Fees Enrolments

Fee Accounts for St Rita’s College are issued per annum in January and are payable by the second week of each Semester. A discount is offered for payments made in full prior to 1 March. Periodic payment arrangements can be made from credit cards or via direct debit. Parents looking for alternative payment arrangements over an extended period of time are referred to Edstart.

Tuition Fees
$8,190 per annum
Additional Fees
Technology Levy
$770 per annum
Textbook Hire
$160 per annum
Parents and Friends Levy
$100 per annum, per family. Used to support the fundraising activities of the P&F. All fundraising is provided back to the College for the provision of resources.
Master Plan Levy
$420 per annum per family. This compulsory levy supports the refurbishment and development of existing College buildings and facilities, as detailed in the College Master Plan.
Alumnae Levy
Enrolment Fees (non-refundable)
Enrolment Application Fee
Confirmation Fee
$1,000 two instalments of $500 payable within 12 months of offer.
Commencement Fee
$1000 due by March in the year prior to the commencement of the student. Amount will be deducted from the first year of school fees.
Additional Expenses
Camps and Retreats
Year 7 $335
Year 8 $320
Year 9 $340
Year 10 $365
Year 11 $170
Year 12 $165
Biology Camp
Year 11 Biology students only $125
Live & Learn Program
Year 11 C3 Business, TVP and Hospitality students only $430
Private Music and Speech & Communication Tuition
Music Ensembles Levy
$135 per annum
Individual Music Lessons
$300 per Term
Group Music Lessons
$185 per Term
Music Theory Lessons
$70 per Term
Speech and Communication
As set by Tutor. Billed and payable independently from the College accounts.

Payment Options

Periodical Payments of School Fees via Bank Account or Credit Card

Periodic payment of school fees can be made over a 10 month period from February to November.  Payment can be made from either your bank account or credit card account.  There is a separate form to complete for each which are required to be returned by mid-February each year.  Estimates of the periodic payments, including family discounts, (but excluding cocurricular charges) are as follows:

Students 4 x Quarterly payments 10 x Monthly payments 20 x Fortnightly payments 40 x Weekly payments
1 Student
2 Students
3 Students

Online Payment via Credit Card

Payments can also be made via credit card on our online portal, the link to the secure portal is https://sis.stritas.qld.edu.au.

COVID-19 Financial Support 

Please click here to access the Expression of Interest for Financial Support form.


Should you have any questions relating to account payments, please direct these to the Accounts Receivable Officer – on 3862 1615 or via email accounts@stritas.qld.edu.au.