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Why study Visual Art?

The study of Visual Art engages and inspires students and challenges their understanding of the world by

encouraging creative thinking and problem solving. They observe our world and are challenged by provoking

alternate ways of seeing, doing and thinking.

Students have the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in drawing, painting, 3D, media, digital, sound and

time based works of art. The curriculum involves Making and Responding tasks. Through their explorations

students have the opportunity to develop confidence and the ability to work with their peers, collaboratively.

When making artworks students respond to a range of sensory stimuli (visual, aural, tactile) as well as a range of

materials and techniques. Subject matter is drawn from still life, human figure, portraiture, landscape and

concept. In responding to personal artworks students learn about influences from the history of art and the

contemporary art world through research which assists them in resolving their own art making. Students are also

required to consider how their work will be viewed and displayed for an audience. Students will keep a visual

diary that documents thinking and process sketches and planning.

Future Pathways

Students who study Visual Art are adept creative thinkers and problem solvers who can think critically and

confidently. Students are self-motivated and independent learners who are able to manage time and adapt to

change. Employers are seeking these qualities in their employees. In an increasingly busy world Visual Art teaches

students to manage their leisure time and engage in art practice that contributes to general mental and physical


Everything in our world has an artist involved. The flyers in your letter box, the movies and TV you watch, the

industrial design of your home appliances, the houses you live in and the clothes you wear. As visual artists we

are architects, fashion designers, costume designers, graphic artists, interior designers, product designers, art

educators, animators, film makers and artists.

Artwork by Lara Madden (Year 10 2018)