Verbis - Term 1, Edition 5 Verbis - Term 1, Edition 5

1 April 2021

Year of Hospitality - People of Welcoming Heart

From our College Leadership Team
Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow
Deputy Principal - Studies, Mrs Maree Trims
Assistant Principal - Mission, Mrs Erica Qureshi

Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow

Dear Parents and Carers 

Back in 1986 the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to a man by the name of Elie Wiesel. He was an author of over 40 books and of course, quite an extraordinary man, not only because of his unique history and life experience but also because of his deep insights into humankind. In being awarded this prize he was being recognised by the Nobel committee as one of the most important spiritual leaders and guides…. “in an age when violence, repression and racism continue to characterise the world”, as was stated in the committee’s summary. Unfortunately, we know from many events occurring around the world today (and indeed in our own communities in Australia) that the state of affairs seems not to have changed much at all. We are still in need of messengers like Elie Wiesel to help shine a light on how we as humans let both ourselves and others down.  

In one of his better-known books, “The Town Beyond the Wall”, Wiesel tells the story of a Hungarian Jew, Michael, who survived that most infamous of Nazi concentration camps, Auschwitz (it was based on his own story and experience of persecution by the Nazis during the Second World War). The story goes on to describe that for years after the end of the war, Michael was troubled by one memory about that horrible time and he kept recalling that awful day when the Nazi soldiers came into his country town and rounded up all the Jews in the village. This was happening in townships throughout the occupied territories in Europe. The soldiers would come, they would go from door to door, force all those of Jewish descent out into the streets and march them off to board rail cars, which took them to the death camps.  

So, as the story goes, at the end of the war Michael makes the trip back to his home town in Hungary. He returns for one reason – to confront the haunting of that one memory he could not get out of his mind – the face in the window. He could vividly recall the morning when the soldiers had them lined up and started to march them out of town, he looked up at a first storey window and saw the face of a man staring blankly down into the square where the people were being jostled along to the waiting rail cars. The expression on the face of this person was passive, aloof and distant - simply looking down at the spectacle below as a spectator. You see, Michael could understand the brutality of the prison guards and the executioners. What he could not understand was the man whom he calls the spectator; an individual who lived not far from the synagogue and peered through his window day after day as thousands of Jews were herded into the death trains. His face was gazing out, reflecting no pity, no pleasure, no shock, not even anger or interest. Impassive, cold, impersonal. The expression seemed to be saying: What. Men are going to die? That is not my fault, is it? The face is neither Jewish, or anti-Jewish. A simple spectator – that’s what it is.  

In writing this novel Elie Wiesel raises the issue for all of us – how can we simply stand back and be indifferent to the plight of others? This can even be extended to all parts of our living. For Wiesel, the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. The opposite of education is not ignorance, but indifference; the opposite of art is not ugliness, but indifference, the opposite of life is not death, but indifference. The face in the window – the face of indifference – it has nothing to do with me. 

On Sunday we will celebrate Easter and, as you all know this is the commemoration of Christ’s resurrection – the most important feast in the Church’s year. That glorious rising from the dead is not all that we remember and celebrate on this day. The resurrection is the culmination of what it means to live as Christ lived. One of the important messages of the Easter Season is to understand that there is no resurrection without passion, and there is no passion without service to others. In our time and place, we hold no value in Christ’s resurrection if we are indifferent to the plight of others and stand at the windows of our living staring blankly and uncaring at life passing by, because we offer no hope to others that we share our lives with. This Easter, may we all gain in strength and use it as a time to look at how we can become less indifferent to what is happening around us and seek to serve others as Christ would have us do. 

We farewell Mr Austin Skinner after 23 years of teaching at the College. Mr Skinner, throughout his entire time here, has been a valued teacher by all his students and we wish him well in his retirement.

Mrs Cahill will commence maternity leave and we wish her and her family the very best for the safe and happy delivery of their new arrival. Mrs Murton will return from Long Service Leave at the start of Term 2 and we thank Ms Lazzarin for the work she has covered in Mrs Murton’s absence.

I would like to wish all our families the blessings of the Easter season and I look forward to a very productive and energetic Term 2.

God Bless 

Mrs Dale Morrow

Deputy Principal - Studies, Mrs Maree Trims

Term 1 Feedback

Students have been completing assessment tasks during these past few weeks, as well as during class throughout the Term. Teachers will be handing back assessment either at the end of this Term or early next Term. It is important for students to understand how they can improve based on the feedback given by their teacher. Parents and students will be given the opportunity to discuss this feedback and results obtained during the upcoming Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews. 

Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews

The purpose of the interviews is for students and parents to hear the feedback provided by teachers on the learning that occurred during Term 1. These interviews will take place via Zoom. Students are required to attend the interviews (where possible) so they can directly hear their own feedback.

The dates available for interviews are:

  • Tuesday 4 May – Years 7, 8 and 9 from 3:30pm – 8:00pm.
  • Monday 31 May – Years 10, 11 and 12 from 3:30pm – 8:30pm

Bookings can be made via the Parents Page on MySRC from Thursday 8 April. A booking link will be issued by Mrs Anna Roberts to parents on this date.

Reminder - Updates to Assessment Guidelines

1.     Drafts/Progress Checks

Students must submit their Draft/Progress Check to Turnitin and/or MySRC under teacher direction by 8:30am on the due date as outlined on the task sheet. A further hard copy is to be submitted to the subject teacher during the lesson or as outlined by the subject teacher.

2.     Submission of Assessment Tasks

All written assessment tasks must be submitted electronically as a PDF document to Turnitin and/or MySRC (under teacher direction) by 8:30am on the due date of the assignment, with the exception of Mathematics tasks.

3.     Procedures for Requiring an Extension to Assessment Tasks

Extensions for drafts and final assessment must be negotiated directly with the subject teacher or via discussion with the Head of House. An Application for Extension to Assessment must be made online via MySRC by the student and will go to the Head of House, subject teacher and Head of Faculty for approval. Applications must be made by 8:30am at least three full school days BEFORE the due date, except in the case of a genuine emergency. If illness is a contributing factor, a medical certificate is required for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 and a note from parents or a medical certificate is required for Years 7, 8 and 9. All assignments with an extension are due by 8:30am on the extension due date. Extensions are not granted more than 10 days before the due date. Subject teachers have the right to refuse an extension if students have not demonstrated a commitment to using the research lessons and class time provided effectively. Extensions will not be granted if absence is due to a holiday during Term time. Teachers are not required to provide work during such an absence.

4.     Plagiarised work

Students should not share their assessment items (including research notes and interviews) with other students under any circumstance via any means, including email and ‘air-drop’. Peer editing should NOT involve students emailing each other their assessment task.

Happy Easter

The Easter holidays are an opportunity for students to rest and recharge their body and minds after a busy start to the school year. I recommend students take some time each day to re-energise; by being physically active, visiting local parks, beaches or art galleries or catching up with friends and family. Please remember to always follow expected hygiene standards and, where possible, social distancing whilst you are enjoying your break. I hope you have a restful Easter break and students return to SRC safely, ready to learn in Term 2.

Assistant Principal - Mission, Mrs Erica Qureshi

In Sunday’s readings, there were references to both speaking and listening, suggesting that there is merit in both. In fact, the suggestion was that God requires us to be both a person who can speak boldly with a well-trained tongue and a person whose ears and heart are open for listening. If we are to heal the brokenness of our world, we all need the grace both to speak and to listen.

During our Easter liturgy, staff and students were reminded that Jesus is the suffering servant. He “emptied himself and became the servant of all.” We too, need to have this spirit so that we may bring an end to the war, violence, selfishness and injustice which divides us. As this year’s Project Compassion has suggested, we are called to be more. We need to be able to respond to the needs of the world and its people. Jesus is such a servant – one who is connected with our life, our struggle and our world. Within the Passion we see examples of kindness - the woman with the alabaster jar, who saw beyond the superficial and performed one of the “good works”. Veronica performed the simple service of wiping the face of Jesus and Simon assisted Jesus in carrying the cross. These small acts of hospitality have had significant meaning over time. Through the liturgies of Holy Week, we participate in the remembrance of Jesus’ final days. We are mindful too of the many women, men and children around the world who are most vulnerable to extreme poverty and injustice. We have seen examples of this poverty and injustice in the Project Compassion stories which highlight the support for those in Bangladesh, Solomon Islands, Tanzania and Indonesia where we have been able to help uphold their dignity. It is for these and thousands of others that we are called to “be more” for they are the face of the suffering Christ in our time. Let us ask ourselves: How can I recognise the face of Christ in all? How can I truly listen and speak boldly for justice?

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What You Need to Know
Keep up the good COVID Safe work during the holidays
Term Dates
Blazer Reminder - Years 10-12 for Terms 2 and 3
WalkOut - Sunday 28 March
Additional performances for Wizard of Oz on Sale (Dress Rehearsal performances only)
St Rita's College Carnival - Sunday 25 July from 10:00am - 4:00pm
Service Rosters
Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD)

Keep up the good COVID Safe work during the holidays

Please continue to support the College and the wider community during the holiday period by maintaining measures to prevent possible spread of illnesses. 

  • Remain at home if you are unwell.
  • If a member of your family has cold or flu-like symptoms, the Queensland Health guidelines recommend a COVID test and self-isolation until the test results are received.

 Also continue to:

  • Wash hands with soap and water frequently or use hand sanitiser if soap and water are not available.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or flexed elbow.
  • Dispose of tissues in a suitable bin.

We value the support of parents and carers in our endeavours to keep our College community fit and healthy and enable the girls to safely return to the school in Term 2.

Term Dates

Tuesday 20 April – Term 2 commences. (Monday 19 April is a Student Free Day)

Friday 18 June – Term 2 finishes.

Term Dates for the remainder of the Year can be found on the College website

Rehearsals for Wizard of Oz continue throughout the school holiday period. Dates and times will be entered into the MySRC Calendar which is easily accessed from the College App interface.

Blazer Reminder - Years 10-12 for Terms 2 and 3

Students in Years 10-12 are required to wear the College Blazer daily in Terms 2 and 3.

Please contact Mrs Hinder in the Boutique if you have not yet purchased a Blazer for your daughter, or if you require a new one or repairs/alterations.

The online Boutique is also open 24/7 for purchases:

WalkOut - Sunday 28 March

Our most grateful thanks are extended to the army of parents (and their pets) from the Parents & Friends and the Sport Subcommittee who coordinated, set up, packed down, manned checkpoints, rattled donation buckets, helped with rolls, tail ended the mass of students, cooked and served sustenance and refreshments, and cheered on the girls at WalkOut last Sunday. Sister Elvera ensured the weather was picture perfect and a fabulous morning was enjoyed.

Particular thanks are extended to Mr Scott and Mrs Carla Burns and Mrs Susan de Medici who worked tirelessly to ensure the large parent side of WalkOut was seamlessly coordinated. Thank you.

‘Showstoppers’ back at the College awarded prizes for the most innovative in costumes. Always colourful, this year didn’t disappoint.

A large number of the College Pastoral and administration staff are also involved in presenting this annual College event. Their support is integral to the day running smoothly from the student perspective and their willing assistance is gratefully acknowledged.

Additional performances for Wizard of Oz on Sale (Dress Rehearsal performances only)

Tickets for all four performance of the College’s production of The Wizard of Oz sold out in record time. 

The College has opened up the two full dress rehearsal (Technical) performances on Tuesday 20 April to audiences.  This will be the final opportunity to purchase tickets. The first performance at 12:00pm is expected to conclude at approximately 2:00pm, and the second at 5:00pm is expected to conclude at approximately 7:00pm.

  • Tickets are discounted to $15.00 each and are non-refundable.
  • A program is not included in the ticket price and we cannot yet advise as to whether programs will be available by 20 April. Ticket holders will be assigned seats in order of arrival at the performance; there is no ability to choose specific seats during the booking process. If you have already purchased tickets for either of the performances on 22, 23 or 24 April, this is not an opportunity to cancel those tickets in favour of Technical performance tickets.

Please don’t miss this final opportunity to enjoy this amazing show. Click Here to be taken to the Booking Site.

(Rehearsals for Wizard of Oz continue throughout the school holiday period. Dates and times will be entered into the MySRC Calendar which is easily access from the College App interface.)

St Rita's College Carnival - Sunday 25 July from 10:00am - 4:00pm

Unfortunately, the meeting scheduled for this week has been cancelled due to Lockdown.

Please keep a lookout on the Carnival notices on the App (make sure you have selected this in Settings/Subscriptions/Community). 

  • The Carnival email is up and running. Please use it for any communication you wish to send to the convenors, Scott Delaney and Katrina Moore.
  • The Carnival Facebook page is also up and running and heaps of parents are joining the page every day. We use the page for Call Outs and community engagement. Click here to join

It isn’t too late to put up your hand. Please contact Scott and Katrina at if you would like to lend a hand, or have an idea for Carnival.   

Business Promotion Opportunity

Do you have a business that could sponsor or donate a prize for the 2021 St Rita’s Carnival Raffle and benefit from some exposure in return?

Mrs Patti Pozzebon is kindly organising the Carnival Raffle and the committee is on the search for some great prizes. We had some fantastic prizes for the 2019 Carnival Raffle, which helped raise almost $40,000 for the school, and it would be great to see another successful raffle.

This year, funds raised from the Carnival Raffle will go towards creating more outdoor social space for the students to enjoy, with new seating, landscaping and building works. 

We have some generous prizes confirmed already, including a $3,000 Clayfield Jewellery voucher, a 2-night Weekend Getaway at Treetops Seaview Montville worth over $1,000, a formal dress from When Freddy Met Lilly and a 3-month gym membership at 12RND Clayfield Fitness.

Other prizes we are hoping to add to the prize pool include (but are not limited to) the following: 

  • 1st prize – Visa Debit Card to the value of $10,000 or an alternative prize around this dollar value
  • 2nd prize – Visa Debit Card to the value of $5,000 or an alternative prize around this dollar value
  • Apple Pack – Total estimated value $1807: iPhone 11 – approx. value $1079, iWatch SE GPS & Cellular approx. value $499, airpods approx value $229

If you don’t have a business but are able to provide a financial donation or purchase one of the nominated prizes, we would also love to hear from you. We’d really appreciate any support you can offer.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of providing sponsorship or a financial donation towards any of the prizes please contact Mrs Pattie Pozzebon on 0407 168 991 or

Don't forget to follow Carnival on Facebook by clicking here.

Service Rosters

Zillmere Homework Help Roster

Students are to meet the supervising teacher outside Student Reception at 3:10pm. Please note, students will be dismissed from Zillmere Library at 4:30pm

 Wednesday 28 April Mrs Casey will accompany Sarah Gallagher, Ella Innes, Lana Gravenall and Ava Bernard.

Big Brekky Roster

Students are to meet the supervising staff member at Student Services by 5:55am. Students are to wear modest clothing and enclosed shoes.

Tuesday 6 April (school holidays): Mrs Timcke will accompany Lucy Egan, Lucy Duke, Meg Webster and Ruby Crowther

Tuesday 13 April (school holidays): Mrs McGrath will accompany Eloise Daly, Jazelle White, Jorja Fensom and Lauren Birthisel

Tuesday 20 April: Mrs Star will accompany Mia Clayton, Misha Black, Cleo Shave and Annie Dougherty

Tuesday 27 April: Mrs Edwards will accompany Jorja Fensom, Dani Fensom, Olivia De Angelis and Annabelle Hazelton

Ecumenical Coffee Brigade Roster

Students are to meet the supervising teacher at the ECB premises, corner of Isaac and Rosa Streets, Spring Hill by 6:00am.

Monday 19 April: Mrs Diamond will accompany Zoe Dalton, Maddie Monsour and Matilda Morrow

Rosies School Outreach Program

Students are to meet their supervising staff member at Little Flower Kedron Parish Hall at 6:00pm. Students are to wear modest clothing and enclosed shoes.

Monday 26 April: Mrs Trims will accompany Tayla Bamforth, Ava Flynn, Dana Long and Jazelle White

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD)

The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) takes place every year. The NCCD process requires schools to identify information already available in the school about supports provided to students with disability. These relate to legislative requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education 2005, in line with the NCCD guidelines (2019). Click here to access a letter containing important information for parents and carers. Click here for a fact sheet.

ESU - English Speaking Union

ESU - English Speaking Union

Students interested in participating in the ESU competition are to contact Mrs Specogna.

The English-Speaking Union (ESU) is an international educational charity dedicated to promoting international understanding and human achievement through English. The Secondary Schools’ Public Speaking competition requires students to speak on a subject of their choice inspired by a broad ESU nominated topic connected to ESU’s philosophy. The specific 2021 Heat nominated topic for each level is on the ESU website for this competition. Click here for more information. 

Students in the Grand Finals will speak to new nominated topics for the required Prepared and Impromptu speaking section. Cash prizes for winners and runners up. Each student will receive valuable oral feedback on the night of speech presentation. Further information about ESU is available on their website (Click here).

St Agatha's Choral Concert
Autumn Concerts
AHEP and SHEP Middle School Nominations
Music Support Group
Upcoming Events in Term 2
Music Fundraising - Entertainment Memberships

St Agatha's Choral Concert

It was wonderful to hear our angelic choirs in the clear acoustics of the Trinity Auditorium on Friday 19 March. While we were unable to enjoy the sounds within St Agatha’s Church due to continuing restrictions, it was the first time any of our ensembles have presented in our new music performance uniform. The uniform certainly brought a new level of sophistication and professionalism to our ensembles and they looked great on mass. The wide choice of repertoire throughout the evening and inventive staging of the choirs continued to entertain and engage the audience. Congratulations to all of our choristers and particularly are new Year 7 students for whom this was their first performance. A special congratulations to Harriet Dykes for her solo viola performance which provided an instrumental interlude to the performance. Thank you to all of the parents coming along to support our choirs and of course each of the ensemble directors and accompanists who worked with our girls throughout the Term to deliver such a high-quality performance.

Click here for photos from the event.

Autumn Concerts

Last Friday evening it was time for our band and string students to showcase their efforts from Term 1 rehearsals. Starting with a concert in the auditorium, the audience was presented with an enjoyable concert from our Guitar Ensemble, String Ensemble, Prelude Strings and Symphony Orchestra. Then moving out to Cove Lane, the Jazz Ensemble and Big Band were ready to delight the audience with a variety of jazz and big band music demonstrating some of our students’ improvisational abilities. Admittedly it was a bit of an experiment to have the groups perform outside but it seemed to receive an overall tick of approval from all involved. Moving back inside, the Flute Ensemble and Clarinet Ensemble continued with performances on the mezzanine crosswalk with the Orana Room. An effective and enchanting performance space.

Finally, the audience was invited back into the auditorium to conclude the evening with Concert Band, Wind Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble. It was great to see each of the ensembles performing in the new music performance uniform which really brings an overall polish to the performances and instils a sense of pride amongst our music students. It was a very successful night of performances which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Congratulations to all of our hard-working teachers and students whose desire to strive for excellence continues to raise the standard of our program.

Click here for photos from the event.

AHEP and SHEP Middle School Nominations

Each year the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, presents a number of programs that provide an intensive environment of musical excellence. The Australian Honours Ensemble Program and the State Honours Ensemble Program, Middle School (Years 6-9), are two of the programs that our students are able to be nominated to participate in. While the standard of each of these programs is very high and offers to attend the programs are highly sought, this year has seen a record number of St Rita’s students be nominated. We wish the best to all of our nominated students and to those who are auditioning for the AHEP program.

Music Support Group

With our first concerts now complete, it was encouraging to see the strong support from our parent group during this Term. With a new performance space, that includes a beautiful foyer, came some new initiatives by the Music Support Group. The welcome addition of a bar and cheese platters pre-performances offers an opportunity for music parents to socialise and support the College’s music program. From observations, the cheese platters looked very appetising and were a very successful addition. Thank you to all parents who provided assistance at each of the concerts. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Please also look out for further calls for assistance from our Music Support Group to run the bar at each of the upcoming Wizard of Oz performances. They will be needing assistance pre-performance for each of the shows. A notification for sign up will be sent via the College App.

Upcoming Events in Term 2

Music Fundraising - Entertainment Memberships

The St Rita's College Music Department is fundraising through Entertainment again this year, with some amazing offers up for grabs. 20% of proceeds from every Membership goes directly toward the Music Department. Families can order their memberships online by clicking here.

Water Polo
CaSSSA Sport Term 1
CaSSSA Tennis
Cross Country
CaSSSA Term 2 Sport

Water Polo

BWPI Competition Finals

What a great season we have had – 10 SRC teams played in our semi-finals on 20 March, with finals played over the weekend.

Special congratulations to the following teams:

  • U12Bs – Won Gold in their Grand Final 
  • U12Cs – Won Silver in their Grand Final 
  • U13Cs – Won Gold in their Play-off Final 
  • U14As – Came 4th in their division
  • 15As – Won Silver in their Grand Final 
  • 16As – Came 4th in their division
  • 16Bs – Came 4th in their division
  • 17As – Won Silver in their Grand Final 
  • 17Cs – Won Silver in their Grand Final
  • 18Cs – Won Gold in their Grand Final 

Thank you everyone for all of your support over the weekend. The SRC cheerleaders did an amazing job! Well done also to all of the girls and thank you to our coaches and parents for all of your work throughout the season. 

Expressions of Interest – Winter Competition

The College is looking to build the SRC Water Polo program to be a year-round program, with training and player development continuing over the Term 2/Term 3 period. Winter competition training commences in Term 2. Please forward your expressions of interest to me via email (

QLD Thunder Team Selection

Special mention goes to our Water Polo Captain Amelia Watt (playing in our U17A team). She has been selected to play for the Queensland Thunder team, competing in the upcoming Australian Water Polo League.

Congratulations Amelia!


Ms Madison Wall

Head Coach, Water Polo

CaSSSA Sport Term 1

Finals week for Term 1 has been postponed until Wednesday 21 April. I’ve witnessed students support each other through some thrilling games over the past eight weeks and I’m looking forward to seeing the girls continue to support each other through the finals. I have no doubt there will be some exceptional performances. Stay tuned.

Mr Dane Robinson

Director of Sport

CaSSSA Tennis

Tennis finals have been completed. There was some amazing Tennis on display with some exceptional team and individual performances. Final results are below, with St Rita’s teams representing the College in fine fashion. Congratulations, on a great season. Special mention must go to the Tennis Captain Emma Brennan, who has done a fantastic job organising and supporting the Tennis Program. Looking forward to Knowles Cup in Term 3. Also, a big thank you to Head Coach, John James who does an incredible job coaching the girls and ensuring they are ready to perform each weekend.

Click here for photos.

Cross Country

With the lockdown in place, the Cross Country Carnival due for tomorrow, Thursday, has been postponed. Alternatives dates are being worked on, so that the Carnival can be completed early Term 2. More information will be made available as they are known. 

Given the delayed Cross Country Carnival, and depending on the state of the lockdown, Cross Country training will continue over the Holidays. Training will run as per usual with the exception of Monday 5 April (Public Holiday).

There are some changes to the structure of the Cross Country and Run Club sessions, with Cross Country and Run Club joining forces. This will see Run Club train at the same time as Cross Country however, there will be a separate session on offer to cater for the girls who just aren’t quite ready for the intensity of Cross Country training. Training sessions take place on the following mornings and both Run Club and Cross Country participants are encouraged to attend any of these sessions.

·       Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays: 6:30am – 7:30am

CaSSSA Term 2 Sport

Term 2 trials have been conducted for Netball and Volleyball. Touch and Hockey were postponed due to the wet weather, and now with the lockdown will be delayed until early Term 2. Again, more information will come out as it is known. 

If you failed to nominate or missed a trial, please come and see or email Mr Robinson or Mrs Schubert at the Sports Office and we will get you into a CaSSSA team for Term 2.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Mr Dane Robinson

Director of Sport

Student News
Rosa Colour Day
Mission JAM Expo
Year 9 Japanese Dinner

Rosa Colour Day

On 19 March, Rosa House joined the rest of Australia in taking a stand against bullying and violence which has been running now in this country for 11 years. Rosa House invited the wider school community to wear braids and orange accessories to advocate our message, 'Braids against Bullying'. The day provided a focus for our school to promote student voice in taking action against negative behaviours and to strengthen our existing everyday messages that bullying and violence at St Rita’s College is not okay at any time. 

Rosa House commenced the day with a House breakfast, wonderfully supported by our House Parents. A communal House Group on the Flat provided a platform to begin the day's conversations and recognise the role we as students play in ending bullying within our College. Across the school, varying styles of orange ribbon were handed to every girl. This, with the accessories many wore, created a sea of orange within our community, symbolising that students at St Rita's College stand together against this prevalent issue. 

At lunch, Rosa continued to advocate our wellbeing message by coordinating activities such as the Coolest Braid competition and the Braid Race. These events provided a focus point for our College to come together and reinforce the message in a fun and supportive way. 

In our Year of Hospitality, we recognise our responsibility as a school community to create and sustain a welcoming and safe environment for all. Rosa House had an amazing day and thank the wider community for supporting us in advocating such an important message. 

Gabrielle Hodda and Lucy Jahnke

Rosa House Captains

Mission JAM Expo

On Monday 8 March, six students from several of St Rita’s social justice clubs had the privilege to represent St Rita’s College at the Iona College Justice and Mission Expo. A number of other Brisbane schools also attended the event, where each school displayed their various community initiatives that are successful within their respective schools. These initiatives were shared amongst the students and allowed us to expand our ideas on what could be further implemented into the social justice clubs here at St Rita’s. The event had three incredible guest speakers who were all from ground-breaking charities including Rosies, Caritas and NET Ministries. They reinforced that our actions within our school community are truly making a difference to those in need. Through this, St Rita’s College is being the face of Jesus by serving the vulnerable and, in light of this year’s theme, living out the pillar of Hospitality.

Lana Gravenall and Morgan Hallinan 

Year 11

Year 9 Japanese Dinner

Recently the Year 9 Japanese classes joined up for a dinner at Mizu, Tenerrife, with the entire restaurant booked out just for the two classes. The girls went outside their comfort zone trying new foods while practicing their Japanese. On the menu was Edamame, Takoyaki, Gyoza, authentic raw fish sushi, Karaage and salad. We all felt very grateful to have the opportunity to go out together. 

Year 8 Japanese students will have the same experience in Term 2. Mrs Anders, Mrs Andrews and Mrs Murtagh accompanied the students and were very impressed by our Japanese students, who demonstrated excellent manners and a willingness to try so many different foods.