three small business ventures are integral to the course and provide an opportunity for students to

demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to achieve both individual, team and business goals. Students

create and sell products at the College Carnival and Trade Fair as well as fundraise for College mission projects.

How are students assessed?

Assessment is based on four criteria:

Knowledge and understanding

Questioning and researching

Analysing and interpreting


Assessment items include projects, non-written presentations,

short and extended response examinations and responses to


Senior Study

The underpinning enterprising capabilities that this subject encompasses are relevant life skills which are

also applicable to any subject area in Years 11 and 12. These include:

Generating, identifying and assessing opportunities

Identifying, assessing and managing risks

Collecting, organising and analysing information

Generating and using creative ideas and processes

Identifying, solving and preventing problems

Identifying, recruiting and managing resources

Working with others and in teams

Being flexible and dealing with change

Negotiating and influencing

Using initiative and drive

Monitoring and evaluating

Communicating ideas and information

Planning and organising

Being fair and responsible

Business and Enterprise acts as an excellent foundation for further study in the Senior subject areas of

Accounting, Business, Economics and Certificate III in Business.