Verbis - Term 4, Edition 2 Verbis - Term 4, Edition 2

28 October 2021

Year of Hospitality - People of Welcoming Heart

From our College Leadership Team
Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow
Assistant Principal - Mission, Mrs Erica Qureshi

Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow

It is an aspect of our human frailty that we often get bogged down in our attitude towards life by negative thoughts of the things we think are not going right for us or our situation, regardless of all the good things that we might also be experiencing. It’s a bit like how the tiniest of splinters lodged in a little finger make us feel miserable even though we are enjoying the best of health in the rest of our body. Most of us will experience times in our life when real tragedy or sadness pervades our lives. We can, however, fall into a general mild melancholy about life because we get caught up too much by the small negatives that might be going on and miss out on recognising all the very good things that we should be grateful for. 

One of the first messages offered to us in the holy scriptures is the importance of having a sense of gratitude. The sin of Adam and Eve was primarily their failure to be content and happy with all that God had given them – to receive and be grateful for the life God had gifted them. All God had asked of them was to receive it properly, in gratitude—receive and give thanks. It was their failure to do so, their Original Sin, that cast their lives into turmoil.  We can only ever be free and ready to participate fully in life by recognising and appreciating all that we can be truly thankful for - before all else, we first must give thanks.

Modern psychology teaches too that gratitude in life and for life is an important component of one’s mental health and is an important motivator in helping one participate more fully in living a more wholesome existence.  What’s more, as Fr Ronald Rolheiser says:

To receive in gratitude, to be properly grateful, is the most primary of all religious attitudes. Proper gratitude is ultimate virtue. It defines sanctity. Saints, holy persons, are people who are grateful, people who see and receive everything as gift

When you don’t value the simple gifts you do have in life, such as the love of family, the comfort of friendship, a deep faith in the provenance of your existence, then life does become worrisome. We tend then to spend all our energies only rejoicing in that part of life that seems ‘perfect’, which does not include suffering. Before you know it, you are overlooking all the graces and opportunities offered in our everyday living and fail to enter into life because we become dominated by fear and exclusion and not faith. 

There’s something similarly expressed in this ancient Sanksrit poem: 

Look to this day, 

For it is Life,  

The very Life of Life. 

In its brief course lie all the varieties 

And realities of your existence; 

The bliss of growths 

The glory of action, 

The splendour of beauty; 

For yesterday is but a dream 

And tomorrow is only a vision, 

But today well lived makes 

Every yesterday a dream of happiness 

And every tomorrow a vision of hope. 

Look well, therefore, to this day.  

We continue to keep the Year 12 students in our thoughts and prayers as they sit their external exams. I have been pleased to see a good number of students attending the College to meet with their senior teachers in the final days of exam preparation.

I thank Mr Chris Overs and Mr Paul Holloway of the Sports Subcommittee for their recent organisation of the College Race Day. I also acknowledge the generosity of the event Sponsors and the prize donors for their support to the fundraiser. The day was a great success - in funds raised for sports resources for the girls and in providing another enjoyable social platform for parents and past students. I thank all involved.

God Bless

Mrs Dale Morrow

Assistant Principal - Mission, Mrs Erica Qureshi

Last week we raised funds to support the work of Catholic Mission around the world. Staff and students enjoyed wearing crazy socks for a gold coin donation, and during our last two Assemblies a group of Year 10 students took charge in educating St Rita’s as to where and how our raised money would be spent. Many thanks and congratulations to Sarah Gallagher, Mia Hunt and Heidi Lynch for leading this initiative. 

As we draw nearer to Christmas, a time of expectant joy for many, we are reminded that it is also a time when we look inwards to ensure joy is experienced by those around us too.  2021 has been another uncertain year for many families in our community.  Below are the organisations our school community will be collecting on behalf of this for the remainder of the year.  Please give in whatever capacity you’re able.

  • Contributions to the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal (Our Lady Help of Christians Parish, Hendra)
  • Kildare House initiative: Contributions for particular St Joseph’s families in Murgon

These contributions are non-perishable food items and items to prepare for Christmas, for example: biscuits, Christmas food (shortbread, pudding), coffee, tinned food, cordial, soft drinks, Christmas decorations. Please, no children’s gifts and no alcohol; however, items such as pencil cases and water bottles are always appreciated.

Students in Kildare House Groups have been assigned a family for whom they are packing a hamper. These hampers will be delivered to St Joseph’s by some of Kildare students on 1 December. 

Donations for St Vincent de Paul can be dropped off at Student Services. Donations for the families in Murgon are being collected through Kildare House Group each morning. 

Many thanks for your anticipated support of these appeals. 

What You Need to Know
Changes to College Fee Payments
Evening Study Sessions
Stationery Ordering for 2022 - due by Monday, 1 November
Service Rosters
Term 4 'Last Day' Dates
Upcoming Dates to note
2022 Official Term Dates
SRC Supporter Gear - Purchase Now

Changes to College Fee Payments

The College Board is committed to continually reviewing the safety and security of information and data collected by the College. It has been identified that our parent payment options can be significantly improved through the introduction of a new online payment system, FACTS. FACTS is a leading online payment plan provider in the education sector that empowers our families to manage their account payments, including both method and frequency.

FACTS online portal will allow you to establish a payment plan for school fees that suits your circumstances. These options will include Direct Debit and Credit Card payments (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, by Term, bi-annually or annually), or Third Party payment options (for example, payment by another person on your behalf). The system also provides alerts and information to help you manage your payment plan over time. FACTS will also notify parents of any new cocurricular charges to your account, with your payment plan automatically being adjusted and eliminating the need for one-off payments, or playing catch up at the end of the school year.

To assist with the set-up phase of your account, all families will receive an email from the College and FACTS over the next few weeks outlining how to set up and register your account details for the payment of school fees. Early in 2022, St Rita’s will upload fee details for 2022. At this time, you will need to log into your new account and select your desired payment frequency and dates for electronic deduction of fee payments. The new system will also be used to view your current fee account information and balances.

FACTS provides dedicated phone support within Australia to assist you in the establishment of your account and with any ongoing enquiries. You will receive an email with further information shortly.

Mr Ed Gleeson

Business Manager

Evening Study Sessions

A reminder to families that the upstairs Library area will remain open until 6:00pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for students in Years 10-12. 

We have past scholar tutors available on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 5:15pm and students are welcome to access them for help. Students are required to book a past scholar tutor by signing a sheet that is on the desk outside Ms Wallas’ office. Year 12 students will take priority, but the tutors always have plenty of time to help girls in younger year levels as well.

The rules remain the same:

  • Students must sign in via the iPad outside Ms Wallas’ office if staying later than 4:30pm.
  • Students must sign out when leaving.
  • Students may work alone or with others.  BUT they are there to study, not to socialise with friends, and they will be asked to go home if they are not staying focused.
  • Students are welcome to use the seminar rooms but will need to book one (Ms Wallas can do this). Years 11 and 12 students will take priority for this. It is of course, very important that seminar rooms be left clean and tidy after use.
  • There is, as always, NO eating permitted in the Library. Students may pop out to the deck if they would like to eat something or drink something other than water.

Stationery Ordering for 2022 - due by Monday, 1 November

Orders Due

Stationery lists and workbooks for 2022 have been published on the MK Educational Supplies. 

Years 8, 9 and 11 2022 students (current Years 7, 8 and 10 students) received an email from Mrs Trims yesterday (Wednesday) notifying them of their Electives for 2022.

Orders for 2022 are due by Monday 1 November 2021

Click Here for MK Educational Website


  • St Rita’s College and your daughter’s Year level, and select Girl View Book List
  • Place a tick beside relevant subjects and tick beside A: COMPULSORY Items for all Students
  • Show Subjects: to reveal the required equipment and workbooks

If your daughter already has the required equipment, you do not need to purchase new objects. The workbooks, however, must be purchased. There will be nominated delivery dates. The dates will be shown at the top of the order form and emailed to you at the time of ordering. Due to COVID considerations, pick up is not permitted this year. It is a delivery-only service.

Service Rosters

Big Brekky Roster

Students are to meet the supervising staff member at Student Services by 5:55am. Students are to wear modest clothing and enclosed shoes.

Tuesday 2 November: Mr Ryan will accompany Olivia Brown, Gabby Tealby, Caitlin Gunn and Verona Bradley

Tuesday 9 November: Ms Watts will accompany Alex Watts, Ella Shaw, Erin Long and Taylah Kell

Tuesday 16 November: Ms Austin will accompany Alyce Robben, Taylah Moody, Jade Li and Sarah Silvestro

Zillmere Homework Help Roster

Students are to meet the supervising teacher outside Student Reception at 3:10pm. Please note, students will be dismissed from Zillmere Library at 4:30pm

Wednesday 3 November: Mrs Diamond will accompany Alexia Ziegenfuss, Ava Wright, Claudia McMahon and Abby Vickers

Wednesday 10 November: Mrs Star will accompany Amelia Ryan, Summer Nash, Isabella Catalano and Abby Vickers

Term 4 'Last Day' Dates

Friday 19 November: Last day Year 12

Friday 26 November: Term 4 Ends for Years 7-11

Upcoming Dates to note

These dates are current at the time of publication. Please refer to MySRC for the most up to date calendar information.

Friday 29 October         Rescheduled ‘Ekka’ Public Holiday

Tuesday 2 November    8:00am Nagle and Collins community mass

Tuesday 9 November     Studio Concerts from 5:30pm

                                           6:00pm Parents & Friends Meeting

Wednesday 10 November   6:00pm Library Think Project Launch. Trent Dalton in conversation with Christine Jackman.

Friday 12 November      Interhouse Swimming Carnival, Valley Pool

Wednesday 17 November         Year 12 Retreat

                                          6:00pm Music Support Group Meeting

Thursday 18 November 6:30pm Annual Thanksgiving Celebration, QPAC. Compulsory for Years 7, 11 and 12 students.

Friday 19 November      3:45pm Year 12 Graduation Mass, Eagle Farm Racecourse

                                         6:30pm Year 12 Graduation Dinner, Brisbane City Hall

Wednesday 24 November         6:30pm Junior Check Out Concert

Thursday 25 November Year 7 Immunisations

                                         6:30pm Senior Check Out Concert

Friday 26 November      12:30pm Term 4 ends for Years 7-11

2022 Official Term Dates

The following dates are listed as the official Term dates for 2022. Families will be notified of any specifics relating to these dates, or changes that may take place.

Term 1: Tuesday 25 January – Friday 1 April

Term 2: Tuesday 19 April – Friday 17 June

Term 3: Monday 11 July – Friday 16 September

Term 4: Tuesday 4 October – Friday 25 November

SRC Supporter Gear - Purchase Now

After a closure period, the College purchasing portal for our exclusive St Rita's Supporter Gear is back open. Parents and Past Students can purchase mens and ladies Polos and Caps 

The range is non-cocurricular specific enabling all parents and past students to fly the flag for St Rita’s at sports, music and/or debating events and any other opportunities to promote the Brown and White with pride. 

With the Water Polo season in full swing, this is perfect timing for Water Polo parents to place their order. These make great Christmas presents too.

Those who have standing unfilled Cap orders have been notified that the stock is on its way and it is anticipated that we will be able to fill those orders from 11 November. For all orders, collection from College Reception will be from Thursday 11 November. 

The College thanks Mrs Rosanna Ferguson and Ms Jacinta Dwyer for their work on this project.

For all orders, collection from College Reception will be from Thursday 11 November. 

Click Here to be taken to the purchasing portal along with full details.

Curriculum News
Excellence in Physics

Excellence in Physics

The Queensland Branch of the Australian Institute of Physics awards Certificates for Excellence in Physics to students with a confirmed raw result for internal assessment of 45/50 (90%). A record at St Rita’s college was achieved this year, for the percentage of students from the graduating Physics class receiving the award. This year, seven students received the Excellence in Physics award. The class has worked cohesively and challenged each other to strive for this excellence. We wish all the students the best in their external exam. 

Study Skills
Head of Study Skills - Ms Amanda Wallas

Head of Study Skills - Ms Amanda Wallas

Many of our students are immersed in revision for their exams at the moment, so it is timely to reinforce the key methods of learning that are actually effective in terms of learning and retaining information in preparation for assessment under examination conditions.

Studying for long periods of time without breaks is not efficient. Far more productive is to use spaced practice by ‘chunking’ study time into 25-minute segments, varying the subject for each ‘chunk’, and have a five minute break in between each of these, when your daughter should do something active such as stretching, going into the garden or walking round the block, having a drink (obviously she should avoid caffeine as much as possible), playing with a pet, chatting to family members or doing some gentle exercise. (Your daughter should stay away from screens during this time and of course her phone should be turned completely off.)

Relying only on age-old techniques such as re-reading notes and highlighting is not effective either. Doing as many practice tests as possible is the key to success. When this is combined with the aforementioned spaced practice, it is known as a super-technique called ‘successive re-learning’. Studies have shown that students who use this technique can score between 12% and 15% higher scores than those using conventional methods.

Finally, practising the retrieval of information is the most effective technique for long-term retention. Spacing out sessions and giving time for the brain to ‘reset’ will help develop the memory required to achieve the best results under exam conditions.

If you or your daughter would like any further help or information relating to her study skills, please don’t hesitate to contact me on

Debating Coordinator - Mrs Lorraine Specogna

Debating Coordinator - Mrs Lorraine Specogna

Queensland Debating Union (QDU)

2022 Queensland State Trials

The QDU invites students in Years 9-11 (in 2021) to trial for the Queensland State Debating Team of 2022. QDU has scheduled trials to begin on the weekend of 20 and 21 of November in order to reduce the burden on Senior students in Term 1 next year.

Trials are an excellent opportunity to practice debating, get feedback from the best adjudicators in the State, and meet likeminded students. Every year students with a range of backgrounds and levels of experience are brought together by the QDU with the aim of helping them improve at an activity they are passionate about.

Key information:

  • The last date for students to register is Wednesday 17 November. QDU encourages students to sign up sooner to guarantee they can be accommodated in trials.
  • All students will receive detailed and supportive feedback to help support their future debating
  • Dates and more information about the process can be found in the registration form using the link:

When registering, please inform Mrs Specogna so support from the school’s Senior A coach can be arranged.

If you have any questions about the process, or would like to chat further, please contact Mrs Specogna.

Brisbane Girls Debating Association (BGDA)

Support for Queensland State Trials – Senior Day of Excellence

With trials for the Queensland State Debating Team in November, the BGDA is offering its community members the opportunity to practice their skills so they can do their best at the State trials. BGDA Senior Excellence Day is open to students who are currently in Years 9-11 and therefore eligible to trial for the Queensland State Debating team. While this day is primarily aimed at students who are trialling for the State team, you are also welcome to attend if you are not trialling. Senior Excellence Day will be held at Somerville House on Sunday 14 November. The day will run from 10:00am to 3:00pm and feature a training workshop and debate. Registration is free. To register click on the link:

Speech and Communication Tutition
2022 Enrolments Open for Speech and Communication Tuition

2022 Enrolments Open for Speech and Communication Tuition

Speech and Communication enrolments for 2022 are open. Places are available for students to attend either private, semi-private (2 students) or small group lessons (4 students max). 

Whether your daughter is an avid presenter wanting to further develop her voice and gain exposure to more performance opportunities or needs support to build public speaking confidence and ability (especially for school oral presentations), the Speech and Communication Program has something to offer every student.

Classes are 45-minutes and held on a rotational timetable at St Rita’s College.

Please email the Speech and Communication Teacher, Ms Hannah Jones at to place your name on the list, or to find out more.

Pantry Menu for fortnight beginning Monday 1 November

Pantry Menu for fortnight beginning Monday 1 November

College Events
In Conversation with Trent Dalton
College Race Day Wrap Up

In Conversation with Trent Dalton

St Rita's College presents:

The Think Project: Christine Jackman in Conversation with Trent Dalton

  • Wednesday, 10 November 
  • 6:00pm - 8:00pm (bar open from 5:15pm)
  • This event is open to the public

Celebrate the release of Trent Dalton’s new book Love Stories and the launch of St Rita’s literacy initiative The Think Project, in partnership with Riverbend Books. Inspired by a personal moment of profound love and generosity, Trent Dalton, bestselling author and one of Australia’s finest journalists, spent two months in 2021 speaking to people from all walks of life, asking them one simple and direct question: ‘Can you please tell me a love story?’ Join Trent and fellow writer and journalist Christine Jackman as they discuss community, connection, and creativity, followed by Q&A from the audience, book sales and book signing.

Books will be available on the night to purchase from Riverbend Books.

  • Tickets: $30 each. $50 ticket and book bundle
  • Pre-Order: Cheese Platter for 2 people $10 (orders for cheese platters close on Friday 5 November)

Click Here to purchase tickets


The Think Project

The Think Project is a community partnership with Riverbend Books that champions readers, writers, and creators. Through events and workshops that celebrate literacy, The Think Project provides space for courageous information consumers and creators to flourish.

College Race Day Wrap Up

The Race Day at Eagle Farm on Saturday 16 October was an overwhelming success and the College’s sincere thanks is extended to Paul Holloway and Chris Overs of the Sports Subcommittee for their meticulous work in bringing the event together. Di Holloway and Miss Bonnie Holloway are too to be thanked for the support they gave to the event, as is Linda Edwards for sourcing raffle prizes and past student Loretta Ryan for emceeing the very busy day.

The event attracted the largest number of patrons seen at a College Race Day and raised in the vicinity of $18,000 for the College sports program – another outstanding result. The offer of both cocktail packages and dining packages was well received and both equally as popular as one another.

Race Day was again supported by a large number of parents and businesses that captured the spirit that St Rita’s is well loved for. From being guest speakers on the day to providing raffle, lucky door, fashion and auction prizes, the enormity of the organisation and the number of people who contributed to that organisation was vast. 

Tips and form were spruiked by racing identities Bart Sinclair and Chris Anderson; there was a large line up of fashion contestants, bidding on the bottle of Grange and the framed Reds jersey boosted fundraising and the faultless hospitality from the BRC staff on one of the busiest days in the Spring Carnival topped off a terrific day. Like last year, the Raffle was opened to the entire College community. Results can be accessed Click Here

Our most grateful thanks are extended to everyone who supported the event and who attended; to the large number of past students and families who supported the Raffle; to the very large array of prize donors; and to the race sponsors – Clear To Work, Liquor Legends, HMW Group and Madison Cleaning Services.  Your collective generosity and support benefit the many girls for whom the Sports Subcommittee of the College work so hard. Thank You.

Click Here to view the Race Day images on the College Facebook page.

Achievements - Director of Sport, Mr Dane Robinson
Sporting Excellence Program
Netball - SRC Club
Touch Football - SRC Club
Water Polo - Miss Madison Wall, Head Coach
Swimming - Mr Michael Bromley, Head Coach
CaSSSA Term 1 2022 Sport

Achievements - Director of Sport, Mr Dane Robinson

Congratulations to the Junior Volleyball Team who recently won the All Schools B Division Championships. The team has been training hard under the guidance of Coach Molly Edwards, and performed extremely well all day to bring home the win. Students who were members of the team are:

  • Anna Bassett
  • Bridget Birchley
  • Madeleine Carr
  • Madeleine Court
  • Lucy Ewings
  • Mia Nguyen
  • Elyse O’Brien
  • Mia Salomone
  • Leena Ullner
  • Emma Williams

This is on the back of the Senior Volleyball Team coming 3rd at the All Schools Championships in the B Division on 2 and 3 October. Members of the team were:

  • Anna Bassett
  • Bridget Birchley
  • Lauren Birthisel
  • Madeleine Carr
  • Lucy Jahnke
  • Josie Kirby
  • Amy Reed
  • Charli Robson
  • Leanne Torres
  • Grace Watkins
  • Anaiya White
  • Silvara White
  • Hannah Woods

Congratulations to all students involved.

Sporting Excellence Program

Sporting Excellence Program

33 students have been selected in the inaugural SRC Sporting Excellence Program. The calibre of achievements from the students was extremely high. Congratulations to the following students and we look forward to working with to assist with your development. 



Rose Acklin

Cross Country & T&F

Lucia Andrews

Cross Country, T&F & Netball

Anna Bassett


Ashley Cavanagh

Touch Football

Samantha Conias


Elke Cooper


Portia Creevey


Mia Croucamp

Cricket, T&F and Tennis

Ruby Crowther

Swimming, Cross Country & T&F

Bronte Flook


Lucy Hubczenko


Tilly Hughes

Water Polo

Gemma Hutchings

T&F, Netball & Water Polo

Jemima Irvine

Water Polo

Darcey Johnson


Stella Kay

Triathlon, Cross Country & T&F

Taya Kirk

Water Polo

Cate Klinge

Water Polo

Ivy Lauder


Niamh McCarthy


Sophia McCarthy

Triathlon, Cross Country & T&F

Charlotte Melksham


Matilda Morrow

Water Polo

Lily Parker

Touch Football

Jessamy Redmond


Horatia Schlect

Water Polo

Ava Seery


Claudia Smith


Abby Vickers

Triathlon, Cross Country & T&F

Nina Vickers

Triathlon, Cross Country & T&F

Romy Vickers

Triathlon, Cross Country & T&F

Madelyn Witteveen


Livinnia Wood


The Sporting Excellence Program and the Sporting Captains came together for a challenging day at the Enoggera Army Base. Their persistence, leadership and resilience were all testing throughout the day as the girls were put through an Obstacle course, with each exercise testing their ability to work together and overcome the obstacle. They were then taken through a ‘Dark Site’ that saw them undertaking a mission in complete silence and darkness in a jungle environment. Here they had to learn different techniques to communicate and work together to complete the mission. To finish the day, they mimicked jumping out of a helicopter and abseiled down a 25m drop!!

A challenging day that saw everyone exhausted, yet excited and what they experienced and learnt. A massive thank you to the Army and Navy for facilitating such an amazing day for the students.

Netball - SRC Club

Netball – SRC Club

Information regarding SRC Club Netball have been emailed to families. If you have missed the information or would like some more information on how the program please feel free to contact the Director of Sport, Mr Robinson at

To access the communication emailed to families Click Here

Touch Football - SRC Club

Touch Football - SRC Club

Information regarding SRC Club Touch Football has been emailed to families. If you have missed the information or would like some more information on how the program please feel free to contact the Director of Sport, Mr Robinson at

To access the communication emailed to families Click Here


The finals of Knowles Cup are being held this Saturday, 30 October, at UQ Tennis Centre from 7:00am – 2:00pm. The team is doing the College extremely proud and are in a very good position leading into the finals. Looking forward to seeing if the girls can bring home the trophy for another year! Good luck to all competitors. Would be amazing to get some support down there to support the team. Hope to see you down there.

Water Polo - Miss Madison Wall, Head Coach

We have had a cracking start to the season! 19 teams this year have been entered in the Summer BWPI Competition, and they all started the season extremely well.

We are lucky to have partnered with a club this year, Polo Bears, to give girls the opportunity to play a second game on the weekend (in the 18s division). The goal of this partnership is to familiarise the players with a club, so they can continue playing the sport once they have finished School.

Welcome to Water Polo Event

Over the weekend we had our inaugural Welcome to Water Polo Event, where we were lucky enough to have four-time Olympian Bronwen Knox speaking to our community. It was a great night – thank you to all of the volunteers that helped in the lead up and on the night, couldn’t have done it without you.

Swimming - Mr Michael Bromley, Head Coach

Swimming season has kicked off with a bang with the pool a hive of activity every afternoon. It’s the busiest start to summer I have witnessed. With a busy start to summer and many new and returning faces come a few reminders: 

  • All girls are welcome and invited to utilise the swim program at St Rita’s regardless of their level of performance or the time they are able to commit to swimming. We encourage as many girls as possible to make the most of the opportunities to swim at the pool.
  • The listed start time for training sessions is the time we enter the water so this might mean arriving at the pool or getting ready to swim 5-10 mins before the session start time to ensure we are all ready to start together on time. Training is designed to be performed as a team, not a group of 30 individuals completing tasks at different times. Often times sessions finish late as we are delayed 5 mins starting – if you want more time in the shower after a swim ensure you are ready on time.
  • Swimming is like many of the other activities offered at St Rita’s, the more you put in the more you will get out of it. With this comes the expectation of attendance, if you are only coming to swim once per week you will not only be limiting your own improvements but also those that are in the squad with you. Whilst others are swimming 2-3-4 sessions per week in the squad around you they are improving at a great rate, lack of attendance or commitment to attend means you aren’t just holding yourself back but others in your squad who might have to wait for you to catch up or stop so common activities can be explained a number of times. 

2022 CaSSSA Pre-Season swim camp will be held on the weekend of 21-23 January 2022. The camp will return to Currimundi with a range of interesting activities to help continue to bring the team together. Final details are still being organised at this stage but mark the dates in your calendar.

CaSSSA Term 1 2022 Sport

Nominations will be coming out shortly for Term 1 CaSSSA sport. The sports on offer for various age groups include, AFL, Cricket, Tennis and Volleyball. Trials will be held Tuesday 23 November. 

New Student Uniform Fit Out Dates

New Student Uniform Fit Out Dates

Year 7 2022:2 November 2021  to 27 November 2021 

Year 5 2022: 11 January 2022 to 17 January 2022

Community Notices
Offer to St Rita's Community from Goodlife Health Club Nundah

Offer to St Rita's Community from Goodlife Health Club Nundah

Goodlife Health Club Nundah are a prize donor to the Sports Subcommittee. We thank them for their support.