Welcome to Term 2, 2022 Welcome to Term 2, 2022

Dear Parents/Carers

We hope the Term break has been happy and restful and that you will enjoy the Easter season upon us. We look forward to welcoming the students back to school on Tuesday next week, 19 April.

We welcome the following staff to the College:

  • Mr Adrian Brown – Mathematics teacher
  • Ms Gabrielle Crawford – Religion teacher
  • Dr Donna Ahern – English and Social Science
  • Mrs Olivia Gardiner – Teacher Aide

Mrs Kate White chose to step down from Head of House – Nagle at the end of Term 1 and Mrs Katrina Gibson has been appointed to Head of House – Nagle. Ms Maaike Rutten has been appointed Acting Head of House - Xaverian. 

Mrs Maree Habgood has been appointed Head of Faculty – Religious Education. Mrs Angela Cahill will return from Maternity Leave.

With these changes in staff appointments, some students will have new teachers from Term 2. Students will be able to see these changes in MySRC by Monday 18 April, or earlier.

The information following is required for the start of Term. Please take the time to read through each item and don’t hesitate to contact the College should you have any queries.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Maree Trims

Acting Principal

Important Updates
COVID-19 update and illness
Please Update Parent/Carer and Emergency Contact Details

COVID-19 update and illness

The health and well-being of our students and staff and their families remain our number one priority and we ask families and staff to remain alert to their wellbeing. Please assist us in keeping our entire College community safe by adhering to the following precautionary measures.

  • The wearing of a mask whilst on campus is encouraged.
  • Students should adhere to mask directives for public transport.
  • Students and Staff who are unwell must remain at home.
  • The College's Zero tolerance of flu-like symptoms remains in place.
  • Parents and visitors are not permitted to enter the College grounds if unwell.
  • Students who present unwell at school will be assessed by the College Nurse and parents contacted for immediate collection if it is deemed they should not be at school.
  • Anyone who believes they may have been in close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus, is required to quarantine for 7 days.

For the full Queensland Health Public Health Directions  Click Here

Please Update Parent/Carer and Emergency Contact Details

All parents/carers are asked to check their residential address and home and/or work email address/es and telephone number/s BOTH in Synergetic and Operoo and update any out of date information. At the same time, parents/carers are asked to check and update Emergency Contact person details.

  • Emergency Contacts ARE NOT to be either parent. The College will always contact parents in the first instance. The Emergency Contact/s is the person the College will contact in the event either parent cannot be quickly contacted. This should be a responsible person – either a relative, friend or neighbour - who you would entrust the College contacting should your daughter be unwell or have an accident. Emergency Contacts should be within reasonable travelling distance to the College so that collection of the student can be facilitated by them, if required. 

MySRC: Use the ‘My Details’ button on the brown ribbon at the top of the page in MySRC to make any changes in MySRC.

Operoo: Only the parent/carer can make changes in Operoo.  Please log in to Operoo from MySRC and check that your email and contact details are the same as in MySRC.  This is important so that information from Operoo syncs with the College database. The Primary Contact email and mobile must be entered. You are also encouraged to enter the Secondary Contact email and mobile information, even though the system states that this is optional. This person must only be the student’s official Secondary Contact- e.g. Father or Mother – NOT an emergency contact.

Parent-Teacher Interviews
Parent-Teacher Interviews: Tuesday 3 May and Tuesday 10 May, 3:30pm-8:30pm

Parent-Teacher Interviews: Tuesday 3 May and Tuesday 10 May, 3:30pm-8:30pm

Parent-Teacher Interviews will be offered via Zoom during the following times.

  • Tuesday 3 May 3:30pm-8:30pm and Tuesday 10 May 3:30pm-8:30pm.
  • Years 7-12 Students are required to attend the online interview.
  • Year 5 Students are not required to attend the interview. 

Booking Opening/Closing Dates and Times:

  • Online booking portal opens at 7:00am, Tuesday 19 April
  • Bookings close Wednesday 27 April at 11:59pm

Duration of Online Interview

  • Years 7-12 Students: seven (7) minutes in duration with subject teachers. Years 7-12 students are required to attend the interview.
  • Year 5 Students: fourteen (14 minutes) in duration with the Classroom teacher. Year 5 students are not required to attend the interview.

Parent-Teacher Interviews are not compulsory, however, they are highly recommended as a means to initiate and continue a partnership for 2022 to support student learning. Topics of conversation may include:

  • strategies identified to support learning;
  • learning progress in the classroom, and in set tasks;
  • progress in literacy and numeracy (Year 5);
  • feedback on drafting or assessment; and
  • general pastoral and/or learning behaviours and attitudes.

Years 7-12 parents/carers may wish to meet with all of their daughter's teachers (if times are available) or just those with whom you feel a discussion may be beneficial. A teacher who is keen to have a discussion with you will email you separately requesting an appointment if they see you have not booked an interview. Please note:

  • Interviews with House Group Teachers or Year 10 Careers Teachers are not part of this process. Year 10 Careers Students will have SET Plan interviews mid-year.
  • There will be subject teacher changes from Term 1 to Term 2 for Years 7-12. Please ensure you make your booking/s with the TERM 2 Subject teacher. These changes will be loaded into the MySRC timetable by Monday 18 April, or earlier.

Year 5 parents/carers will meet online with the Classroom teacher only.

The link provided will take you to the full information on the MySRC Parent-Teacher interview page, including how to book your interviews. Please note that you will be unable to make bookings until 7:00am on Tuesday 19 April.   CLICK HERE

Mr Martin Lobb, Acting Deputy Principal - Studies

Dates to Note
Upcoming College Events
2022 Term Dates

Upcoming College Events

Upcoming College Events

Further information, if available can be accessed from the entry date in the MySRC Calendar.

Term 2 Commences – Tuesday 19 April

Bookings Open Parent-Teacher Interviews – Tuesday 19 April

Cross Country Carnival/CaSSSA Trials - Wednesday 20 April

Year 7 NAPLAN Online Training – Wednesday 20 April

Year 9 Retreat - Wednesday 20 April

Swimming Age Championships - Thursday 21 April

Years 10-12 Music, Frozen the Musical – Thursday 21 April

ANZAC Liturgy – Friday 22 April

Years 7 and 12 Big Sister Little Sister Lunchtime Sausage Sizzle – Friday 22 April

School Play, The Final Days of Bedlam – Saturday 23 April

ANZAC Day Public Holiday - Monday 25 April

Year 7 and New Student Track&Field Talent ID Morning - Tuesday 26 April

Rosa Community Mass – Tuesday 26 April

CaSSSA Sport, Rd 1 – Wednesday 27 April

QDU Debating Rd 3 Year 11 – Wednesday 27 April

Music Support Group Meeting – Wednesday 27 April

Year 11 Retreat – Thursday 28 April

Verbis published – Thursday 28 April

QDU Debating Rd 3 Year 9 – Thursday 28 April


Term 2 Community Events to Diary

Memorial Mass – Saturday 14 May

Mother Daughter Dinner – Saturday 21 May

Rita's Longest Lunch - Sunday 12 June

2022 Term Dates

The following dates are listed as the official Term dates for the remainder of 2022. Families will be notified of any specifics relating to these dates such as Student Free Days, or changes that may take place.

Term 2: Tuesday 19 April – Friday 17 June

Term 3: Monday 11 July – Friday 16 September

Term 4: Tuesday 4 October – Friday 25 November

Items that require noting
College Uniform – Term 2
Safe Driving Reminder to Parents and Student Drivers

College Uniform – Term 2

Blazers – Compulsory for Years 10-12 students Terms 2 and 3

All Years 10-12 students are required to wear the College Blazer daily in Terms 2 and 3, including two and from school. 

The Boutique sells Blazer Pockets and Brown Buttons for students that need to update their blazer from the gold buttons and the old pocket – you may also place an order for these via the Online Boutique. 

Other items for the colder season

The College Jumper may be worn with the Formal Uniform and the Sports Uniform.

Opaque Brown Stockings may be worn with the Formal Uniform. This includes Year 5 students.

College scarfs are available.

College Tracksuits: May be worn by Year 5 students to and from school on their designated weekly sports days. Years 7-12 students are only allowed to be worn with the sports uniform and not to and from school. Years 7-12 students are to change into their tracksuit, at school, prior to their PE lesson.

Safe Driving Reminder to Parents and Student Drivers

Please continue to take extra caution in Enderley Road and the surrounding streets and adhere to Council laws and the provisions of the Traffic Management Plan, not only at drop off and pick up times, but also when attending meetings or College events. We thank all drivers for their commitment to keep our students safe and for your respect for our neighbours’ properties.

  • The approach to the College in Enderley Road is a 40km maximum speed zone during the hours of 7:00-9:00am and 2:00-4:00pm.
  • The Enderley Road Crossing is operational between the hours of 7:45am to 8:45am and from 2:45pm to 3:45pm, when the Crossing Supervisor is present and the flags are in place. During these hours, all students and any parents who need to come on to campus are to only use the Crossing.
  • The Drop-off and Pick-up zones on the College side of Enderley Road are two minute zones only. Please do not park and leave your vehicle unattended for any length of time in these zones. 
  • There are NO Drop-off or Pick-up zones on the opposite side of Enderley Road.
  • No stopping or parking is allowed in yellow lined areas in Enderley Road. Ignoring the yellow lined areas is a traffic infringement and can attract a fine. It has been particularly disappointing to see these areas used as driver 'change over' areas for learner drivers, and parents repeatedly using the areas for Drop-off and Pick-up.
  • Double Parking is illegal, regardless of whether the driver is in the vehicle.
  • Please respect access to driveways for residents when parking.


Studio Concerts

Date Claimer: The mid-year Studio Concerts for students enrolled in instrumental music tuition have been rescheduled to Sunday 15 May 2022.

Further information will be communicated over the coming weeks.


Cross Country Carnival/CaSSSA Trials – Wednesday 20 April

Due to the cancellation of the Interhouse Cross Country Carnival, the revised Cross Country Carnival/CaSSSA Trials will be held on Wednesday 20 April at Kalinga Park, commencing at 7:00am. The structure of the carnival will be as follows and registration is essential. All students competing MUST register their intention to compete by clicking HERE. Nominations will close 9:00am Tuesday 19 April.

  • 7:00am: 16 & 17 years & over
  • 7:30am: 14 & 15 years
  • 8:00am: 12 & 13 years
  • 8:30am: 11 years & under

Students may be dropped off at either the College or at Kalinga Park. There will be four buses departing the College at the following times, for the varying age groups.

  • 16 & 17 years departing at 6.30am
  • 14 & 15 years departing at 7.00am
  • 12 & 13 years departing at 7.30am
  • 11 years & under departing at 8:00am

The buses will transport all students back to the College for a normal school day.

While we understand that the early start times may be difficult for some families, we do encourage attendance from all students. It is of particular importance to have a large number of Year 7s and 8s, as you are yet to run in a Cross Country Carnival and it is primarily from this Carnival that we will select the College’s preliminary CaSSSA squad to compete in the CaSSSA Championships. 

Age Champions will be awarded. House points will be available and a House Champion will be awarded. Points will be awarded ranging from 40 – 6 for 1st place to 30th. From 30th position, 1 point will be awarded for any finished up until the cut off time which is listed below. Any student not finished by the below cut off time will not be awarded any points but can still complete the course.

  • 11 & Under – 15 minutes
  • 12 – 13 years – 21 minutes
  • 14 – 18 years – 28 minutes

All students wishing to compete in the Carnival MUST register their intention to compete by clicking HERE. Nominations will close 9:00am Tuesday 19 April.

Swimming Age Championships – Thursday 21 April, 3:30pm-6:00pm, Acqua Rosa Pool

The events contested will be:

  • 100 Freestyle (Under 12 – 17 Over)
  • 50m Butterfly (Under 10 – 17 Over)
  • 50m Backstroke (Under 10 – 17 Over)
  • 50m Breaststroke (Under 10 – 17 Over)
  • 50m Freestyle (Under 10 – 17 Over)
  • 200m Individual Medley (Under 12 – 17 Over)

Registration is essential. Students competing must complete the Registration Form by 9:00am Wednesday 20 April. Full information of the meet is carried on the Registration site.

Please register by clicking HERE

(If you don’t have times for a particular event, please enter 00.00)

Track & Field – Year 7 and New Student Talent ID Morning Tuesday 26 April

With Track & Field (T&F) commencing soon we are conducting a Talent ID morning specifically for Year 7 students and any new student to the College. The talent ID morning will be held Tuesday 26 April, from 6.30am to 8.30am, in Assumpta Pavilion.  This ID morning is not open to Year 5 students.

A series of stations will test a range of abilities from strength, to speed and power. These will be helpful in allowing our coaches to observe ability and guide students into the right events for their abilities. It will also assist students in deciding which Track & Field events they may wish to participate in at the carnival latert in the year.

EVERY Year 7 student and new Secondary Year level students are welcome/encouraged to attend.

Please complete the Registration form by 9:00am Friday 22 April.  Click HERE

Major Community Events - Term 2
Memorial Mass
Mother Daughter Dinner
Rita's Longest Lunch - Date Claimer

Memorial Mass

Mother Daughter Dinner

Mothers and Daughters across all Year levels are invited to attend the College Mother Daughter Dinner at the RNA Convention Centre on Saturday 21 May. The evening is a popular College tradition.

Please note if organising a table, that a maximum of 10 persons only is permitted. There is no ability for the venue to be flexible with this condition.

Book Tickets here

Mother Daughter Book Tickets

Rita's Longest Lunch - Date Claimer

Rita's Longest Lunch will be held on Sunday 14 June and is a popular College tradition. Presented in the traditional European Long Lunch style, this is one of the College's best days out. It's BYO fare - anything from Uber to fine cuisine - with drinks purchased at the Bar. Live music to enjoy; lots of chatter and a sensational afternoon.

Full details and booking information will be released soon.