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Why study Japanese?

Japan is the second largest bilateral trading partner with Australia. This creates many opportunities in

the business sector for Japanese speaking employees.

Asian languages are in high demand in the current job market. Many advertisements state that an

Asian language is highly desirable.

Proximity to Japan makes regular travel to Japan achievable.

Refer to Language information on Page 14.

What is studied in Japanese?

An awareness of the culture and the society of Japan will go hand in hand with language learning as

students cover various topics: eating and drinking, daily routine and entertainment, personal

identification and relationships with other people, celebrations, weather and seasons, shopping and

home life, health and welfare.

Students will be given the opportunity to partake in additional activities such as visits to Japanese

restaurants, demonstrations and watching Japanese films. Students will also be encouraged to write

to Japanese students in Japan and may also be involved in Japanese language competitions.

Successful completion of Year 9 and 10 Japanese is a pre-requisite for an optional St Rita’s tour to

Japan at the end of Year 10 or Year 11. The Japan tour offers an eye opening and life-changing

experience with a two week immersion in Japan.

Students are given the opportunity to participate in an 8 week exchange with our sister school Atomi

at the end of Year 11.

Senior Study

The study of Japanese provides a basis for further work in the language which may lead to vocational

opportunities. As the course strives to develop an appreciation of the Japanese culture, this subject

also serves to broaden the horizons of participating students. The study of a foreign language also

helps student’s better grasp the structure and beauty of their own language.

The Universities offer an adjustment factor which boosts University Entrance to any course for

students studying a Senior Language. This gives a competitive edge, especially when applying for

highly competitive courses like medicine, engineering, law and science.