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June 2017

Dear Parents and Girls

As students enter the final two years of their schooling they are required to make choices that will enable them

to access a multitude of pathways. Girls are encouraged to “keep their options open” and research how best to

combine subjects of interest with subjects that will challenge them and optimise their results.

This digital booklet provides information on the pathways and subjects offered at St Rita's. It is one part of the

process designed to assist girls with their choices, along with Careers Day, subject talks and embedded in Personal

Development – Careers classes. Girls will also receive their Tertiary Prerequisites 2020 Course booklet detailing

courses beyond Year 12 and their entry requirements.

Each girl needs to consider carefully the subjects that are best suited to her interests, abilities and further

career/course requirements. It should be noted that pathways have expanded greatly over the past decade and

that an OP eligible course may not be the best pathway to optimise results for all students. Increasingly, the

diversity of courses offered in the senior school need to be considered by each student as one size does not fit all.

I encourage you to take the time to explore the options so that you and your daughter can ensure the best possible

outcomes over the next two years.

The expectations placed on girls in Years 11 and 12 are substantially different from those that apply in Year 10.

Girls are regarded more as young adults and so they are expected to:

be mature and co-operative in their approach to all aspects of school life;

have acquired a degree of independence in their interaction with fellow students and teachers;

understand that perseverance and a consistent approach are essential for success in Years 11 and 12;

accept responsibility for their own learning.

The College places great importance on providing a supportive and nurturing environment in which each girl is

encouraged to reach her full potential. At the completion of Year 12, our aim is that the girls be independent

learners with a commitment to life-long learning.

We wish students success in the two years ahead and assure them of our support and care in their senior years at

St Rita’s College.


Dale Morrow