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Why study English?

The general aim of the English course at St Rita’s is to promote the maturity of each student through the

development of her competence and the enrichment of her experience of language.

Underpinning the course is an acknowledgement that language is the main vehicle for thinking and the means

by which individuals make and convey meaning about their world and their experiences and how relationships

are fostered.

Rapid technological change means that students live in a heavily mediated world where everyone requires the

ability to interpret, negotiate and manipulate written and spoken information.

By studying English, students are empowered to use language to effectively convey their ideas and

understandings, to critique and challenge texts and so actively participate in wider society.

What is studied in English?

Students experience language by engaging with a wide variety

of texts drawn from literature and the media. By engaging

with a variety of written, visual and spoken texts students learn

that language practices vary according to the social setting;

that there are clearly defined conventions that determine

what constitutes acceptable language use and that all

language reflects values and beliefs about the world.

English is organized into three interrelated strands that

support students’ growing understanding and use of Standard

Australian English. The three strands focus on developing

students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking and writing.

These three strands are:

Language: knowing about the English language

Literature: understanding, appreciating, responding to, analysing and creating literature

Literacy: expanding the repertoire of English usage.

Written and spoken communication skills are developed through a variety of mediums throughout Junior

English. Students are encouraged to write and speak for a variety of audiences and purposes.

Senior Study

English in Years 9 and 10 allows students to access the Authority subject English in Years 11 and 12. An English

subject (English and/or Literature) is compulsory for all students in Years 11 and 12. In addition, the language

skills acquired in Year 9 and 10 English provide a sound foundation for success in a wide range of subjects,

particularly Modern History, Economics and Study of Religion.