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Why study Health and Physical Education?

Health and Physical Education (HPE) is a compulsory key learning area of the curriculum which supports students

to refine and apply strategies for maintaining a positive outlook and evaluating behavioural expectations in

different leisure, social, movement and online situations. Students learn to apply health and physical activity

information to devise and implement personalised plans for maintaining healthy and active habits. They also

experience different roles that contribute to successful participation in physical activity and propose strategies to

support the development of preventive health practices that build andoptimise community health andwell-being.

The Personal Development program will be a focus in this course of study.

Students learn to apply specialised movement skills and movement strategies and concepts in different

movement environments. They also explore movement concepts and strategies to evaluate and refine their own

and others' movement performances. Students analyse how participation in physical activity and sport influence

an individual's identities and explore the role participation plays in shaping cultures. The curriculum also provides

opportunities for students to refine and consolidate personal and social skills in demonstrating leadership,

teamwork and collaboration in a range of physical activities.

What is studied in Health and Physical Education?

The focus areas to be addressed, but are not limited to:

Alcohol and other drugs

Food and nutrition

Health benefits of physical activity

Mental health and well being



Games and sports

Lifelong physical activities

Rhythmic and expressive movement activities

Ethical Food Choices

THRIVE Program

T.A.O.P for learning

How are students assessed?

Students will undertake a range of physical and theoretical tasks during the course, with the focus on participation

and attitude.

Senior Study

Health and Physical Education aims to develop leadership, fair play and cooperation across a range of movement

and health contexts. The students apply decisionmaking and problem solving skills when taking action to enhance

their own and others' health, safety and well-being. It provides a useful grounding for the study of Physical

Education and Health in Years 11 and 12.