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Why study Drama?

Drama is a dynamic art form that you can use to entertain, challenge, educate, understand, record and

celebrate events and stories. It lets you think about the way the world works from different perspectives.

Studying Drama provides you with opportunities to perform on stage, create your own scripts, design sets and

costumes, and watch and understand live theatre performances. You get to work with professional actors,

playwrights, directors and designers who come to your classes. You can see live theatre productions in venues

like QPAC, La Boite and Brisbane Powerhouse. You must study an Arts subject to be considered for the USA

Arts Tour.

Drama is mostly a practical subject where you will use your body, voice and brain to express, communicate

and learn. You will build your confidence and speaking skills, develop empathy and creativity, and learn how

to problem solve and work in a team. In Drama, you experiment with new ways of learning and thinking and

explore the things that matter to you.

What is studied in Drama?

Drama consists of two strands:

• Making (creating and performing)

• Responding


• Two per semester

• Always assessed individually

Skills you will develop:

• Acting

• Improvisation

• Designing

• Directing

• Critiquing

• Play writing

Topics and styles you will study:

• Realism and Non-Realism

• Theatre sports

• Blacklight Theatre

• Puppetry

• Children’s Theatre

• Whole Class Production