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Why study Science?

Science provides students with a solid foundation in science knowledge, understanding and skills and

values on which further learning and adult life can be built.

It fosters an interest in science and a curiosity and willingness to speculate about and explore the


Science enables students to engage in communication of and about science, value evidence and

question scientific claims made by others.

It enables students to identify and investigate scientific questions, draw evidence-based conclusions

and make informed decisions about their own health and wellbeing.

Science encourages students to appreciate and apply science to daily life.

It helps students to develop their science understanding so that they can function effectively in a

scientifically and technologically advanced society.

What is studied in Science?

From Years 7 to 10, there will be units of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space. Each of these units

could be assessed in three dimensions.

The three dimensions are:

Science Understanding: science knowledge (facts,

concepts, principles, laws, theories and models)

represents the building blocks of science

understanding; the selection and application of

knowledge to new situations and events.

Science Inquiry Skills: evaluating claims, investigating

and making valid conclusions.

Science as a Human Endeavour: the need for informed, evidence-based decision making about current

and future applications of science.

Senior Study

The Year 7-10 Science course seeks to incorporate the three

strands from the Australian Curriculum and covers a broad

range of topics as a foundation for future study of senior

science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). These subjects

encourage students to make thoughtful and critical decisions

about scientific claims that influence their own lifestyle, health

and environment, as well as develop a range of skills to gain a

deeper understanding of the world.