Fees for St Rita’s College are issued per Semester and are payable within 30 days. Accounts are forwarded in January and July.

Tuition Fees
Years 7 to 12$7,800 per annum
Additional Fees
Technology Levy$735 per annum
Textbook Hire$155 per annum
Parents and Friends Levy$100 per annum per family. Used to support the fundraising activities of the P&F. All fundraising is provided back to the College for the provision of resources.
Master Plan Levy$400 per annum per family. This compulsory levy supports the refurbishment and development of existing College buildings and facilities, as detailed in the College Master Plan.
Alumnae Levy$20
Enrolment Fees (non-refundable)
Enrolment Application Fee$100
Confirmation Fee$1,000 two instalments of $500 payable within 12 months of offer.
Commencement Fee$1000 due by March in the year prior to the commencement of the student. Amount will be deducted from the first year of school fees.
Additional Expenses
Camps and RetreatsYear 7 $315
Year 8 $450
Year 9 $460
Year 10 $355
Year 11 $170
Year 12 $165
Biology Camp Year 11 Biology students only $120
Live & Learn ProgramYear 11 C3 Business, TVP and Hospitality students only $470
Drive Safe Program & First AidYear 12 TVP Students only $150
Private Music and/or Speech & Communication Tuition
Years 7 to 12As set by the Tutor. Billed and payable independently from the College accounts.