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Dear Parents and Girls,

It is in the Middle Years of schooling that students can begin to learn the skills and knowledge required for

them to take their place in the modern world. At St Rita’s, we look for ways of delivering curriculum that are

engaging for students and that respond to their developmental needs. Beyond developmental and academic

needs, the world in which early adolescents live is increasingly characterized by diversity and change. St Rita’s

continues to commit to providing a curriculum that is relevant, engaging and rigorous. Across the College’s

middle years’ curriculum, there is a clear emphasis on developing thinking skills to prepare the girls for the

challenges of the Senior Years.

This booklet provides information on the subjects offered at St Rita’s. It is one part of the process designed

to assist girls with their choices, along with subject talks, Personal Development classes and guidance. The

curriculumof theMiddle School consists of a broad range of subjects with a comprehensive set of compulsory

subjects and a wide choice of electives.

The core curriculum is designed to ensure that all girls cover the necessary content and develop the skills

necessary to succeed in the senior years. It is important to check which subjects in the senior school require

middle school subjects as pre-requisites. It should be understood that the subjects selected are for Years 9

and 10 and changing subjects is not desirable. Elective subject changes are only allowed at the beginning of

Year 10. It is important that students choose carefully, taking their interests into consideration as well as pre-

requisites for senior school.

The College places great importance on providing a supportive and nurturing environment in which each girl

is encouraged to do her best so that she can reach her full potential. At the end of her middle years of

schooling we are confident that the transition to the senior school will be a smooth one.

All subjects are structured to increase in the level of difficulty and to build on developing skills over the two

years. Students are encouraged to select subjects that they like but they are also encouraged to select

subjects that will challenge them.

We hope these middle years will be ones that set the platform for successful senior years and the desire to

be a life-long learner. The Presentation tradition encourages students to develop critical thinking, self-

motivation and a sense of personal responsibility. We look to promote the full potential of each person in

the school community and to provide school structures that promote justice and challenge all of us to live by

the Gospel values.


Dale Morrow