Verbis - Term 3, Edition 1 Verbis - Term 3, Edition 1

22 July 2021

Year of Hospitality - People of Welcoming Heart

From our College Leadership Team
Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow
Deputy Principal - Students, Ms Catherine Allen
Deputy Principal - Studies, Mrs Maree Trims
Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching, Mr Martin Lobb

Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow

Dear Parents/Caregivers

I read an article recently by an American pastoral counsellor, Scott Stoner, who referred to the times we are in as “crazy times” and made the observation that the feeling it seems to engender in people is akin to that feeling flying acrobats must feel as they sail from one trapeze to another. They are in between the safety of one rope heading to the security of the next and having that butterfly feeling in the pit of their stomachs as they head for secure purchase on the approaching swinging rope.  

There is great uncertainty in the world at the moment because of the pandemic the whole world is experiencing. It is a unique time in human history and we are all uncertain about where we will end up when this crisis is finished. It is natural then that anxiety levels in all of us are on the rise as we look to gain some better sense of where we are going to end up. What is certain is that the world will be changed. Such times call for us to extract from our inner beings a sense of hope and optimism that we will get through these challenging times and come out at the end stronger both individually and socially.

The strength to do this emanates from our spirituality and from our connection to community. These are the core ingredients of building resilience in such times. One’s spirituality helps define who we are regardless of situation. It determines one’s response to the needs of others and points the way to how best navigate in unfamiliar territory. It’s what allows people to put others before self and respond in compassionate ways to the plight of others. We see it in so many ways during this pandemic – the frontline workers who test for COVID and who care for its patients. Those who look out for the more vulnerable of our neighbours and for those who have to isolate. Those who always are courteous of others regardless of inconvenience. Those who continue to show pleasantness and an optimistic spirit to those around them even amidst a barrage of not so good news from health authorities about the progress of the pandemic and vaccinations. Taking care of and developing further our spirituality gives us strength in coping with these difficult times.

Maintaining and developing our relationships with those around us is also important in helping us stand strongly against adversity. Even when this becomes particularly problematic, given we are being asked to socially distance due to fears of viral transmission, it is so important that we find creative ways to offer support to one another. I think of when people were shown singing on their balconies at night in Italy; local parishes offering online mass and prayer services; neighbours gathering to greet one another across their streets; people volunteering to grocery shop for their at-risk neighbours; musicians offering free online concerts; and grandparents, aunts, and uncles reading bedtime stories and playing games with young family members via Zoom. I am sure each of you could relate stories of how people in your family, or neighbourhood, or local area have gone out of their way to offer others helpful support in these trying times. 

They say every cloud has a silver lining and there must be positives we can take out of this current challenging time. Perhaps it will be the stimulus to forge a deeper understanding of self and strengthen an “other-focussed” spirituality. Perhaps it could be the impetus for local communities to form a deeper sense of what it means to live supportive lives amongst each other. It could be the time to find a new approach, make a new road, pioneer a new way of living as neighbours in one human community, as brothers and sisters. In this way, just like the flying trapeze artist, we can trust that we have the settings right in our lives and, despite that momentary feeling of unease, we will know that we will land safely across the divide of any uncertainty.

God Bless

Mrs Dale Morrow

Deputy Principal - Students, Ms Catherine Allen

Welcome to Semester 2. I hope that your students (and you) enjoyed a revitalising break.

The following Term 3 webinars are aimed at upskilling parents and carers to support their teenager navigate risks online. 

eSafety’s parentguide toonline sexual harassment and image-based abuse  

Free webinar for parents and carers of secondary school students.

One in three young women and one in five young men have experienced online sexual harassment. When young people experience this type of online harassment and abuse it can have serious impacts. This webinar is designed for parents and young people to attend together to learn how to report and where to go for support.  

Visit for more information and to register 

eSafety’s parent guide topopular apps  

Free webinar for parents and carers of primary and secondary school students 

Understand the risks when using apps like Tik Tok, Snap Chat, YouTube and Instagram. This webinar also covers strategies for staying safer on social media and how to report if something goes wrong.  

Visit for more information and to register. 


As seen in the media this is an area that schools are struggling with. When it comes to the legality of vaping for persons under the age of 18 in Australia, the law is clear: it is illegal to sell an electronic cigarette device to anyone under the age of 18. This is not limited to e-cigarettes that contain nicotine, but rather all e-cigarettes.

While e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, they may still contain many of the same toxic and cancer-causing chemicals found in regular cigarettes. This includes the highly addictive chemical nicotine, heavy metals, ultrafine particles, volatile organic compounds, and some flavouring chemicals that can be harmful to health.

It’s difficult for consumers to know exactly what’s in their e-cigarettes – for example, nicotine has been found in e-cigarette liquids claiming to be nicotine-free. Other ingredients that may be acceptable for use in foods could be harmful when inhaled as a vapour.

Are e-cigarettes less harmful than regular cigarettes?

E-cigarettes may contain fewer toxic chemicals than regular cigarettes, but they are still dangerous. E-cigarettes contain a range of harmful and potentially harmful substances. They are not regarded as safe, especially for children, teenagers, young adults, and pregnant women.

Developing brains are more vulnerable to addiction, and nicotine exposure can lead to craving for more of the drug. Nicotine can negatively impact mood, memory, and concentration, and may make it harder for children and young people to learn, concentrate, and control their impulses. These changes can be permanent.  

Link: The known harms of e-cigarettes and vaping | Queensland Health

Deputy Principal - Studies, Mrs Maree Trims

Academic Success in Semester 2

Next week we will celebrate the academic success of many students who achieved Engagement With Learning (Years 7 – 10), Diligence (Years 11 and 12), Academic Improvement or Academic Awards during Semester 1 at our Academic Assembly. All students are to be congratulated for their dedication and commitment during Semester 1. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate parents in Eirene under the current COVID indoor event regulations. We will be photographing the groups of students to share with the College community.

Please refer to Mr Lobb’s article for an overview of Academic Awards and criteria.

2022 Subject Selection

In the coming months students in Years 7 – 9 will begin thinking about subject selection.

Year 8 2022 – Subject Selection Evening is Monday 13 September at 6:00pm

Students in Year 7 this year rotate through trimesters of elective subjects, trying all 9 of the elective subjects. In 2022, students will need to choose one of the following subjects from The Arts and Language elective faculties. They will study this subject for the entire year. All students will continue to study the Technology elective subjects.

Languages – French, German or Japanese

The Arts – Drama, Music or Visual Art

Students should begin thinking about which elective subject they may wish to study in 2022. Parents and students are required to attend the Online Subject Selection Evening on Monday 13 September at 6:00pm. Prior to this evening, the presentation and subject videos will be posted to a Year 8 2022 Subject Selection Page. Students and parents will be required to view these presentations before the evening. You will have the opportunity to post any questions you may have to the MySRC page and these will be answered during the online Zoom session. The Web Preferences email will be sent on Saturday 9 October at 7:00am and preferences will be logged on a date and time they are received as some subjects will have a quota due to resources. All preferences are due by 3:00pm on Friday 15 October at 3:00pm. Students who submit their preferences late may not receive their desired preferences.

Year 9 2022 – Subject Selection Evening is Monday 26 July at 6:00pm

Information is currently being loaded into the MySRC Subject Selection portal and parents/students will be advised when it is ready to access.

Students in Year 8 this year will choose two electives to study across Years 9 and 10. Parents and students are required to attend the Online Subject Selection Evening on Monday 26 July at 6:00pm. Students and parents will hear about the subject selection process and then attend Zoom sessions from each of the subjects their daughter may be interested in studying. The Web Preferences email will be sent on Saturday 31 July from 7:00am. All preferences are due by 3:00pm on Friday 6 August. Students who submit their preferences late may not receive their desired preferences.

Year 10 2022

Students in Year 9 this year will have the option of studying Science or General Science in Year 10 2022. Please note that in both subjects, the Biology unit is the same, thereby allowing students of both Science and General Science to study Biology in Years 11 and 12. Students planning to study Chemistry and Physics in Years 11 and 12 MUST select Science for Year 10. The Web Preferences email will be sent to students on Monday 2 August from 9:00am and responses are due by Friday 6 August at 3:00pm.

Year 11 2022

Final subject selections for are due by 3pm on Monday 26 July at 3:00pm. Students who submit their preferences late may not receive their desired preferences.

Year 12 2022

Students currently in Year 11 will continue with the current subjects they are studying unless an appointment is made with Mrs Sax-Wood to discuss their SET plans. However, students may not have the same teachers they have this year.  Staffing considerations for all year levels depend on a range of factors and these change from year to year.

Changes to Assessment Guidelines

Students and parents are reminded to revise the Assessment Guidelines which are on MySRC and be familiar with the requirements when submitting assessment or when they are ill and cannot attend an exam or submit assessment.

Year 12 What’s Next Session

Year 12 students will attend a QTAC Information session with Mrs Trims and Mrs Sax-Wood on Monday 2 August from 1:45pm – 3:05pm. During this session, students will log into the QTAC and ATAR Portals and ensure they have access to the QCAA Student Portal. This session will also outline the process for students to apply to university or other tertiary institutions.

Release of Year 12 Results and ATARs

The QCAA and QTAC have brought forward the 2021 release date for Year 12 results and Queensland ATARs.

This year, students' final subject results and Senior Education Profiles will be released via the Student Portal on the myQCE website from 8:00am on Friday 17 December while Queensland ATARs will be released at the same time via the QTAC website. This move allows additional time for students to reassess their QTAC application and if required, make changes to their course preferences prior to the Thursday 23 December offer round. 

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching, Mr Martin Lobb

Engagement With Learning Awards and Diligence Awards

You will have noticed that in Years 7 – 10 reporting, Engagement With Learning results were available with every summative task result released, via MySRC. These results ensured parents received timely information regarding their daughter’s engagement with learning, particularly in regards to; Organisation and Preparation, Effort and Perseverance, and Respect and Attitude. Students received a result, (A-E), in each of these three criteria.

These A-E results did not count towards their final grade in any assessable tasks; however, they have been collected and collated in order to award Engagement With Learning Awards for Semester 1. The new Engagement With Learning Award will replace the Diligence Awards in Years 7 – 10 in 2021.

A student will receive an Engagement with Learning Award at an Academic assembly if they were awarded the following:

  • Years 7 and 8: Students are awarded, in the EWL categories, all As in 8 or more subjects.
  • Years 9 and 10: Students are awarded, in the EWL categories, all As in 7 or more subjects.

For 2021, the Diligence Award will continue for Years 11 and 12. Students must be awarded a diligence mark for 4 or more of their subjects.

Laying the foundations of success for end of Term assessment

The first weeks of Term are difficult for many students – sleeping patterns, organisation of daily timetables and, of course, homework! One of the more difficult aspects of these opening weeks can be the inclination for students to perceive that they have nothing to study - when in fact, it is the first few weeks of every Term (or unit) that can lay the foundations of success for end of Term assessment.

At St Rita’s College this foundational period is recognised within our Lantern Learning Framework, which is the pedagogical framework that underpins our teaching practice. This foundational period has been labelled the Retrieval Stage and it can be characterised by the development of vital foundation skills, such as the recognising and recalling of knowledge.

During this Retrieval Stage students may be learning new:

  • vocabulary/spelling
  • facts
  • principles
  • skills
  • processes

To successfully move beyond this surface level of learning students must study/practice so that these new learnings can be embedded and reinforced. Some activities that could assist in the acquisition of new knowledge include:

  • Education Perfect/Literacy Planet activities (set by subject teachers)
  • spelling lists
  • vocabulary lists and definitions
  • reviewing the day’s lessons
  • reading relevant sections of textbook
  • reading linked articles/texts
  • creating study cards
  • creating and learning mnemonics
  • creating and completing quizzes (quizlet/kahoot are an excellent online apps to use)

Some of these activities are set by teachers as a part of the day-to day homework requirements. It is, however, vital that students work beyond these tasks and begin, even in Week 1 of the Term, an organised program of study.

If your daughter is having difficulty in any area of study skills, such as developing a study timetable or how to study, she could make an appointment with Ms Amanda Wallas, Head of Study Skills.

To access a Homework Flyer for both parents and students, click here.

What You Need to Know
Cocurricular Photos
Emergency Contact – Urgent Updating Required
Students who are Unwell
Service Rosters

Cocurricular Photos

A reminder that Cocurricular photos will be taking place on Monday 2 August. Please see table below for teams required and uniform requirements.

The day’s session includes the Year 12 cohort photograph, Daughters of Past Students and Granddaughters of Past Students.

Emergency Contact – Urgent Updating Required

All parents are requested to check the listed Emergency Contact person/s details they have lodged with the College. Please log into Operoo and check these details prior to school’s commencement next week.

Emergency Contacts ARE NOT to be either parent. The College will always contact parents in the first instance. The Emergency Contact/s is the person the College will contact in the event either parent cannot be quickly contacted. This should be a responsible person – either a relative, friend or neighbour - who you would entrust the College contacting should your daughter be unwell or have an accident.

Students who are Unwell

Students who are unwell must remain at home. The College’s Zero Tolerance of any Flu-like symptoms remains in place, as does the management process of students who present at school with Flu-like symptoms. These students will be assessed by a College First-Aid officer and parents contacted for immediate collection of their daughter if it is deemed your daughter should not be at school.

Students do not have permission to independently telephone their parents and ask to be taken home if they feel unwell. Students are to adhere to the College early departure procedures – present to Student Services and Mrs Timcke will contact parents if a departure is necessary.

Service Rosters

Zillmere Homework Help Roster

Students are to meet the supervising teacher outside Student Reception at 3:10pm. Please note, students will be dismissed from Zillmere Library at 4:30pm.

Wednesday 28 July: Mrs Diamond will accompany Poppy Hughes, Tilly Hughes and Claudia McMahon

Wednesday 4 August: Teacher (tbc) will accompany Taylah Coughlan, Libby Fryar, Gabrielle Moore and Olivia Brown

Big Brekky Roster

Students are to meet the supervising staff member at Student Services by 5:55am. Students are to wear modest clothing and enclosed shoes. 

Tuesday 27 July: Mrs Tuite will accompany Gabrielle McGrory, Trinity Stanford, Erin Aquilina and Eliza Christie

Tuesday 3 August: Teacher (tbc) will accompany Reah Sharma, Lana Gravenall, Zara Stone and Chloe Grant

St Rita's College Carnival
Carnival Cancelled - Open Day Postponed
The Carnival Raffle is still on! Please show your support below.
Thank you to our Prize Donors

Carnival Cancelled - Open Day Postponed

With the closure of the border and continuation of the wearing of masks, the decision to cancel Carnival has been made. Open Day, which is fully transportable, will be postponed until later in the year.

The decision is a sensible and responsible one. With vast numbers of families coming onto the College campus, and COVID transmission, particularly the Delta strain, remaining of concern, we do not wish to put any member of the College community - students, staff or their families at risk of exposure.

Mrs Morrow thanks the many parents and family members who have contributed an enormous amount of time in the organisation of Carnival thus far, and we thank the many parents, family members and friends of the College who would have volunteered of their time on Saturday and Sunday for the set up and presentation of Carnival.

  • Mr Scott Delaney and Mrs Katrina Moore will be in contact with the stall coordinators in seeking a meeting next to discuss options for stall product and expenditure matters.
  • Those who had pre-purchased Ride Wristbands, which were due to be distributed this-afternoon, will be refunded their payment.
  • The Raffle continues with purchases unchanged online. Click here.

Thank you for your support and understanding of this decision.

The Carnival Raffle is still on! Please show your support below.

There are 9 amazing prizes (including $8,000 in cash) to be won! 

This year we’ve gone online and Tickets may only be purchased via the RaffleTix site. You must be 18 years or more to purchase tickets. Click here to purchase yours.


The Raffle prizes this year are outstanding:

1st Prize - $8,000 Cash

2nd Prize - $3,000 Clayfield Jewellery Gift Voucher value $3,000 donated by Clayfield Jewellery

3rd Prize - Apple Pack (iPhone 12 128GB, Series SE GPS & Cellular iWatch, 2nd Gen AirPods) value $2,117 donated by Right at Home

4th Prize - A 2-night Weekend Getaway at Treetops Seaview Montville value $1,100 donated by Treetops Seaview Montville

5th Prize - $1,000 cash value $1,000 donated by Harcourts Clayfield | Ascot

6th Prize - Sabene or a Samsara Gown valued up to $899.95 donated by When Freddie Met Lilly

7th Prize - 12Rnd Fitness Clayfield 3-month gym membership & boxing gloves value $680 donated by 12Rnd Fitness Clayfield

8th Prize- $500 Opa Bar + Mezze Restaurant Voucher value $500 donated by Opa Bar + Mezze

9th Prize - iPad 8th GEN 32GB 10.2” WIFI Silver value $499 donated by Datacom

Purchase your tickets

Tickets start at just $10.00 each. Click here to purchase. 

Thank you to our Prize Donors

Click on the images below to explore the websites of our amazing Prize Donors.

Study Skills
Setting SMART Goals

Setting SMART Goals

It’s that time of Term again – the time when our students need to set clear goals. Your daughter should have a clear overarching goal for the Term and an individual goal for each of her subjects. I encourage you to check in with your daughter to see whether she has set these goals so that she has a clear aim for the Term.

It is important to remind girls that a grade or mark is not a goal. These are the measurements by which your daughter can see whether she has achieved her goal.

Goals should be SMART- that is, they should be:


For each subject, your daughter should have a look at the comments written by teachers on MySRC and formulate them based on these. 

For example, a goal for English might be “I want to learn how to analyse texts in greater depth and choose more relevant evidence” because these are the aspects of her writing that the teacher has highlighted in the comments as needing improvement.


This will be the grade your daughter feels she could receive if she achieves her goal.


Goals need to be achievable through concrete action (in the example above, the student could take action by writing practice paragraphs, asking the teacher to explain how to analyse in depth.


Goals need to be challenging, inviting us to stretch ourselves, otherwise we cannot learn from the experience, but they must not be so far out of reach that they are not achievable with hard work, persistence and dedication.


The goal for the Term needs to be set at the time when the assignment or exam is completed.

If your daughter would like access to worksheets to assist her with setting goals, these are available on the Study Skills tile on MySRC. 

Ms Amanda Wallas

Head of Study Skills

Met North Representation
Term 3 CaSSSA Sport
Netball Academy
Water Polo
Track and Field
Wanted: Umpires!

Met North Representation

The following students from the College have been selected to represent Metropolitan North School Sport at their respective Queensland School Sport State Championship.

  • Romy Vickers: Cross Country
  • Nina Vickers: Cross Country
  • Abby Vickers: Cross Country
  • Stella Kay: Cross Country
  • Anna Bassett: Basketball (13-15 years)

Term 3 CaSSSA Sport

Term 3 CaSSSA Sport has commenced with training and games taking place on the following days and times for all sports:

  •  Monday 3:20pm to 5:00pm
  • Wednesday 3:20pm to 5:00-5:30pm
  • Students are to ensure they wear their St Rita’s sports uniform to both training and games.

Netball Academy

The Netball Academy has commenced and will be taking place on Wednesday mornings:

  • Junior 6:30am – 7:30am
  • Seniors 7:00am – 8:00am

At this stage our Heads of Netball, Gretel Bueta, Lara Dunkley and Coach Tippah Dawn have been put into a COVID bubble for the Firebirds. This is to ensure that they are able to compete for the Super Netball Competition. Unfortunately, this means that they will be unavailable to attend the Netball Academy sessions until further notice. Hopefully we will have all of them back on deck soon. However, we still have some fantastic coaches leading the sessions.

Water Polo

Summer Trials

Water Polo Summer Trials will be held on Sunday 1 and Sunday 8 of August. Register your interest for trials via this link.

State Team Selections

Congratulations to the following girls who have been selected to represent Queensland at the upcoming Interstate Championships in Hobart for the 14 Teams:

Emma Williams (Maroon), Amelia Calder (Gold), Arabella Templeton (Gold), Sienna Counsel (Navy), Prudence Dixon (Navy).

Congratulations to the following girls who have been selected to represent Queensland at the upcoming National Age Championships in Adelaide for the 15s and 17s Teams:

15s - Tilly Hughes (Maroon), Matilda Morrow (Maroon), Mia Hollyman (Gold), Jemima Irvine (Gold)

17s – Olivia Camilleri, Lily Carrick, Ruby Fox, Abigale Houston, Amelia Watt.

 Australian Youth Team Selections

Congratulations to Olivia Camilleri, Horatia Schlect, Abigail Houston and Lily Carrick - they have all been selected in the Australian Youth Teams for Water Polo after their camp at the AIS. An amazing achievement!

Track and Field


St Rita’s Track and Field Squad travelled to Alex Park, Alexandra Headlands for this season’s camp from 9-11 July. Dreary skies and rain threatened to dampen spirits and enthusiasm, especially when arriving at the water-logged Sunshine Coast track. Our brave troop rolled out of the bus however to complete a very valuable first morning’s training session.

After watching SRC T&F videos from 2018 and 2019, and reflecting on our hopes for the camp and season, Friday included some chill time, time trials on the beach for the SRC TV 60m Gift (in a nod to NAIDOC week, the indigenous “running game” called Edor was played in prep for the trials), a pump-up songs and dance session run by the seniors, and a beaut evening video - “Billy Elliot”. When explaining the “Gift” to the squad, one of our brave and dearly loved 400m girls endeared herself even further to the group. Having been told that the SRC “Gift” is a handicap event, similar to the Stawell Gift run every Easter long weekend - being televised by Channel 7 etc - evidently enthralled, she gushed inquisitively as to when the next Stawell gift would be held?!

Saturday morning dawn beach runners such as Stella and Izzy and coaches Dave and Maddie were up early, but by 9:00am everyone was back at the track in beautiful winter sunshine, for an excellent 2hr session. The remainder of Saturday included debriefing “Billy” - the commonalities between it and the values of our team (such as Passion, Family, Determination, Acceptance); individual and team goal setting; a fun and “invigorating” (especially for staff) Zumba session, beach time, a ripping Mini-Olympics lead by captains Elka and Olivia, and our evening movie. 

Overnight, an iconic Australian sporting event transpired with Ash Barty winning the women’s Wimbledon singles title. Unpacking the values of the previous night’s movie (Brave, Loyal, True, Devotion to Family) alongside our girls' goals and Ash Barty’s monumental achievement, was a unique and special opportunity. To be able to reflect on Ash’s grounded approach to life and sport, seeing the opportunity for growth out of either success or failure, was a moment to live long in the memories...of coaching staff at least! 

Sunday’s other main activity was the running of the 4th SRC TV Gift! After 8 heats and 4 semi-finals, the 8 finalists were: Olivia Camilleri, Erin Kropp, Isabelle O’Connor, Stella Kay, Elka Barnett, Bridget Collin, Samantha Dennison and Josephine Kropp. In an incredibly close finish for minor places between 6th and 2nd, Erin just edged out Sam to take 3rd place, with Elka in 2nd, and a conclusive win to Issie O’Connor!

Despite experienced campaigners predicting a very quiet, snoozy Sunday afternoon bus ride back to Rita’s, singing and chanting reigned… wonders never cease! The 2021 SRC T&F Squad girls were wonderful on camp.

Track and Field Lead up Meet 1

Last Friday night, 96 SRC T&F girls took to the UQ Track for the first Lead-up Meet of the season. Enthusiasm was high and despite some training fatigue, plenty of our girls left UQ with a PB in one event or other.

The SRC TV 2021 competitive season was off to a flying start with our two ripping R’s, Romy and Rose (Romy Vickers and Rose Acklin) “quinella-ing” the very first event - 13Yrs 1500m! This set a terrific tone for the rest of our M-D (Middle-Distance / 800&1500m) girls who ran beaut races, from which they will learn a great deal. 

Sprinters (100m) hit the track and in large numbers, carving out plenty of season PBs and making life difficult for timing staff! Thankfully SRC squad members carried this keenness through to 4x100m relays where mixed success was had...really pleasing however to see girls, who have been attending training, being able to share some of their knowledge and support their other SRC T&F sisters.

Unfortunately Javelin and Triple Jump was not held in this first meet but thankfully are scheduled for all of the remaining meets. In discus, Jas Gavarra blazed the trail for her younger teammates. In fact, plenty of our throws girls are keenly eyeing off what benchmarks are necessary to gain Met North selection. 

Jumpers found conditions a bit tough for the first up meet, courtesy of cool conditions (for which younger athletes were unprepared and for older athletes, well they had just forgotten the importance of track suits for staying warm!!) and for long jumpers, having a headwind to jump into. None-the-less, Gemma Hutchings was able to come to terms with the conditions in fine style, excitingly jumping 1.65m in 15yrs High Jump!!

Tomorrow, Friday, 23 July, sees the second of the CaSSSA Lead-up Meets and it is vital that girls take the opportunity to compete in order to best prepare themselves and so, our team, for the CaSSSA Track & Field Championship on 16 August.

Mr Peter Kropp                         

Head Coach T&F     


Ms Kimbra Winburn

Assistant Head Coach


Swimming at St Rita’s continues to ramp up in Term 3 with many girls returning from an early winter hiatus in preparation for winter water polo and pre-season swim training for the CaSSSA season that comes along so quickly. A few reminders about swimming in Term 3:

  • All girls are welcome and invited to utilise the swim program at St Rita’s regardless of their level of performance or the time they are able to commit to swimming. We encourage as many girls as possible to make the most of the opportunities to swim at the pool.
  • Every swimmer that trains will be charged fees in Terms 2 and 3 in lieu of fees in Terms 1 and 4.
  • The listed start time for training sessions is the time we enter the water so this might mean arriving at the pool or getting ready to swim 5-10 mins before the session start time to ensure we are all ready to start together on time. Training is designed to be performed as a team, not a group of 30 individuals completing tasks at different times. Often times sessions finish late as we are delayed 5 mins starting – if you want more time in the shower after a swim ensure you are ready on time.
  • Dry land training moving forward will be for swimmers that attend 3+ sessions per week to ensure that girls are getting enough swimming done throughout the week.
  • The updated contact information for general swimming information is now Please use this address for general questions or comments regarding swimming. For specific information please feel free to contact coaches directly.

I want to thank the nine Year 11 volunteers that assisted over the recent holidays with the running of the swimming component of the sports camps for incoming students. The feedback from parents about the swimming sessions was all positive, you were fantastic representatives of the school and showed great leadership of the groups you were assigned. Thanks to Abby Vickers, Kiara Padmanabhan, Lily Carrick, Madeline Crowe, Mia Nielson, Poppy Fitzpatrick, Sascha Nielson, Sofia Nielson, and Sophia McCarthy.

Mr Michael Bromley

Head Coach, Swimming

Wanted: Umpires!

The College is seeking expressions of interest for Basketball, Football (Soccer) and Touch Football sport umpires for Term 3 (21 July – 15 September). Specific experience in the sport is essential. A current Paid or Volunteer Working with Children Check (blue card) is preferred. 

Required days and times will be confirmed on appointment. More information can be requested from Mr Dane Robinson, Director of Sport 

How do I apply?

Expressions of interest, including a brief outline of availability and two contactable referees should be submitted to

Queensland Wind Orchestra Open Rehearsals at St Rita's
Music Gala Date Change
Upcoming Events in Term 3

Queensland Wind Orchestra Open Rehearsals at St Rita's

Brisbane is the home of one of Australia’s premiere Wind Bands, Queensland Wind Orchestra (QWO). On Wednesday 4 August commencing at 7:00pm, our students will have the good fortune of attending and listening to an open rehearsal in our very own Trinity Auditorium. QWO is a community ensemble of approximately 45 musicians. Members are university students and graduates, music teachers and professionals from non-musical fields who share a desire to develop their ensemble musicianship in a challenging and dynamic environment. While specifically aimed at our band students and parents, any music student is welcome to attend what will be a very entertaining and inspiring experience. Tickets are free but must be booked at this link.

Music Gala Date Change

Music Gala was originally scheduled on Thursday 2 September however, due to Year 12 Mock Exams commencing on the Student Free Day on the Friday of that week, the Music Gala will now take place on Friday 3 September. Music Gala is always a special evening with all our ensembles performing and it will be particularly special for our Year 12 musicians as this will be their final performance at St Rita’s. Some ensembles will also have rehearsals/sound checks throughout the day of the concert. Further details and schedule will be posted soon.

Upcoming Events in Term 3

Year 9 Blazer Fitouts
Sale Items

Year 9 Blazer Fitouts

Blazers are compulsory for all girls in Years 10-12 in Terms 2 and 3.

  • Fittings will be held in the last three weeks of Term 3 for all girls needing to purchase a blazer for 2022, including current Year 9 girls who will require a Blazer and White Tie for next year.
  • At the time of your daughters fitting, she will be given her size and instruction on how to order her Blazer and White Tie online, as well as the due dates. As Blazers take 16 weeks to make, it is imperative that you order one for your daughter by the due date advised at the time of fitting.

Please email Mrs Hinder in the Boutique with any enquiries:

Sale Items

The Boutique is having a sale of try-on garments, as well as brand new, older order uniforms.

All items are current and allowed to be worn.

  • Sale Uniforms will be released online on Monday 26 July for immediate purchase.

As we can’t control the amounts available online, it will be a first in, best dressed basis.  Orders will be processed by order of received.  If you miss out, then you will be advised via email and your money refunded.

Visit the online Boutique:

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Learner Driver Workshops

Learner Driver Workshops