Verbis - Term 2, Edition 3 Verbis - Term 2, Edition 3

27 May 2021

Year of Hospitality - People of Welcoming Heart

From our College Leadership Team
Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow
Deputy Principal - Studies, Mrs Maree Trims
Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching, Mr Martin Lobb

Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow

Dear Parents/Caregivers

As we approach National Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June), I would like to reflect on the meaning of a word that comes from the Zulu-speaking people of South Africa. The word is ‘Ubuntu’. Essentially its meaning holds the idea that we are all bound together in ways that are invisible to the eye; that there is a oneness to humanity; that we become ourselves by sharing ourselves with others and caring for those around us. In this word there is recognition that we are all bound together in a way, which means that if just one in the community is diminished then we are all diminished, and likewise, if just one in a community is lifted then we all are lifted. 

I thought about ‘Ubuntu’ when I read an article in one of last weekend’s newspapers. The article described a modern day approach some leading sports psychologists take with high performance teams which is leading to remarkable results. It has a good deal of resonance with the concept of Ubuntu in that it emphasises the importance of having members of a team develop a deep sense of connectedness to the group and this is achieved through members acknowledging and sharing their own personal vulnerabilities. By acknowledging to others that an individual has his/her weaknesses and fears in life and that he/she is full of struggle yet still feels worthy helps others in the group accept who they are and where they are at. There is no longer hidden shame for having those weaknesses or internal doubts because once it is acknowledged to others it loses its power to hold the individual back.  This approach to building strong team cultures in a number of sports is proving very effective – it should, because it is known to build strong communities outside of sport.

Being part of a community is something we as human beings cannot escape. Watching the whole school community come together on St Rita’s day highlights the importance of spending time together in meaningful and joyful ways. It is always a pleasure to see the sheer joy emanating from the girls as they dance the afternoon away. The quality of our community depends on the attitude of its members. If we appreciate that we all have vulnerabilities and life struggles and that none of us have all the answers, then we are more prone to feel the importance of connectedness with others. We come to appreciate more deeply that if anyone in the community is diminished then the entire community is diminished. Not only is this important to understand in our own College community but also in our wider Australian community which brings me to the importance of National Reconciliation Week.

Each year National Reconciliation Week is celebrated from 27 May to 3 June. This is a time when we are asked to build on the respectful relationships shared by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians. It is a time, too, to ask ourselves about how well we deal with accepting others who are outwardly different to the majority – in other words, to think about racism and the harm it does our community. Reconciliation Australia’s theme for 2021, More than a word. Reconciliation takes action, urges the reconciliation movement towards braver and more impactful action. Reconciliation is a journey for all Australians – as individuals, families, communities, organisations and importantly as a nation. At the heart of this journey are relationships between the broader Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We all have a role to play when it comes to reconciliation, and in playing our part we collectively build relationships and communities that value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, cultures, and futures

So, I would ask, that in this week of National Reconciliation, we take some time to reflect on our attitudes. Take time to study our national past and stand in the shoes of our indigenous brothers and sisters and understand that in acknowledging and confirming the importance they have in our community we raise our community to new heights.

I would also like to acknowledge the work of Mrs Anna Martini, Mrs Vanessa De Angelis and Mrs Sonia Catalano for organising the Mother Daughter Dinner last week. This is a very special event on the school calendar, and it was wonderful to see over 750 mothers and daughters in attendance. Also, my sincere thanks to our major prize donor, Mr Trevor Sim, from Clayfield Jewellery.   

I am pleased to announce the appointment to Head of Primary is Ms Belinda Emmi. Ms Emmi is currently Head of Learning Junior Years at Ambrose Treacy College. She holds a Master of Education Mathematics Leadership and a Graduate Certificate in Religious Education. Ms Emmi has 18 years experience in education across multiple Year levels and systems, both locally and internationally and she has an outstanding record of success in improving classroom teaching and learning practices. We look forward to her joining our staff at the beginning of Term 3.

God Bless

Mrs Dale Morrow

Deputy Principal - Studies, Mrs Maree Trims

Late Submission of Assessment

It is not possible for the College to accept any assignment task after the due date unless an extension has been approved prior to 8:30am three school days before the due date using Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments (AARA) or a medical certificate. For example, for an assignment due at 8:30am on a Thursday, the extension application must be submitted by 8:30am on the Monday prior. In the case of students absent on the day, the Absence on Due Date of Assessment procedures must be followed. Click here to view the Guidelines.

Year 12 Academic Captains Network Meeting 

The St Rita’s Academic Captains, Mia Clayton and Annabelle Hazelton, recently hosted 11 Catholic boys and girls schools for the inaugural Academic Captain’s Network meeting. This new initiative from Mia and Annabelle enabled school academic leaders to come together to share ideas about how they promote academic activities and learning in their schools.

The afternoon started with a fun Kahoot, encompassing questions related to Year 12, as well as some other pop culture questions. Sessions following this fun start included sharing academic clubs and activities that each school offers. The final session involved working with schools geographically nearby and Mia and Annabelle worked with the boys from Nudgee College. They are planning ways to work collaboratively as they prepare for the external exams. We are keen to continue these discussions with Nudgee College, so we can establish a positive and engaging study culture within our schools for our senior students.

All students agreed that they would benefit from future networking opportunities and we look forward to these becoming regular events on our calendar.

Thank you to the staff and Year 12 students from Nudgee College, St Patrick’s, St John Fisher, Padua, Mt Alvernia, Stuartholme, Lourdes Hill, Brigidine, Terrace and Iona colleges for their attendance and enthusiastic participation. 

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching, Mr Martin Lobb


Congratulations must go to the Year 7 and Year 9 cohorts for the way they conducted themselves during the NAPLAN Tests. All students were well prepared, perfectly behaved and applied themselves throughout all tests. Luckily, the online platform behaved, and the week progressed smoothly.

A reminder that NAPLAN Online reading, numeracy and conventions of language use a tailored test design. The tests automatically adapt to a student’s test performance and asks questions that match the student’s achievement level. Tailored testing allows all students to demonstrate their knowledge and encourages students to stay engaged with the test. Tailored testing also provides teachers and schools access to more targeted and detailed information on students’ performance in the online assessment.

Mentoring – Year 12

Over the last few weeks Year 12 students have had an opportunity to meet with a teacher mentor to discuss their progress this year and to look at strategies going forward. During these Mentoring meetings, students and teachers have looked at the student’s ATAR estimate (given as a range and based on their Unit 1 and 2 results) and their most up to date Unit 3 results. From these discussions, the Year 12 students, with guidance, have developed strategies to ensure that they are on track to achieve their goals.

Teacher/student surveys   

As teachers at St Rita’s College we are always aiming to improve our pedagogical practices and, in the process, advance the learning outcomes of our students. To assist us with this, several classes have recently been involved in a class survey. This survey, conducted by an external company, Pivot, gives their teacher timely and valid information which will help us to improve our teaching practice.

What You Need to Know
Early Departures
Student Parent Teacher Interviews – Monday 31 May
The College Uniform
Upcoming Events and Meetings
Rita's Longest Lunch
Service Rosters

Early Departures

Commencing Monday 24 May, parents will be notified via email when their daughter departs College early. This email is required under the College’s Duty of Care to cross reference the departure with the parent/guardian in cases where their daughter has been picked up by an authorised person other than the parent/guardian or the student is driving themselves.

Student Parent Teacher Interviews – Monday 31 May

Student Parent Teacher Interviews for Years 10, 11 and 12 families will be held on Monday 31 May from 3:30pm to 8:30pm. The booking portal closed last Tuesday evening.

Families in Years 7, 8 and 9 also had opportunity to book an interview for 31 May if they had missed out in the session earlier in the month.

If any of your daughter’s teachers were fully booked and you were unable to secure an interview time, please email the teacher to let them know you have missed out. Please include in that email any specific matters you wish to raise so that the teacher can respond appropriately by email or, if needed, arrange an alternative meeting time.

To join your interview, visit the Student Parent Teacher interview page on MySRC: Click Here

  1. Click on the appropriate alphabetical group listed to correspond with the teacher's last name
  2. Find the teacher's meeting on that page
  3. Click Join 

The College Uniform

It is important that Parents and Students be attentive to their appearance as a student of St Rita’s and we ask that your daughter’s you check that the uniforms being worn by your daughter meet the College Uniform policy and rectify any adjustments needed as they become apparent.

Each student is expected to maintain high standards of personal appearance and it is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure that the uniform is being worn each day in accordance with the College regulations.

Students who have been at sporting or other cocurricular commitments are to pay attention to their appearance on their way home – togs, items of sports clothing, or items of non-College uniform shouldn’t be showing through the formal dress.

Uniform Guidelines in Brief

  • The formal dress is to be mid knee in length and clean. Hems should be neat and secure and not hanging at any point.
  • Socks and Shoes should be clean. Shoes should have the foot fully enclosed with no holes, well-polished and laces secure.
  • Hats should be clean, in good shape, and bands not fraying severely.
  • The College blazer is compulsory in Terms 2 and 3 for Years 10-12 students.
  • Students may only carry the official College backpack or College shoulder bag to/from school. Swimming and sports items are to be carried in the St Rita’s sports bag or haversack. The use of St Rita’s College eco bags (no longer produced) or any non-College carry bag is not permitted.
  • Satchels are for internal school use only to easily carry books and items from class to class and should be stored in your daughter’s locker at the end of each day, ready for the next school day. Satchels are not to be used to/from school. 

The full uniform guidelines can be accessed here: Click Here

Upcoming Events and Meetings

Details of all Events and Meeting can be quickly accessed in the date entry on the MySRC Calendar.

Student Parent Teacher Interviews (online): Monday 31 May 3:30pm-8:30pm

Parents & Friends Meeting: Tuesday 1 June 6:00pm

Bands Concert: Friday 4 June 6:30pm

Carnival Meeting: Monday 7 June 6:00pm

Choral Concert: Monday 7 June 6:30pm

Collins House Community Mass: Tuesday 8 June 8:00am

Strings Concert: Thursday 10 June 6:30pm

Rita's Longest Lunch

Sunday 13 June 12:30pm - 4:30pm, Hogan Place, St Rita's College

Tickets $30 each 

With entertainment by Jordy - Hot off the 2019 season of The Voice!

Rita’s Longest Lunch is presented in the traditional European Long Lunch style where parents, alumnae and friends of St Rita’s can indulge in their preferred culinary experience along one grand table. Skilled food and wine lovers, contemporary cuisine artisans, or those who prefer a home brought hamper or even Uber Eats, will delight in this day out on Hogan Place at St Rita’s enjoying time with friends and live music. 

Tickets cost just $30.00 by pre-purchase only.

Rita's Longest Lunch is an 18+ years event.

Click here to book tickets.

Service Rosters

Zillmere Homework Help Roster

Students are to meet the supervising teacher outside Student Reception at 3:10pm. Please note, students will be dismissed from Zillmere Library at 4:30pm

Wednesday 2 June: Ms Watts will accompany Libby Fryar, Sarah Gallagher, Charley Atchison and Sinead Rowe

Wednesday 9 June: Ms Wallas will accompany Holly Gavarra, Olivia Borchert-Jonker, Charley Atchison and Sienna Artuso

Big Brekky Roster

Students are to meet the supervising staff member at Student Services by 5:55am. Students are to wear modest clothing and enclosed shoes.

Tuesday 1 June:  Ms Austin will accompany Cleo Shave, Annabelle Hazelton, Jorja Fensom and Charlotte Nixon

Tuesday 8 June: Mrs Trims will accompany Dani Fensom, Olivia Marcoionni, Charlotte Farrell and Lauren Birthisel

Rosies School Outreach Program

Students are to meet their supervising staff member at Little Flower Kedron Parish Hall at 6:00pm. Students are to wear modest clothing and enclosed shoes. 

Monday 7 June: Mrs Humphreys will accompany Charlotte Macgroarty, Elka Barnett, Lucy Duke and Jaime Papallo 

St Rita's College Carnival
St Rita's College Carnival - Sunday 25 July
Carnival Bring In Morning – Saturday 17 July
Stall Spotlights - Donations Needed
Get ready for a Food Fest!
Thank you to our Prize Donors

St Rita's College Carnival - Sunday 25 July

Carnival season is in full swing and the Committee and Stall Coordinators are doing wonderful work to ensure we have a great day in store for everyone. Each fortnight we will provide you with an update of what’s happening and what’s needed.

Carnival Bring In Morning – Saturday 17 July

Carnival Bring In Morning for Books, Wine, Beer and Clothes - Saturday 17 July 9:00am-11:00am

  • Donations of Clothes or the Pre-Loved Clothes stall can be accepted if items have been washed/pressed or drycleaned and are neatly folded.
  • Donations of Books for the Book Stall can be accepted if items are clean and in saleable condition.
  • Wine and Beer of all varieties and quantities for the Bar and Wine Wheel are gratefully accepted, as are Dan Murphy's or BWS gift cards.
  • The College is not hosting a Trash N Treasure stall this year and as such items in this category will not be accepted.
  • Entry via Stafford Street only directly into Nagle Building Car Park for drop off point.

Please note: Plants for the Plant Stall cannot be accepted on this Bring In morning as the College has no suitable storage. Plants will be gratefully received on Saturday 24 July from 10:30am onwards to the Tennis Court area.

Stall Spotlights - Donations Needed

The Italian mums are having their cooking day during the upcoming holiday period and they require the following product donations in order to bring us the ‘delectable’, ‘delightful’, de ‘arancini’ which we all hang out for each year. Please go online to our virtual donation site or pop one or two items in your supermarket trolley and bring into College Reception.  Click Here

We have a call out to one of the big egg suppliers for the egg needs, but if that doesn’t pay off, we may need family assistance for these too.  We will let you know.

Mozzarella Cheese Shredded 500gm                  5 required        $6.00

Parmesan Cheese Shredded 250gm                   8 required        $4.40

Virgin Olive Oil 4lt                                             3 required        $29.00

Arborio Rice 1kg                                                5 required        $2.70

Rozie and her team of crafty ladies with boundless talents are excited about their return to Carnival. Like the Italian team, the Craft team are also needing to prep well before Carnival day. Please hop on to the donation portal to ‘virtually’ donate the following items for them. Click Here

A5 journals                                                       20 required       $4.00

Beeswax Wrap Ingredients                                17 required       $8.00

Elastic and Fabric                                              31 required       $8.00

Card Making Items                                            18 required       $8.00

Yarn and Wool                                                  20 required       $10.00

The following items can be dropped into College Reception anytime during opening hours. Rozie and her crafty team thank you for your support.

  • Hair scrunchies
  • Handmade bags – all shapes, sizes and styles
  • Knitted / crocheted / woven beanies and scarves
  • Rope baskets
  • Handmade cards and gift tags
  • Snack bags (made form waterproof, food safe material)
  • Beeswax wraps (min size 300mm x 300mm)
  • Produce bags
  • Christmas decorations
  • Bright and cheerful kitchen potholders / oven mitts
  • B-b-q aprons for Father’s Day
  • Coaster sets (fabric, knitted, crocheted, resin, wood)
  • Handmade art creations - hand painted glassware or crockery, framed button art, sketches, paintings etc
  • Have you any spare fabric you would like to donate? Min size 300mm x 300mm, fat quarters and charm squares also welcome

Get ready for a Food Fest!

The return of Carnival brings us the ‘spoilt for choice’ predicament of what to tantalise our tastebuds with. To get you thinking, we have pleasure in presenting you with the list of food stalls Carnival will offer this year.

  • Cakes
  • Greek
  • Hot Chips & Dagwood Dogs
  • Italian
  • Sweets
  • Vietnamese – New*

Follow us on Facebook (click here to join the page) and the College App (Community Tag). The Carnival webpage will very be filled with the kaleidoscope of happenings that Carnival brings, particularly the coveted Raffle prizes. We’ll let you know very soon.

For all enquiries please contact the Carnival organising team at

Thank you to our Prize Donors

Click on the images below to explore the websites of our amazing Prize Donors.

College News
National Sorry Day
Year 7 Visual Art - Masks

National Sorry Day

Raphaela Faalafi, Year 11, attended the Kalinga Park National Sorry Day Ceremony yesterday and reflected on her experience with the following questions. 

What does Sorry Day mean to you? 

Sorry Day is a day to recognise and acknowledge that in the past the Stolen Generation occurred and that children were taken away from their families. It is also to acknowledge the injustice that happened in our history so that it’s not repeated and goes some way towards healing for everyone. The day is significant for us all as we all have a part to play moving forward.  

Were there any words or actions that moved you today? 

I really love watching the Aboriginal dance and hearing the didgeridoo being played. These make me feel spiritually and emotionally connected as I am proudly part of the indigenous community.

What did you learn from today?

Today, I learnt more stories about the stolen generation and how that impacted their own children and mothers. I learnt that when all the people that were taken away from their families physically, the impact was that my ancestors lost their culture, language, dignity, spirituality and much more. Being with your family and your community will help you to heal spiritually, this was a problem for the Stolen Generation as they were taken away and didn’t have the connection that most of us have today.

Year 7 Visual Art - Masks

The Year 7 Visual Art elective task for Trimester one included the research, design and making of 3D Ceramic Masks that included the use of mixed media techniques. The girls took their visions from a range of sources such as masks from around the world, of different cultures, practices and customs as well as incorporating their own personal stories and messages using design elements and principles. 

These masks are currently displayed in the Orana Room of the Trinity Building and really show the diversity of students’ perspectives, cultural inspiration and creativity. The students worked very hard to complete their Visual Art 3D making task and they should be very proud of their final pieces. Thank you to 7ART1, 7ART4 and 7ART7 for a wonderful Trimester and I hope to see you and your creativity in the Art room in the future.

Mrs Rebecca Van Duijn

Visual Art Teacher

Guidance Counsellors
RAP (Resourceful Adolescent Program)

RAP (Resourceful Adolescent Program)

Building resilience and promoting positive mental health in teenagers

 This year, the College Guidance Counsellors are pleased to offer the opportunity to participate in the Resourceful Adolescent Program (RAP). RAP has been developed to promote positive coping strategies amongst adolescents and help parents provide support to their children through the teenage years. More information may be accessed at:  

In Term 3 this year, RAP will be an optional program offered to students in Year 7 along with their parents/carers. The students will participate in RAP-Adolescents (RAP-A) and parents/carers will participate in RAP-Parents (RAP-P). Participation is voluntary.

The proposed program schedule is as follows:

  • RAP-A (10 sessions): Thursday 15 July from 8:00am-8:55am weekly until Thursday 16 September.
  • RAP-P (3 sessions): Monday 26 July from 8:00am-10:00am; Monday 2 August from 8:00-10:00am; Monday 9 August from 8:00-10:00am

Cost: There is no cost to attend the program. Each participant will require a workbook. These are at a cost of $18 per parent/carer and $15 per student. These costs will be added to your College account.

If you would like to register your interest, please email Numbers are limited and places will be allocated as the registrations are received. Please only register if you are able to meet the attendance commitment for all sessions. Ms Gail Murton, Ms Claire Fardoulys, Mrs Rebecca Rylands, Ms Philippa Matheson

Study Skills
Senior Study and Proofreading Skills

Senior Study and Proofreading Skills

I have been very pleased to see so many of our senior students attending our after-school senior study sessions, when we have our past scholar tutors available to assist the girls. There is a wealth of research that demonstrates the benefits of having recent high-achieving graduates to tutor high school students. I encourage you to discuss with your daughter the possibility of attending these sessions after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the Library stays open for senior students right up until 7:00pm. Girls may study alone or with a group and there is of course, a quiet atmosphere conducive to effective, productive work. If they have sport, TAFE or other after-school commitments, they are welcome to come along after this.  They do not have to stay the entire time.

On a separate note, I have been focusing over the past few weeks on proofreading skills, as these seem to require some attention. Grades are adversely affected by unnecessary errors that could have been picked up and corrected if effective proofreading been undertaken.

I encourage you to ask your daughter some of the following questions to see if she has employed any of these techniques to edit her assignment work carefully.

Have you:

  • printed your work out to proofread it?
  • slept on it, so that you can look at it with fresh eyes?
  • tried looking at your assignment at different times of day? At different times of day our brains work differently, so doing this may help your daughter may pick up errors that have previously been missed.
  • read your writing out loud to yourself?
  • recorded yourself reading it and listened to it? (Students should stop the recording every time she makes a correction.)
  • kept an error list of mistakes you make often (such as your/you’re, it/it’s or there/their/they’re)
  • asked someone you trust to proofread for you (for example your parent/carer!)
  • tried reading your sentences in reverse order?
  • edited the “big stuff” (such as plot, characterisation, argument) first and THEN looked at the “small stuff” (such as spelling, punctuation, grammar, tense and capital letters)?
  • tried using a ruler or a pen/cil to run down the page as you proofread?
  • checked for contradictions or unwanted repetition?
  • varied your sentence lengths and types (and made sure that the sentences are fully formed, not fragments, particularly for formal pieces such as essays or reports)?
  • checked for words that sound the same but are spelt differently (homophones) such as ate/eight, or steal/steel?  Spellcheck will often put the wrong one in!
  • looked for auto-correction of words to wrong ones (such as causal instead of casual)? 
  • spent time checking ONLY for punctuation errors (ESPECIALLY apostrophes!)?

Ms Amanda Wallas

Head of Study Skills

Bands Concert - Friday 4 June
Choral Concert - Monday 7 June
Strings Concert - Thursday 10 June

Bands Concert - Friday 4 June

Click here for more information and to book tickets.

Choral Concert - Monday 7 June

Click here for more information and to book tickets.

Strings Concert - Thursday 10 June

Click here for more information and to book tickets.

Cross Country
Student Achievements

Cross Country

CaSSSA Cross Country is taking place on Friday 28 May and final squad selections have been made. We are looking forward to seeing the girls compete and hoping we can topple All Hallows’ School. Congratulations to the girls listed who all made the CaSSSA Cross Country Championship squad.

Looking forward to cheering you on.


Our Open 1 and 2 teams recently competed at the QC Schools Cup Tournament. The girls put in strong performances. Opens finished the day in 11th place and Intermediates finished in 8th

A great hit out in the lead up to the Vicki Wilson Cup which will take place Friday 18 June.

Student Achievements

Congratulations to Abigale Houston who has gained selection in the Queensland Sport Merit Team for Water Polo. Unfortunately, Abigale won’t get the opportunity to compete at Australian Schools Championships due to the cancellation of all National Schools Sport, however her selection is a well-deserved achievement! Congratulations Abigale.


The SRC Junior Cricket Team recently competed in the first round of the Streets T20 Challenge and won both their games in convincing fashion. The skills and sportsmanship on display was impressive and the girls should be extremely proud of what they achieved. 

In the first game the team beat All Hallows’ by 21 runs and in the second game they won over St John Fisher by 86 runs.

Special mention must go to Mia Croucamp who scored a total of 77 runs (23 and 54 not out), Lara Bolton who took 4 wickets (1 and 3) and wicket keeper, Frankie Charlesworth who did an incredible job behind the stumps and took some skilful catches.

The girls have progressed to Round 2 of the T20 competition, and we are looking forward to seeing how far this talented team can go.


The Senior AFL team played a friendly game against Cavendish Road State High School in the lead up to their Queensland Schools Cup tournament. While they didn’t come away with a win, it was an important game to get under the belt, as the girls look to make an impression at the Schools Cup. We wish them all the best as they head into the tournament.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Mr Dane Robinson

Director of Sport

Fortnightly Hot Menu

Fortnightly Hot Menu

Week beginning Monday 31 May


BBQ pork skewers                                             $5.00

Veg fritters with tomato relish                           $4.00

Braised chicken n’ gravy with pearl cous cous     $7.00

Penne pasta with bolognaise                             $5.50



Steamed pork buns                                           $5.00

House made Margarita pizza (g/f avail)              $6.00

Mongolian beef with rice                                   $7.00

Creamy chicken penne pasta                             $5.50



Burritos with potato gems (v and g/f avail)         $7.00

Peking style pork with steamed rice                   $7.00

Fried wontons                                                   $4.00

Penne pasta with basil pesto                             $5.50



Honey chicken and steamed rice                        $7.00

Kofta wraps with gems (g/f avail)                       $7.00

Vegetarian spring rolls                                       $5.00

Penne pasta with bolognaise                             $5.50



Salt and pepper calamari                                   $5.00

Beef burgers with chips (v and g/f avail              $7.00

Vegetable curry puffs                                        $4.50

Penne pasta with bolognaise                             $5.50



Week beginning Monday 7 June



Special fried rice                                               $5.00

Pita pockets with salami and cheese                  $6.00

Spinach & ricotta tortellini with creamy nap sauce  $5.50



Sweet and sour pork with steamed rice              $7.00

Steamed dim sum                                             $4.00

Butter chicken pies with potato gems                $7.00

Broadbean pesto penne pasta                           $5.50



Stir fried veg with hokkien noodles                    $7.00

Pulled pork sliders with potato gems (g/f avail)  $7.00

Fried wontons                                                   $4.00

Penne pasta with bolognaise                             $5.50   



Honey chicken and steamed rice                        $7.00

Burritos with potato gems (v, g/f avail)               $7.00

Vegetarian spring rolls                                       $5.00

Penne pasta with bacon, basil and tomato sugo sauce    $5.50



Massaman curry and rice                                   $8.00

Steamed pork bun                                             $5.00

Chicken schnitzel and chips with aioli                 $7.00

Spinach and ricotta tortellini with creamy nap sauce      $5.50