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Why study Mathematics?

Mathematics is an integral part of a general education. In all aspects, it is valuable to people individually and

collectively, providing important tools that can be used at the personal, social and vocational levels.

Mathematics is a compulsory subject with a choice being offered between the following two courses:

General Mathematics

Advanced Mathematics

Students who study Advanced Mathematics in Year 9 may change courses at the beginning of Year 10 if they are

having difficulty with the advanced nature of the course.

Both courses follow the Australian Curriculum. Topics covered come from three content strands: Number and

Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. It is important that these topics are covered

because the new Senior Queensland Mathematics Curriculum starting from 2019 will require students to have

covered these topics.

What is studied in the General Mathematics Course?

The General Mathematics course is focused on raising the level of

competence and confidence in the mathematics required for daily life while

following the Australian CurriculumMathematics content.

Students who study this course will be well prepared to undertake General

Mathematics in Years 11 and 12 and hence to undertake any university or

further study for which this is a pre-requisite.

What is studied in the Advanced Mathematics Course?

The depth of coverage of the Advanced Mathematics content incorporates a high level of

complexity of the Australian Curriculum due to the advanced nature of the course. In Year 10,

it will include Australian Curriculum 10A Mathematics content.

The study of Advanced Mathematics is required for entry into Mathematical Methods and

Specialist Mathematics in Years 11 and 12. Mathematical Methods and Specialist

Mathematics will be a highly intensive courses requiring many hours of study to achieve

success. Students who take a lot of time to understand mathematical concepts will struggle

with the pace and content of these courses which could take a lot of time away from studying

other subjects.

Due to the above reasons, a strong performance in Year 10 Advanced Mathematics would be a good indicator of

success in Mathematical Methods and a result of at least a B- in Year 10 Advanced Mathematics is highly

recommended for entry to Mathematical Methods. Mathematical Methods must be studied by students who

choose Physics in Year 11 and is a good companion subject for Chemistry and Biology. Students should be aware

that Mathematical Methods is a pre-requisite for some programs at university and should consider very carefully

if they require this for their future career path.