St Rita's celebrates outstanding first year of ATAR results St Rita's celebrates outstanding first year of ATAR results

The St Rita’s College Clayfield graduating class of 2020 had plenty to celebrate following the release of Queensland’s ATAR results.

Eight students received an ATAR of 99 or above, placing them in the top 1% of the State.

Additionally, 24% of students received an ATAR of 95 or above, 44% of students received 90 or above, and four students received a perfect score of 100% across five subjects.

College Principal Mrs Dale Morrow said she was extremely proud of these results.

“In a year of immense change to the way of life for our Year 12 students, they have coped exceptionally well with the disruptions that came their way throughout the year and we commend them on their sense of comradery and willingness to adapt to the necessary changes,” Mrs Morrow said.

“The girls worked incredibly hard, showing courage and tenacity throughout the year and achieving outcomes they can all be proud of.”

Year 12 student Jisha Menon was awarded Dux of the College and said despite an unprecedented year, she was thrilled with her ATAR outcome.

“I was both humbled and honoured to receive my ATAR score and the Dux Award; the challenging Year 12 journey culminated in a joyous morning,” she said. 

“It was gratifying knowing that the sacrifices I had made throughout the year had paid off and I had attained a score that had only previously existed in dreams.”

2020 Dux of St Rita's College, Jisha Menon

Jisha, also a 2020 Academic Captain, said she had thoroughly enjoyed her schooling years at St Rita’s.

“My highlights at school were centred around activities where the St Rita’s community was involved - particularly sporting carnivals, music events and house initiatives,” she said. “I cherished the strength of the support offered by the St Rita’s sisterhood at College events and as such, I strived to contribute back to College life wherever I could.

“As one of the 2020 Academic Captains, it was fulfilling to see our community getting involved in our initiatives that has hopefully promoted healthy academic competition that will continue to thrive in coming years.”

Jisha plans on studying in the field of science this year.

“I aspire to work in the healthcare field in the future, with specific goals to improve the standard of oral health in Australia using new technologies and innovation,” she said.

“Pursuing a science-related degree will gradually introduce me to gaps we have in our knowledge about healthcare so I can strive to address these once I graduate.” 

2020 was the first year the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) replaced the Overall Position (OP) system in Queensland, following four years of preparation since the announcement in 2015.

Graduates will now eagerly await University offers, scheduled for release this month.