Our Nano Nagle Resource Centre is the knowledge heart of the College.  It is a vital partner in the delivery of our quality teaching and learning processes and provides opportunities for learning, research and assessment beyond the classroom.

The ability to find, evaluate and use information effectively is an essential skill in providing a positive impact on learning achievement.  The Nano Nagle Resource Centre, designed with connectivity and the rapidly developing technology of 21st Century learning at the forefront, encourages students to broaden their exposure to a wide range of digital and print information resources and to apply higher order thinking skills in choosing the most relevant information.

Fiction, non-fiction and current, high-interest literature support the development of thinking, life-long learning and a love of reading in general. An abundance of magazines, newspapers and useful resources for both personal development and career education are widely available.  The ‘Teen Writers’ and ‘Book Club’ literature groups meet regularly throughout each Term.

The My Library website is a ready access to the digital world of academic online databases, research guides, tutorials, the library blog and the library catalogue.  All resources can be accessed from both school and home, with V-TV resources being downloaded prior to leaving school.  Student borrowing is promoted and encouraged, as is use of the Library before and after school.

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Library Hours

Monday–Thursday: 7:30am to 4:30pm

Friday: 7:30am to 4:00pm