Verbis - Term 3, Edition 2 Verbis - Term 3, Edition 2

19 August 2021

Year of Hospitality - People of Welcoming Heart

From our College Leadership Team
Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow
Assistant Principal - Mission, Mrs Erica Qureshi

Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow

Dear Parents/Caregivers

It seems as though we have had this COVID-19 pandemic with us for ages but it has been only 18 months and the strides communities have been taking to overcome this virus have been enormous. From the incredible speed at which COVID-19 vaccines have been developed by world scientists, to the extraordinary selflessness shown by so many of our medical personnel, essential workers and neighbours who have gone the extra yard to care for others during this most difficult of times. The stress caused to so many of us can trigger varied reactions. It can cause us to become self-obsessed and selfish about looking out for only our own. On the other hand, it can trigger those more noble traits of human-ness where we put aside our own concerns for a bit while we look to the needs of others and help them where we can.

I am reminded of a message Pope Francis sent to all Catholics during last year’s Easter celebrations which fell only a few months into the current pandemic crisis. In his encyclical, Pope Francis urged humankind to be a “contagion of hope” and spoke of people being “windows of hope”. He added that what humankind most needed were people who would be “gateways of hope and transformation”. As Christians then, we are called specifically to be strong witnesses to the fact that the things of value in life, the love for and of others, transcends any challenge that may come our way.

As a Presentation community, we should call to mind the charism gifted to us by Nano Nagle. Her adult life was devoted to bringing help and hope to thousands of people in desperate need. She lived in Cork during the mid to late 1700s. During this time the lives of most Catholics in Ireland were dominated by repressive and unjust English laws. These laws brought denial of education, of ownership of property and of freedom of religious worship for the majority of Irish Catholics in the country and thus severely diminished the quality of life for them, particularly for the poor. Nano would not accept that life had to remain that way for so many and she brought hope through education to many of the poor in Cork. Her schools spread quickly and those at the margins were given hope for a better life.

St Rita’s is blessed with so many in our community who do look to the good of others and offer those ‘windows of hope’ we all so vitally need in such trying times. I would like to say how pleased and proud I have been of your daughters for the positive and supportive ways they have responded to anything that has been asked of them in relation to COVID requirements. In particular, our Year 12 students have shown maturity and great leadership to the rest of the student body in the way they have continued carrying out various leadership initiatives which have added depth to the spirit and life of the College. My gratitude to our teaching and services staff who continue to deliver quality education and facilities for the benefit of all. We need to maintain our support for each other as we navigate our way towards a brighter future that will inevitably come.

I would like to leave you with this prayer as it encourages us to consider those less fortunate than ourselves. May God keep all our families safe and we pray for all those across the world who are suffering because of hunger, war, natural disasters and the Coronavirus.

Prayer for a Pandemic

May we who are merely inconvenienced, remember those whose lives are at stake. 

May we who have no risk factors remember those most vulnerable. 

May those who have the luxury of working from home remember those who must choose between preserving their health or making their rent. 

May those who have the flexibility to care for our children when schools close remember those who have no options. 

May we who have to cancel a trip remember those who have no safe place to go. 

May we who are losing our margin money in the tumult of the economic market remember those who have no margin at all. 

May those who settle for quarantine at home remember those who have no home. 

As fear grips our country, let us choose love during this time when we cannot physically wrap our arms around each other, let us find ways to be the loving embrace to God and our neighbour. 

  - Prayer by Cameron Wiggins Bellm

God Bless

Mrs Dale Morrow

Assistant Principal - Mission, Mrs Erica Qureshi

Last week, Mrs Morrow, Ms Allen, Miss Emmi and I attended the Nagle Education Alliance of Australia National Conference virtually. Overwhelmingly, the theme presented was to do with connectedness. This connectedness is evident in the connections we seek to Nano’s story to keep her vision alive and in the connection we have with other Presentations communities. Our College theme this year, Hospitality, also echoes the belief that we are all connected – where friendships are genuine and no power imbalance between guest and host exists. 

Connection with others was paramount to Nano Nagle. In fact, without authentic connection – the relationships she had built – the Presentation order would never have made it off the ground. Nagle’s vision of exposing the truth of the gospels to all in her community was controversial, even illegal.  The forming of Nagle’s schools happened because she wanted to empower the most vulnerable in her community and then stay amongst them, rather than enclose herself in a religious order. She truly wanted to be connected to her students and their families.   

Today, our Presentation religious live amongst us in our community, continuing to seek out the needs of the people whom they serve. An apt summation of Nagle’s legacy to us is to ensure the marginalised are empowered, work for equal dignity for all and to stay true to oneself. This mandate requires us to continually reassess the context of our times. 

We strive to live Hospitality and connectedness here at St Rita’s – when we have new staff, students and families join our community, and in our every day interactions with each other. To truly connect with another member of this community is both an act of Grace and an act of hospitality.    

This way of thinking acknowledges that the connections we have with each other are fundamental to our learning community. May they be ever strengthened.

What You Need to Know
Restrictions on Campus
Students who are Unwell
Father Daughter Breakfast - Wednesday 1 September, 6:00am
Stationery Lists for 2022

Restrictions on Campus

The current COVID safety restrictions on campus remain in place until at least the end of tomorrow, Friday 20 August. The College awaits notification from the Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) on the expectations of schools under the revision to restrictions announced yesterday. We will communicate this to the College once received. The communication will include updated provisions regarding the wearing of masks, cocurricular activities, outreach activities, events and meetings, on campus permissions, etc.

The protocols have been in place to meet the expectations of Queensland Health guidelines and we thank you for your understanding of and support to the changes we have needed to make in respect of the health safety nets expected within schools.

Students who are Unwell

Students who are unwell must remain at home. The College’s Zero Tolerance of any Flu-like symptoms remains in place, as does the management process of students who present at school with Flu-like symptoms. These students will be assessed by a College First-Aid officer and parents contacted for immediate collection of their daughter if it is deemed your daughter should not be at school.

Students do not have permission to independently telephone their parents and ask to be taken home if they feel unwell. Students are to adhere to the College early departure procedures – present to Student Services and Mrs Timcke will contact parents if a departure is necessary.

Father Daughter Breakfast - Wednesday 1 September, 6:00am

The College’s Annual Father Daughter Breakfast is back on and our special guests include the legendary Dawn Fraser, AC, MBE.

Join us at the Members Area of Eagle Farm Racecourse on Wednesday 1 September from 6:00am for this outstanding event.  Dawn will be joined by AFWL Assistant Coach, Clark Keating and the morning MC’d by Jo Barrett of Jillaroo and Rugby League fame and Jodie Becker, also from the Rugby League talent pool.

Tickets: $75.00 Fathers.  $45.00 Daughters.  Discount for multiple daughters.  This event is always a Sell Out, so please book quickly.

Click Here for full details and to purchase your tickets.

Please note that there is a tight turnaround and tickets will need to be booked by Wednesday 25 August.

Stationery Lists for 2022

This is pre-advice only, as orders cannot yet be made. 

The stationery lists and workbooks for 2022 will be published on the MK Educational Supplies website in Week 1 of Term 4.

Orders for 2022 are due by Monday 1 November 2021. (Please do not attempt to order now, as the complete lists are not yet loaded. The College will notify parents when the lists are published.)

  • Select St Rita’s College and your daughter’s Year level, and select Girl View Book List
  • Place a tick beside relevant subjects and tick beside A: COMPULSORY Items for all Students
  • Show Subjects: to reveal the required equipment and workbooks

If your daughter already has the required equipment, you do not need to purchase new objects. The workbooks, however, must be purchased. There will be nominated delivery dates. The dates will be shown at the top of the order form and emailed to you at the time of ordering.

Study Skills
Preparing for Exams

Preparing for Exams

We survived lockdown!  We are now moving into that phase of the Term when many girls are preparing to sit exams. You may like to help your daughter prepare to shine under timed conditions by considering some of the following questions and supporting your daughter to develop these strategies if necessary.

  • Does your daughter practise a breathing exercise regularly, so that when the exam begins, she can use a familiar, calming practice that will enable her to avoid ‘brain freeze’ and to tackle the question/s effectively?
  • Does she make notes in class and at home, using a brain-friendly method that means they can be used as an effective revision tool? We strongly recommend the Cornell note-making strategy, which all girls have been taught. Does she have a logical system for storing these so that they are easy to access for revision?
  • Does your daughter use practice tests where available and complete these under timed conditions?
  • Does she use a range of study techniques, including creating quizzes and flash cards, rather than simply re-reading her notes?
  • Is your daughter aware of the timing and structure of the exam as well as the types of questions that will be asked (for example, multiple choice, short answer or extended essays)?
  • Has she created a vocabulary list in preparation for the exam, including both content and the task words associated with that subject, such as analyse, justify, predict, explain, discuss….?
  • Does she understand exactly what the criteria are on which she will be judged?

As always, if you or your daughter would like help with her study skills, please don’t hesitate to contact me on

Ms Amanda Wallas

Head of Study Skills

Thank you!
Term 3 CaSSSA Sport
Track and Field
Water Polo

Thank you!

Thank you to all the students for their cooperation, understanding and patience with participation in sport during the lockdown and with the subsequent restrictions. You have all been amazing and have made the effort keeping sport going, well worthwhile.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Mr Dane Robinson

Director of Sport


There is a CaSSSA Gala day taking place on Sunday 5 September at Kalinga Park from 10:00am to 4:30pm and our mighty Junior Cricket team will be representing the College.

The Junior Cricket team has had tremendous success, making it all the way through to the Mega Regional Finals for the QLD T20 Championships. Let’s hope the team can continue on their winning ways and make it all the way through to the State Finals. Congratulations on the success so far and we can’t wait to see what this special team can achieve.


The St Rita’s College Championships for Juniors and Intermediates were held on Saturday 14 August. This also doubled as the Knowles Cup Selection trials. It was a great day of Tennis from all students, with some amazing talent on display! Results are below: 

Junior singles winner: Ivy Lauder 

Junior singles runner-up: Livinnia Wood

Junior doubles winners: Ivy Lauder and Elke Cooper

Junior doubles runner-up: Madeleine Carr and Anvi Tanwar 

Inter singles winner: Kara Nguyen

Inter singles runner up: Milla Brady 

Inter doubles winners: Kara Nguyen and Adele Dunning

Inter Doubles runners up: Isabelle Cooper and Milla Brady 

The Open Championships will be taking place on Saturday 21 August.


The Vicki Wilson Championships were postponed. The fixtures have been rescheduled to take place on Thursday 2 September and Friday 3 September. The squad has continued training and with numerous athletes returning from injuries. The break could serve very well indeed!

Term 3 CaSSSA Sport

Term 3 sport is well underway, albeit with a slight interruption. Pending the lifting of restrictions, the draw will continue with some slight changes. We will have these changes to you once they are known. 

Term 4 CaSSSA Sport nomination form has been sent out to students and posted on MySRC, for students to select their chosen sport for the Term. If this hasn’t been received and can’t be found on MySRC, please email and we will email the link to you. 

All the relevant information for trials will be made available soon.

Track and Field

We are very hopeful that the CaSSSA Championships go ahead. Hoping to have good news for the students, as the commitment and effort that has gone into the training and preparing for the championships has been second to none.

CaSSSA Lead-up Meets #2 and 3

Pre the recent lockdown, our SRC Track & Field girls were training hard and competing in fine style! Whilst understanding that PBs aren’t ‘a given’, nonetheless the girls were certainly hunting them on July 23 and 30.

In Meet #2, Nikki Neisler and Tilley Hughes threw Javelin PBs while it was the jumps girls who really lead the way in the Field. Triple Jumpers were on fire with seven girls setting season (SBs) or personal bests (PBs): Keira Coscarella and Samantha Dennison (13s) Niamh McCarthy, Madelyn Witteveen & Elise O’Brien (14s) and Lily Mitchell (16s) and Bella Jebb (17s). Long Jumpers Emily Siddiqui, Lily Mitchell, Claudia Smith, Isabella Catalanp and Erin Kropp performed similarly, along with Monique Newberry and Isabella Farkas high jumping season bests, and Gemma Hutchings producing another beaut 1.65cm jump, 1cm short of her school record set at the Interhouse Carnival.

On the Track, our younger sprinters and middle distance girls really hit their straps. Madeleine Court, Ayva Seery, Paige Hogan, Jemima Lock and Sophia Perkins were all big improvers among our 12 year olds. Rose Acklin(12.9sec), Liliana Zele and Estella Shirtcliffe all produced excellent 100s! In Middle-Distance, Romy Vickers ran a cracking 1500m followed by other super 1500m PBs by Nina Vickers, Izabelle Cooper, Gracie Turner and big 800 PBs by Gracie, Lucy Thompson and Isabella Farkas.

Our girls went into the meet on 30 July with the inspiration set for them the week before by our 400m runners and Lucia Andrews, in particular. In that meet on 23 July (Meet #2), Lucia Andrews set PBs in 1500m and the 800m and backed up with a PB 400m as well! It seemed that seeing Lucia’s 800m, our 400m girls in the last event of the evening took inspiration and ran terrific 400s, with seven PBs in addition to Lucia - Liliana Zele, Amelie Sim, Gemma Hutchings, Erika Brough, Jeevika Narayan, Stella Kay, and Taylor Kell.

The SRC T&F girls maintained this inspiration and enthusiasm throughout the 30 July Meet. Young hurdlers Isabelle O’Connor, Rose Acklin, Amaya Adamson, Claudia Drake Fos, and Gemma Hutchings were to the fore in this regard with numerous other sprinters clocking PBs. Biggest among these were Millicent Anderson, Maddie Witteveen, Monique Newberry and senior girl Mikayla Dillon reaping the rewards of some really hard work.

The M-D girls ran 14 PBs in all over 800 and 1500m - chief among these being Abbey Vickers running 5:08.  Throwers and Jumpers did a fine job too with Portia Creevey, Nikki Neisler and Taya Kirk among the Javelin PBs, Anneliese Turner, Mia Mells and Maria Veneris in Discus, and Madeleine Court and Olivia Camilleri in Shot. Abbey Crowe had a great night in jumps with PBs in Long & High jump, with fellow HJ Ps Maddie Witteveen, Leila Scott and Niamh McCarthy all jumping 1.45m!

Despite lockdown, all in SRC T&F are eagerly looking forward to the prospect of CaSSSA being held in the not too distant future.


The Volleyball Queensland Schools Cup Championships has been postponed and a revised date will set for the Championships to take place. The squad has continued training hard with two sessions per week. Hopeful they get their chance to perform.

Water Polo

Water Polo trials were delayed and rescheduled for the weekend of 14 August. So many SRC girls attended and played so well!

We will have our team lists and training schedule posted before the September School Holidays.

If you have any questions, please email Head Coach, Ms Madi Wall at

The Arts
Visual Art
Film and TV


Year 8 Drama is researching empowering and famous women through the lens of Greek Theatre.

The Year 10s are counting themselves as very lucky to have visited QPAC to see West Side Story before lockdown. Everyone thought it was incredibly high-quality, emotional, and dazzling!

Senior Drama visited the Queensland University of Technology for a tour of the Creative Industries precinct and a fun workshop led by current Fine Arts students.

Congratulations to Year 12 Drama who have completed their final performance assessment for the year. They have devised and performed their own tragic, beautiful and contemporary takes on the classic tale of Medea.


Music students are excited to return to their room, friends and instruments. Year 7 Music have got back into the swing of things after Learning at Home and with only a few weeks left in the Trimester we are gearing up for some memorable ukulele performances. The girls have a choice of playing along with a number of backing tracks by One Direction, Taylor Swift and Best Day of My Life by American Authors. We have also been continuing to develop our Bucket Drumming skills.

Visual Art

Year 10 are working on a sculpture unit. They are looking at animals that have had their habitats compromised by progress and human existence. They are using a construction and plaster bandage method to create the animals. Girls in Year 9 are repurposing a shoe and learning sculpture techniques.

Film and TV

FTV has been incredibly busy completing their final practical assessment of the year. Check out these shots from their amazing videos!

Year 10 2022 Blazer Orders

Year 10 2022 Blazer Orders

College Blazers are a compulsory Uniform item for students in Years 10-12. 

Orders are to be placed no later than Friday 10 September.

Fittings at the Boutique for each Year 9 student commenced last Monday and will run through to Monday 30 August. The fittings will be conducted in House Groups during HG and lunch periods so that no classes are missed. The roll will be marked for each group and any girls absent of the day of their House Group’s booking will be fitted on the additional day of Wednesday 1 September.

Blazers generally take around 16 weeks for make and supply. Delays with shipping are not currently anticipated but may occur in the current health climate.

At the time of your daughter’s fitting, she will be given her size and instructions on how to order her Blazer and White Tie, which must be done online by parents no later than Friday 10 September. Please ensure you ask your daughter for these details.

A link to the schedule is provided for your information.

If you have any queries. Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Hinder in the Boutique at

To view the fitting schedule CLICK HERE.

Community Notices
Free Parent Webinar - Body Image, Healthy Eating and Exercise Behaviours
Mercy Partners - Company Accountant Job Advertisement

Free Parent Webinar - Body Image, Healthy Eating and Exercise Behaviours

Butterfly Foundation is offering two FREE live webinars for parents providing important tips on supporting your child's body image as part of Butterfly's new initiative, Body Kind Families. Please click on the image below for more information and to register.

Mercy Partners - Company Accountant Job Advertisement

  • Part-time 1 day per week
  • Based in Brisbane Inner North

Mercy Partners is a Not-for-Profit organisation, founded in 2008, to sponsor the continued delivery of Catholic ministries that were established by the founding religious congregations. The ministries are diverse and cover education, health, aged care and community welfare.

The main driving purpose behind the creation of Mercy Partners are to:

  • Sponsor ministries in the name of the Catholic Church;
  • Respond compassionately and creatively to existing and emerging needs within communities;
  • Advocate in the public forum on behalf of the poor and disadvantaged, particularly those associated with the ministries; and
  • Provide a pathway in the Catholic Church for canonical leadership of ministries by lay people.

An impending retirement of a long-standing has created this vacancy that will have responsibility for the entire finance function of Mercy Partners. Key functional areas include:

  • Complete all end of financial year reporting (December year-end) and liaise with the auditor;
  • Prepare all PAYG, BAS and FBT returns;
  • Preparation regular monthly cashflow statements for the Treasurer and the yearly budget;
  • Oversee and manage the processing of invoices and payment of all creditors on time;
  • Ensure all statutory regulations are complied with on a timely basis;
  • Attend Finance, Audit, Risk and Investment Committee meeting (held during the day) and implement actions passed; and
  • Prepare the fortnightly payroll

A qualified accountant, who is ideally a member of a professional accounting body, who is returning to the workforce and wants a fulfilling, challenging role that does not require commitment after leaving the office each week is required.  You must be self-motivated and organised to complete all tasks during the allocated time and will oversee the week of two clerks who perform all the transactional accounting work.

This An hourly rate reflecting the experience of the successful individual will be paid, plus you will derive immense personal satisfaction knowing that your work will impact the lives of so many.

If you are interested in this role please apply via email: or contact Rachael Dwyer for a confidential discussion – 0422 844 211.