Graduates look to the future after remarkable year of ATAR results Graduates look to the future after remarkable year of ATAR results

Future preparations are underway for the St Rita’s College Class of 2022 after another year of exceptional academic results. 

The graduating class obtained a median ATAR of 88.85, with 19% of students achieving an ATAR above 95 and 40% of students achieving an ATAR above 90*.

Three students also attained a perfect subject score of 100%, topping the class in English and Literature Extension, Drama and Music.

In addition to academic results, the cohort also gained real world qualifications for future pathways. 103 students achieved vocational qualifications, completing either a Diploma, Certificate II, III, IV or a School Based Apprenticeship/Traineeship.

College Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow, with 3 of 5 students who achieved at ATAR above 99: Isabelle Hurree, Jessica Kay and 2022 DUX Klara Morzone. (Not pictured: Lana Gravenall and Roshkan Sadeghi Kashkavij)

Klara Morzone said she was honoured to be the College DUX of 2022, and felt thankful that St Rita’s provided her with support and resources that allowed her to achieve an ATAR of 99.55.

“When I found out I was 2022 DUX, I felt relief and gratitude that my ATAR will allow me to take the next step in pursuing my goal of studying medicine and becoming a doctor,” Klara said.

“I will be studying a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, and am really passionate about bridging the gap in rural healthcare, in aspects such as health education and resource and service accessibility.

“I aimed to achieve a high ATAR so I could keep my options as open as possible when deciding what course and university I would apply to.”

College Principal Mrs Dale Morrow said she was extremely proud of the results achieved by the 2022 cohort.

“They have chosen pathways which are of interest to them and worked hard to achieve the results needed to pursue their nominated career,” Mrs Morrow said.

“St Rita’s students continue to be people of action and I wish them well as they strive to make the world a more compassionate and loving place.”

Fellow graduate Isabelle Hurree said she felt elated when she received an ATAR of 99.45 and a perfect score of 100% in English and Literature Extension, also acknowledging the tireless efforts of her teachers.

“Whether it was early morning Specialist Mathematics tutorials, Chemistry Help, Late Night Library sessions and even willingness to respond to panicked emails, my teachers’ constant availability and encouragement allowed me to ask questions and feel confident in my understanding,” Isabelle said.

“I am certain that my time at St Rita's has fully prepared me to deal with any challenges I might face.” 

Isabelle has been accepted into the The University of Queensland's Bachelor of Mathematics and Engineering. 

When Jessica Kay achieved an ATAR of 99.25, she said the score exceeded her expectations.

“It was due to the dedication of my teachers that I was able to achieve this mark. All of my senior teachers were so helpful as they were always willing to make time,” she said.

Jessica would like to pursue an engineering career in the field of mechatronics and looks forward to continuing learning to code at university.

Graduate Lana Gravenall received an ATAR of 99.15 and said her teachers were a constant voice of reassurance and motivation during Year 12. 

“This year I am undertaking the Dean’s Scholars Bachelor of Business course at Queensland University of Technology and I have been very grateful to receive an academic excellence scholarship alongside,” Lana said. 

“My dream career goal is to be a CEO one day and lead a company that tackles challenges in our world today.”

*Academic results are based on 90% of the 2022 student cohort who shared their ATAR results.

Photographs: Sylvia Rodda (Year 11 Screen & Media Trainee)