Our Houses Student Life


Patron: St Rita of Cascia
Crest: The Winter rose is a symbol of St Rita and the miracle attributed to her. This symbol reminds us that joy, hope and life are possible beyond suffering.
Colour: Gold
Motto: Veni Vidi Vici – I Came I Saw I Conquered


Patron: Sister Mary Ann Collins, pbvm – second Superior of the Presentation Order
Crest: The open book of learning symbolises the preeminent ministry of the Presentation Order: education of the poor. Education was the key to Catholic liberation in Ireland both socially and politically. After Nano Nagle’s death, it was Sr Mary Ann Collins who guided the Sisters to keep Nano’s vision alive through very difficult times.
Colour: Purple
Motto: In Scientia Autem Opportunum – In Knowledge there is Opportunity


Patron: Mother Gabriel Hogan, pbvm
Crest: The old school house symbolises the life work of Mother Gabriel Hogan, pbvm. One of the first students enrolled at St Rita’s College, Mother Gabriel Hogan joined the Presentation Order and served as Mistress of Novices for eleven years, Queensland Superior General for 18 years and President of the Australian Presentation Society for 12 years. The grounds at the front of the College, Hogan Place – affectionately known as The Flat – are also named after Mother Gabriel.
Colour: Pink
Motto: Modo In Actione Leni Firmaverunt – Resolute in Action: Gentle in Manner


Patron: Nano Nagle
Crest: Kildare means ‘Church of the Oak’. The crest bears the image of the mighty Oak tree, a symbol of life and strength from humble beginnings. The spread of the Presentation Order throughout the world is often described as a story ‘from acorn to oak’ and the Presentation Sisters in Queensland trace their origins to Longreach through Wagga Wagga and the Mother House in Kildare, Ireland. In March 1874, prior to their departure for Australia, five Sisters each planted an Oak tree in the grounds of the convent in Kildare. Two of these Oaks remain today.
Colour: Teal
Motto: Vires Et Augmentum – Strength and Growth


Patron: Mary, the Mother of God
Crest: The crest bears the image of Mary. She was a women of humble beginnings who experienced poverty and oppression during her life in 1st Century Palestine. She is a model of faithfulness and openness to the call of God in our lives.
Colour: Blue
Motto: Nulli Secundus – Second to None

Nagle House

Patron: Nano Nagle
Crest: The lantern is a symbol associated with the ministry of Nano Nagle amongst the sick and poor of Cork. It symbolises the responsibility of all Presentation people to bring life and hope to others, especially those in need. The light of God’s love shines even in the darkest places.
Colour: Green
Motto: Excelsior – Ever Upward


Patron: St Rita of Cascia
Crest: The bee, the rose and the two figs are three significant symbols of St Rita’s life. They relate to three miracles prominent in her life and symbolise a life graced by God. As the Saint of Impossible Causes, St Rita reminds us that nothing is impossible for God.
Colour: Orange
Motto: Nos Amore Studeant – With Love We Shall Strive


Patron: St Francis Xavier
Crest: The ship bearing the cross and Bible on the sails symbolises the ministry of St Francis Xavier. A co-founder of the Society of Jesus, St Francis Xavier travelled to parts of Asia, most notably India and Japan, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. One of the first Presentation Sisters to arrive in Australia in 1866, Mother M. Francis Xavier Murphy, pbvm, also took his name.
Colour: Red
Motto: Primus Inter Pares – First Amongst Equals