Student Leadership Student Life

All Year 12 students have a leadership role in that they are the seniors in their House Group. We believe all girls have the capacity to lead. We therefore invite all seniors to nominate for leadership within their House.

The Student Executive consists of the College Captain and two Vice Captains. They represent the College at all formal occasions, speak at Assemblies and organise various student functions.

The eight Houses of the College each has two House Captains.

Each student is expected to show leadership within their House. Senior students take responsibility for leadership in a nominated area such as academic advice, liturgy, sports, arts, media and communication, events and hospitality, or for a specific period of time, e.g. a nominated Term. Girls from other Year levels are welcome to volunteer leadership in areas of interest and/or need. Each House has adopted a Presentation Ministry and a Wellbeing initiative. The Head of House oversees these outreach initiatives in conjunction with the Deputy Principal - Students and the Assistant Principal – Mission. The Houses of St Rita’s College raise awareness and funds for these underprivileged communities and charitable organisations in the knowledge that as privileged people in this vast world, and as a student of St Rita’s College, we must realise our responsibility to share what we have and can do to make our world a better place.