Bursaries Enrolments

The St Rita’s College Bursary program supports education opportunities for students in Years 7-12 from families who, without financial assistance, would not be able to afford a St Rita’s College education. The program recognises excellence or high potential in academic, music or sporting disciplines. Applications are not open to current students of the College.

Applications for Bursaries for Years 7-12 2025 entry are now open.

Applying for a Bursary is a simple process with applicants required to lodge their application with the College by Friday 24 November, 2023

  • Applications Open Date: 16 October, 2023
  • Application Close Date: 24 November, 2023
  • Notification Date: 28 February, 2024

Enquiries are welcome to enrol@stritas.qld.edu.au 

About the St Rita’s Bursary Program

Nano Nagle was the founder of the Presentation Sisters, whose courage and hope in providing education to the poor children of the City of Cork was unfailing during the Penal Laws era of the eighteenth century. Along with that of St Rita of Cascia, after whom St Rita’s College is named, Nano Nagle’s mission and vision for the education of women and girls continues to provide guidance to the St Rita’s College community. 

In following in the footsteps of Nano Nagle, a small number of Bursaries are offered by the College. The Nano Nagle Bursary program specifically supports education to girls from families who without financial assistance would not be able to attend St Rita’s and experience the benefits of a St Rita’s College education. When awarding a Bursary, financial need is taken into consideration. The program, therefore, is means tested. 

Applications are open to non-St Rita's College students across the entry Year levels of 7-12 and can be applied in the categories of Academic, Music or Sports performance. 

The College Principal and Bursary Management Committee have stewardship over disbursements made for the programs.

Bursaries are awarded for one or more years and not more than a maximum of six years. A Bursary awarded for a period longer than one year will be subject to annual review by the Principal.

A Bursary may be awarded for 25%-100% remission of tuition fees.

The Bursary amount is not paid by any means to the student or parent/guardian. The monies are applied from St Rita’s College Ltd and credited to the fee account of the student. The College holds the right to revoke a Bursary should information leading to the awarding of a Bursary be found to be false or misleading or the awarded student is found to be in breach of College policies.

Minimum eligibility criteria:

Academic: Evidence of school academic reports for the past three years

Music: Minimum of Grade 5 AMEB held at time of application and audition if shortlisted

Sport: Minimum of State Representation held at time of application


  • Submission of the St Rita’s College Bursary Application by the end of December, 2023. Late applications are not accepted.
  • Copies of parental/guardian taxation returns; a statement of assets, liabilities, income and expenditure for the previous 12 months; bank statements not more than 12 months in issue and/or government agency payment information submitted with St Rita’s College Bursary Application.
  • If shortlisted Student and Family attend an interview with the Principal.
  • Student will be enrolled at the College for no less than one year.
  • Commitment to the academic and/or cocurricular learning expectations of the College.
  • Student is committed to the Catholic faith.
  • Commitment to involvement in College life.
  • Commitment to the ethos of St Rita’s College.
  • Adherence to all aspects of the Student Behaviour Code.
  • Student is an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia.