St Rita’s College will embark on the development of a new learning precinct in 2018, which will underpin our unfaltering belief in the transforming power of education and stimulate our learning environment.

The new precinct will replace the Trinity Hall building and one wing if the Kennedy building with arts and general learning facilities that meet today’s education standards and enrich our students’ educational experience and opportunities.

Architecture and Design

St Rita’s College has partnered with m3architecture to bring this project to reality.  The result will be a building featuring elegant finishes that tastefully blends traditional elements of the College’s founding into a contemporary learning, performing and social hub.

Providing a synergy between arts subject areas with an emphasis on Music, the new learning precinct will strengthen the education we provide for the study of performance, multimedia and other disciplines of the creative arts. The building’s functional design will also replace the cumbersome classrooms of the Kennedy building with modern, flexible classrooms that can take advantage of new opportunities for teaching and learning excellence across multiple subject areas.

Construction and Facilities

The project includes:
  • Multi-functional Auditorium
  • Provision of quality, digitally connected classrooms
  • Additional music and drama practice and performance spaces
  • Collaborative work areas
  • A new College Pantry with integrated social spaces
  • Spacious communal areas
  • Refurbishment of the student forecourts with airy places for recreation and sheltered space for quiet study
  • More than 20 new staff car parking bays on campus

This replacement of facilities is the first major construction project the College has undertaken since 2011 and represents a significant advancement to the learning, cultural and social opportunities we provide for the students of St Rita’s.  The new facilities will allow the College to continue to implement effectively a modern, relevant and enjoyable education experience with outcomes that benefit both student and teacher.

Construction Update: Bulletin 1, 30 May 2018
Architects: m3architecture Builder: Tomkins Expected completion: December 2019

Monday 28 May

• Student and Staff access to Trinity and Kennedy buildings ceases.

Wednesday 30 May

• Construction company Head Contractor and Site Supervisor commence duty at St Rita’s.

• Locating of underground services commences.

Friday 1 June

• Removalists on site to pack and transport Trinity and Kennedy equipment into storage.

• Final day of access to the College by students via Stafford Street or Hunter Lane. Student access permitted only from Enderley Road.

Monday 4 June

• Student and visitor access to the College only permitted from Enderley Road from this date forward.

• Construction fencing closes both ends of pathway that runs across the length of the College at the back of the property from Stafford Street to Hunter Lane.

Monday 11 June

• Site Possession takes effect. Installation of site fencing and scaffolding commences along with disengagement of services

to construction area.

• No Parking for staff in Stafford Street or Hunter Lane takes effect. Local resident traffic is not affected.

• Staff access to car parks in the Nagle Building and Eirene accessed from Stafford Street and Hunter Lane respectively, will be maintained during construction.

• A Traffic Warden will manage Stafford Street traffic during the construction period. The commencement date of this Warden will be advised.

Monday 25 June – Monday 16 July

• Demolition of Trinity Hall and Kennedy Wing commences.

• Estimated timing for the demolition is seven (7) weeks.

• Monday 25 June to Monday 16 July inclusive: Large demolition equipment will access the College from Enderley Road. No staff vehicle parking permitted at the front of the Campus – Tennis Court driveway and Stanley Hall front or side.

The College has engaged an agreement with the contractor that limits construction staff parking in Enderley Road and immediately surrounding streets during the build and that offsite parking and transport to and from the College is to be arranged by the contractor for construction staff. Whilst this will be difficult to enforce, the parking situation is to be actively monitored by the Head Contractor.

Tuesday 17 July

• Semester 2/Term 3 commences

• Access for staff to parking in front grounds of College recommences – Tennis Court driveway and Stanley Hall front and side.

• Contractor equipment ceases access from Enderley Road and access from Stafford Street only.

Environmental and Safety Measures

Construction fencing will be erected to protect students, staff, parents and visitors from the construction area. Scaffolding will be ‘shrink wrapped’ to retain dust. The use of ‘foggers’ – equipment to spray the entire demolition area with water mist to minimise dust – will further assist the reduction of dust. Windows on the Presentation Building will be covered with a temporary film. This film will allow light to pass through, but restrict vision into the classrooms.

If you would like to know more, please contact the College Manager of Community Development, Mrs Anna Roberts on 3862 1615 or at