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Orientation Information

In a few short months your daughter will commence at St Rita's College and we look forward to welcoming your family as an important member of our College community.

We understand that the transition to a new school can be met with a mix of emotions for both students and parents, so we have prepared the following information to help ease these concerns and prepare families and students for the exciting learning journey ahead.

New Student Orientation Session (Years 8 - 11)

Monday 22 January 2024
9.00am - 12.30pm
41 Enderley Road, Clayfield Qld 4011
Register your daughter's attendance
See additional information below in Important Dates.

Orientation Handbook

The Orientation Handbook provides families with a host of important College information:

  • Important dates and onboarding information
  • Key staff contacts
  • College account credentials, student care information and support accounts
  • Boutique (Uniform Shop) information and ordering
  • Technology device information and ordering
  • Stationery information and ordering
  • Curriculum information
  • Cocurricular Activities
  • Fee information
  • Transport options
  • Pantry (Tuckshop) ordering
  • College expectations and procedures
  • General information about the College
  • Community involvement
  • Campus map

We recommend keeping this book in a handy place until you are familiar with College provisions and routines.

Onboarding Checklist
Activate your College Account
Update your Contact Details
Book a Uniform Fit Out Appointment
Place Stationery Order
Order a Technology Device
IT Connection Session
Cocurricular Music
Cocurricular Sport
Other Cocurricular Opportunities
Set Up an Operoo Profile
Respond to Operoo Requests
Download the QKR! App
FACTS Online Payment Portal
College Communication

Activate your College Account

Over the coming weeks all parents and guardians will receive an email containing onboarding instructions and login credentials for your St Rita’s College parent account.

Once created, this account will allow access to various College systems including:

  • MySRC (Learning Management System and Parent Portal)
  • College Mobile App
  • College Community Portal 

Your daughter's student information will be populated ahead of the new academic year. 

Should you have any questions or experience trouble logging in please contact the St Rita’s College IT Team via

Update your Contact Details

It is important that parents and guardians always keep their contact details up to date, and advise the College of any changes to home and/or work email addresses and telephone numbers. If a parent or guardian needs to be contacted urgently due to illness or accident, telephone is used.

You can update your details via our MySRC portal.

Please note: you may only do this once your MySRC login and password are released to you. Account activation information will be sent directly to your inbox. 

Once your College account is activated, you can review and update your details via MySRC and also ensure emergency contacts are up to date on Operoo (see below).

Book a Uniform Fit Out Appointment

All new students must make a uniform fit out appointment at the College Boutique (Uniform Shop).

If you have daughters commencing at the College, please book separate consecutive appointments for each student.

Please click here to book your Boutique appointment.

Should you have any Boutique questions please contact 

Place Stationery Order

Stationery and workbook requirements are published on the MK Educational Supplies website. If your child already has the required equipment, you do not need to purchase new equipment. The workbooks, however, must be purchased.

Instructions to place order:

  • At the top of the MK Educational Supplies website select St Rita’s College and your child’s Year level, select Girl, then View Book List.
  • Place a tick beside your child’s relevant subjects and tick beside A: General Stationary Requirements (additional to items for selected subjects). Please select all subjects and purchase all equipment listed for your daughter's year level.
  • Show Subjects: to reveal the required equipment and workbooks.

Stationery and workbook orders are due Friday 17 November 2023.

Nominated delivery dates will be shown at the top of the order form and emailed to you at the time of ordering.

  • Home delivery will be from Monday 11 December. A tracking number will be provided once the order is dispatched.
  • Store collection is from Monday 11 December - Saturday 23 December only, between 9.00am to 5.00pm (9.00am to 2.00pm Saturday).

The stationery items listed are the minimum requirements. Parents and Guardians are welcome to purchase suppliers other than MK Educational Supplies. Where brand, style or model is noted, this exact item must be purchased.

Order a Technology Device

The College operates a Bring Your Own Device program (BYOD) for students in Years 7-12. Parents and Guardians can choose to purchase a device independently or through our IT provider, Datacom.

The College preference for students is an Apple Mac device. The minimum requirement for each student is a primary device that has a SSD Hard Drive of 256GB and running an M2 Chip. It is recommended to purchase Apple Care+ Program.

School software provided: Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Antivirus Protection.

Datacom Purchasing Portal 

The Datacom Purchasing Portal lists all Apple Mac device options and accessories that are suitable for the College’s curriculum. Each laptop is bundled with a high-quality protective hardcover case.

Parents and guardians can visit the Datacom purchasing portal and create an account to purchase a device. Please use Access Code: saintr2023 to access the portal website, prior to setting up your account. 

Alternatively, please contact Datacom via or 07 3199 9269.

Laptop Collection Day

Parents and Guardians who purchase a device through Datacom will receive information and updates regarding collection dates. Devices will be available for pick up from the St Rita’s College Library.

Collection dates are subject to change, pending supply chain delivery:

  • Tuesday 28 November 2023
  • Thursday 14 December 2023
  • Tuesday 16 January 2024

Datacom representatives will be onsite on collection day to assist with any questions.

IT Connection Session

All new students will participate in an IT Connection Session as part of their orientation session on Monday 22 January 2024. 

Students are to bring their device for connection to the College network.

The IT Connection Session  will cover:

  • Onboarding the device
  • Connection to the College Wireless Network
  • Installation of Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud applications
  • Signing in to Office 365
  • Signing in to MySRC

Cocurricular Music

All new students wishing to enrol in the Music program at St Rita's College are to complete a Music Enrolment Form. 

A separate application should be completed for each instrument to be studied.

All lessons and ensemble rehearsals will commence in Week 2, Term 1 2024.

Please see the College Schedule of Fees for current Music fees.

For further information, please contact the Music Department via 

Cocurricular Sport

Students joining the College can participate in a range of Term 1 Sports, listed below.  

Grading will occur for these sports, and it it preferred if new students can attend gradings to be placed in a suitable team. Further information will be provided once an email is received indicating a sport preference.


Tennis is played on a Saturday Morning, with two trainings held on Tuesday and Thursday Morning before school. Nominations are due by 1 November, with gradings held in the second week of November. Cost $150 for the term.

CaSSSA Sport 

CaSSSA Sport is played on a Wednesday afternoon after school. Students may choose one sport per term. The competition is eight weeks long and all transport and coaching is included. Sport is delivered to differing year levels each term. The offerings are aimed towards Seniors in Terms 1,2 and 3, with Juniors more predominant in Terms 2,3 and 4.

Term 1:  Volleyball, Year 9-12, $150 Fee

Term 1: AFL (16 a Side and 9 a Side), Year 10-12, $150 Fee

Other Term 1 Sporting Opportunities

Social Beach Volleyball: Social Beach Volleyball will run over a six week period in Term 1, played on a Wednesday afternoon at Beach Sports in Shaw Road. Transport is provided and the cost is $100

Swimming: The College competes each year against the six other large Catholic Schools in Brisbane, various lead up events are held early in Term 1, as well as the main event on 7 March. Swim Training cost is $200 per Term and there is a $100 fee for CaSSSA Swimming, if successful in making the team.

Swim Camp: An overnight camp will be offered for swimmers aiming to make the CaSSSA Team, held on the Gold Coast 18-19 January this camp will cost $175 per student. Transport, food and accommodation is included.

Cross Country: The College offers Cross Country training three times a week during Term 1 in preparation for the CaSSSA Event in Term 2. Trainings are held in the morning from 6:30am, there is no cost in Term 1 for this training.

Strength and Conditioning: Each term students are able to join the strength and conditioning programme, sessions are available throughout the week for various sports or non sport specific. Cost $100 per term.

Water Polo: Water Polo will be mid season with BWPI fixtures. There is the possibility that positions maybe available to students to join these teams. Cost TBC depending on the Join Date.

If you would like to explore any of these options, please contact the sport office via

Other Cocurricular Opportunities


An invitation to debate will be advertised in Term 1, 2024 and teams will be formed in the first two weeks of the school year.

For further information, please contact Debating Coordinator, Mrs Lorraine Specogna via

Speech and Communication

Private and small group Speech and Communication tuition is available during school hours on a rotational timetable. Fees apply as set by the Tutor and are billed and payable through the College accounts.

For further information, please contact Ms Hannah Jones via

Set Up an Operoo Profile

Operoo is an online consent form and care information platform used to manage health and safety information for our students.

Though the Operoo platform, parents can update student medical information providing College staff with instant access to the most accurate emergency information to assist us in providing care for your daughter. Operoo is also an electronic version of the paper-based forms previously filled in for excursions, camps, etc.

New Families

New parents and guardians will receive an email invitation from the College to join Operoo and to enter student details. The information you enter will only be visible to relevant staff tasked with the care of your daughter and is managed in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 

Please note: Operoo accounts for new families will be created in early November and will be sent directly to your inbox with log in details.

Continuing Families 

Existing student profiles remain the same.

Respond to Operoo Requests

Once you have set up your Operoo profile you will be notified to complete a variety of online consent forms and care information requests including:

  • Camp permission forms
  • Ensure contact details and emergency contact information is up to date
  • Information update for Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)

Parents should not delay in responding to an Operoo request. Matters communicated through Operoo are generally permission-based requests and should be attended to promptly. Response requests from Operoo will continue to be sent to your inbox, on a very frequent basis, until you have attended to the matter.

Download the QKR! App

Qkr! (Pronounced “Quicker”) is a safe, secure and easy way to order school items using a mobile phone or tablet. It allows parents and guardians to pay for Pantry (Tuckshop) and Boutique (Uniform Shop) items using a credit or debit card without pre-loading funds to a third party account.

Download the Qkr! App from the App Store or Google Play and register an account to create student profiles. Note: You may already have a QKR! Account as the platform operates across schools. 

Qkr! App instructions can be accessed here. 

Please note: new families to the College require your daughter's Student ID number to set up your Qkr! account. This information will be available in the new year via MySRC. To locate your daughter's Student ID number click on the information found under 'My Students'.

FACTS Online Payment Portal

The College uses the online payment system, FACTS, for fee payment management.

The FACTS online portal will allow you to establish a payment plan for school fees that suits your circumstances. These options will include Direct Debit and Credit Card payments (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, by Term, bi-annually or annually), or Third Party payment options (for example, payment by another person on your behalf). The system also provides alerts and information to help you manage your payment plan over time. FACTS will also notify parents of any new cocurricular charges to your account, with your payment plan automatically being adjusted and eliminating the need for one-off payments or playing catch up at the end of the school year.

New Families

New families to the College will receive an email invitation to the FACTS online payment portal where you can set up your account. This will be sent in January 2024. FACTS provide dedicated phone support within Australia to assist you in the establishment of your account and with any ongoing enquiries.

Continuing Families 

Continuing family accounts remain the same. Families who have an existing account with FACTS will have their additional student automatically uploaded.


Fees are issued annually in January and are due and payable within 30 days. You may elect to pay your fees in full, up front, or periodically by semester, term, monthly, fortnightly or weekly. All cocurricular activities, camps and excursions are invoiced by Term.

Those looking to finance fees over an extended period of time might like to use Edstart. If for any reason you experience difficulty paying your account please contact the Business Manager, Mr Ed Gleeson, as soon as possible on (07) 3862 1615.

College Communication


The College uses the student learning management system and parent portal, MySRC, to keep students and parents informed. Each parent and guardian has a unique login and your personal login credentials are issued to you via email.

Once logged in to MySRC you will be able to view:

  • Your child’s timetable, classes and teacher email addresses.
  • Due dates for assessable work for each subject, with feedback on the assessment where relevant.
  • Continuous Reporting information.
  • Information on cocurriculuar activities and schedules.
  • Your own contact details for checking (and updating if required).
  • Your child’s House information.
  • College News and the College Calendar.
  • Links to useful College information.
  • Parent support groups you can join (click Join a Group or Activity from the side menu)

St Rita’s College App

The St Rita’s College App is available on Google Play for Android and Apple App Store for iOS. Please download in January so you do not miss any start of year notifications.

It is essential that all parents and guardians download the app on their mobile phones. Once downloaded, you can manage your notification settings and tailor your Year level and Cocurricular subscriptions to your child. Please ensure push notifications are turned on in settings so you don’t miss out on any important notices.

Verbis Newsletter

Verbis is the College newsletter, published online each fortnight and distributed through the College App and MySRC. Parents and Guardians are asked to read the newsletter every fortnight as it is a key source of important information for the whole school community.

Important Dates
New Starters Orientation Session - Monday 22 January 2024
First Day of School

New Starters Orientation Session - Monday 22 January 2024

New Starters Orientation Day

Monday 22 January 2024
9.00am - 12.30pm
41 Enderley Road, Clayfield Qld 4011
Register your daughter's attendance

Dress: Smart casual
Light refreshments will be provided.

This compulsory Orientation Session will cover:

  • Introductions and Campus Tour 
  • Practical College Information 
  • IT Connection
  • Library Connection
  • First day of school logistics

First Day of School

Tuesday 23 January - Years 5, 7, 11 and 12 students commence

Wednesday 24 January - Years 6, 8, 9 and 10 students commence

New students in Years 8-11 are to wear their Formal College Uniform on the first day of school. 

What to bring on the first day of school

Students will be required to bring their stationery and devices on the first day of school. These items are to be placed in their locker which will be assigned to students during the course of their first day on campus. Students are to bring their locker lock, purchased from the College Boutique.

Textbooks are provided digitally through the Box of Books (BoB) online platform. Students will be guided through this process as required with the assistance of library and teaching staff. There is no need for parents or students to do anything with regard to textbooks.

Additional Resources
School TV
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School TV

The St Rita’s College School TV platform provides resources to support the parenting of young people.

SchoolTV resources assist parents and guardians to start conversations on topics that are sometimes awkward or difficult to tackle and help build relationships, foster connections, enable understanding and break down barriers to navigate a pathway towards better mental health and wellbeing for young people.

Through the St Rita’s College School TV platform parents and guardians can access research, videos, fact sheets, books, apps, websites and other resources from leading specialists and organisations on a range of topics.

Check out the school transition resources here.

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