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Why study Physical Education?

Physical Education (PED) is an elective in the key learning area of the curriculum which reflects the dynamic and

multi-faceted nature of health and recognises the importance of physical activity in the lives of Australians. The

subject aims to develop active and informed individuals who are able to pursue andmaintain good personal health

within their social, cultural and physical environments.

Active participation in physical activity is a major emphasis in the subject and thus, the major proportion of class

time will involve students actively engaging in learning a range of physical activities.

What is studied in Physical Education?

The focus areas to be addressed, but are not limited to:

Food and nutrition

Health people, health communities

Participating and performing in games and sport

Sport Psychology

Equity and physical activities

Anatomy and biomechanics

Ethics and integrity

Tactical awareness

Energy, training and performance

Challenge and adventure activities

Games and sports

Lifelong physical activities

How are students assessed?

Students will undertake a range of assessment items during the course, with written tasks and physical tasks

contributing equally to the student's overall grade.

Senior Study

Physical Education aims to develop leadership, fair play and cooperation across a range of movement and health

contexts. The students apply decision making and problem solving skills when taking action to enhance their own

and others' health, safety and well-being. It provides a useful grounding for the study of Physical Education and

Health in Years 11 and 12.