Religious Education Religious Education

The fascination of diversity, the exploration of history, the evolution of the myriad of faiths, the importance of beliefs, the philosophy of kindness. It is who we are; where we came from – the social science of faiths and beliefs that weave the wondrous tapestry that is the people of the world.

At St Rita’s College, we share and promote the Vision for Religious Education articulated by Brisbane Catholic Education. This vision emphasises the complementarity of the two dimensions of religious formation: religious literacy through classroom teaching and learning of Religion and faith formation through the teaching and experience of the Religious Life of the College.

Religious Education is the learning heart of a Catholic school. Our students develop knowledge, understanding, skills and positive outlooks about Christianity in the Catholic tradition in dialogue with other religious worldviews.

In a world that is fast becoming a ‘global village’ what is learnt in Religious Education is invaluable in allowing young people to appreciate diversity and develop a range of formative and educative experiences that support their overall development and growing religious self-understanding and spirituality.

St Rita’s has a student demographic that stems from many different religious and social backgrounds. Our vibrant lessons are abuzz with dialogue that challenges and inspires service to others and engagement with the Church and the world. Through their Religious Education studies, St Rita's students can become informed and active contributors to faith community and global citizenship. 

Where can it take me?

Religious Education brings faith into dialogue with life. It has the capacity to be a source of wisdom, stimulate lifelong learning, and provide a means to personal transformation.

Because of its ability to open minds to the diversity and complexities of the world around us, foundations in Religious Education can aid many career paths including Law, anthropology, social work, the arts, education, the not-for-profit sector and of course religious vocations.

Colour St Catherine!

Who is the Patron Saint of Female Students?

St Catherine of Alexandria

Catherine of Alexandria was born of a noble family in the time of the Roman persecution of Christians. She attempted to persuade Emperor Maxentius to stop persecuting Christians. He called upon his scholars to debate with her and prove her wrong, but instead, Catherine converted all of them. The emperor then had her executed. Her feast day is 25 November.