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Why study Design and Technologies?

Design and Technologies is a subject that offers students a variety of situations in which to make decisions, solve

problems, explore creative talents to produce quality items, manage their time efficiently and demonstrate their

knowledge. They learn these skills in the contexts of food and nutrition, food science, graphic design and textiles and

design. Sustainability and the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities are the underpinning values of this


What is studied in Design and Technologies?

Year 9

Australian Food Safari

Food nutrients and their relevance to adolescents

Interpreting and analysing food labels

Snack food analysis

Practical application: development and evaluation (sensory testing) of a healthy snack food item & collaborative

group task

The Coastal Collection

Ethical and Environmental issues associated with fabric and garment construction

Fibre properties and fabric construction methods, experimenting with fibres

Garment care and labelling

Design/adapt patterns to produce a garment

3D printing

Practical Application: design and construct a leisure wear item & 3D accessory

Year 10

Food and Nutrition

Investigating health and wellbeing for adolescents and analysing personal food and lifestyle choices

Sustainable consumer practices

Making healthy food choices to reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases (e.g. obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes)

Trial recipes

Practical application: design and evaluate (sensory testing) a nutritious pantry meal item

Product Design

Design Process

Project management strategies

Investigate ways technology can be incorporated into textiles

Drafting and pattern alteration

Practical application: design and construct a bag and electronic Design Folio

The Science of Food

Food Chemistry terminology and techniques

Application of a number of learned techniques

Practical application: apply a range of food chemistry techniques to a food item

Graphic Design

Apply Adobe Illustrator to graphically design a logo

Utilise Embrillance to transform design into embroidery stitches

Electronic Design Folio and design drawing

Practical Application: Design and produce a hoodie

Senior Study

Design and Technologies encourages skills and knowledge that apply to many vocations. These vocational areas include

teaching, nursing, social work, food technology, nutrition and dietetics, medicine, fashion design, textile technology,

management and hospitality. Our Department will be offering Food and Nutrition, Design and Hospitality in Senior from

2019. The skills learnt in Design and Technologies are invaluable life skills that can be used across many other disciplines

and in general living to enhance the wellbeing of students throughout their lives.