Foreign language excellence lands teachers award and scholarship Foreign language excellence lands teachers award and scholarship

Not only are teachers at St Rita’s College in Clayfield making learning languages enjoyable; they are also giving girls a competitive edge in a very globally connected world.

St Rita’s Head of Languages Carmen Anders was recently acknowledged at a state level when she received a Modern Language Teachers’ Association of Queensland (MLTAQ) Award for her outstanding contribution to language education.

Mrs Anders, who teaches German and Japanese, said she has seen many students carry foreign language skills into life after school. 

“I have been teaching languages for 29 years and these awards are only offered every ten years, so I was very honoured,” she said.


“I really enjoy making students aware of different cultures, religion and traditions from around the world; the students engage in all of the activities and embrace everything they are learning.” 

“It’s always a pleasure when past students, now living all over Europe, contact me speaking the language fluently, working and living overseas, because they say I inspired them to move outside of their comfort zone.” 

Language excellence at St Rita’s hasn’t stopped there, with German Teacher Breanna Daiker recently awarded a scholarship for a month-long educational exchange to Berlin.


Ms Daiker said the opportunity arose after cultural association Goethe-Institut created a forum, support resources and network for young German teachers.

“I applied to be part of this network and as a result was given the opportunity to apply for this scholarship, which is very exciting,” Ms Daiker said.

“I will be completing an intensive language and teaching course held entirely in German, extending my own German knowledge and gaining an insight into the history of Berlin.

“I will also be exposed to different teaching strategies and cultural practices.”

Head of Languages Carmen Anders said Breanna’s exchange would also prove beneficial for St Rita’s students.

“Having lived in a foreign country makes language learning real, and students listen intently to the stories about experiences,” she said.

“Berlin is an amazing city and Bree will be able to share her newly learnt knowledge with students on her return.”