Open Day is an opportunity to discover the education St Rita’s can provide for your daughter. Tour the College classrooms and grounds, chat to students and staff and experience a St Rita’s education from many perspectives.

Mrs Dale Morrow, Principal – St Rita’s, will address visitors at 10:00am and 11:00am in Eirene Hall.
Displays across all Faculties and Departments will be open for viewing from 10:00am until 12:30pm.

A St Rita’s College Education Offers

  • Impressive Academic Results
  • Proven Vocational Excellence
  • Catholic Social Teaching Embedded Throughout
  • Extensive Subject Selection
  • eLearning Trends and 21st Century Skills
  • Inclusive Sport Program
  • Highly Regarded Cultural Platforms
  • Teachers who Provide Stimulating and Challenging Lessons
  • Results Driven by Good Teaching and Learning
  • Careful and Passionate Guidance
  • Exciting and Adventurous Outdoor Education Program
  • Exceptional Student Leaders
  • Inclusive and Successful House System
  • Inspirational Immersion Opportunities
  • Positive and Caring Social Justice Vision

St Rita’s taught me to back myself. It taught me that you really can do whatever you set your mind to, provided you have determination, grit and persistence. I can’t remember ever
being told ‘no’ at St Rita’s, I just remember being taught that my success would be judged on my follow through.
It has certainly been one of the most important foundations of my life post school so far.

Courtney Ayre, Strategy and Innovation executive

Enquiries may be emailed to the College Registrar Mrs Sue Tuite:

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St Rita’s College, Clayfield, was established by the Presentation Sisters in 1926 and is committed to the mission of educating girls, in partnership with their families, to be women of action, not words – Virtute non Verbis.

At St Rita’s, we value the characteristics of compassion, hospitality and simplicity and these values guide the College’s unfaltering belief in the transforming power of education. St Rita’s provides a learning experience in which creativity and critical thinking exist together, where self-respect is more precious than self-importance and where our dedicated staff work in partnership with parents and guardians to enable our students to achieve to the best of their ability.

The academic, vocational and cocurricular disciplines embed Catholic Social Teaching into all subjects across all Year levels. Your daughter will be encouraged to be passionate about learning, to question rather than to assume and to take the lead rather than to follow.

First-class academic and vocational pathways are delivered by exceptional teachers whose commitment and nurturing motivates our students to use their individual gifts to their best potential.

The pastoral care of the students is provided through a vertical House structure to enable each girl to be recognised as an integral part of the College community.

Sporting and cultural strengths at St Rita’s are united with an unfailing commitment to social justice that guides the girls to hold a meaningful responsibility which empathises with the poor and marginalised.

St Rita and the Presentation founder, Nano Nagle, were women of determination, persistence and passion – characteristics which are promote and valued in our College today.

Mrs Dale Morrow

St Rita’s taught me to that whatever is on the outside of you can be taken away at any time, but whatever is on the inside is yours to keep. My teachers, and they were brilliant, showed me what it means to be a person of integrity – to never settle for less than you deserve, to demand the best  of yourself and others, and to always stay true to yourself. 

Kate Cantrell, Post-Doctoral Researcher – University of Oxford

Enquiries may be emailed to the College Registrar Mrs Sue Tuite:


We warmly welcome you to stay on for the St Rita’s CARNIVAL.  Carnival – our annual grand traditional fair – is one of the College’s premier events, offering stalls, rides, food and entertainment to put smiles on the faces of all ages.

Carnival is held from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  Find out more here.