St Rita’s College Principal receives National award for contribution to education St Rita’s College Principal receives National award for contribution to education

St Rita’s College Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow, has been announced as a National Fellowship recipient in acknowledgement of exceptional educational leadership.

Fellowships are awarded by the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) to those whose work has influenced educational practice at a national and/or international level.

This is the second time Mrs Morrow has been formally acknowledged by ACEL, receiving a Queensland Fellowship in 2020 for her achievements in educational leadership.

Award recipients are selected from the state system, Catholic and independent schools, professional associations, universities and supporting organisations.

Dale Morrow accepts her Fellowship at the ACEL 37th Annual National Awards Ceremony in Sydney.

Dale Morrow was one of only four National Fellowship awardees recognised for their outstanding contribution to the improvement of student and organisational outcomes.

“I am honoured to have been nominated and to receive this National Fellowship,” she said.

“I would like to acknowledge the thousands of teachers who work every day to ensure that our future generations are well-educated and can contribute to a brighter future for all.

“Education is the key to empowerment and it remains a most noble profession; it is important for the profession to be acknowledged for the work it does in helping support the development of young people to be full and active members of our society,” Mrs Morrow said.

“As the world changes and adapts to new situations, so too does education.”

Dale Morrow has remodelled a number of curricular, pastoral, cocurricular and cultural aspects of St Rita’s College to meet the needs of young people in an ever-changing world.

She was the founding president of the Nagle Education Association of Australia, is a board member of the Catholic Secondary Schools Sporting Association (CaSSSA), holds positions in the Queensland Catholic Education Commission and is a member of the Education Reference group. Dale is also a member of the inaugural Committee of Religious Institute and Ministerial PJP Schools Authorities Australia (CORMSAA) group, a member of the ACEL and the Alliance of Girls’ Schools.

Prior to her position at St Rita’s, she implemented a comprehensive VET program at Marist College Ashgrove which catered for rural (boarding), Indigenous, overseas and local students.

Mrs Morrow accepted her award at the ACEL 37th Annual National Awards Ceremony in Sydney last month.