Year 9 students mean business with College Carnival ventures Year 9 students mean business with College Carnival ventures

Business is an integral part of our lives, and understanding how varied entities operate is at the core of study undertaken by Year 9 Business and Enterprise students.

As part of their practical understanding, students are well underway planning and producing products they will sell at the St Rita’s College Carnival this weekend.

Sales projections, cost pricing, break even analysis, marketing and stock control are just some of the areas students have explored to ensure each business is a success and returns a profit.

Year 9 students said they found the experience both fun and challenging.

“It taught us the importance of problem-solving and the ability to adapt to changes in plan,” Elyse said.

“We learnt about all different aspects of business, like how to manufacture a product and just how much effort goes into creating a business,” fellow student Ella said. 

One group, whose focus was a jewellery brand, said they were excited to develop their skills in sales and were grateful for the opportunity to create their own business in a comfortable environment. 

“We learnt about accounting, marketing and manufacturing our own products,” the Bracelets & Co team said.

The Soothing Salts & Co team agreed, stating they were looking forward to their product hitting the stalls at Carnival. 

“We think this Business Venture unit has provided us with valuable skills for the business world.”

Teacher Judith Edwards said the energy and enthusiasm of the class was fabulous as they worked together to create their businesses.

“Carnival day brings its own special experience as students deal with customers and competition from other businesses,” Mrs Edwards said.

Business and Enterprise students are encouraged to be life-long learners and to obtain knowledge and skills that will continue to benefit them into their senior years and beyond.

The St Rita’s College Carnival (presented by Oliver Jonker Real Estate) will be held on Sunday 31 July from 10:00am – 4:00pm. Click here for more information.