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Why study Digital Technologies?

As technology matures and the quest for the gathering of information grows, it is necessary that courses evolve

to meet these needs. Multimedia is fast emerging as a basic skill that will be important to life in the twenty-

first century. In today’s fast paced, media-driven business environment, it is essential to understand how to

take a multimedia approach to capture an audience and deliver a message.

Multimedia is the seamless integration of code, text, sound, images, animation, video and control software.

In Digital Technologies, students learn the most popular multimedia tools including how to code to equip them

with the skills to design and develop their own multimedia products.

The main purpose of Digital Technologies is to assist students to become “IT fluent” so they are comfortable

with using technology within all areas of the curriculum.

What is studied in Digital Technologies?

Computational Thinking


Image Acquisition

Image Manipulation

2D Animation

Digital Video Editing



Introduction to App Development

Web Design & Authoring

Senior Study

This subject allows students to develop the digital literacy skills which are paramount in today’s society and

many work environments. For those students wanting to develop their skills further in Years 11 and 12, Digital

Technologies provides a good foundation for Digital Solutions, a subject that focuses on App Development.

This subject can also lead into Information Communication & Technology. This junior subject is a


for Digital Solutions which can be studied in the senior years. However, a student would never be excluded

from studying Digital Solutions in Years 11 and 12. This would be looked at on an individual case.