Verbis - Term 1, Edition 1 Verbis - Term 1, Edition 1

10 February 2022

Year of Compassion - Begin with the Heart

From our College Leadership Team
Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow
Deputy Principal – Studies, Mrs Maree Trims
Deputy Principal – Students, Ms Catherine Allen

Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow

Dear Parents/Carers

 Welcome to the 2022 school year. It is wonderful to have both the staff and students return with such enthusiasm for what the year will bring. It is a credit to the staff, students and families that you have all responded so positively to the delayed start. It was an incredible feat to get all our new Year 7 and Year 5 students connected so they could start their learning from home. To the senior girls who made contact with our newest members of the community, I am grateful for the consideration and kindness displayed. It is always a joy to welcome our newest members to the campus and it fills me with pride when I see how graciously our Year 12 students welcomed their Little Sisters and how equally gracious our Year 11 and staff were in welcoming the Year 5 students. After speaking to many of the Years 7 and 5 students they told me that they felt very welcomed at St Rita’s. It is important to us that all feel comfortable and happy at school.

Our theme of Compassion for 2022 presents us with the challenge to 'begin with the heart'. At our Year 12 badge ritual this week our senior students committed to being women of action who begin with the heart. It was a pleasure to present every Year 12 student with her Senior Badge, acknowledging that these students will lead our student body in the way of Nano in 2022.

The gospel story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) highlights that compassion is not based on worth, but on need. When that Samaritan looked at that suffering man lying half-dead by the side of the road, something happened inside of him; something that made it impossible for him to walk away. He didn’t decide to help this man on the basis of how worthy he was. He helped him because of how needy he was. He moved toward the injured man. We must move toward people to express compassion, in order to build relationships. It is not something that just mystically happens, it takes concentrated effort. It often is not convenient. The Samaritan moved toward someone who if he was conscious would despise him; someone who no doubt would not do the same for him if the situations were reversed.

It is important to recognise that he took the time to take care of him. We may not be able to help everywhere, or help everyone, but we can help somewhere and try to do a meaningful work of service. The Samaritan's work did not stop with just helping the man and transporting him to a place of safety for we read in verse thirty-five; "On the next day, when he departed, he took out two denarii, gave them to the innkeeper, and said to him: "Take care of him; and whatever more you spend, when I come again, I will repay you."" Everything this man had done cost him something, either in time, inconvenience or resources.

As we commence our third year of the pandemic it is a chance for us to not only look back on those challenging years but to look forward to a future where Nano's compassion and love will live on in our community. Nano’s dream was to liberate the poor – especially girls, through education. She faced many obstacles and many challenges but always believed her work was God’s work and if she were to succeed it would be through God’s grace. She gave us a wonderful example of an educator – someone who deeply cared about her students and their families. Her guiding light was love. The last words to her small community before she died reinforced that without love nothing worthwhile could be achieved.

Nano’s life was one of service and she gave everything to serve those who were disadvantaged in Ireland at that time. What a wonderful legacy she has left us. The Presentation Sisters who started St Rita’s College showed that exact same determination and drive to establish a school for girls. They also followed Nano’s lead to educate young women to understand leadership as service and a strong desire to make the world a more just place. Our College mission statement: St Rita’s College follows the mission of Jesus as lived by the founder of the Presentation Sisters, Venerable Nano Nagle. Our community seeks to inspire engaging, inquisitive and passionate learning, leading to action for a just world, is inspirational and I pray that we will continue to build on the legacy of Nano Nagle and the Presentation Sisters.

Wishing all families a safe and happy year.

God Bless

Mrs Dale Morrow

Deputy Principal – Studies, Mrs Maree Trims

2021 Academic Results  

Congratulations to our Year 12 class of 2021 for their excellent ATAR results. These results have continued to affirm the College’s reputation for academic excellence and for striving to enable each student to achieve to the best of her ability to meet her goals.  


  • Annabelle Hazelton achieved the perfect ATAR score of 99.95 
  • 9 students achieved an ATAR of 99+  
  • 23% of students achieved an ATAR of 95+  
  • 41% of students achieved an ATAR of 90+  
  • SRC achieved a median ATAR of 88.25 
  • 97% of students received a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)  
  • 92.5% of all students received their first or second preference offer from QTAC 
  • 14 students were awarded the QCAA Commendation for Academic Commendation   

I would also like to congratulate those students who will receive a Semester 2, 2021 Academic Excellence Award, Engagement with Learning Award and/or Academic Improvement Award. These will be awarded at Academic Excellence Year Level Assemblies on Friday 18 February. Regretfully parents are unable to attend as we are operating under the government’s return to school guidelines which restricts our planning around larger gatherings. The list of awardees has been posted on MySRC.

Assessment Guidelines

The Assessment Guidelines for students and parents are located on MySRC under College Policies and Procedures. Students have reviewed these in their House Group this year. Parents and students will be sent a link from Operoo requiring them to acknowledge that they have read and understood the policy and the expectations and requirements around assessment.

Deputy Principal – Students, Ms Catherine Allen

Welcome to the 2022 school year. It is always a very exciting time of the year when the students return and especially so with our delayed start. I hope that everyone enjoyed a positive, happy and healthy start to the year. Please have a look at our social media. We are very excited to welcome you and all other new students and staff who have joined our community.

This year, the Pillar we focus on is our pillar of Compassion. Each House will look to bring this pillar to life in both actions and words. Please support initiatives as best you can. As a community it is always important to remember that we are strongest when we are mindful and supportive of each other. Together we make our world and the world a better place.

 A compassionate city is an uncomfortable city! A city that is uncomfortable when anyone is homeless or hungry. Uncomfortable if every child isn't loved and given rich opportunities to grow and thrive. Uncomfortable when any group anywhere in the world is marginalized or oppressed. Uncomfortable when as a community we don't treat our neighbours as we would wish to be treated.                          

Karen Armstrong


Mrs Rebecca Rylands, Senior DRUMBEAT facilitator and Registered Counsellor, is running a group music therapy program in Term 1. This is ideal for students who are looking to express themselves in creative ways through rhythmic activities and group connection. The group will meet once a week on Thursdays at the Music Department. If you or your child has questions, or they would like to join the program, please contact their Head of House or the Student Wellbeing Officer, Mrs Blake.

Thank you to the Nudgee Trust for continuing to support the project, which began last year and was well received by students. Some of the excellent feedback gathered indicated that 100% of participants who completed the full 10 sessions felt understood by the presenter, learnt about social interactions, would recommend the program to others and they had fun.

Welcome New Staff
New Staff 2022

New Staff 2022

We thank our families and students for their acceptance of the changes and restrictions that have been necessary for the start of the school year. There has been a positive attitude from students, parents and staff as we returned to campus. 

We extend a very warm welcome to the new staff on campus. We look forward to a year of growth and development for each student at the College as she strives to achieve her academic and her personal goals. 

Ms Penny Waring – Teacher Librarian, Mrs Georgia Grant- Diverse Learning Case Manager and Teacher of English, Mr Adam Moss – E-Learning Coordinator, Mr Doug Amiss –Teacher of HPE, Ms Jessica Bradford – Teacher of English and Social Science, Mr Sam Green – Teacher of HPE and Science; Ms Agnes Knogler - Teacher of German and Social Science, Ms Jordan Newell –Teacher of Social Science, Religious Education and English, Ms Isabella Spathis - Teacher of Maths and Science, Year 5 Teachers - Ms Georgina Howard, Mrs Louisa Apps and Miss Lucy Fardoulys, Mrs Kerrie Hukins - Primary Administration Officer, Mrs Rebecca Blake - Student Wellbeing Officer, Miss Jasmine Kirk – Guidance Counsellor and Mr Alberto Nunez Rivera – Assistant Chef.

What You Need to Know
College Policies
Student Planner
General Parental/Carer Communication from the College
Student Drivers
2022 Official Term Dates
Upcoming Events
College Events Save the Date


For the next few weeks the College will work under the elements of the Queensland Government’s Back to School Plan which is in effect from Monday 7 February to Friday 4 March inclusive. For a Snapshot of how the College will look during the impacted period Click Here 

The College will continue to follow the directives and advice of health and education authorities and can anticipate that COVID-19 may continue to have impact on the running of projects and events. We will keep the College community informed as early and/or as quickly as we can when changes must occur. 


Mandatory mask wearing for all students and staff on campus applies unless they are seated or can maintain a 1.5metre distance from others, are eating/drinking, or unless an exemption applies. Parents and visitors to the College must wear masks unless an exemption applies.

  • Students must supply their own mask each day. The carrying of spare masks is recommended.

Students who are Unwell

Students who are unwell must remain at home and the College requests the support of parents in not sending your daughter to school if she is unwell for any reason. Parents must register their daughter’s absence via the Student Absentee Form (via the College App – the College does not accept telephone or email advices of absence).

  • Students who are unwell will be assessed by the College Nurse and, if it is deemed she should not be at school, parents will be contacted for immediate collection of their daughter. Students who are presenting at school with COVID symptoms will receive a RAT test to be administered at home (while stocks last).
  • Parents are to park in Enderley Road Drop Off Zone and walk in to campus to collect their daughter. Vehicles will not be permitted on campus during class hours. 

 Students do not have permission to independently telephone their parents and ask to be taken home if they feel unwell. Students are to adhere to the College early departure procedures – present to Student Services and Mrs Timcke will contact parents if a departure is necessary.

Parents/Visitors coming on to Campus

The government requests that parents limit their need to visit the school grounds during the impacted period. We ask that parents adhere to this.

Parents may come into the school grounds for the following reasons only:

  • To collect your daughter for illness
  • Rostered Volunteer Duty (sign in and sign out at Main Reception)
  • Year 5 Afternoon Pick Up


Parents are not to come onto campus during the impacted period for:

  • Boutique purchases.  Please purchase online and Mrs Hinder will ensure correct sizing. Your daughter can collect your purchase the following day at break time.
  •  Forgotten lunches. Parents never need to drop off forgotten lunches. Students see Mrs Timcke and she will give them a Pantry IOU voucher.
  • Forgotten uniforms. Students are to see Mrs Timcke who will manage this. 


  • The sporting program has commenced and proceeds unchanged under COVID Safe Plan.
  • Music lessons and ensembles have commenced on campus from Monday 7 February as scheduled. Speech and Communication lessons commenced on campus from Monday 7 February as scheduled.
  • Debating coaching commenced this week and debates proceed as scheduled.

College Policies

College Policies are accessed in MySRC within the My College and Community tile.  Click Here

It is important that parents, students and staff familiarise themselves with College Policy material.

Student Planner

All Students in Years 7 – 9 have been issued with their 2022 Student Planner, as have students from Years 10 - 12 who specifically ordered a Planner. Parents should familiarise themselves with the contents of the Student Planner.  There is a range of information including staff contacts and Term dates, Bell times and Compulsory events.  Our Evacuation and Lockdown procedures, information on the College Guidance Counselling Services are also carried within the Planner.

General Parental/Carer Communication from the College

Keep Contact Details Up To Date

It is important that parents/carers update with the College changes to home and/or work email addresses and telephone numbers. If a parent/carer needs to be contacted urgently due to illness or accident with their daughter, telephone is used. Email is used for a variety of purposes. Please also ensure your Emergency Contacts are not yourselves. The College will always contact the parents in the first instance in the case of an emergency. Emergency Contacts must be responsible adults that can attend to your daughter within a reasonable timeframe of being contacted. Please use the Update Details function on MySRC to make any changes or contact the College Receptionist or email changes through to


Please ensure student medical and parent contact details are kept up to date in Operoo.  The platform is used primarily for excursion, camp and special event permissions and gives supervising staff instant access to medical information and parent contact details. PLEASE NOTE: Parent contact changes made in Operoo do not sync with MySRC. Please ensure any contact detail updates made in Operoo are also made in your MySRC account.

St Rita’s College App

The College App is the primary mode of general communication with families. Families should regularly update their ‘Subscriptions’ in the Settings feature to reflect the cocurricular groups their daughter is involved with. This will ensure you are receiving communications relevant to your daughter. The App also facilitates quick and easy access to MySRC including the College Calendar. The College Absentee form can also be quickly accessed from the App.  Click Here for the guide on use of the College App which sits on the landing page of the Parent tile on MySRC.

Email Communication

Many teaching staff will communicate with parents/carers via email. The College’s Manager of Community Development also communicates via email periodically. Please ensure email addresses listed with the College for both parents/carers are kept up to date at all times. Email or use the Update Details function on MySRC.

College Fortnightly Newsletter – Verbis

Verbis, the College newsletter is published fortnightly on a Thursday to parents, students and staff via the College App. Verbis is one of the College’s most important communication channels and it is an expectation of the College that parents/carers, staff and students take the time to read Verbis.

Student Drivers

The College encourages our student drivers to register their name and regular vehicle make/colour/registration with the Principal’s Assistant, Mrs Tuite. Residents will often telephone the College to report concerns with parking or obstruction to driveways. The College will then aim to locate the driver and rectify the problem. A driver register has often avoided residents contacting authorities regarding their concern. To register your daughter driving to school and her vehicle, please email Mrs Tuite at

Cars driven by students are not to enter the school grounds. No student is to be a passenger in a student-driven car unless prior notification in writing is given to the Principal by the parents/guardians of both the driver and the passenger(s).

Increasing numbers in student drivers are being experienced by all schools. As a campus with no onsite student parking, we request that student drivers be very mindful of road rules and respectful of residents in the immediate and surrounding streets, and particularly the right of residents to have unobstructed access to their property, day and night. Authorities can regularly patrol known ‘hot spots’ such as school precincts. Illegal parking and/or driving behaviour can result in significant loss of demerit points.

Some road rules Student Drivers should be careful of and for which the College receives the most complaints are:

  • Parking less than 10m from a street intersection is illegal
  • Parking within 1m of another parked car is illegal
  • Parking on a yellow line, even the slightest bit is illegal
  • Blocking or even partially blocking a driveway is illegal

2022 Official Term Dates

The following dates are listed as the official Term dates for 2022. Families will be notified of any specifics relating to these dates, or changes that may take place.

Term 1: Tuesday 25 January - Friday 1 April

Term 2: Tuesday 19 April - Friday 17 June

Term 3: Monday 11 July - Friday 16 September

Term 4: Tuesday 4 October - Friday 25 November

Upcoming Events

Comprehensive Information can be located within the respective date entry of the MySRC Calendar. 

Friday 11 February Years 5 and 7 Swim Camp

Monday 14 February Photo Day

Tuesday 15 February Primary Parent Information Evening

Thursday 17 February House Warming

Friday 18 February Xaverian Valentines Day

Monday 21 February Year 5 Incursion

College Events Save the Date

Social Justice and Service Opportunities
Social Justice and Service Opportunities

Social Justice and Service Opportunities

Emerging from our profound commitment to the St Rita’s motto, Virtute non Verbis – Actions not Words, all students are given the opportunity to participate in a number of service projects.  

Due to current government recommendations, our Service and Outreach program has been suspended until after 4 March.  However, we will send out sign on rosters via email from Mrs McGrath during the week of 7 February.  

All Service rosters and parent information and permission letters will be available via MySRC from Friday 18 February. Refer to the section, Mission and Service/Service on the Parent Portal on MySRC. Parent information and permission letters will also be available via Operoo. Students will be advised of the rosters via morning notices, email and Verbis 

Social Justice Groups

All students in all Year levels are encouraged to join the College’s social justice group, Rita’s Rights, the Climate Action Club, and the Indigenous Cultures Club to learn further about social injustices and what we can do to raise awareness and eliminate them.  

Service Opportunities

Big Brekky: Year 12 and then Year 11 in Term 4, Tuesdays before school 

A barbeque breakfast for the homeless prepared every Tuesday morning in Fortitude Valley by students from St Joseph’s Nudgee College and St Rita’s College. Compulsory training must be undertaken before this outreach.

Homework Help: Years 9 – 11, Wednesdays after school

A partnership between the Brisbane City Council, community groups and St Rita’s College, the purpose of this project is to provide homework assistance to young people in Years P – 12 to help them achieve better academic outcomes at school. Students attend one afternoon per week. 

Ecumenical Coffee Brigade: – Cascian House

A voluntary organisation providing food, drinks, clothing, blankets and reading material to the homeless and people in need on the streets of inner-city Brisbane. The Presentation Sisters have been involved in this ministry for a number of years and the students assist by making sandwiches that are distributed by the street van. 

Rosies School Outreach Program: Year 12, and then Year 11 in Term 4, usually Monday evenings 

The Rosies Student Engagement Program is a program for Year 11 and 12 students at participating high schools, run in conjunction with Rosies volunteer street teams. Students are given the opportunity to participate in street outreach with Rosies volunteer teams as guest volunteers. Compulsory training must be undertaken before this outreach.

Student2Student Reading Program: Years 9 and 10, ongoing 

A reading mentor program, facilitated by The Smith Family, in which students who need to improve their reading are matched with peer mentors who are specially trained to help develop literacy skills in others. Students provide at least twenty minutes of reading support over the telephone two to three times per week. 

Homework Club: Year 11, Tuesdays after school until 4:30 pm 

Providing homework support to our Year 5 students in the SRC library. 

Ongoing opportunities exist for our Years 5, 7 and 8 students throughout the year as need arises e.g., fundraising for Project Compassion and Catholic Mission. These students take ownership of how these funds are raised from year to year.  

School Photography
College Photo Day – Monday 14 February

College Photo Day – Monday 14 February

Student Individual, Student Siblings, House Group, Captains - College, House and Cocurricular

Photo Ordering is now open and details are provided below.  Please note: Sibling photos will only be taken of those students for whom a Student Sibling Photo order has been made.  (All other photos are taken regardless of whether there is an Order or not.)

What to wear:

Secondary Students are to wear formal dress uniform with clean shoes and socks. Hair, if long, is to be neatly tied with College approved ribbon or scrunchie. House Badge is worn on the left lapel of the uniform. College badge is worn on the right lapel.  Year 12 Captains are to wear their blazers.

Primary Students are to wear their formal Skort uniform with clean shoes and socks.  Hair, if long, is to be neatly tied with College approved ribbon or scrunchie.

Masks will be worn to and from the photo area and removed whilst the photo is being taken.

For Photo Ordering details by families use details below.

Monday 14th February 2022  ORDER ONLINE

Click ORDER PHOTOS and enter your ACCESS KEV:  LEB5QRV8 

Cross Country - Mr Hillardt, Head Coach
Water Polo - Miss Madison Wall, Head Coach

Cross Country - Mr Hillardt, Head Coach

2022 is a big year for Cross Country. It is the year that St Rita’s are aiming to go ‘back to back’. Our 2021 CaSSSA Championship win has made us hungrier than ever. We enjoyed winning and we’d prefer to stay on top. It’s not going to be easy though. We need to start training and we need as many girls as possible to train consistently.

Training commenced Wednesday 9 February.  No Sign Up required.

2022 Cross Country training times and days are:

Monday: 6:15am – 7:45am

Wednesday: 6:15am – 7:45am

Friday: 6:15am – 7:45am

All training sessions meet on Hogan Place (‘the Flat’) at St Rita’s College.

Girls of all abilities from Year 5 to Year 12 are encouraged to attend. No matter how fast you run or how fit you are, every St Rita’s student is welcome and encouraged to attend Cross Country Training. While our goal is to win the CaSSSA Championship, it is also our goal to assist every student in remaining fit, healthy and happy. Having an early morning run before school with your friends, is a great way to achieve this.

There will be two groups this year. The first group is for experienced runners aiming to challenge themselves. The second group is for students who aren’t as experienced and are looking to improve their fitness and hopefully develop to a standard where they can train with the first group. Again, no matter how you run, there will be a place for you at the training sessions.

It is important to note, that there are no commitments to the amount of sessions that you can attend. You can attend as many or as little sessions as you wish.

We are looking forward to getting as many students at training as possible.

Mr Hillardt, Head Coach - Cross Country

Enquiries to: 


Preparations continue for the fast approaching CaSSSA Championships being held on 10 March. We will start the process of Friday night meets this week with an opportunity to compete at Centenary Pool.

A successful in-house Swim ‘camp’ for Years 8-12 girls was held on Monday 24 January. Our swim captains Mia and Sofia did a great job of organising some games and activities to keep everyone entertained and working together as a team. It was great to have a large number of the girls return to swimming after a bit of a break over Christmas. We are also looking forward to seeing many of the new Years 5 and 7 girls attend the junior swimming ‘camp’ tomorrow afternoon.

A reminder that all girls are welcome and invited to utilise the Swim program at St Rita’s regardless of their level of performance or the time they are able to commit to swimming. We encourage as many girls as possible to make the most of the opportunities to swim with us at SRC. To register your interest in swimming please contact Head Coach Mr Michael Bromley, to arrange a trial or to check what session times are most suitable.

Water Polo - Miss Madison Wall, Head Coach

National Summer Slam Tournament

In January, many SRC students were selected to play in a National Summer Slam tournament and all did the College proud!

Congratulations to the following players that competed:

  • QLD U16 Maroon – Tilly Hughes, Matilda Morrow
  • QLD U16 Gold – Jemima Irvine, Mia Hollyman
  • Barbarians U16 Gold – Emma Williams
  • Barbarians U16 White – Amelia Calder, Arabella Templeton, Prudence Dixon
  • QLD U18 Maroon – Lily Carrick
  • QLD U18 Gold – Cate Klinge, Horatia Schlect

 Special mention goes to the following students selected in the NAGP Australian Squads from their performance at the tournament:

  • Cadet Women – Matilda Morrow, Tilly Hughes
  • Youth Women – Lily Carrick, Horatia Schlect

 2022 BWPI Competition

The 2022 portion of the BWPI Competition has been delayed. Games will resume on 12 February. A communication regarding this has been sent to all Water Polo parents via email.

 Ms Madi Wall, Head Coach – Water Polo

Enquiries to:

Health and Physical Education
HPE - Head of Faculty, Mrs Trish Brennan

HPE - Head of Faculty, Mrs Trish Brennan

Blurred Minds Academy

Year 9 HPE students will be participating in the Blurred Minds Academy (BMA) during Term 1, 2022. BMA offers a range of modules that provide students with information on alcohol and drugs. During this Term, we will be exploring several modules including vaping, standard drinks, the brain, and strategies and tactics.

The content has been reviewed and delivered through the Australian Curriculum and trialled in Catholic schools across Queensland. We would encourage parents to have follow-up conversations at home. All students have access to the materials on their laptops if parents wish to look at the content explored.

Blurred Minds also offers helpful information and practical tips for parents to have empowering conversations with their teenagers. Jump on to for free resources.

If you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to contact your daughter’s HPE teacher or me.

Mrs Trish Brennan

Head of Faculty – Health and Physical Education

The Arts
The Arts

The Arts

Arts staff and students were excited to return to the classroom!  We had been planning, learning, and doing as much as we could at home to prepare for a roaring start to in-person learning.

Visual Art is working on ceramics, painting, printmaking and drawing projects for Term 1. Classroom Music is heading into a Term full of performing with their instruments, learning new songs and composition. Film and TV is beginning to study children’s TV and App technology, as well as mis en scene in Australian cinema. Drama is opening the year with some classic St Rita’s activism and political theatre, creating class plays for parents and peers, Fractured Fairy Tales, Gothic Theatre and more. The Year 7s are having great fun in their Arts trimesters, preparing for drawing, ceramics, painting, bucket drums, ukuleles, singing, drama games, scripts and alien encounters.

Library News

Library News


The Pantry is open from 7:30am each school day for Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and After School service. A reminder that students cannot use mobile phones to pay for purchases.


The Pantry Hot Meal menu is currently a Term-based menu.  The full menu can be accessed on the Pantry page of MySRC. Click Here

Our thanks are extended to each of the wonderful parents who assist with preparation and service each day. The Pantry can’t operate without their support; we even have some wonderful Dads helping out in this traditionally Mum-based domain!  Thanks Dads.

Mrs Bradley is always in need of parents to assist and no experience is necessary. Commitment is approximately two or three times per Term, if we have enough parents on hand to spread the load. If you are able to spare some time email Mrs Amanda Bradley, Pantry Convenor -

Boutique News

Boutique News

 Boutique Hours:

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday:   7:30am-8:30am


                                                 (closed from 8:30am-11:00am)


Online Ordering:                         24/7

Your online order may be collected by your daughter, generally the following school day during opening hours. Online ordering is currently encouraged in consideration of the government Return to School plan.  If concerned about sizing, please be assured the Boutique Coordinator, Mrs Hinder, will ensure your daughter is correctly fitted.

 New Uniform Items

New items for 2022 can be ordered online or purchased in store.


  • Tech Satchel – a padded satchel which doubles as the school bag to and from school, and as a satchel around school.  Being 2 bags in 1, students can head home straight after last class without returning to their locker.
  • Lunch Bag and House Carabiners – insulated St Rita’s lunch bag. This can be hung on the outside of the Tech Satchel or School Bag with a House coloured Carabiner
  • Primary Book Satchel
  • Primary Back Pack


  • Sports Shorts – the new College Sports Shorts are designed by New Balance
  • Primary Skorts
  • Primary Tie – a plain brown tie (no stripe)
  • Formal Blouse – to be worn with the Primary Skort or with the new Formal Slacks
  • Formal Slacks – available for Years 7-12, to be worn with the Formal Blouse
  • Swim Rashie – compulsory for Years 5 and 7, and available for all Years to purchase.

Coming Soon

New Balance Sports Bike Pants (high waisted)

New Balance Sports 7/8 Leggings (high waisted) 

Year 10 Blazer Collection

Blazers can be collected from the Boutique after school between 3:00pm-3.30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday up to 24 February. 

Community Notices
Brothers Rugby Employment
Community Thank You Letter to St. Rita's College

Brothers Rugby Employment

Community Thank You Letter to St. Rita's College