Verbis - Term 1, Edition 4 Verbis - Term 1, Edition 4

18 March 2021

Year of Hospitality - People of Welcoming Heart

From our College Leadership Team
Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow
Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching, Mr Martin Lobb

Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow

Dear Parents and Carers 

The celebration of St Patrick’s Day, a National hero and Saint of Ireland, was held on Wednesday of this week. There are many of our families who share Irish ancestry and many in Australia who hold a special regard for the valuable contribution the early Irish immigrants made to our nation. Of course, our College’s existence is due to the inspiration of that great Irish woman, Nano Nagle, who established the Presentation Order of Sisters, and no doubt would have also been imbued with that love of this Saint’s example that seems legend among the Irish population. So, it is little wonder that this Saint’s day is still noted and celebrated widely in our society. 

When you read the story of St Patrick’s life (The World of St Patrick by Philip Freeman) you can’t help but be struck by the enormous courage he displayed throughout years of grief and desperation brought about by the extraordinary circumstances he found himself in, through no fault of his own. It is the depth of character that he displayed which marks him as someone special rather than those mythical stories about his driving snakes out of Ireland or his explaining the Christian trinity to the pagan Irish by using the Shamrock. In our troubled times of today, with so much uncertainty about the COVID pandemic, we are very much in need of the inspiration of someone who shows us what it means to have strength of character amid so much depressing news.

What makes character? In one dictionary reference, I found this: character is said to be “the stable and distinctive qualities built into an individual’s life which determine his or her response regardless of circumstances.” The character we develop in life will be dependent on a number of interacting factors, some of which we can choose and others which are thrust upon us. It would be nice to think that as members of a particular Christian community, we are, or would all aspire to be, people of good character. There is something about our human condition which makes us feel good about being around people we judge to be of good character. As adults too, we seek to instil in our children the importance of developing good character because we believe that their being of good character will put them in a good head space to handle whatever comes their way into the future. 

So, what does it mean to be a person of good character?  Is it enough just to be someone who follows what is expected?   

The parable of the prodigal son has something to say on this. That older son was someone who did all that was required of him. On the surface, his devotion to his father lacked nothing. He rightly attested to the fact that his life had been blameless and that he had been a loyal and trustworthy son throughout. He proclaimed loud and long that he had kept all the commandments, had never left his father's house, and had done all the required work. But was he of good character? I think that a reading of the parable can reveal behind his façade of uprightness, a heart bitter and jealous. He too was as prodigal of his father’s love as the younger son.  

It is not enough just to be doing all the right things to be someone of good character – there needs to be simplicity of heart and a gratitude for the love gifted to us by God. St Patrick certainly displayed this in his living of life in the service of God. Developing good character therefore is dependent on having such a heart and it is this attribute we should be encouraging in ourselves and those we love if we wish them to become people of good character. Then we will see in them people who: 

  • Stand up for their beliefs and follow their conscience  
  • Are honourable and upright and live by their principles no matter what others say 
  • Have the courage to do what is right and to try new things even when it is hard 
  • Tell the truth and keep their promises – in other words are dependable  
  • Are a good friend and look out for those who care about them 
  • Keep secrets of those who trust them and value and honour all people, no matter what they can do for them or to them 
  • Judge others on their character, abilities, and conduct without regard to race, religion, gender, where they live, how they dress or the amount of money they have 
  • Are tolerant, respectful and accepting of those who are different  
  • Listen to others and try to understand their points of view 
  • Accept responsibility for the consequences of their choices, not only for what they do but what they don’t do and who are sure to think about consequences on themselves and others before they act  
  • Take charge of their own life and set realistic goals 
  • Keep a positive outlook 
  • Are rational — act out of reason not anger, revenge or fear and know the difference between what they have a right to do and what is right to do
  • Are good citizens and good neighbours and who care about and pursue the common good. 

(Josephson Institute, 2007, A Person of Character, Retrieved from

God Bless 

Mrs Dale Morrow

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching, Mr Martin Lobb


This year St Rita’s College will be completing NAPLAN Online on May 11, 12, 13 and 14. More details regarding the timings of the tests will be released closer to the date.

One of the main benefits of NAPLAN Online is tailored (or adaptive) testing, in which the test presents questions of higher or lower complexity depending on a student’s performance. Tailored (or adaptive) testing is designed to assess a wider range of student abilities and to measure student achievement more precisely. Your child should not be concerned if they find questions more challenging than usual; they may be taking a more complex test pathway. A student’s overall NAPLAN score is based on the number and complexity of questions they answer correctly.

You can access more Parent information regarding NAPLAN at the following link:

NAPLAN Online – information for parents and carers

NAPLAN Online Practice

Years 7 and 9 students will be required to sit a NAPLAN Online Practice Test on March 23 (Writing Test) and March 24 (Omnibus Test – mix of Reading, Language Conventions and Numeracy). Years 7 and 9 students are encouraged to visit the Public demonstration site ( to gain familiarity with the online testing environment. They will also be visiting this website during their Mathematics and English lessons.

Students will require wired earbuds/headphones to complete NAPLAN Online testing. Students do not require expensive earbuds or headphones. Wireless/Bluetooth earbuds/headphones (such as AirPods) are not permitted.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further information about the College’s NAPLAN Online preparation program.

Engagement with Learning in 2021

In Years 7 – 10, Engagement with Learning results will be available with every summative task result released, via MySRC, by your daughter’s teachers. This means, that you will receive timely information regarding your daughter’s engagement with learning, particularly in regards to; Organisation and Preparation, Effort and Perseverance, and Respect and Attitude. They will receive a result, (A-E), in each of these three criteria.

These A-E results will not count towards their final grade in any assessable tasks, however, they will be collected and collated in order to award Engagement with Learning Awards each Semester. The Engagement with Learning Award will replace the Diligence Awards in Years 7 – 10 in 2021.

What You Need to Know
Attending School Unwell and Exams
Engagement with Learning Reports - Years 11 and 12
Upcoming Term Dates
WalkOut - Sunday 28 March, 8:30am to midday
St Rita's College Carnival - Sunday 25 July from 10:00am - 4:00pm
Mobile Phones
Service Rosters

Attending School Unwell and Exams

With the exam and assessment period approaching, the College continues to emphasise our Zero Tolerance of any cold or flu-like symptoms among students or staff remains in place. If your daughter attends school and presents with any cold or flu-like symptoms, she will be assessed by a College First Aid staff member and parents will be contacted for immediate collection of their daughter if it is deemed your daughter should not be at school. Parents are asked to support the College in its measures to prevent the spread of illnesses on campus. 

Parents and Students should ensure they consult the College’s Assessment Guidelines on MySRC under the Our College and Community/Policies and Procedures tiles (Click Here). 

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 must have a medical certificate if they are absent from an exam or cannot submit a draft or final assignment on the due date.

Parents are asked to support the College in its measures to prevent the spread of illnesses on campus. 

  • If your daughter is unwell, for any reason – cold, flu, gastro, viral infection, etc, no matter how mild, - it is important that she remains are home until she is well and preferably until she has had no symptoms for at least 24 hours.
  • If your daughter has cold or flu-like symptoms, the Queensland Health guidelines recommend a COVID test and self-isolation until the test results are received. 

Also continue to:

  • Wash hands with soap and water frequently or use hand sanitiser if soap and water are not available.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or flexed elbow.
  • Dispose of tissues in a suitable bin. 

We value the support of parents and carers in our endeavours to keep our College community safe and illness free.

Engagement with Learning Reports - Years 11 and 12

The system formatting error with the Engagement with Learning Reports for Years 11 and 12 students has now been rectified. Years 11 and 12 parents can access their daughter's Report from her profile on MySRC, under Academic Reports.

Upcoming Term Dates

Thursday 1 April - Last day of Term 1. Interhouse Cross Country carnival. Compulsory attendance for all students.

Tuesday 20 April – Term 2 commences (Monday 19 April is a Student Free Day)

Rehearsals for Wizard of Oz continue throughout the school holiday period. Dates and times will be uploaded into the MySRC Calendar, which parents can easily access from the College App interface.

WalkOut - Sunday 28 March, 8:30am to midday

WalkOut is a compulsory Mission and Community event for all students of the College. The Walk commences at John Wren Oval, Sixth Avenue, Kedron and proceeds along the Kedron Brook Bikeway to the College. 

WalkOut raises funds for student nominated charities. Each student is asked to give the minimum of a gold coin donation to the charity of their preference. Students and their families are very welcome to give more than a gold coin and/or support more than one charity. Our fundraising will be warmly received by these charities.

Thanks are extended to the many parents who have advised they are happy to assist the parent Coordinators, Mr Scott and Mrs Carla Burns and Mrs Susan de Medici.

‘Showstoppers’, with awards for the most innovative in costume, is held on arrival back at the College. A Sausage Sizzle and drinks will be on sale, organised by the Sports Subcommittee.

St Rita's College Carnival - Sunday 25 July from 10:00am - 4:00pm

The first meeting for Carnival has been held and the next will be Wednesday 31 March at 6:00pm in the Heritage Room of Stanley Hall. Please diary the date.

The Carnival email is up and running. Please use it for any communication you wish to send to the convenors, Scott Delaney and Katrina Moore:

The Carnival Facebook page is also up and running and heaps of parents are joining the page every day. We use the page for Call Outs and community engagement. Click here to join the page.

Thanks are extended to the parents who have volunteered to assist at Carnival. Some are coordinating stalls, others are assisting for a couple of hours during the day on a stall, others are helping with set up and pack down, counting and security.  It isn’t too late to put up your hand. Please contact Scott and Katrina at if you would like to lend a hand, or have an idea for Carnival.

Business Promotion Opportunity

Do you have a business that could sponsor or donate a prize for the 2021 St Rita’s Carnival Raffle and benefit from some exposure in return?

Mrs Patti Pozzebon is kindly organising the Carnival Raffle and the committee is on the search for some great prizes. We had some fantastic prizes for the 2019 Carnival Raffle, which helped raise almost $40,000 for the school, and it would be great to see another successful raffle.

This year, funds raised from the Carnival Raffle will go towards creating more outdoor social space for the students to enjoy, with new seating, landscaping and building works. 

We have some generous prizes confirmed already, including a $3,000 Clayfield Jewellery voucher, a 2-night Weekend Getaway at Treetops Seaview Montville worth over $1,000, a formal dress from When Freddy Met Lilly and a 3-month gym membership at 12RND Clayfield Fitness.

Other prizes we are hoping to add to the prize pool include (but are not limited to) the following: 

  • 1st prize – Visa Debit Card to the value of $10,000 or an alternative prize around this dollar value
  • 2nd prize – Visa Debit Card to the value of $5,000 or an alternative prize around this dollar value
  • Apple Pack – Total estimated value $1807: iPhone 11 – approx. value $1079, iWatch SE GPS & Cellular approx. value $499, airpods approx value $229

If you don’t have a business but are able to provide a financial donation or purchase one of the nominated prizes, we would also love to hear from you. We’d really appreciate any support you can offer.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of providing sponsorship or a financial donation towards any of the prizes please contact Mrs Pattie Pozzebon on 0407 168 991 or by Friday 26 March 2021.

Don't forget to follow Carnival on Facebook here

Mobile Phones

Parents are reminded that under the College Mobile Phone policy, the Mobile phones of students are to be turned off and placed in a student’s locker from 8:30am-3:05pm. A mobile phone may only be used under explicit teacher instruction, for that lesson only. If a mobile phone/device is seen it will be confiscated. Similarly, students are not to wear headphones, ear buds, earphones or AirPods unless under direct teacher instruction.

In cases of illness or emergency, Student Services remains the only authorised point of contact and can ensure your child is reached quickly and assisted in any appropriate way. Students do not have permission to be texting or messaging parents with regard to illness or other matters, and the same expectation is requested from parents. Please make contact via Mrs Timcke at Student Services.

Service Rosters

Zillmere Homework Help Roster

Students are to meet the supervising teacher outside Student Reception at 3:10pm. Please note, students will be dismissed from Zillmere Library at 4:30pm.

Wednesday 24 March: Mrs Brennan will accompany Sarah Gallagher, Liberty Fryar, Ella Innes and Gabrielle Moore

Wednesday 28 April: Mrs T Casey will accompany Sarah Gallagher, Ella Innes, Lana Gravenall and Ava Bernard

Big Brekky Roster

Students are to meet the supervising staff member at Student Services by 5:55am. Students are to wear modest clothing and enclosed shoes. 

Tuesday 23 March: Ms Watts will accompany Olivia De Angelis, Vienna Smith, Annie Dougherty and Mia Clayton

Tuesday 30 March: Supervising teacher TBA: will accompany Lucy Jahnke, Harriet Bourke, Jasmine Meij and Greta Scott

Rosies Outreach Program

Students are to meet their supervising staff member at Little Flower Kedron Parish Hall at 6:00pm. Students are to wear modest clothing and enclosed shoes.

Monday 22 March: Mrs Star will accompany Kate Dalton, Bella Jebb, Gabi Noble and Georgia Tiffin

Autumn Concert - Friday 26 March

Autumn Concert - Friday 26 March

Please join us for the annual Autumn Concert in the Trinity Centre on Friday 26 March. 

Under the College’s COVID Safe provisions, all family members and friends attending must register. Please use the link provided. You may also purchase a cheese platter to enjoy whilst listening to the wonderful music (pre-purchase only). The Music Support Group will be staffing the Orana Room Bar from 5:00pm.

Ensembles playing are: String Ensemble, Prelude Strings, Guitar Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Big Band, Chamber Ensembles (Flute and Clarinet), Concert Band, Wind Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble.

  • Concert 1 - 5:30pm, Intermission approximately 6:30pm, Concert 2 - 7:30pm
  • Dress: Music Performance Uniform
  • Tickets: Admission (free) however registration is required for each concert via the link provided below.
  • Cheese platters (pre-ordered only): $5.00. Please use registration link to purchase.
  • The Music Support Group will be staffing the Orana Room bar from 5:00pm.

To Register:

General Information

The Big Band will rehearse as usual after school until 5:00pm. Students must ensure that they do not leave instruments or folders in another part of the school on the day of the concert as these will not be accessible before the concert.

Program Order

  1. Concert 1 - Auditorium. Student arrival time 5:00 in Music Centre. Performance 5:30pm. Guitar Ensemble, String Ensemble, Prelude Strings, Symphony Orchestra
  2. Intermission Music - Orana Room. Student arrival time 6:00pm in Music Centre. Performance 6:30pm. Jazz Ensemble, Big Band, Clarinet Ensemble, Flute Ensemble
  3. Concert 2 - Auditorium. Student arrival time 7:00pm in Music Centre. Performance 7:30pm. Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble.

As for any performance, it is compulsory for all students in performing ensembles to attend. It is expected that students stay for the duration of each of the concerts they are involved in to support the musicians in each of the ensembles.

Cross Country
Netball - Vicki Wilson Cup and Vicki Wilson Shield
Water Polo
CaSSSA Swimming
CaSSSA Tennis
CaSSSA Sport - Term 1/Term 2


Another exciting competition that St Rita’s is entering for the first time will be the Queensland AFL Schools Cup. This will provide a great opportunity for the girls to follow on from CaSSSA AFL and continue to make significant progress in their development. The Nomination Sign Up form has been issued to students who expressed interest in joining the team. Nomination must be submitted by Monday 22 March at 9:00am. Click Here


Due to demand, the College will be entering a team in the Street-Smart Queensland T20 Cup. This is an exciting competition that St Rita’s hasn’t participated in before however, based on our strong performances in CaSSSA indoor cricket it looks like we have some very talented cricket players. The Nomination Sign Up form has been issued to students who expressed interest in joining the team. Nomination must be submitted by Monday 22 March at 9:00am. Click Here

Cross Country

The Cross Country Interhouse Carnival is just over two weeks away. There is still time to get some last-minute fitness in by attending the Cross-Country training sessions. Sessions are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:15am-7:45am (at the College – meet on the Flat). Again, this is open to all students, of all abilities and will assist you in placing higher up in the Cross Country Carnival.

Netball - Vicki Wilson Cup and Vicki Wilson Shield

Vicki Wilson trials were run last week and are now complete. Congratulations to the 23 students that made the squad. With almost 70 students attending the trials, the selectors job wasn’t easy as the quality was of a very high standard and all the girls should be impressed with their performances. The squad will now commence training twice a week as they look to make a statement at the Vicki Wilson Cup, later in the year.

Water Polo

Final Round Complete

The final round of the BWPI competition was played on Saturday. I want to congratulate all of our SRC athletes that have made the school proud. Training each week, committing to games and working as great team players – thank you for your commitment and hard work. Congratulations to all players on a great season.

BWPI Competition Finals

Finals begin this Saturday!

We have nine teams (12Bs, 12Cs, 14As, 15As, 16As, 16Bs, 17As, 17Cs and 18Cs) playing in the Semi-Finals this Saturday 20 March. Congratulations girls! The game times will be posted on MySRC this week – we would love for supporters to attend and cheer on our girls.

Expressions of Interest – Winter Competition

We are looking to build the SRC Water Polo program to be year-round, with training and player development continuing over the Term 2/Term 3 period. Winter competition commences in Term 2. Invitations for expression of interest will be sent out via MySRC this week.

Ms Madison Wall

Head Coach, Water Polo

CaSSSA Swimming

The CaSSSA Swimming Championships were held on Thursday 12 March. All girls performed exceptionally well and despite scoring as many points as we did in 2020, we again came up a little short of the mark. Special mention to the following girls who were a few of the standout swimmers of the day/season: Lily Carrick, Gemma Hutchings, Madison Ashby-Cliffe and Abbey Crowe. I want to thank the seniors for a fantastic season of swimming and the swimming captains Olivia and Tayla for being great leaders this year, you made the 2021 season a great experience for everyone.

Swimming training will continue for all girls whether they be competing at swimming national championships, water polo semis and finals, water polo nationals or those that want to just keep fit and improve their technique in the off season. Pop down to the pool one afternoon and see what all the fuss is about!

Mr Michael Bromley

Head Coach, Swimming

CaSSSA Tennis

Tennis finals are almost upon us and as always, St Rita’s teams are performing exceptionally well. Special mention to the Open A, Intermediate A, Junior B and C teams who remain undefeated. It would be fantastic if we could get as much support as possible to cheer these teams on during the finals and see if we can get our girls home undefeated. Please keep any eye on MySRC for the game’s times and locations.

CaSSSA Sport - Term 1/Term 2

Term 1

We are fast approaching the last few rounds of CaSSSA Term 1 sport and there continue to be some outstanding performances. Special mention must go to:

  • Junior Indoor Cricket team who remain undefeated
  • Open Volleyball Team who are playing fantastic Volleyball and are a real chance to feature at the pointy end of the competition
  • The Intermediate Volleyball Teams who turn up every week and have a great deal of fun whether they win, lose or draw.

Term 2

Students have nominated for their Term 2 sport and trial will commence Thursday 18 March. The sports on offer are:

  • Hockey – Junior and Open
  • Netball – Intermediate and Open
  • Touch – Junior
  • Volleyball - Junior

Keep up the fantastic work girls. 

Mr Dane Robinson

Director of Sport

Fortnightly Hot Menu

Fortnightly Hot Menu

Week commencing Monday 22 March


Fried Rice                                             $5.00

Vegetarian Quiche with potato gems (v) $7.00

Bolognaise with penne                          $5.50



Beef burritos with potato gems             $7.00

Peking style pork with steamed rice       $7.00

Vegetarian spring rolls (v)                      $5.00

Napoli with sausage on penne               $5.50



Mongolian beef with steamed rice         $7.00

Butter chicken with basmati rice            $7.00

Vegetable curry puffs (v)                       $5.00

Bolognaise with penne                          $5.50



Honey chicken with steamed rice           $7.00

Nachos with vegetarian con carne (v)     $6.00

Roast beef and gravy rolls and chips       $7.00

Steamed dim sum                                 $4.00

Napoli with sausage penne                    $5.50



Margarita pizza (v) (g/f avail)                 $7.00

Stir-fried Hokan noodles with vegetables           $5.00

Vegetable fritters with homemade tomato relish   $4.00

Salt and pepper calamari                       $5.00

Basil pesto penne pasta                         $5.50

Week beginning Monday 29 March


BBQ pork skewers with crispy noodles   $5.00

Meat pies with chips                             $7.00

Vegetarian bolognaise with penne (v)    $5.50



Beef burger with cheese, special sauce and gems (g/f avail)        $7.00

Sweet and sour pork with steamed rice  $7.00

Arancini with basil and fetta (v) (g/f avail)          $5.00

Bolognaise with penne                          $5.50



Mongolian beef with steamed rice         $7.00

Chicken schnitzel and chips and aioli (g/f avail)   $7.00

Vegetarian spring rolls (v)                      $5.00

Napoli with sausage and penne             $5.50



Honey chicken with steamed jasmine rice $7.00

Roast beef and gravy roll with chips       $7.00

Steamed dim sum                                 $4.00

Pizza margarita (v) (g/f avail)                 $5.00

Penne bolognaise                                  $5.50



Good Friday