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AQF (Australian Qualification Framework)

Students undertaking a subject with a vocational outcome

may receive a certificate at level I, II, III, IV or Diploma. The

certificates are recognised nationally under the AQF.

ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank)

A rank which allows for the comparison of students who

have completed different combinations of Year 11/12

courses. Calculated solely for use by institutions to rank

and select school leavers for admission to tertiary courses.

Australian School-based Apprenticeship

School-based apprenticeships or traineeships enable

students to study for their QCE and at the same time

complete a nationally recognised training qualification as

paid employees while completing their senior studies.

Authority Registered Subjects

These subjects are listed on the Senior Statement and

contribute to a Tertiary Selection Rank. Students

completing all subject requirements will obtain a level of


Authority Subject

These subjects meet the requirements of a syllabus

provided by the QCAA and qualify students for an OP if at

least 3 subjects have been studied for 4 semesters each

and 20 semesters have been completed in total.

Competency-Based Training

CBT recognises the units of competence based on

endorsed industry standards relating to knowledge, skills

and the application of same in an occupation at a

particular AQF level. Competencies and modules

completed by senior students are reported on as

competent or not yet competent.

First Order Rank

The highest rank score. Students both OP eligible and OP

ineligible can have multiple ranks.


Formative assessment is assessment that does not count

towards the exit result in a subject unless the student

leaves the subject before the end of the four semesters.

FP (Field Positions)

Provide information on how students achieve relative to

others in important skill areas of the senior curriculum.

OP (Overall Position)

Indicates a student’s rank order based on overall

achievement in Authority Subjects. It is based on 20

semester units studied over 4 semesters and Queensland

Core Skills test results.


These are subjects students must have in order to be able

to access certain courses in further studies.

QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education)

The Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) is a school-

based qualification awarded to young people at the

completion of the senior phase of learning, usually at the

end of Year 12.

QCE Credit Table

A guide of credits for QCE.

QCS Test – Queensland Core Skills Test

is closely

related to the Senior Curriculum and is designed to assess

common elements in the curriculum. It consists of an

extended writing task, short answers and multiple-choice

questions. All students must sit the test to gain an OP.


The Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority is a

statutory body responsible for the provision of a range of

services and materials relating to syllabuses, testing,

assessment, moderation, certification, accreditation,

vocational education, tertiary entrance and research.

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)

If advanced standing or credit transfer is not available a

student may be able to demonstrate evidence of prior

learning that can be recognised and so may reduce the

time of a particular course.

Senior Statement

An official record of all the learning achievements in a

Learning Account.

SR (Selection Rank)

All students can be assigned a Selection Rank or Ranks.

Students completing Year 12 who do not qualify for an OP

are allocated a rank based on their Senior Statement and

results, where applicable, also in the Queensland Core

Skills Test. It is derived from tables or lists of conversions

called schedules on a scale from 1 to 99 (99 being the

highest) to give an equivalent result for OP-ineligible

students. Students will also receive a rank if attaining a

Certificate III or higher qualification recognised as part of

the AQF. OP eligible students may also be allocated a rank

or ranks in addition to their OP e.g. a rank as a result of

AMEB Grade 7 or 8; a rank created by the allocation of

bonus points e.g. LOTE, Maths C.


Summative assessment counts towards the exit result for a


VET (Vocational Education and Training)

Students undertaking subjects with a vocational outcome

will receive AQF certificates issued by a Private Provider.

VET Certificate Subjects

These subjects are listed on the Senior Statement and

successful completion results in the attainment of


Work Placement

Students will be provided with the opportunity to learn

and be assessed in the workplace. Students may work one

day a week or during the holidays as a block placement to

complete placement requirements for courses.