The St Rita’s College Dance Company is presented under the Cocurricular program of the College’s Arts faculty. Company members work and learn alongside nationally acclaimed choreographer, Mr Gareth Belling, to consolidate dance technique and experiment with contemporary choreographic approaches to develop student-devised dance pieces. These pieces are performed to the College and the wider communities at informal and formal settings.


Acceptance into the Company is via audition and students must be dance competent. The Company is divided into two streams. Within each stream exists the opportunity to create and perform:

Core stream: an entry point for students to develop their choreographic skills and dance technique before potentially being offered an invitation into the Extension Class.

Extension stream: to be eligible for the Extension Class students must complete a minimum of a year in the Core stream and display a strong proficiency in ballet and/or contemporary dance technique and have had previous dance performance experience.


The St Rita’s College Dance Company provides students with a unique opportunity to extend their dance technique and to choreograph, teach and perform in their own dance pieces.