Verbis - Term 1, Edition 2 Verbis - Term 1, Edition 2

24 February 2022

Year of Compassion - Begin with the Heart

From our College Leadership Team
Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow
Deputy Principal – Studies, Mrs Maree Trims
Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching Mr Martin Lobb
Assistant Principal – Mission Mrs Erica Qureshi
Head of Primary - Miss Belinda Emmi

Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow

Dear Parents/Carers

It is hard to believe that we are approaching the middle of Term 1 and Lent begins next week with Ash Wednesday. It has been very pleasing to see how the girls have embraced the theme ‘Begin with the heart’. The Pillar of compassion challenges us all to be compassionate in the every day. It calls for us to have a generosity of spirit, to not only think of ourselves but to realise the huge potential we have for making a difference in the everyday if only we can raise our vision beyond our own little world.

In this season of Lent, it is timely that we reflect on how we might change how we live and relate to people to better reflect our Christian values. Lent is a time in which we are called to reflect on our relationships – one to another and with God – to see if we need a change of heart. Shifting our vision to see others in a different light can help us respond more appropriately to those who come into our realm of influence each day.  On this point I am reminded of the story told by Stephen Covey in his somewhat seminal book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. Describing the importance and significance of what he termed “paradigm shift”, he tells the story of how one Sunday morning he was travelling on a train, enjoying the quiet and solitude of a carriage occupied by only a few passengers when, at a station, a man gets in with his two sons. The sons begin running all over the place, shouting to, and at one another, and completely upsetting that quiet atmosphere that was present before they entered the train. Covey could see how this was bothering the other people in the carriage and was aware of his own agitation as this behaviour continued for some time. He finally gets irritated enough to ask the father why he doesn't do something to control his children. The father replies, "We just got back from the hospital where their mother died. I don't know how to handle it and I guess they don't either."

This jolt of perspective changed his view of the children’s behaviour and that of the father. Suddenly he saw everything differently. That is the power of a paradigm shift. For Covey they were the same children yelling and screaming on the train, but he now looked at them and understood them in a different way. Our challenge as Christians, is to look for the perspective that allows others to be different to us, that helps us appreciate their stories and puts us in a better position to be people who begin with the heart. Jesus taught his followers the importance of perspective: “Let him who is without sin throw the first stone!”(John 8:7) “Don’t judge lest you yourself be judged” (Matthew 7:1) and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”(Luke 6:31). True freedom is being strong enough to allow yourself to see others’ perspectives, and to love others unconditionally. This season of Lent is a challenge for all of us to have a change of heart where we need to.

God Bless

Mrs Dale Morrow

Deputy Principal – Studies, Mrs Maree Trims

Academic Assembly 

Last Friday we celebrated the academic success of Semester 2 2021. I would like to congratulate all students who received Academic awards, Academic Improvement awards and Engagement With Learning awards. Parents and students can access the criteria for these awards on MySRC/Parents/Curriculum.

Years 10, 11 and 12 Assessment

As per the College Assessment Guidelines if students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are absent for an assessment task (exam or spoken presentation) they must complete the online Application for Extension to Assessment and provide medical documentation/evidence to support their application. 

Year 7 Classes

This week I had the opportunity to visit all the Year 7 classes to see how they were settling in to St Rita’s. It was good to see that they were confident in their classes and are already able to make their way around the College. We chatted about the PRIDE classroom expectations and why it is important for their academic learning to be following them.

Assessment Guidelines

Parents and students are reminded that they are required to read the Assessment Guidelines on MySRC under College Policies and Procedures. Parents and students have been sent a link from Operoo requiring them to acknowledge that they have read and understood the policy and the expectations and requirements around assessment. Students have also been through these in their House Group.

Group Tutoring

There are a number of group tutoring opportunities available at the College and the timetable is located on MySRC/Parents/Curriculum/Tutoring Services. There is no charge for students to attend, and students may attend as sessions as they wish.

Parents wishing to engage a past St Rita’s student as a private tutor for their daughter may contact Mrs Timcke at Student Reception for assistance with this. Tutoring with our past students can take place on College grounds before and after school.

Extended Library Opening Hours

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are invited to utilise the extended Library hours on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening until 6:00pm. Parents will be sent a permission letter via Operoo so you are aware of the expectations of students being at school late on these days.

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching Mr Martin Lobb

QUT Teacher Pathway Project

The St Rita’s College learning community would like to welcome Mr Eammon Mottram and Ms Paris Barnett, who will be working in our English and Social Science classrooms, in partnership with Queensland University of Technology (QUT). This Teacher Pathway Project will provide opportunities for Master of Teaching students to be employed as Teacher Aides for an extended period with the view to enhancing their readiness for full time employment as teachers.


We have commenced preparations for 2022 NAPLAN Tests.

  • For Years 5, 7 and 9 there will be four tests: Writing, Reading, Conventions of Language, and Numeracy.
  • For Years 7 and 9, the Numeracy test will include a non-calculator section and a calculator-allowed section.
  • For the Writing test, students will be given a stimulus and asked to write a response to the task. The genre will be the same for all NAPLAN writing tasks.

The difference, of course, will be the online nature of the tests which will use a range of response formats such as:

  •  multiple choice (select a button or an image on the screen to indicate the answer)
  • drag and drop (select an object or word and drag it to the correct place on the screen)
  • constructed response (type the answer in a box on the screen).

More information regarding the nature of the tests and the requirements of the students will be communicated in future editions of Verbis, however, feel free to contact me if you would like further information about the College’s NAPLAN Online preparation program.

Welcome to Year 7

Despite our online start, it has been reassuring to observe the Year 7 classes settle in to the changing demands of high school. To assist this transition, our Year 7 students have been inducted into some practices that will become entrenched and vital to their progress and success in their studies at the College. Instead of overwhelming students with information in the first few days, this year’s induction has been spread over the first few weeks and will continue throughout Term 1.

The induction program has included an introduction to using One Note, File Management, our Academic Reading program (Cornell Note – Taking and our reading strategy), email etiquette, using MySRC, using Student Planners, accessing the assessment calendar, and day by day homework entry. All Year 7 classes will soon receive their Library orientation and a Study Skills lesson.

Mentoring – Year 12

Over the next few weeks Year 12 students will have the opportunity to meet with a teacher mentor to discuss their goals for the year and to look at strategies going forward. During these Mentoring meetings, students and teachers will also discuss their updated SET Plans and their thoughts regarding options after school. The role of the mentor is not to make decisions for the student, but rather be one source of guidance for the Year 12s.

Assistant Principal – Mission Mrs Erica Qureshi

Next week, the Catholic Church beings the season of Lent. The Church year is different from the calendar year as it divides the year into what it calls Liturgical Seasons. Throughout the Liturgical calendar, we focus on the life and work of Jesus and on the beliefs and mysteries of being a Christ-follower.

Just as in the calendar year there are certain things people do, it is the same for Christ-followers who follow the Liturgical Calendar as it causes them to focus on the actions of Jesus, who He is, and the beliefs we have.

It is not just about remembering all that God has done or simply remembering the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, rather it is for people to encounter these realities anew and, therefore, grow deeper in their relationship with God as they encounter God’s love and plan.

Lent is about what God has done and about God being alive in us now. It is the 40-day period before Easter and essentially means ‘spring’. The Northern hemisphere is in spring during Lent where new life, new buds, new branches are evident.

During Lent, two activities take place: people prepare to be baptized and enter the Church and it is a time when people take stock of their life with God, seek forgiveness for wrongdoing and renew their commitment to God.

It is a time of renewal and discovering God anew.  Our community will mark the start of Lent by selling pancakes on Shrove Tuesday in preparation for Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday will be marked with liturgies in House Groups.

Head of Primary - Miss Belinda Emmi

This is our first year of reintroducing the Primary Years to St Rita’s College and what an amazing couple of weeks it has been for both students and staff. Our Primary Years have immersed themselves in the culture and spirit of St Rita’s College and are fast understanding the pillars, values and foundational principals of the Presentation Sisters. The Primary Years mirror opportunities available for Secondary students with a specific Primary, age appropriate focus.   

Our Pillars 

This year is the Year of Compassion.  Ms Catherine Allen, Deputy Principal – Students, reminds us to bring this pillar to life through our actions and words. Year 5 teachers are supporting this focus in the classroom and playground as we use our actions and words to show compassion. Through our Religious Education program students learn about all pillars, their value, meaning and ways to model these values. In the Primary Years students also have the opportunity to receive an award when they demonstrate one of the pillars. The awards will be provided during Year level assemblies across the two years of Primary.   

Congratulations to the following students who received Pillar awards in Year 5 for modelling the pillars in our first weeks:

  • Mikayla McEvoy – Hospitality
  • Esther Green – Courage
  • Leilani Diggles – Hospitality
  • Ava Aspland – Compassion
  • Imogen Michels – Hospitality
  • Libby Coleman - Compassion 


This Term, Year 5 are learning about Marine animals and their adaptations as part of our investigations in Science. Students are learning about their habitat, physical and behavioural adaptations. As part of our work this week, Year 5 experienced their first incursion at St Rita’s College. Ocean Life Education visited the school, introducing students to ocean animals. Year 5 were able to touch and learn about a range of animals including Tropical Sea Cucumber, Pencil Sea Urchin, Bamboo Shark, Decorator Urchin, Epaulette Shark, Black Sea Cucumber, Sand Sea Star, Short Spined Urchin, Blue Sea Star. Students and teachers loved learning about the ocean animals and look forward to extending their learning in the classroom.  

A perspective from our incursion from Eve Roberts in 5.1. 

Sea Stars 

Did you know that Sea Stars can spit out their stomachs and put them back in? That’s how they eat.  To be honest it grosses me out a little bit. They have little suction cups just like an octopus. They are very lumpy because they hang out where most of the waves crash.

Some Updates to Primary Years Procedures

Wet Weather

If it is raining in the morning during Drop Off time, morning play is moved to Ballygriffin. There will be signage at Assumpta to let the girls know.

If it is raining in the afternoon during Pick Up time, the girls will be moved into the Chapel for Pick Up. The Chapel is directly adjacent to Stanley Hall, just 10m further down from the usual spot. You’ll be able to clearly see us.

Pick Up

Our Traffic Flow Drive Through program from 3:20pm is going wonderfully and we thank parents for their promptness in collecting their daughters. We are receiving a lot of compliments on the process. If using Drive Through, please only pick up your daughter at the Stanley Hall point (or the Chapel in Wet Weather), as it is only at these points that the girls are supervised. If your daughter contacts you and asks to be picked up elsewhere, our recommendation is that you ask her to stick with the plan and wait at Stanley Hall (or the Chapel in Wet Weather).

What You Need to Know
Enderley Road – Drop Off and Pick Up
Australian Government Collection Notice – 2022 Student Residential Address
Dates to Note
Parent Community Meetings
College Events Save the Date


The College will continue to operate under the elements of the Queensland Government’s Back to School Plan until Friday 4 March and we will report on case numbers among the College community on a periodic basis via email. Health authorities have not required us to take any further action at a school level.


Students must supply their own mask, each day, and the carrying of spare masks is recommended. The College has experienced a significant increase in the number of masks being handed out to students, due to their forgetting to bring one. This happens on a daily basis and cannot be sustained. 

Mandatory mask wearing for all students and staff on campus applies unless they are seated or can maintain a 1.5metre distance from others, are eating/drinking, or unless an exemption applies. Parents and visitors to the College must wear masks unless an exemption applies.

Students who are Unwell

Students who are unwell must remain at home and the College requests the support of parents in not sending your daughter to school if she is unwell for any reason. Parents must register their daughter’s absence via the Student Absentee Form (via the College App – the College does not accept telephone or email advices of absence).

Students who are unwell will be assessed by the College Nurse and, if it is deemed she should not be at school, parents will be contacted for immediate collection of their daughter. Students who are presenting at school with COVID symptoms will receive a RAT test to be administered at home (while stocks last).

Parents are to park in Enderley Road Drop Off Zone and walk in to campus to collect their daughter. Vehicles will not be permitted on campus during class hours. 

Students do not have permission to independently telephone their parents and ask to be taken home if they feel unwell. Students are to adhere to the College early departure procedures – present to Student Services and Mrs Timcke will contact parents if a departure is necessary.

Parents/Visitors coming on to Campus

The government requests that parents limit their need to visit the school grounds during the impacted period, which will cease after 4 March. We ask that parents adhere to this. 

Until after Friday 4 March, parents may come into the school grounds for the following reasons only:

To collect your daughter for illness

  1. Rostered Volunteer Duty (sign in and sign out at Main Reception)
  2. Year 5 Afternoon Pick Up

Parents are not to come onto campus during the impacted period for:

  1. Boutique purchases.  Please purchase online and Mrs Hinder will ensure correct sizing. Your daughter can collect your purchase the following day at break time.
  2. Forgotten lunches. Parents never need to drop off forgotten lunches. Students see Mrs Timcke and she will give them a Pantry IOU voucher.
  3. Forgotten uniforms. Students are to see Mrs Timcke who will manage this.
  4. Regretfully, parents/spectators cannot be permitted at the Age Swimming Championships this Friday (25 February) 

Enderley Road – Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop Off and Pick Up in the Enderley Road precinct is being monitored on a daily basis.  The College's thanks and appreciation come to parents for their patience and courtesy shown during the busy Drop Off and Pick Up periods and we are pleased that the majority of drivers adhere to our traffic management requests and Council/Queensland Government road laws. There has been a noticeable improvement in traffic flow during the period, which is an imperative element of ensuring the safety of the girls getting to and from school. 

To make Drop Off and Pick Up safe for both students are drivers, there are still some areas of concern. We ask parents to read through these points below and change your habits if you are conscious of having been prone to one or more of these.

    1. Don’t speed. We are still amazed by the number of drivers who are putting their foot down – up and down Enderley Road, and from Enderley into Liverpool. One recent occurrence was due to a driver dutifully slowing down to move into the designated Drop Off/Pick Up zone to safely pick up their daughter. The driver of the car behind was not pleased at having to slow down, so swerved into oncoming traffic and put their foot down to make up for the nano-second of lost time.
    2. Students must use the Assisted Crossing at the Pool entrance of the College. Enderley Road is a deceptively wide road and, whilst it is not illegal to cross further down, it is dangerous and can be frightening for a young student.
    3. Please do not drop off or pick up, nor park for any length of time in any of the yellow lined areas on Enderley Road across from the College. The number of parents, and even learner drivers, doing this has not decreased. This is illegal and dangerous.
    4. Stopping, dropping off or picking up in either the yellow lined areas on both sides of the Liverpool/Enderley junction is exceptionally dangerous to both pedestrians and other vehicles. On the approach to the College, other drivers cannot see around cars dropping off/picking up in this area; reversing is often needed to get out of the illegal spot and there have been many near misses. Students do not have enough visibility to safely cross Liverpool Road to get to the Assisted Crossing when vehicles use these yellow lined areas.
    5. The small section just beyond the Assisted Crossing on the Pool side of the road is a No Standing zone at any time of day.  Please do not use it as a Drop Off or Pick Up point. 
    6. The College Pool Driveway entrance is definitely not a Drop Off or Pick Up point. 
    7. Please do not allow students to get out of the car on the roadside of the street. Please only get out on the kerbside of the street. Beeping horns, swerving and close calls with passing wing mirrors result from car doors being flung open and students getting out the car on the roadside during these busy periods.
    8. Please don’t stop in the middle of the road to drop off or pick up your daughter. Yes, it is convenient and you don't have to find a park, but it is dangerous and drivers behind don't appreciate the practice.
    9. Please ensure you are moving with the traffic flow in the afternoon Pick Up zone. Too many drivers are ‘parking’, or even getting out of their car, and not moving with the line of traffic to the top of the queue as cars come and go.The congestion of waiting vehicles in Enderley Road would be considerably eased if drivers would be considerate of cars behind them and keep moving in the zone queue.
    10. Year 5 parents – please ensure your name sign is clearly displayed on the passenger visor. This makes a huge difference to staff being able to quickly call up your daughters and keep moving.

    Australian Government Collection Notice – 2022 Student Residential Address

    The College has received the annual notice of collection by the Australian Government of student residential addresses. Parents are asked to ensure their residential address in MySRC is correct and update if you have moved in the past 12 months.  Please do this by Friday 4 February.

    The Residential Address and Other Information Collection (the Collection) is used to inform school funding calculations. It is combined with data held by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to calculate a non-government school community’s anticipated capacity to contribute to the costs of schooling.

    Click Here for the Collection Notice.

    Dates to Note

    Greater detail can be accessed via the date entry in the MySRC Calendar

    Friday 23 February, 3:30pm-6:30pm, Swimming Age Championships, Acqua Rosa (no parents/spectators permitted)

    Tuesday 1 March, Lunchtime, Shrove Tuesday pancake stall

    Tuesday 1 March, 6:00pm, Parents & Friends Meeting via Zoom

    Wednesday 2 March, 6:00pm, Music Support Group Meeting via Zoom

    Friday 4 March, 6:00am, Senior Sunrise

    Friday 4 March, 9:00am, Year 7 Immunisations

    Friday 4 March, 5:30pm-8:00pm, Waterpolo Presentation Evening

    Sunday 6 March, 10:00am-3:30pm, Junior Music Ensembles Workshop

    Tuesday 8 March, 6:00pm, Sports Subcommittee Meeting

    Wednesday 9 March, 6:00pm, Carnival Meeting

    Parent Community Meetings

    Parents and Friends – Tuesday 1 March, 6:00pm

    The next meeting of the Parents and Friends is on Tuesday 1 March commencing at 6:00pm. The meeting will be conducted via Zoom and the link to join the meeting will be provided in the date entry of the MySRC calendar. All welcome.

    Music Support Group – Wednesday 2 March, 6:00pm

    The next meeting of the Music Support Group is on Wednesday 2 March commencing at 6:00pm. The meeting will be conducted via Zoom and the link to join the meeting will be provided in the date entry of the MySRC calendar. All welcome.

    Sports Subcommittee – Tuesday 8 February, 6:00pm

    The next meeting of the Sports Subcommittee is on Tuesday 8 March commencing at 6:00pm in the Stanley Hall Staffroom. All welcome.

    College Events Save the Date

    Curriculum News
    Study Skills Ms Amanda Wallas

    Study Skills Ms Amanda Wallas

    The Top 5 Habits students need in order to succeed

    Welcome - or welcome back – to Study Skills at St Rita’s! We offer a comprehensive range of study skills support to help our students develop the all-important habits that they will need to underpin their academic success, not just for school, but for further study, the world of work and to become lifelong and life-wide learners.

    This week I would like to share the ‘Top 5’ habits I believe students must either develop or improve in order to lower their stress levels, achieve their academic potential and enjoy a happy, balanced life.

    1. Adaptability 

    Students need a range of coping mechanisms to help prevent them from becoming over-anxious and to help create a balance between study, social life, family time, sport or other extra-curricular activities (and part-time work for some of our senior students). These include (among other things)

    • Creating – and sticking to - a study plan
    • Clear goals
    • Eating well
    • Exercising
    • Ensuring they enough good-quality sleep

    2. Proactivity

    Can your daughter be encouraged to take the initiative? The good news is that if not yet, she can learn to do so. The more practice she gets, the more taking the initiative becomes a habit so that she will improve her critical thinking skills ... and take the initiative more often. It’s a virtuous cycle!

    3. Ingenuity

    Students who adopt creative and original approaches will find it easier to tackle complex or unfamiliar tasks. Well-developed study habits will help students to learn how to access support, create study groups, find different ways of addressing problems or finding solutions.

    4. Persistence 

    This is perhaps the most important of all the habits. If students persevere, rather than giving up at the first or second hurdle, they will be developing new neural pathways and will gain the benefits of intrinsic motivation, which is crucial to staying.

    5. Problem-solving ability 

    This is linked to all the previous four habits. When faced with a complex problem, looking at all possible solutions is essential. Being adaptable will help prevent students from throwing their hands in the air and declaring it’s too hard. Being proactive will help them seek help, being ingenious will help them consider imaginative or alternative approaches and persisting will ensure they keep trying these various approaches until they find one that works best.

    If your daughter would like any help developing her study habits, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on

    Debating Mrs Lorraine Specogna , Coordinator

    Debating Mrs Lorraine Specogna , Coordinator

    QDU (Queensland Debating Union)

    St Rita’s has entered 10 teams into the QDU competition across Years 8-12. Coaching has begun utilising Zoom until appropriate face to face coaching is possible. This year four past students join the coaching team along with our dedicated staff coaches: Miss Albury, Miss Watts and Miss Janbroers. Fixture dates have been loaded into the MySRC Calendar. Times and Venues will be included, once known.

    • External coaches meet with their teams after school until 5:30pm.
    • Year 8 meet each Tuesday afternoon from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.
    • Year 9 meet each Thursday from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.
    • The Senior A team meet each Wednesday and Thursday morning from 7:30am to 8:30am.
    • The staff coaches meet with their teams during the school day.

    QDU has not released the details of venue and competition time. The calendar of dates are available for the season on the QDU website

    BGDA (Brisbane Girls Debating Union)

    St Rita’s has entered a Year 9 team into the BGDA competition. All debates are short prep with a coaching session by the adjudicators starting at 3:50pm. The venue continues at Brisbane Girls Grammar. Mrs Specogna will coach this team with meetings during school hours. Details of this competition can be found on their website

    Year 7 and Year 5 debating

    Competition for Year 7 and Year 5 does not begin until late Term 2. After school coaching will begin early in Term 2. More information about sign up and pre-season coaching will be published toward the end of Term 1 in Verbis and MySRC Debating page.

    United Nations Youth (Qld)

    The United Nations Youth in Queensland aims to educate and empower young Australians on global issues. Today’s young leaders have the vision and passion to create meaningful change within their communities and throughout the world, so UN Youth tries to equip young people with the skills and inspiration to do so. UN Youth Queensland is run entirely by a team of over 100 extremely dedicated volunteers, all aged 16-25. It is a not-for-profit and non-partisan organisation.

    State Conference for High School students in Years 9-12 – 11-13 March

    This year UN Youth will host a full residential State Conference from 11-13 March at a location in Brisbane on the first day and then will travel to the Sunshine Coast Recreational Centre for the duration of the conference. This event will include everything from workshops, interactive problem solving activities, speakers panels, model united nations and the opportunity to make life-long friendships. State Conference is an exciting opportunity for students with diverse interests, experiences and abilities to participate in an engaging, educational and exciting event centred around the topic of International Law! What is State Conference? State Conference centres on understanding and discussing important global issues through workshops and interactive problem-solving activities, but there will also be plenty of opportunities to both network and relax. A large Model UN debate will also be staged where students get the opportunity to act as a diplomat, and do their best to pass resolutions that will benefit the global community and align with their national interests.

    Please contact Mrs Specogna if you are interested.

    If you would like to know more about UN Youth, Australia please visit:

    Sport Mr Dane Robinson, Director

    Sport Mr Dane Robinson, Director

    Cross Country

    A reminder that Cross Country has commenced and is open to ALL students. There is no minimum or maximum requirement for sessions. Please turn up whenever you can. Girls of all abilities are welcome to attend.

    Training Days are:

    Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 6:15am – 7:45am

    Meet on ‘the Flat’ (Hogan Place) at St Rita’s College. 


    Age Championships are taking place tomorrow, Friday 25 February from 3:30pm-6:30pm. It will be exciting to see the swimmers battle it out for Age Champions. Unfortunately, we are still working within restrictions to visitors on campus and parents/spectators cannot attend the meet.

    The CaSSSA Swimming Championships are fast approaching on Thursday 10 March. St Rita’s team will be selected from the Age Championship and lead up meets. The next lead up meet is taking place on Friday 4 March at Musgrave Park pool. Please sign up to the Meet via the sign-up sheet at Acqua Rosa by tomorrow, Friday 25 February.

    A reminder that all girls are welcome and invited to utilise the swim program at St Rita’s regardless of their level of performance or the time they are able to commit to swimming. We encourage as many girls as possible to make the most of the opportunities to swim with us at SRC. To register your interest in swimming please contact Head Coach Mr Michael Bromley to arrange a trial or to check what session times are most suitable.

    Outdoor Education
    Outdoor Education Miss Rebecca Watts, Coordinator

    Outdoor Education Miss Rebecca Watts, Coordinator

    The Outdoor Education program at the College is carefully designed to give students the opportunity to participate in team activities that develop and enhance resilience and collaboration, alongside their organisational and leadership abilities. Working in partnership with two of the most respected Queensland-based providers of Outdoor Education, a sequential approach has been constructed to reference seminal points of Australia’s national narrative – the uniqueness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and the ANZAC story. 

    Attendance at camp is compulsory for students in Years 5 - 10. Every year, the students show us how brave they are by stepping outside of their comfort zone when faced with a range of personal challenges. If your daughter has specific needs or circumstances which we may need to plan for, can you please make contact with me as early as possible so we have plenty of time to ensure a plan is in place so that she is safe and comfortable at camp. If she is feeling nervous about camp, we can also discuss strategies for the lead up to camp and while at camp.

    Please take note of the 2022 dates and locations for the camp for each Year level.

    • Year 5 Camp - QCCC Mapleton - Term 2: 30 May - 1 June
    • Year 7 Camp - QCCC Tamborine - Term 1: 21 March - 23 March
    • Year 8 Camp - QCCC Tamborine - Term 2: 27 April - 29 April
    • Year 9 Camp - QCCC Noosa - Term 3: 24 - 26 August
    • Year 10 Camp - Emu Gully - Term 4: 10 - 13 October

    If you have any questions about Outdoor Education Camps throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact me at the College -

    The Arts
    Visual Art

    Visual Art

    The Year 11 Visual Art students have had a busy first two weeks back in the Art rooms starting their work for Unit 1: Art as Lens. They have been experimenting with new materials such as oil sticks and charcoal to create some stunning still life artworks and observing the natural marks on cow bones to produce collaborative works exploring the lens of 'life and death'.

    Mrs Erin Morris

    Community Notices
    Learner Drivers

    Learner Drivers

    Teaching a Learner Driver?

    Planning for Success: Supervisors of Learner Drivers

    Are you teaching someone how to drive?  Want some advice on how best to prepare your learner and keep them safe on the road?

    If you’re interested in learning the important first steps in how to teach your learner driver and ensure they are safe and proficient drivers, book into the next Department of Transport and Main Roads workshop (details provided below) or contact Kerrie Doherty for more information on 0417 737 107.

    Workshop details (bookings are essential):

    Date: Thursday 17 March 2022

    Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm

    Location: Carseldine area – venue and address details provided at time of booking

    Bookings: To book, contact Kerrie from the Road Safety team on 0417 737 107