Verbis - Term 1, Edition 1 Verbis - Term 1, Edition 1

4 February 2021  

Year of Hospitality - People of Welcoming Heart

From our College Leadership Team
Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow
Deputy Principal - Students, Ms Catherine Allen
Deputy Principal - Studies, Mrs Maree Trims

Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow

Dear Parents and Carers  

Welcome to 2021. Hopefully the recent holiday period and the festive season of Christmas proved restful and provided your family with a substantial break from the busy schedule of everyday ‘ordinary’ living that goes on for the rest of the year. It’s good to have this time so we can get out of routine, break daily rituals and basically look at the world in a different light. I know, for me, it means having a lot more time to read and think and to catch up with family and friends. This year it will be especially important to reunite with family that we may not have seen for an extended period due to border closures. It is always a delight to be able to drop into friends’ places and catch up with them because you do have more time available – or travel to visit family who may live in another State. Calling in as a visitor, lets you experience that wonderful sense of being welcomed when people go out of their way to make you feel at home. The hospitality we can experience at times like this is truly a wonderful gift because it emanates from what Ronald Rolheiser describes as the “grand soul” of humans. This is that part of us where we carry the image of God and is in direct contrast to our “petty soul” where we carry the bitterness and jealousies from our past wounds. 

Hospitality, or being open and welcoming to others, be they friend or stranger, requires from us the courage to operate from our grand soul and put others before our own needs and interests. And make no mistake, trying to do that against competing feelings of anxiety, frustration and coping with day to day challenges does require courage in the true sense of the word.   

Hospitality is one of the pillars of the Presentation charism and as such is an attribute that we at St Rita’s encourage in all our students. It is our theme and focus for the 2021 school year and we will be placing emphasis on what being hospitable truly means for us and how we should be treating others in the playground, in classrooms and in the corridors. This pillar calls us to establish and maintain a culture of kindness. It is not enough just to simply wish for an hospitable environment at school but it requires action on the part of us all. We will be challenged to operate more from our “grand souls” and become more mindful of performing simple acts of kindness to show others that they matter. 

Already, the Year 12 girls have provided us with a great example of how to welcome those new to our community. I am always moved by the way our Year 7 girls are embraced by their Big Sisters. This year has been especially warm, with the Year 12 girls making a welcome video for the Year 7s. I would like to commend the Year 12 students for a wonderful start to the year and I know the student body is in good hands with this impressive group of young women.

I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful results from the Year 12 cohort last year. They faced many challenges with their teachers and families last year, however, they showed great tenacity and determination in achieving their goals. Details of the results were outlined in my communication to families which started off the year. The most important outcome is that 84% received either their first or second QTAC preference. My hope is that their education at St Rita’s has set them up to handle every aspect of their lives whether that be study or work. I also pray that the coming years will be ones of growth as they find their place in the world.

Ms Marie Coleman and Ms Caroline George have taken up positions in other schools. I would like to thank them both for their service to the College. Ms George has held several roles apart from teaching Science. She excelled in running QCS preparation over many years and the daily administration of College activities as well as her most recent role as Head of Senior Studies. We wish her all the very best in her new position and thank her for the care and concern she showed her students and the wider school community.

I look forward to accompanying you as we meet the challenges and experience the joys of 2021.   

Peace and Blessings  

Mrs Dale Morrow 


Deputy Principal - Students, Ms Catherine Allen

Welcome to the 2021 school year. I hope that everyone enjoyed a happy and healthy start to 2021 and is looking forward to a year filled with Hospitality, opportunity and growth challenges.

Safer Internet Day

Each year our Houses lead both wellbeing and ministry initiatives. Xaverian House leads with its wellbeing direction of Safer Internet Day. Following are some wise words from the Xaverian mascot, Xena.

Xena is Xaverian’s fearless dragon who wants to ‘Start the Chat’ for Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 9 February. Safer Internet Day is an opportunity to raise awareness about the safe and positive use of digital technology. It’s also a good time to explore the role we can all play in creating a better online community. Six online tips provided by the eSafety Commissioner are:

  1. Be an upstander not a bystander to cyberbullying
  2. Be aware of fake news
  3. Balance your time online
  4. Be cautious about online relationships
  5. Don’t be afraid to take time out from social media
  6. Report any online behaviour that is inappropriate

Look out for the Xaverian House Captains, Harriet and Olivia, starting the chat at St Rita’s on Safer Internet Day. Follow this on our ritaspride Instagram.

Support Alessia and the Leukaemia Foundation's Shave for a Cure 

On Wednesday 10 March, Alessia Martini in Year 9 is shaving off her long locks for the Leukaemia Foundation’s Shave for a Cure.

Please click here to donate to this wonderful cause. We look forward to supporting Alessia on the big day.


All classes have worked with their teachers to create a list of expectations and consequences if expectations are not met. You will find these on each class page for your information and reference.

Deputy Principal - Studies, Mrs Maree Trims

Academic Assembly

Next Tuesday, 9 February, we will celebrate the academic success of Semester 2 2020. I would like to congratulate all the students who will receive academic awards, improvement awards and diligence awards. We will also welcome back some of our Year 12 2020 students to present the Dux of the College Award and First in Subject prizes.

The list of students who have received Academic Awards for Semester 2, 2020, is available on MySRC within the Curriculum tile. Parents may also access the list by clicking here.

Due to COVID safe logistics, the College is regrettably unable to permit parents to attend the Assembly. The Assembly will be filmed and the link provided to the College community on the following day. This has been conveyed to the College community in last week’s App message.

Assessment Guidelines

Today, all students were taken through the 2021 Assessment Guidelines which are located on MySRC -  Parents/Our College and Community/Policies and Procedures. Parents and students will be sent an Operoo link to indicate they have read and understood the Assessment Guidelines. It is very important for parents to take the time to read through these guidelines.

Group Tutoring

There are a number of group tutoring opportunities available at the College and the tutoring timetable is located on MySRC/Parents/Curriculum/Group Tutoring. There is no charge for students to attend as many of these sessions as they wish.

Parents wishing to engage a past St Rita’s student as a private tutor for their daughter may contact Mrs Timcke at Student Reception for assistance with this. Tutoring with our past students can take place on College grounds before and after school.

Extended Library Opening Hours

Students in Years 11 and 12 are invited to utilise the extended Library hours on a Tuesday and Thursday evening until 7:00pm. Parents will be sent a permission letter via Operoo so you are aware of the expectations of students being at school late on these days.

Year 7 Learning Conference

Next Wednesday, 10 February the Year 7 students will participate in a Learning Conference from 9:00am – 11:00am. During this time we will cover some basic study skills. Parents will be updated on the material covered via MySRC after the session.

What You Need to Know
Traffic at Drop Off and Pick Up Times
Interhouse Swimming Carnival - Friday 5 February
House Warming and Welcome BBQ
Parent Volunteer Opportunities - Many More Needed!
Parents and Friends Annual General Meeting
Big Breaky Roster

Traffic at Drop Off and Pick Up Times

Our thanks are extended to the many parents who are observing the requirements of the College Traffic Management Plan at Drop Off and Pick Up time.  Your patience and caution shown to the girls and other parents is sincerely appreciated. 

We still have a problem with too many parents wanting to conveniently use the yellow-lined area opposite the Main Entrance of the College to quickly Drop Off or Pick Up their daughters. THIS IS ILLEGAL.  Police may periodically target school zones and were in presence observing St Rita’s traffic last week. For the safety of all girls at the College, and to avoid possible penalty and loss of demerit points, please remember at all times to:

  • Not to drop off or pick up on a yellow line (there is one directly across the road from the College's main driveway which is a 'no go' zone at all times).
  • To use the Assisted Crossing for pedestrians adjacent to the College Pool at Drop Off and Pick Up times to get across Enderley Road.
  • To wait in line patiently for the 2-minute Set Down and Pick Up (Drop and Go) zone on the College side of Enderley Road. Cars arriving into the Drop and Go should move as far forward as possible within the zone to allow the continuous streamlined entry of waiting vehicles into the zone. 
  • Not to inhibit access to residential driveways.

Your adherence to the College Traffic Management Plan is appreciated.

Interhouse Swimming Carnival - Friday 5 February

The Interhouse Swimming Carnival will be held tomorrow, Friday 5 February at Centenary Pool. The following arrangements are in place for the day: 

  • All students will be transported to and from Centenary Pool by chartered bus. 
  • No students are permitted to drive to the venue nor be dropped early at the venue by parents/carers.
  • Students are to be present at school no later than 8:25am, assembled in the Sr Assumpta Pavilion.
  • Presentations will be held in Eirene on return to the College. Dismissal will be at the usual time of 3:04pm. 
  • The usual Absentee procedure for all students is to be adhered to. 


Regrettably, this year, Centenary Pool management cannot permit parent/relative spectators.


  • Year 12 - may choose to wear their Senior shorts and Senior House shirt
  • Year 7-11s: St Rita’s House shirt, St Rita’s PE skirt/shorts, House bucket hat and enclosed footwear.
  • When competing: togs - St Rita’s brown/white togs or Water polo togs and House swim cap. Students without St Rita’s togs must wear another set of togs and then borrow a pair of St Rita’s togs to wear over the top. Students not in correct togs will not be allowed to start in their race. No board shorts etc. Sun shirts may be worn whilst competing. 
  • Students do not need to bring their dress uniform.


Digital/other music devices/magazines/paint or coloured zinc, etc, are not permitted at the Carnival.  Remember to ensure your daughter brings and uses sunscreen. A canteen will operate at the pool, but it is recommended that students bring their owns food and drinks.

The Swimming Carnival information has been uploaded to the calendar date on the MySRC Calendar, which is easily accessible from the College App.

House Warming and Welcome BBQ

Families of new students to the College are reminded to book their attendance at the House Warming and Welcome BBQ event being held next Wednesday afternoon, 10 February from 4:00pm.

This is the most popular new student family event in the annual College calendar - a longstanding tradition at which parents/carers meet their daughter's Head of House, House Group teacher and teaching staff, and then mingle with parents in your daughter's Year level and House at the BBQ.

Under the COVID regulations, we need you to register all attendees (siblings are very welcome) by the due date, this Friday.

If you haven't already done so, please click here to register. Registrations close tomorrow - Friday.

Parent Volunteer Opportunities - Many More Needed!

The College released the 2021 Parent Volunteer Form at the start of the school year. We thank those who have nominated how they can assist this year. We would, however, like to see far greater numbers of parents ticking a box or two.

Please fill out the Parent Volunteering form for 2021 if you haven't already. The more the hands the lighter the work for everyone at events and projects such as:

·       Carnival

·       WalkOut

·       the P&F

·       Sports Supporters

·       Music Support Group

·       Pantry

·       Sports Coaching

·       Careers Day

Parents in Year 7 have already made their nominations. We are now asking parents in Years 8-12 to nominate how they can contribute by way of volunteering your time or expertise. There are so many ways for parents to support and contribute to the education of the girls at St Rita's, and meet other parents by doing so. The time you give does not have to be large.

Click here for the form.

Parents and Friends Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 2 March, 6:00pm, Heritage Room (Stanley Hall)

The P&F provides an essential support resource for parents of the College in sharing information relevant to the education being provided by the College and support to College projects and initiatives. Being involved in the P&F is an enjoyable and rewarding way to take an active interest and involve yourself in the College and support your daughter’s education, whether this be by offering advice, organisational prowess or manpower.

Please take the time to come along to the P&F AGM and/or consider nominating for a committee role if you would like to. All positions on the committee will be open for nomination at the AGM. However, there is no requirement to register for a position to be eligible to attend the AGM. We would welcome as many parents at all P&F meetings as possible.

You can nominate for a Committee position electronically at this link.

Big Breaky Roster

Students are to meet the supervising staff member at Student Services by 5:55am. Students are to wear modest clothing and enclosed shoes. 

Tuesday 2 February: Mrs Qureshi will accompany Olivia De Angelis, Vienna Smith, Misha Black and Mia Clayton

Tuesday 9 February: Supervising teacher to be advised will accompany Lucy Dickson, Siena Enders, Annelise Kyle and Shelby Clarke

Tuesday 16 February: Mrs Tuite will accompany Mia Mercurio, Jorja Fensom, Dani Fensom and Maddie Monsour

Tuesday 23 February: Mrs Specogna will accompany Mackenna Hall, Lydia Gannon, Alex Gibson and Rois Byrne

Music Camp
Term 1 Performances and Events
Upcoming Events in Term 1
MySRC and Music Department Communication
Music Support Group

Music Camp

Our senior ensembles enjoyed a fantastic start to the year with our annual Music Camp held last weekend. Students in Concert Band, Big Band, Symphony Orchestra, String Ensemble, St Rita’s Chorale and Chamber Chorale were invited to attend this camp at Mt Tamborine to kick start rehearsals and enjoy the company of our music community.

While we work hard in rehearsals, we also know how to enjoy ourselves and this year the Music Captains, Ella and Annie, organised a Fancy Dress Disco, Camp Jam Session, Minties Wrapper Challenge and also a game of Substitute where students sang the tune of a well-known song but with different lyrics. It was very impressive to see how the Captains and all of the Year 12 girls embraced and supported all students over the weekend. They developed a very welcoming environment for the girls who all seemed to enjoy themselves.

My thanks go to the teachers who attended the camp: Mrs Wall, Miss Hopsick, Mr Connors and Mrs Daiker. We are very fortunate to have such dedicated and exceptional teachers within the Music program.

Term 1 Performances and Events

All Music Events for the full year are listed on the MySRC Music page with further information for each event being sent closer to the time and uploaded to the MySRC Calendar date. Please be sure to check the performance schedule on MySRC to put each of the dates into your family calendar and select the appropriate subscriptions in the College App to ensure you receive information for each event.

While our Senior Ensembles attended Music Camp, the first event for our junior ensembles will be the Junior Ensembles Workshop Day on Sunday 7 March. This day will be for Wind Ensemble, Prelude Strings and Nano’s Voices and will conclude with a short performance and BBQ provided by the Music Support Group. All students involved in these ensembles are expected to attend this day. Further details will be sent out soon.

There are a number of events following after this workshop day which include our BIGs Debut Concert, Autumn Concerts and St Agatha’s Choral Concert. We look forward to welcoming you to any and all of our performances throughout the year. We remain hopeful that this year we will be different to last year and it will be wonderful to perform to a live audience again. Most of our concerts are reasonable in length and it is expected that audience attendees do remain for the entire concert to support all of the performers.

A reminder that as a member of the cocurricular music program, students are eligible for a Music Commitment badge if they attend all performances throughout the year for each ensemble of which they are a member. Students are also required to be present at the final compulsory rehearsal before a performance. Absence from this rehearsal or a performance will deem a student ineligible for a badge for the current year. If there are exceptional circumstances that a student is unable to attend a performance, we would ask that you notify your ensemble director as soon as possible and also ask for understanding that the student will not be eligible for a badge this year.

Upcoming Events in Term 1

MySRC and Music Department Communication

The College App is the main form of communication to parents for most College matters, including Music information. To ensure that you receive all of the most up to date Music information via the College App, please download the St Rita’s College App from the App store. Ensure you have selected ‘Music’ in Settings. The App defaults to all Music Groups on first opening. To refine to those you need, deselect the groups your daughter is not involved in. Please also ensure ‘Push Notifications’ in On in Notifications. You will then receive push notifications directly to your device and not miss all that is happening in the Music Department. All performance and event information will also be posted to MySRC and messaged through the College App. You can also access the College Calendar very conveniently via the College App.

Additionally, you may wish to log in to MySRC and select “Join a Group or Activity” from the left-hand menu and choose “Music” and/or “Music Support”. You will receive notifications via both MySRC and the App.

Music Support Group

We will always welcome new faces to the Music Support Group. If you would like to find out more about how you could get involved, please join us for our AGM on Wednesday 3 March at 6:00pm in the Music Centre, Level 4 of Trinity. It is looking like an exciting year for the Music Support Group with many people willing to help. You can also sign up to the Music Support Group on the App and/or MySRC. These are the best ways to stay abreast of the Music Support Group if you are unable to attend our monthly meetings.

CaSSSA Sport - Term 1
Water Polo
District and Regional Sport Trials


Interhouse Carnival – Friday 5 February

St Rita’s is trying something different for the Interhouse Swimming Carnival in 2021. This year we see the Carnival being broken up into two events:

  •  Age Championships – (were held Wednesday 3 February after school at the school pool)
  •  School Carnival – Friday 5 February at Centenary Pool 

We have endeavoured to make the school carnival more inclusive for both good swimmers and those who don’t pride themselves on their swimming ability. While the swimmers will have their chance to shine and get some early House points on the Wednesday, the Friday Carnival will incorporate a House War Cry competition, a House swim competition, relays (including staff vs students), the Acqua Rosa Champion and of course participation in the all the usual 50m events.

All students are expected to swim the 50m Freestyle tomorrow. All other events will see two athletes per House compete (for example, Year 7 will have two students from each House swim in the 50 BR, 50 BK and 50 BF). The students will be selected based on nominations by the Heads of House.

The Awards being competed for over the two Carnivals are:

Age Championships

  • Six age divisions: 12&U, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17+ Yrs
  • Must swim a minimum of three of the six individual events (50 FS, 50 BK, 50 BS, 50 BF, 100FS, 200 IM)
  • Points from each individual event count towards the Age Championship
  • Highest aggregate score in each age division is the Age Champion

Acqua Rosa Champion

  • The fastest athlete from each House (selected from Age Championship results) will compete in a 50m Freestyle for the honour of Acqua Rosa Champion (fastest student in the school)

Street Shield

  • Swim in all four 50m events at the Age Championships
  • The times in each race are divided by the present records in that swimmer’s age group

Head of Sport’s Trophy

  • Lowest aggregate time over the six individual events at the Age Championships
  • Must compete in all six events to be eligible for the award (50 FS, 50 BK, 50 BS, 50 BF, 100 FS, 200 IM)

Staff vs Student Cup

  • Points will be allocated for a series of events throughout the year
  • Winner will be awarded at the end of the year
  • Commencing with Swimming Relays of two student teams vs two staff teams


As has already been advised via the App, students are to arrive at school on Friday as if it were a normal school day. Rolls will be marked and then all students will be bused to Centenary Pool. Students will be back at the College in time to take their usual transport home.



Regrettably, this year, Centenary Pool management cannot permit parent/relative spectators.



  • Year 12 may choose to wear their Senior shorts and Senior House shirt
  • Years 7 – 11 must wear their St Rita’s House shirt, St Rita’s PE skirt/shorts, House bucket hat and enclosed footwear
  • When competing: togs – St Rita’s brown/white togs or Water Polo togs and House swim cap. Students without St Rita’s togs must wear another set of togs and then borrow a pair of St Rita’s togs to wear over the top. Students not in correct togs will not be allowed to start in their race. No board shorts etc. Sun shirts may be worn whilst competing.
  • Students do not need to bring their dress uniform.



Digital/other music devices/magazines/paint or coloured zinc, etc. are not permitted at the Carnival. Remember to bring and use sunscreen. A canteen will operate at the pool, but it is recommended to bring food and drinks.

Swimming Squad – Acqua Rosa Swim Club

  • A reminder that all students and swimmers are invited and welcome to participate as part of the squads at Acqua Rosa Swim Club
  • Training is included free of charge for all students in Terms 1 and 4
  • If interested in joining swimming, please email Head Coach – Mr Michael Bromley, at 

CaSSSA Swimming

CaSSSA information and squad selection will come out following the Carnival.

Mr Dane Robinson

Director of Sport

CaSSSA Sport - Term 1

CaSSSA Sport Term 1

CaSSSA training has commenced for the following sports:

  • AFL – Monday afternoons
  • Volleyball – Monday afternoons
  • Indoor Cricket – Tuesday afternoons

CaSSSA competitions will commence Week 3 on Wednesday afternoons. Draws will be posted prior to Round 1 on MySRC and the College App. 

CaSSSA Tennis

Tennis competitions commence Saturday 6 February. The draw and necessary information will be posted on MySRC and the College App.

Cross Country

Cross Country Pre-Season training commences on Monday 8 February (Week 3) at 6:15am. Please see below for further details and requirements:

  • Monday: 6:15am – 7:45am at the Flat, St Rita’s College
  • Tuesday: 6:15am – 7:45am at the Flat, St Rita’s College
  • Thursday: 6:15am – 7:45am at the Flat, St Rita’s College

Training Uniform

  • St Rita’s PE, House or Representative Sport shirt/singlet (available from the Boutique)
  • Bike pants (any) – skirt or shorts optional
  • Footwear – appropriate running shoes (any or no socks)
  • Optional – compression socks – any 

No mobile phones are permitted.

Wet weather

Training is on no matter the weather conditions. A decision will be made at the commencement of training whether to continue outdoor training or move to either the Eirene Centre (indoor) or the Sister Assumpta Pavilion (under cover).

Further information about pre-season meets will be conveyed when these are confirmed.

For further enquiries, please contact the Cross Country Captains (Harriet Bourke and Alice Dalton), Mr Mundell, Mr Barry or Mr Robinson.

Mr John Mundell and Mr Shaun Barry 

Cross Country Coordinators

Water Polo

State Titles

State Titles were held over the holidays at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre from 18 January – 25 January 2021. SRC took five teams down to the competition, from U12s to U16s. SRC team results were amazing – U12s won bronze in a penalty shootout, the U14 White team came 5th, the U14 Yellow team came 13th, the U16 White team came 4th and the U16 Yellow team came 10th in the State. Special mention goes out to Natasha Winton (U12) and Emma Williams (U14 White) for receiving awards for most valuable goal keepers for the respective age groups throughout the tournament.

We also had some of our SRC girls playing in the Open Age competition, with Ruby Fox and Amelia Watt (playing for Barracudas) winning Gold, and Abigale Houston, Cate Klinge and Horatia Schlect (playing for Polo Bears) winning their final and receiving Bronze.

Thank you to all of the girls that trained over the holidays and attended the competition, to our coaches and managers, to all our chaperones and helpers, and all that assisted in the organisation of the event. It was a great week.

Training Returns

Training for BWPI Saturday competition has recommenced as of last week. Our first round back was played over the weekend, with all teams getting back into the pool and playing great Water Polo. 

Presentation Night – Save the Date

Presentation Night will be held on Saturday 13 March to celebrate the 2020/2021 season. Please save the date, and an invitation to all teams and families will soon follow. 

Australian Youth Water Polo Championships

The Australian Youth Water Polo Championships are scheduled for 7 – 17 April 2021. Expressions of Interest will be sent out shortly to all players via email. If you are interested in playing in the Australian Youth Water Polo Championships, please ensure you email Madi Wall at by Wednesday 10 February.

Ms Madison Wall 

Head Coach, Water Polo

District and Regional Sport Trials

All information regarding district and regional sporting trials will be communicated via MySRC and the College App.

Mr Dane Robinson

Director of Sport

Hot Menu: Week Commencing Monday 8 February

Hot Menu: Week Commencing Monday 8 February


BBQ pork skewers                                 $5.00

Chicken cous cous tagine                       $7.00

Broadbean pesto pasta with penne        $5.50


Peking style pork with steamed rice       $7.00

Margarita pizza                                     $5.00

Penne with bolognaise                          $5.50


Beef and black bean with steamed rice  $7.00

Pulled pork sliders with potato gems      $7.00

Vegetarian spring rolls                           $5.00

Penne with basil pesto                          $5.50


Honey chicken with steamed rice           $7.00

Beef burritos with potato gems             $7.00

Vege fritters with homemade tomato relish    $4.00

Penne with bolognaise                          $5.50


Butter chicken with basmati rice            $7.00

Salt and pepper calamari                       $5.00

Basil and fetta arancini balls                  $5.00

Napoli with ham penne pasta                $5.50

Week Commencing Monday 15 February


Fried Rice                                             $5.00

Sumac Lamb with pearl cous cous          $7.00

Ravioli with creamy Napoli sauce           $5.50


Salt and pepper pork rib with steamed rice        $7.00

Steamed dim sim                                  $4.00

Penne basil pesto                                  $5.50


Sweet and sour pork with steamed rice  $7.00

Beef nachos with sour cream                 $7.00

Fried won tons                                      $4.00

Vege bolognaise with penne                  $5.50


Honey chicken with steamed rice           $7.00

Beef cheese burgers with chips              $7.00

Vege spring rolls                                   $5.00

Penne with bolognaise                          $5.50 


Mongolian beef with steamed rice         $7.00

Steamed pork buns                               $5.00

Mini vege quiche                                  $5.00

Chicken pasta bake                               $5.50

Community Notices
Learner Driver Workshops

Learner Driver Workshops

The Department of Transport and Main Roads offers free workshops for those teaching someone to drive. Please see below for more information or call 0417 733 906 to register.