Verbis - Term 3, Edition 4 Verbis - Term 3, Edition 4

16 September 2021

Year of Hospitality - People of Welcoming Heart

From our College Leadership Team
Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow
Deputy Principal - Students, Ms Catherine Allen
Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching, Mr Martin Lobb

Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Introducing the Mercy Partner schools’ student wellbeing project (2021-2023)

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people of all ages, but one group particularly affected is adolescents. The sense of unpredictability and disruption resulting from the pandemic has impacted the wellbeing of many adolescents who are already at a developmental stage in life full of changes. The 2020 Headspace Client Impact Report ‘Coping with COVID’ surveyed young people aged 12-25 years and found that 74% of the respondents reported that their mental health was worse since the pandemic outbreak and 86% reported a negative impact on their mood, wellbeing, or sleep. There are many factors which can influence adolescent mental health, and one important protective factor is the role that schools play. Adolescents spend a considerable proportion of their lives at school and many students seek the consistency and stability that schools offer for their social and emotional development. Schools are well placed to address mental health and wellbeing issues that arise during adolescent years through cohesive student-centered, whole-school approaches.

Considering the significant changes to the world within the last year, many educational settings are updating and adapting wellbeing approaches to meet the increasing mental health and wellbeing needs of students. Many independent schools currently offer extensive pastoral support which are developed, implemented, and evaluated in a variety ways. Five independent Catholic schools that are governed by the Mercy Partners have joined together with the collective vision of promoting student mental health and wellbeing through consistent, proactive, whole-school approaches embedded within evidence-informed practice. These schools are: All Hallows’ School, Mt Alvernia College, St Patrick’s College (Townsville), St Rita’s College, and St Ursula’s College (Yeppoon). The five participating schools recognise the importance of providing a holistic Catholic education to young women that nurtures learning in a way that is as multifaceted and dynamic as the students themselves.

In 2020, the five Mercy Partner schools put forward an application to the Nudgee Trust Fund for a proposed two-year project aimed at promoting effective shared responses to the changing wellbeing and mental health needs of students. The Nudgee Trust was established in 1869 when Bishop Quinn nominated four Sisters of Mercy as Trustees over various parcels of land at Nudgee. The Trustees resolved in the early 2000s, following the successful application, to recycle unutilised assets in the form of surplus land into an income generating corpus of funds. Nudgee Trust land was being applied to support ministry activity however there was a considerable amount of land not required for ministry. The net result is seen today as the Nudgee Trust Fund which generates income each year that is distributed by way of grants to support mission activity across ministry sponsored by Mercy Partners.

The project application was subsequently approved and commenced in February 2021. A central aim of the project is to support the five Mercy Partner schools to build upon their shared practices to meet the wellbeing needs of all students in today’s world, while ensuring the traditions and values of the Mercy Sisters remain at the fore. This project further demonstrates the five Mercy Partner schools’ commitment to ongoing student care.

The project is being facilitated by Ms Claire Fardoulys (Educational and Developmental Psychologist) who began working at St Rita’s College as a Guidance Counsellor in 2020. Further information will be communicated as the project progresses. If you would like to get in touch about the project, please email

I would like to extend my congratulations to the Captains for 2022. Avarelle Bernard as School Captain and the two Vice Captains Mia Cartwright and Chloe O’Sullivan. My congratulations are also extended to the House Captains and all Cocurricular Captains. We rely on these Captains to ensure the student voice is heard and we are enriched as a community by their ideas and enthusiasm. I am looking forward to their leadership in 2022.

The outstanding win by our Track and Field team at the CaSSSA championships on Monday has been another highlight of this Term. It was a momentous occasion, and one which all the girls and coaches had worked hard for, and for which such a comprehensive win was duly deserved. Congratulation to all; the College is immensely proud of you and your efforts.

I wish all families a restful break during the September Term break. I know Year 12 students will be continuing to prepare for their external exams but would encourage some well-being time to be scheduled in to ensure good health both physical and mental prevail. All other Year levels have worked hard to maintain their academic work and their involvement in cocurricular activities. I am very proud of the supportive community that is St Rita’s.

God Bless

Mrs Dale Morrow

Deputy Principal - Students, Ms Catherine Allen

The end of Term is a good time to reflect with your daughter/s about efforts across the Term. Celebrate what has been completed and accomplished well and learn from those efforts that have fallen short.

The September holidays is also a time when many students travel to Stradbroke Island. Please find following some information from the Queensland Police.

I would like to wish everyone a break filled with lots of relaxation, fun, rejuvenation and moments to dream.

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching, Mr Martin Lobb

Ban the Hedge

No, not the wonderfully manicured hedges that dot our beautiful campus, but the linguistic hedge that highlights the doubt within our classrooms. What does this hedge sound like? It is uttered in classrooms around the school and is in response to teacher questioning, and it goes like this;

 ‘I may be wrong, but [insert answer here].’


“I’ve done it, but it’s not very good.’

These few words, I’m sure, have been delivered by many of us at some stage of our education or career. They are designed to protect us from feelings of embarrassment (I said I was wrong first), to soften our statements (I don’t want to sound like a know-it-all), and they can add politeness, nuance and subtlety to our responses. But, through the use of a hedge, in the classrooms of St Rita’s, our students are actually diminishing the answers they give, and themselves in the process.

If our students are going to do their best and excel at school, at university, and in the higher stakes worlds of work they will enter, it would be helpful, to them, if they didn’t add these linguistic limitations to themselves. Our girls have insightful and sophisticated ideas that deserve to be heard – but if they are preceded by self-defeating disclaimers, their ideas and thoughts may be silenced – and that is the last thing we want in our classrooms and in our world.

What You Need to Know
Parents/Students/Visitors coming on to Campus during holiday period
Service Rosters
Stationery Ordering for 2022
Important BYOD notification
Term 4 Dates
Term 4 Dates to Note
2022 Official Term Dates

Parents/Students/Visitors coming on to Campus during holiday period

To enable the College to comply with COVID safety measures, we respectively ask parents, students and visitors to only come on to campus during the holiday period if absolutely necessary. Services such as the Boutique are closed.

If you do need to come onto campus during the holiday period, please arrive to College Main Reception at the Nagle Building (not Student Services) and Sign In and Sign Out using both the College Check In and Check In Qld. Students must also adhere to this request. This procedure is necessary regardless of the purpose or length of your visit.

Service Rosters

Big Brekky Roster

Students are to meet the supervising staff member at Student Services by 5:55am. Students are to wear modest clothing and enclosed shoes. Please remember to bring a mask.

Tuesday 21 September (school holidays): Mrs Star will accompany Roshkan Kashkavij, Georgia Clayton, Ariana Watson and Grace Taylor

Tuesday 28 September (school holidays): Mrs McGrath will accompany Morgan Hallinan, Maegan D’Souza, Caitlin Percy and Laura Edwards

Tuesday 5 October: Mrs Specogna will accompany Mya Parker, Anja Bell, Abi Immelman and Chloe O’Sullivan

Tuesday 12 October: Mrs Tuite will accompany Isabella Catalano, Abby Vickers, Sophia McCarthy and Claudia McMahon

Zillmere Homework Help Roster

Students are to meet the supervising teacher outside Student Reception at 3:10pm. Please note, students will be dismissed from Zillmere Library at 4:30pm. Please remember to bring a mask.

Wednesday 13 October: Mr Ryan will accompany Poppy Hughes, Tilly Hughes, Gabrielle Moore and Olivia Brown.

Stationery Ordering for 2022

This is pre-advice only, as orders cannot be made until the first week of Term 4.

The finalised stationery lists and workbooks for 2022 will be published on the MK Educational Supplies website in Week 1 of Term 4. Please do not attempt to order now, as the complete lists are not yet loaded. The College will notify parents when the lists are published.

Orders for 2022 are due by Monday 1 November 2021. 


  • St Rita’s College and your daughter’s Year level, and select Girl View Book List
  • Place a tick beside relevant subjects and tick beside A: COMPULSORY Items for all Students
  • Show Subjects: to reveal the required equipment and workbooks

If your daughter already has the required equipment, you do not need to purchase new objects. The workbooks, however, must be purchased. There will be nominated delivery dates. The dates will be shown at the top of the order form and emailed to you at the time of ordering.

Important BYOD notification

If you are considering or need to update your daughter’s Device, please keep in mind that many industries are experiencing delays in shipment of orders or sourcing supply, and supply of technology industry products may also be inhibited. As such, it is recommended that families consider bringing forward the timing of their school technology purchases.

The College’s BYOD school laptop program aims to accommodate the technology needs of each student as they progress through their education at St Rita’s. Our program remains partnered by our IT Provider, Datacom. Families may purchase their daughter’s device through Datacom or through a retailer of their choice. Purchasing through Datacom provides you with an extended warranty and servicing needs managed by the College. However, please be assured that regardless of whether you purchase through Datacom or not, your daughter will always receive the same high level of service and support from the College’s IT team.

The Datacom Purchasing Portal (link below) lists the devices and accessories that are suitable for the College’s curriculum. The College/Datacom recommendations for Years 5-12 students in 2022 are listed. If not purchased through Datacom, the equivalent of our recommended device is required. There are some factors parents should note:

  • The minimum requirement for each student is a primary device that has a solid state hard drive and 5Ghz wireless card running MacOSX.
  • The College recommendation is for the use of Apple devices. Please be assured that our preference for Apple devices does not negate or diminish learning effectiveness if your daughter is operating on a Windows device.
  • Parents of Film, Television and New Media (FTV) should note the specific device these girls require.
  • If your daughter’s device is three or more years old, she may be experiencing some lag in performance and you may wish to consider upgrading her device.
  • It is also recommended that a sturdy hardcover case is also purchased along with Accidental Damage Protection (ADP). 

Students require one of the following (or the equivalent if not purchased via the Datacom Purchasing Portal):

  • Year 5 - Apple MacBook Air (M1 / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD)
  • Years 7-12 - Apple MacBook Air (M1 / 16GB RAM / 256GB SSD) or Apple MacBook Pro (M1 / 16GB RAM / 256GB SSD
  • Years 10-12 FTV - Apple MacBook Air (M1 / 16GB RAM / 256GB SSD) or Apple MacBook Pro (M1 / 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD

We have selected these configurations based on the needs of the Year levels however, if the configuration you would like is not listed, please use the ‘Contact Us’ button on the Datacom Purchasing Portal.

To access the Datacom Purchasing Portal:  

Username – stritascollege          Password – Nano90

Datacom will deliver your purchase to the College for your collection, generally early December or early January if delays are not being experienced.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the College IT team should you have any queries., or use the ‘Contact Us’ button on the Datacom portal.

Mr John Bhugon, Head of IT

Term 4 Dates

Monday 4 October : Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

Tuesday 5 October: Term 4 Commences

Friday 19 November: Last day Year 12

Friday 26 November: Term 4 Ends for Years 7-11

Term 4 Dates to Note

These dates are current at the time of publication. Please refer to MySRC for the most up to date calendar information.

Tuesday 5 October        CaSSSA training recommences

                                    Arts Week commences

                                    6:00pm Parents & Friends Meeting

                                    6:00pm Sports Subcommittee Meeting 

 Friday 8 October           College Photographs – Year 12 photograph, Daughters and Granddaughters of Past Students, all Cocurricular teams, etc, new students since Term 1

Saturday 9 October       Knowles Cup Tennis commences

Tuesday 12 October      Captains’ Afghanistan fundraiser – Rita’s Rinse Aid for Relief

Wednesday 13 October 6:00pm Music Support Group Meeting

Friday 15 October         6:45am Year 12 Breakfast

Saturday 16 October     12:00pm St Rita’s College Race Day

Friday 22 October         6:00pm Water Polo Season Launch

Monday 25 October      Year 12 External Exams commence

Friday 29 October         Rescheduled ‘Ekka’ Public Holiday

Tuesday 9 November    6:00pm Parents & Friends Meeting

Friday 12 November      Interhouse Swimming Carnival

Wednesday 17 November         Year 12 Retreat

                                               6:00pm Music Support Group meeting

Thursday 18 November 6:30pm Annual Thanksgiving Celebration

Friday 19 November      Year 12 Graduation Mass

                                    Year 12 Graduation Dinner

Wednesday 24 November         5:00pm Junior Check Out Concert

Thursday 25 November Year 7 Immunisations

                                    5:00pm Senior Check Out Concert

Friday 26 November      12:30pm Term 4 ends for Years 7-11

2022 Official Term Dates

The following dates are listed as the official Term dates for 2022. Families will be notified of any specifics relating to these dates, or changes that may take place.

Term 1: Tuesday 25 January – Friday 1 April

Term 2: Tuesday 19 April – Friday 17 June

Term 3: Monday 11 July – Friday 16 September

Term 4: Tuesday 4 October – Friday 25 November

Senior Farewell Concert
Music Enrolments Notification - Change, Cancellation and New
BIGs Finale Concert

Senior Farewell Concert

It was such a wonderful evening when we were recently able to acknowledge our 2021 Senior Music students at the Senior Farewell Concert. Even with an interrupted preparation, all ensembles performed remarkably well and the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Our two Music Captains, Annie and Ella, both gave very moving speeches reflecting on their time in the music program and what it means to all of the Year 12s. They are outstanding ambassadors for the music program and the College as a whole.

Music Enrolments Notification - Change, Cancellation and New

Parents/Carers wishing to change, cancel or commence music enrolment for their daughter must do so by the end of this Term (tomorrow), Friday 17 September.

Any student wishing to make changes to their music enrolment must complete a Change of Enrolment form by the last day of Term, Friday 17 September 2021, to take effect from the start of Term 4 (please use link provided). This form is to also be submitted if wishing to change lesson type from group to individual lessons. Please note, Year 12 students are not required to cancel their enrolment as this will be processed automatically at the end of Term 3 2021. No lessons will be given or billed to parent accounts for Term 4 2021.

Change of Enrolment Form: Click Here 

Any current student wanting to cancel their music enrolment, must complete and submit the Cancellation of Enrolment form by the last day of Term, Friday 17 September 2021 to take effect from the start of Term 4 (please use the link provided). Changes of enrolment or cancellations received after this date will only be processed for the start of Term 1 2022, and as such fees for Term 4 incurred.

Cancellation Form: Click Here

Any current students wishing to commence private music lessons must complete and submit the Cocurricular Music Enrolment form by the last day of Term, Friday 17 September 2021 for lessons to commence in Term 4.

Music Enrolment Form: Click Here

Please don't hesitate to contact the Music department if you have any queries:


Although we were unable to perform live at this year’s QCMF, we were still able to receive some important feedback from adjudicators to help each ensemble make improvements to their performances. It certainly was a new experience to submit recordings and listen to other schools’ ensembles online, and receiving feedback enhanced the process. Congratulations to all girls who performed and the ensemble directors who prepared each group. Our ensembles were awarded 1 Bronze, 10 Silver and 4 Gold. The Gold awards went to Percussion Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, String Ensemble and Nano’s Voices.

BIGs Finale Concert

On Tuesday evening in the Music Centre, our Beginner Instrumental Groups (BIGs) presented their Finale Concert to parents and friends. It is always surprising how far students can come over such a short space of time. Even with interruptions along the way, each of these students have worked very hard to make such a great start to their musical journey. Our BIGs program has now been going for several years and there are quite a few girls currently in the program who began their journey in BIGs. We hope to see many of the girls who performed at Tuesday’s concert continue and join our cocurricular music program too. You won’t be disappointed.

Athletic Development Program
Sporting Excellence Program
Term 4 CaSSSA Sport
Track and Field


Knowles Cup Team selection has been completed with games commencing in October. Congratulations to the team members best wishes as you endeavour to retain the Knowles Cup trophy for the College.

Open Team

  • Erika Brough
  • Ivy Lauder
  • Kara Nguyen
  • Adele Dunning
  • Alexandra Zornig
  • Quianna Nguyen
  • Emma Brennan
  • Emily Frost
  • Madeleine Monsour
  • Felicity Shephard

Intermediate Team

  • Izabelle Cooper
  • Mia Croucamp
  • Milla Brady
  • Kate Taylor
  • Caitlin LeMare
  • Charlotte Shephard 

Junior Team

  • Livinnia Wood
  • Vania Lumbanradja
  • Elke Cooper
  • Dana Solomon
  • Madeleine Carr
  • Gabriella Smith
  • Eliza Macgroarty


The Vicki Wilson Cup Netball team finished a promising 11th place at the recent Vicki Wilson Cup tournament last week. We are exceptionally proud of the girls and their efforts from the carnival as well as during the lead up to the tournament. We had some extremely close matches, losing by 1 point to make the top eight and although this was tough to take, the way the girls held themselves with such grace, played with huge passion and made the school and themselves so proud made it a very successful two days for everyone and left a bit of fire in the girls bellies for next year. Congratulations to everyone involved particularly our Head Coaches of Netball, Mrs Bueta and Miss Dunkley.

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of St Rita’s Club Netball into Downey Park Netball Association for 2022. This is very exciting for the growth and excellence of Netball at St Rita’s College, and we will be sending out an Expressions of Interest form this week to students who would like to be involved.

A special thank you goes to Mrs Brennan for her effort over the season. It is important to note that Mrs Brennan gives up her time for the team and works extremely hard to provide the best possible development and success for the team. Without her hard work and commitment, the Vicki Wilson program would not have been as successful as it was.

Athletic Development Program

The new St Rita’s College Strength & Conditioning (S&C) Program will commence in Term 4. The S&C Program guides both private and performance squad strength, conditioning and injury-prevention programs for students from Years 7 to 12 and aims to enhance, support and improve girls' participation in all sports. 

For more information on this cocurricular program, please tune into the online S&C Webinar taking place on Thursday 16 September at 5:00pm via Microsoft Teams.

Please see the below flyer for more information and to access the webinar.

We are looking forward to sharing the program with you and hope to see you in the online Webinar.

Sporting Excellence Program

A Sporting Excellence Program will be launched at the College.

The Program is designed to foster the development of higher performing athletes through assistance and motivation and to help maintain a balance between high-level sporting commitments, academic studies and life outside of the College. The program aims to identify, nurture, recognise and support St Rita’s College students who have unique sporting talents as part of the ‘holistic development’ philosophy here at St Rita’s College.

Please see attached flyer, outlining the Program, what’s included, selection criteria and nomination process.

Applications close Monday 27 September.

Term 4 CaSSSA Sport

Term 4 trials have been held and team lists have been posted. If there are any problems with the team you have been assigned, please come and see us in the sports office.

Track and Field

Congratulations to the Track & Field team who came away with a comprehensive win at the CaSSSA Championships. Not only were the results impressive, but the sisterhood, comradery and support that the team showed each other was first class. The seniors have set a very high standard with the culture within the team and while the juniors have big shoes to fill, I have no doubt you will continue the legacy that has started!

Big thank you to Head Coaches, Mr Peter Kropp and Ms Kimbra Winburn who have steered the ship and have been instrumental in creating such a fantastic culture. 

Well done to all involved!


  • 12 years: 1st place
  • 13 years: 1st place
  • 14 years: 2nd place
  • 15 years: 1st place
  • 16 years: 1st place
  • 19 years & under: 1st place
  •  Field Events: 1st place
  • Track Events: 1st place
  •  Percentage Cup: 1st place
  • Aggregate Cup: 1st place

Community Notices
Football Queensland - Girls United Holiday Program

Football Queensland - Girls United Holiday Program