Verbis - Term 1, Edition 2 Verbis - Term 1, Edition 2

18 February 2021

Year of Hospitality - People of Welcoming Heart

From our College Leadership Team
Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow
Deputy Principal - Students, Ms Catherine Allen
Assistant Principal - Mission, Mrs Erica Qureshi
Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching, Mr Martin Lobb

Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow

Dear Parents/Carers 

I would like to thank the parents who attended the House Warming evening last week. It was wonderful to host you at the College and for you to meet your daughters House Group teachers, their Head of House and the senior girls. I am also thankful to the Parents and Friends who provided the hospitality for the afternoon in welcoming the families of new students to our community. We hope to continue to welcome parents onto the campus, but of course this will be dependent on advice from Queensland Health.

Not so long ago I saw an evening news report about an elderly woman who had amassed a huge amount of what most people would call junk, both within her house as well as outside. There had been numerous attempts by council to have her clean up the mess but all to no avail. The woman was obviously suffering from a disorder which meant that she just could not throw anything out. There were piles of books, furniture, clothes and all manner of other belongings strewn throughout the house while the front yard had barricades of old car tyres, wardrobes, old beds and white goods covering every centimetre of the property. It was obviously a very sad situation for this person as she had no rational control over what she kept in her life and she was left stranded amongst all this mess, isolated and alone – no one had been to visit her for years. 

While we can look upon such an extreme situation with a sense of sympathy for the lady, we could also draw from her plight a very strong message about the human condition. It goes to the very heart of what seems an intrinsic weakness of the human soul. We are afraid of our nakedness – no I don’t mean our bodies without clothes – I mean we seem afraid to open our real selves up to others. Our faith talks of this feeling as our original sin – we seek to mask the simplicity and pureness of our kernel of existence by cluttering up our life with masks and material things. And just like that old lady we end up isolating our true selves because of all the junk we can clutter our lives up with. We fall into the trap of thinking that by possessing more and more we will find happiness. However, this is exactly the opposite of what it does lead to. 

James Wallman, described as a cultural commentator and ‘trend forecaster’, wrote a book a little while ago entitled Stuffocation: Living More with Less. In it, he encourages people to ask themselves the following questions: “How often do I use my possessions? How much stuff do I really need? Do my things give me experiences and make me happy, or are they bringing hassle, debt, stress and depression?” While the book was written some years ago, the points he makes and the questions he poses in it are as relevant today as they were back when he wrote it. ‘Stuff’ does not make people happy – but living experiential lives does. Wallman offers a number of rules for leading a more fulfilled life, some of which include: enjoying the journey of living by being in every moment, i.e., whatever you are involved in, dive into it completely so that being focused you forget any lingering sense of self-consciousness; put people first because it is important that others know they are cared for; and lastly, choose life, choose experience rather than acting as people who are defined by what they own. In his estimation Wallman believes that consumerism leads us to forgetting what really matters in life. 

All of us need to take stock every now and then, to see where we are in life’s journey. Wednesday of this week, Ash Wednesday, marked the beginning of the Church’s season of Lent – that time in the year in which we have the opportunity to participate in various personal and communal acts of self-reflection. It is a formal time we can use to come to a deeper appreciation of our true selves and how we can lead happier more fulfilling lives by not being obsessed with the trappings of modern life. Lent is a time to forego a pleasure or treat to remind ourselves of our true purpose in life – to live in communion with God and others. I would like to leave you with a mythical image as presented by Father Ronald Rolheiser to help explain the season of lent.

In every culture, there are ancient stories, myths, which teach that all of us, at times, have to sit in the ashes. We all know, for example, the story of Cinderella. The name itself literally means, the little girl (puella) who sits in the ashes (cinders). The moral of the story is clear: Before you get to be beautiful, before you get to marry the prince or princess, before you get to go to the great feast, you must first spend some lonely time in the ashes, humbled, smudged, tending to duty and the unglamorous, waiting. Lent is that season, a time to sit in the ashes. It is not incidental that we begin lent by marking our foreheads with ashes. - Fr Ronald Rolheiser.

I would like to end by thanking parents and carers for working with us to ensure that your daughters are adhering to the uniform policy. I have had a several compliments from the general public praising our girls on the way they not only wear their uniform but the respectful way they interact with the public.

I pray that lent will be a time of renewal for us all.

God Bless 

Mrs Dale Morrow

Deputy Principal - Students, Ms Catherine Allen

College Policies and Procedures 2021

If you have not already done so, please complete the Operoo acknowledgement of College Policies and Procedures 2021 with your daughter.

Year level Assemblies started this week. Every third week we have organised opportunities for age-specific information to be presented and worked with cohorts. The initial feedback has been very positive.

WalkOut – Sunday 28 March, 8:30am to midday

WalkOut is a compulsory Mission and Community event for all students of the College. The Walk commences at John Wren Oval, Sixth Avenue, Kedron and proceeds along the Kedron Brook Bikeway to the College. 

Our thanks are extended to the many parents who have volunteered for the event, and especially the parent Coordinators, Mr Scott and Mrs Carla Burns.

‘Showstoppers’, with awards for the most innovative in costume is held on arrival back at the College and a sausage sizzle and drinks will be on sale from the Sports Subcommittee. This year's WalkOut theme will be announced on Assembly on 2 March and students will be able to commence their costume preparations from then.

WalkOut raises funds for student chosen charities.  Each student is asked to give the minimum of a gold coin donation to the charity of their preference. Students and their families are very welcome to give more than a gold coin and/or support more than one charity. Our fundraising will be warmly received by these charities.

Assistant Principal - Mission, Mrs Erica Qureshi


This week Christian Churches began the season of Lent, a season ushered in by Ash Wednesday. Lent provides us with a wonderful opportunity to be still and go inwards, to reflect on our lives in light of our faith. To see grace as it really is, we need faith and during Lent, we are especially encouraged to put our faith into action. So how might our community act out our faith? 

Our College community commits each year to supporting the valuable work of Caritas’s Project Compassion. We strongly urge all families to act on their faith and give generously to the Caritas appeal. There is a collection box in each House Group classroom, with various opportunities throughout the rest of Term 1 to give to this appeal.

Lent also provides us with a time for prayer and penance. Perhaps we might like to attend mass more regularly and engage more mindfully in prayer opportunities around our College and at home. Grace could be said at mealtimes and we might seek forgiveness in a relationship that has gone wrong. 

The significance of the 40-day period of Lent is based on two episodes of spiritual testing in the Bible: the 40 years of wilderness wandering by the Israelites and the Temptation of Jesus after he spent 40 days fasting in the wilderness.

Spiritual traditions like Christianity provide us with liturgical seasons which invite us, each year, to go deeper, and in so doing, support our movement towards ‘full living’. These seasons invite us into times of reflection (e.g. Lent), times of anticipation (e.g. Advent), times of joy and hope (e.g. Easter and Christmas), as well as ‘ordinary time’. The period of Lent, if we use it well, holds the possibility of enriching our experience of the joy and hope of Easter this year.

Many thanks to our Year 7 students and their families who supplied the pancakes and toppings for our Shrove Tuesday stall this week. This prepared us for the start of Lent when pancakes are traditionally eaten to use up rich foods, like eggs and dairy, in anticipation of the 40-day fasting season of Lent. Many thanks to all staff and students who purchased these pancakes – this was the first of our fundraising efforts for Project Compassion. 

Community Mass

We will be celebrating Mass at 8:00am in our College chapel throughout the year. Our first Community Mass is this coming Tuesday, 23 February. All staff, students and parents are invited to celebrate. Cascian students and staff are particularly invited to this Mass.

Service Opportunities 

 All students are invited to sign up for the various service opportunities currently on offer. These are: 

  • Year 12 - Rosies Street Retreat
  • Year 11 - Zillmere Homework Help
  • Years 9 and 10 – The Smith Family Student2Student Reading Program
  • Year 8 - Zillmere Homework Help

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching, Mr Martin Lobb

ACU Teacher Pathway Project

The St Rita’s College learning community welcome Dr Jason Stone and Ms Rachel Schafferius, who will be working in our Science and Mathematics classrooms, in partnership with Australian Catholic University (ACU) Teacher Pathway Project. The Teacher Pathway Project will provide opportunities for ACU Master of Teaching students to be employed as Teacher Aides for an extended period with the view to enhancing their readiness for full time employment as teachers.

Reporting (Years 7 – 10)

Following community consultation last year, the College has embarked on a revamping of our reporting protocols. As a result of this, parents and students can look forward to a new form of reporting in Years 7 to 10. All subjects will provide; a comment reflecting student progress, a grade (A – E), and criteria which will unpack how that grade was awarded. The criteria will also include a result for literacy (spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentencing).

The reports will also include a result (A-E) for Engagement with Learning, replacing the Term 1 and Term 3 reports released last year. These criteria will include; Organisation & Preparation, Effort & Perseverance and Respect & Attitude.


After a false start last year, NAPLAN online is on again in 2021. For the most part, NAPLAN will be the same:

  • For Years 7 and 9 there will be four tests: writing, reading, conventions of language, and numeracy.
  • For Years 7 and 9, the numeracy test will include a non-calculator section and a calculator-allowed section.
  • For the writing test, students will be given a stimulus and asked to write a response to the task. The genre will be the same for all NAPLAN writing tasks.

The difference, of course will be the online nature of the tests which will use a range of response formats such as:

  • multiple choice (select a button or an image on the screen to indicate the answer)
  • drag and drop (select an object or word and drag it to the correct place on the screen)
  • constructed response (type the answer in a box on the screen).

More information regarding the nature of the tests and the requirements of the students will be communicated in future editions of Verbis, however, feel free to contact me if you would like further information about the College’s NAPLAN Online preparation program.

What You Need to Know
COVID-19 Update
Year 7 Immunisation Program
Year 7 Camp: 24 - 26 February
Parents and Friends Annual General Meeting – Nominations Now Open
Water Polo Presentation Night - Saturday 13 March
Wizard of Oz Ticket Sales - Coming Soon
Service Rosters

COVID-19 Update

An updated statement from the AHPPC Updated Statement On Minimising The Potential Risk Of COVID-19 Transmission In Schools was recently issued.

We ask that families continue to adhere to COVID-19 related directives and recommendations issued by the College from time to time, particularly with regard to events and meetings hosted by the College.

The revised statement notes that variants of the COVID-19 virus that spread more easily between people have emerged overseas and people have been infected with these variants in Australia. In response to this, the National Cabinet has taken steps to reduce the likelihood of these new variants becoming established in the Australian community.

The revised statement notes that the available evidence suggests the new variants do not affect children more than adults.

The revised statement does not include any significant new requirements but reiterates what is already well known to Catholic School Authorities, namely that:

  • Schools should continue to maintain good behaviours to prevent the spread of disease. This includes frequent handwashing, respiratory hygiene and physical distancing where possible. Children and staff should not attend school if unwell and should stay home and be tested. In circumstances where children have other medical reasons for recurrent symptoms, a letter from the GP is sufficient to allow return to school without a negative test.
  • Regular environmental cleaning and disinfection, especially of frequently touched surfaces, and promoting outdoor air ventilation where possible, also reduce the risk of transmission. 
  • Settings that enable frequent and close contact between individuals or groups pose a risk of transmission. Therefore, large events require COVIDSafe plans (as per applicable Queensland Government guidelines/requirements).
  • Any additional measures in schools should be balanced against local risks, such as whether there are cases in the community. If community restrictions are in place, such as requirements to wear masks, these may apply in schools where appropriate. Schools should refer to their own state or territory requirements and recommendations. 

Year 7 Immunisation Program

On Tuesday this week, Year 7 students received their Immunisation Consent Form to take home to parents/carers. The form must be completed and returned by Tuesday 23 February.

The vaccination program is overseen by Ozcare community health. Year 7 Students are offered free Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis (Whooping Cough) vaccinations on the following dates:

  • Friday 30 April 2021, 9:00am
  • Thursday 25 November 2021, 9:00am

Human Papillomavirus (HPV): This involves two doses of the vaccine given over six months.

Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis (Whooping Cough): Booster dose of adult/adolescent Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis.

Please ensure you ask your daughter for the Consent form, and have it returned to Student Services by Tuesday 23 FebruaryOnly students with a completed and signed consent form will be vaccinated.  If you do not wish your child to be vaccinated or your child has already been vaccinated, please note this on the form and return it to Student Services by Tuesday 23 February.

If you wish to change your decision regarding vaccination, or have questions, you must contact the program provider, Ozcare, not St Rita’s College.

Link to Ozcare Information Sheet: Click Here. Please direct any questions you have directly to Ozcare.

For more information on the School Immunisation Program please visit the Queensland Health Website:  Click Here.

Year 7 Camp: 24 - 26 February

Year 7 parents/carers: please refer to the MySRC calendar entry as a quick reference point for all information on the upcoming Camp, including a link to the packing list.

Parents and Friends Annual General Meeting – Nominations Now Open

The Parents and Friends Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 2 March, 6:00pm, Heritage Room (Stanley Hall).

The P&F provides an essential support resource for parents of the College in sharing information relevant to the education being provided by the College and support to College projects and initiatives. Being involved in the P&F is an enjoyable and rewarding way to take an active interest and involve yourself in the College and support your daughter’s education, whether this be by offering advice, organisational prowess or manpower.

Please take the time to come along to the P&F AGM and/or consider nominating for a committee role. All positions on the committee will be open for nomination at the AGM. However, there is no requirement to register for a position to be eligible to attend the AGM. We welcome as many parents at all P&F meetings as possible.

Please nominate for a Committee position electronically at this link: Click Here

Water Polo Presentation Night - Saturday 13 March

Wizard of Oz Ticket Sales - Coming Soon

Thursday 22 April, 7:00pm

Friday 23 April, 7:00pm

Saturday 24 April, 2:00pm

Saturday 24 April, 7:00pm

Rehearsals are in full swing and the stage is coming alive.

Ticket sales for the performances will be released very soon. Keep an eye out for the College App message.

Service Rosters

Zillmere Homework Help Roster

Students are to meet the supervising teacher outside Student Services at 3:10pm. Please note, students will be dismissed from Zillmere Library at 4:30pm. 

Wednesday 24 February: Mrs Murtagh will accompany Sophie Smith, Charlotte Pritchard, Garbrielle Moore and Olivia Brown

Wednesday 3 March: Mrs Trims will accompany Estella Shirtcliffe, Tilly Hughes, Isabella Catalano and Olvia Brown

Wednesday 10 March: Ms Diamond will accompany Emma Dillon, Mikayla Jebreen, Gabrielle Moore and Eliza Christie

Big Brekky Roster

Students are to meet the supervising staff member at Student Services by 5:55am. Students are to wear modest clothing and enclosed shoes.

Tuesday 16 February: Mrs Tuite will accompany Mia Mercurio, Jorja Fensom, Dani Fensom and Maddie Monsour

Tuesday 23 February: Mrs Specogna will accompany Mackenna Hall, Lydia Gannon, Alex Gibson and Rois Byrne

Tuesday 2 March: Mrs Trims will accompany Harriet Bourke, Jasmine Meij, Lucy Jahnke and Greta Scott

Rosies School Outreach Program

Students are to meet their supervising staff member at Little Flower Kedron Parish Hall at 6:00pm. Students are to wear modest clothing and enclosed shoes.

Monday 22 February: Mrs Brennan will accompany Annabelle Hazelton, Olivia De Angelis and Katelyn Stevens

Study Skills
From our Head of Study Skills, Ms Amanda Wallas

From our Head of Study Skills, Ms Amanda Wallas

Last week, all Year 7 students attended a Learning Conference at the College, which led them through how to set up their study space at home, stay organised, create a study planner, understand the importance of developing a growth mindset and set clear goals. It would be wonderful if you could support this work by asking your daughter to show you on the Study Skills tile on MySRC where the resources are from the Year 7 Learning Conference, and to ask her to show you her individual study plan, which I asked all girls to create by Monday.

The following are tips for parents who wish to support their daughters, not only for girls in Year 7, but across all Year levels:

If your daughter is struggling with homework:

  • Ask questions that may help her to approach the problem differently
  • Explain concepts
  • Check that your daughter is willing to ask for help at school, that she knows which staff member is best-placed to help her, and where to find that person


  • Independence
  • The development of problem-solving skills
  • Positive self-talk
  • ‘Chunking’ tasks into manageable parts and study time into 20 or 25-minute blocks
  • Trying a new approach
  • Just ‘having a go’ (to get over the barrier created by a tendency towards perfectionism)
  • Positive self-talk

Ensure you avoid:

  • Phones/iPads/television in her study area
  • Sitting next to your daughter the whole time she is studying, so that you can help with it all
  • Doing the work for your daughter or engaging a tutor who does it for her
Diverse Learners
From our Head of Diverse Learners, Ms Kerrie Burton

From our Head of Diverse Learners, Ms Kerrie Burton

Neurodiversity is a concept that has been around since the 1990s. It means that brain differences are just that: differences. ADHD, Autism, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia are not ‘abnormal’, rather they are variations of the amazing human brain. Neurodiversity is a combination of traits that are both strengths and challenges. Many Neurodiverse students have extraordinary skills, including in pattern recognition, mathematics, memory, creativity in the arts, seeing the bigger picture (more holistically).

The concept that people are naturally diverse learners is important for all students to acknowledge and understand. Knowing that there is Neurodiversity in our school community can help build confidence, self-esteemmotivation and resilience, particularly for student who feel alone in their learning differences. Embracing and increasing our understanding of Neurodiversity can also reduce stigma and the feeling that something is ‘wrong’ with you or your learning.

Australian sociologist, Judy Singer states - “Neurodiversity refers to the virtually infinite neuro-cognitive variability within Earth’s human population. It points to the fact that every human has a unique nervous system with a unique combination of abilities and needs.” 

Celebrating differences is important.  

CaSSSA Swimming
Interhouse Swimming Carnival Results
CaSSSA Trimester 1 Sport
CaSSSA Tennis
Cross Country
District and Regional Sport Trials

CaSSSA Swimming

Preparations are well under away for the upcoming CaSSSA Swimming Championships on 11 March. With less than four weeks until the big day the season is nearing its conclusion.  The CaSSSA board have advised that no spectators will be permitted at this year’s event. This includes students and parents.

The revamp of the College Age Swimming Championships gave the coaching team and swimming leaders a really good opportunity to watch many of the swimmers vying for places on the final team head to head for the first time in almost a year. The Age Champs was only the first round of times collected for the selection of the final team. Time Trial Night 1. was held at the Musgrave Park Swimming Centre on Friday 12 February, with a great number of swimmers putting their names forward to compete, the largest number coming from the Year 7 group which was great to have them involved.  There are still two Friday night lead up meets remaining (19 and 26 February) before the final team selection and announcements will be made.

Please ensure that you have review the team selection criteria as there are a number of changes from prior years and keep track of meet sign ups and information on MySRC. If you have any questions please contact Head Swimming Coach, Mr Michael Bromley.

Mr Michael Bromley

Head Coach, Swimming

Interhouse Swimming Carnival Results

The 2021 Interhouse Swimming Carnival was held over Wednesday 3 and Friday 5 February. The girls turned up in style and did an amazing job supporting their peers throughout both days. The cheering did not stop from the moment they arrived at the pool until the very end of the day!

There were some fantastic achievements throughout the day however, I would like to acknowledge and congratulate the following girls who won their Age Championships:

  • 12 Years:          Maddison Ashby-Cliffe
  • 13 Years:          Samantha Conias
  • 14 Years:          Sienna Counsel (Sienna won all six events)
  • 15 Years:          Alyssa Manthey
  • 16 Years:          Claire Kearney
  • 17 Years +:       Lily Carrick

A special mention must go to Lily Carrick who on top of winning the Age Championship, also won the following:

  • Acqua Rosa Champion
  • Head of Sport’s Trophy (lowest aggregate time over the six individual events at the Age Championships)
  • Street Shield (Time in each 50m event are divided by the present records in that swimmers age group)

Well done Lily, an exceptional achievement.

Unfortunately, and to the dismay of the staff, we were not good enough to beat the girls relay team with the Student’s taking first points in the Staff VS Student Cup.

Congratulations and well done to all the girls who participated and made the swimming carnival a fun event.

Mr Dane Robinson

Director of Sport

CaSSSA Trimester 1 Sport

CaSSSA Term sport has commenced with the first games of the competition being completed on Wednesday 10 February. There were some amazing performances, but special mentions must go to the following teams:

  • Opens AFL winning their opening game 31-8 against Mt Alvernia College, despite the majority of the team not making it due to House Warming commitments
  • Intermediate 1 Volleyball making a stunning comeback after losing the first set to win their game against St John Fisher

The weekly draw is posted on MySRC and contains information around locations, times and opposition.

A reminder that all students assigned to a team must turn up to Monday training and Wednesday competitions. If you are unable to attend, we require written notice from the parents.  

CaSSSA Tennis

CaSSSA Tennis has already seen some terrific results from the girls. Most notable include: Open A, Senior B, Intermediate A, Junior A and Junior B winning their first 2 rounds.

A reminder that training is on Tuesday mornings for all Junior Teams and Intermediate 2 and Thursday morning for Intermediate 1, Senior and Open teams.

Keep up the fantastic work.

Cross Country

Pre-season training has commenced, and all students are welcome to attend. It’s an ideal opportunity to build fitness in a supportive and fun environment. Let’s continue to have great attendance and work together to get some quality training in before the Cross Country Carnival that will take place at the end of Term 1.

Sessions are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:15am - 7:45am (at the College – meet on the Flat). Again, this is open to all students, of all abilities.  

District and Regional Sport Trials

Over the coming weeks there will be a continual stream of notifications for District or Regional Sports Trials. Notification will be done through MySRC. This will outline the process for nomination, trial date and any other necessary information.


A reminder to all students that The Pantry is open early in the mornings and after school with some great options to have before and/or after training. The Library is also open.

House, Captain and Cocurricular photos are taking place on Monday 1 March. Specific information and timetable will be made available as soon as possible.

Thank you for a great first few weeks of Term. Let’s keep up the fantastic work and look forward to seeing you train and compete over the coming weeks.

Mr Dane Robinson 

Director of Sport

From the Boutique
Blazer and Music Uniforms

Blazer and Music Uniforms

Families who have placed an order for a College Blazer will be notified via email when they are ready to collect. We envisage this to be later this month.

Music Uniforms have arrived and will be distributed over the next two weeks in Year levels. Details are provided below and have also been distributed via the College App. Students will also be notified.

We ask parents to remind their daughter to collect her uniform on the allocated day.  She may do so before school from 7:30am-8:30am, during lunchtime, or after school up to 3:30pm. 

If your daughter still requires to be fitted for or order a uniform, please do this on either Tuesday 9 or Wednesday 10 March during the usual Boutique opening hours.

  • Year 7   Tuesday 23 February       
  • Year 8   Wednesday 24 February              
  • Year 9   Thursday 25 February    
  • Year 10 Tuesday 2 March            
  • Year 11  Wednesday 3 March      
  • Year 12  Thursday 4 March           
  • New Fittings / Orders Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 March

General Trading Hours 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Open 7:30am - 8:30am, 11:00am - 3:30pm (Closed between 8:30am and 11:00am)

Or shop online 24/7:

Contact the Boutique Convenor at:

Telephone: 07 3862 1615   


Fortnightly Hot Menu

Fortnightly Hot Menu

Week Commencing Monday 22 February



Vegetarian Hokan noodle stir fry                        $5.00

Beef burger with potato gems (g/f avail)             $7.00

Penne bolognaise                                             $5.50



Steamed pork buns                                           $5.00

Quiche lorraine with potato gems (v avail)         $7.00

Basil pesto with penne                                      $5.50



Beef and black bean with steamed rice              $7.00

Pulled pork sliders with potato gems (g/f avail)  $7.00

Vegetarian spring rolls                                       $5.00

Penne bolognaise                                              $5.50



Honey chicken with steamed rice                       $7.00

Beef burritos with potato gems (g/f avail)          $7.00

Vegetable curry puffs                                        $5.00

Penne with ham and napoli sauce                      $5.50



Battered fish with chips                                     $7.00

Vege burger and potato gems                            $7.00

Salt and pepper calamari                                   $5.00

Spinach and ricotta ravioli with creamy napoli   $5.50


Week Commencing Monday 1 March


BBQ pork skewers with crispy noodle                 $5.00

Butter chicken and basmati rice (g/f)                 $7.00

Basil pesto with penne                                      $5.50



Salt and pepper pork rib with steamed rice        $7.00

Bagel quiche                                                     $5.00

Fetta and basil arancini (g/f avail)                     $5.00

Steamed dim sum                                              $4.00

Penne bolognaise                                              $5.50



Mongolian beef with jasmine rice                      $7.00

Margarita pizza (v. g/f avail)                               $5.00

Fried wontons                                                   $4.00

Chicken pasta bake                                           $5.50



Honey chicken with steamed jasmine rice          $7.00

Beef nachos with sour cream (g/f)                     $7.00

Spinach and fetta pie                                        $5.00

Penne with bolognaise                                      $5.50



Tempura vegetables                                         $5.00

Fish burger and chips                                        $7.00

Vegetarian spring roll                                        $5.00

Penne with broadbean pesto                             $5.50

Community Notices
St Agatha's Clayfield Open Day
Pizza Hut - Community Pizza Delivery Job Opportunity

St Agatha's Clayfield Open Day

Pizza Hut - Community Pizza Delivery Job Opportunity

Team Member/Delivery Driver

Are you an individual passionate about customer experience, being customer centric and putting the customer at the forefront of everything you do?

To be part of the team, you'll need to live by our three simple mantras:

  • Giving service with a smile
  • Creating food we are proud of
  • Deliver it fast


  • Meet and greet customers on the phone and in person.
  • Undertake other duties as needed such as phone order taker, order preparation and the delivery of pizzas to customers.
  • Attend to customer concerns.
  • Organise all pizzas appropriately to be delivered to customers.
  • Maintain optimal level of hygiene for all pizzas.
  • Manage and maintain record of all money and coupons collected from customers and manage all credit card accounts and ensure appropriate signature on receipt.
  • Maintain knowledge on all operations of and ensure compliance to all company standards. 
  • Participate in training programs and keep up to date with policies / procedures.
  • Clean and maintain equipment and work area associated with the job function.
  • Complete dishwashing duties and other cleaning projects in between orders.
  • Assist the restocking and replenishment of product and supplies as stipulated in the shift duties.
  • Be available to fill in as needed to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the restaurant as directed by the restaurant general manager or immediate supervisor.
  • Be able to prioritise best routing for delivery orders.
  • Promote pizza products, distribute door hangers and promotional materials.

Please send your resume at