2024 - Our Year of Courage 2024 - Our Year of Courage

Mon 22 Jan 12:00am

A Message From Our Principal, Mrs Maree Trims

"Each year St Rita’s focuses on a pillar, and for 2024, the pillar is inspired by our patron saint, St Rita. 2024 is to be our Year of Courage. This theme is meant to be challenging whilst offering a great opportunity for growth. Embracing a courageous attitude resonates deeply with my personal journey as I assume this new and exciting role as College Principal. 

As we embark on our Year of Courage it is my wish for each and every member of our College community to embrace a courageous spirit as we strive to be people of actions not words.

To our students - May you embrace the courage to have a go - be curious, engage with big concepts and approach your learning journey with an unwavering spirit of courage, daring to lead, learn, and grow with each passing day. May you courageously seize every opportunity to not just participate, but to actively contribute with all your heart.

To our College staff - May we build upon the strong foundations laid by our predecessors, as we stand on the shoulders of each one who came before us, and strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of College life. Together we will courageously chart new and exciting ways forward in our academic, co-curricular and mission programs and College practices for the benefit of our students and College community.

To our parents and guardians - May we embrace our shared responsibility as we provide a supportive environment and well-rounded education that equips our students with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to realise her potential as compassionate woman of action in a changing modern world.

To our alumnae - May you recognise the power of your shared experiences and courageously connect to one another and to your College to support and inspire our current students and those around you.

As we embark on 2024 let courage be the thread that guides our endeavours and actions. I look forward to your company on this journey.” 

- Mrs Maree Trims, College Principal