Verbis - Term 1, Edition 2 2023 Verbis - Term 1, Edition 2 2023

16 February 2023

Year of Simplicity - Travelling Lightly

From our College Leadership Team
Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow

Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow

Dear Parents and Carers

I would like to thank the parents who attended the Housewarming evening this week and the Years 5 and 6 Parent Information Evening on Tuesday. It was wonderful to host you at the College, and a great opportunity for you to meet your daughters’ House Group teachers, Head of House, Senior students and Primary teachers. Students have had an excellent start to the year, with Year 12 students leading a number of initiatives within their Houses already.

With the pillar of Simplicity being our theme this year, I was reminded of a book by James Wallman, who is described as a cultural commentator and 'trend forecaster'. He wrote a book entitled Stuffocation: Living More With Less. In it, he encourages people to ask themselves the following questions: How often do I use my possessions? How much stuff do I really need? Do my things give me experiences and make me happy, or are they bringing hassle, debt, stress and depression? While the book was written some years ago, the points he makes and the questions he poses are as relevant today as they were when he wrote it. 'Stuff' does not make people happy – but living an experiential life does. Wallman offers a number of rules for leading a more fulfilled life, some of which include: enjoying the journey of living by being in every moment, i.e., whatever you are involved in, dive into it completely so that being focused you forget any lingering sense of self-consciousness;  put people first because it is important that others know they are cared for; and lastly, choose life, choose experience, rather than acting as people who are defined by what they own. In his estimation, Wallman believes that consumerism leads us to forgetting what really matters in life. 

I would like to thank the community for the many generous good wishes I have received following the recent announcement of my retirement from the role of Principal of St Rita’s at the end of 2023. I feel very humbled to have led this amazing community for the past 15 years and I can assure you that the College Board has a very sound process in place to ensure that my successor will lead the College with great competence and enthusiasm. If you have any questions, my door is always open. The College Board is also happy to address any questions you may have by emailing

Staffing Updates

Ms Catherine Allen will be Acting Principal for six weeks while I take leave in the last three weeks of Term 1 and the first three weeks of Term 2.

Simmone Irvine has been appointed as Acting Deputy Principal - Students for six weeks. Mr Richard de Kretser and Mrs Anna Roberts have tendered their resignations. We thank them both for their wonderful service to the College and wish them well in their future endeavours.  

God bless

Mrs Dale Morrow

Primary Years
Head of Primary, Ms Georgina Howard
Primary Uniform
Primary House Assembly - 7 February

Head of Primary, Ms Georgina Howard

In the Primary Years, our students are working hard in learning about the qualities that support effective learning. As part of their journey to becoming independent learners, our Year 5 and Year 6 students are learning about our five Primary Learner Qualities. 

As a Researcher, students strive to:

  • Use research strategies to source information
  • Organise research notes; and
  • Use the Fly Hunt Strategy.

As an Organiser, students work towards:

  • Being prepared for learning
  • Being organised in class; and
  • Completing tasks in a set time.

As an Applier, students aim to:

  • Have a Growth Mindset; and
  • Try their best in all areas of learning.

As a Reflector, students actively:

  • Reflect on and respond to teacher feedback
  • Ask questions to clarify understanding; and
  • Reflect and focus on learning goals.

As an Achiever, students:

  • Use Criteria to improve their learning; and
  • Actively work towards learning goals.

In our Primary classrooms, students and teachers will focus on one Learner Quality each week, with all students striving to embody the Learner Quality in all areas of their learning. On Fridays, we will present our Learner Quality Awards, with one student from each class receiving an award for demonstrating this quality in class.

We are very proud of our first Learning Quality Award recipients:

In Year 5, our Organiser award was presented to Abigail Edwards, Chloe Martin and Alessandra Van Gerwen.

In Year 6, our Applier award was presented to Ruby Zamora, Charlotte Miller and Mia McTighe.

Our recipients are standing in front of our ‘Lifting Up Together’ Wall.

Primary Uniform

In being members of our College community, Primary Years students follow the College Uniform Guide. Please refer to the Guide for all uniform requirements.

We note that many Primary students have grown over the holidays. With the Formal Uniform Skort being an essential part of our Primary uniform, please ensure your daughter’s hem is no more than 2.5cm above the knee at all times. Skorts will need to be re-hemmed as your daughter grows and provision has been made for this periodic alteration in the skort design.

Click Here for the Uniform Guide.

Primary House Assembly - 7 February

Our Primary House Representatives facilitated a wonderful Primary House Assembly last week. Students worked together in their Houses to learn about their House Prayer.

Year 6 students, as leaders of our Primary Years, led the activities and were encouraging and supportive peers. It was lovely to hear the conversations within each House as students discussed their motto, crest and prayers.

Each House created a large prayer poster for our shared space and 6 individual posters for each of our classrooms.

What You Need to Know
Notice of St Rita’s Parents & Friends, Annual General Meeting
Upcoming Dates to Note
WalkOut – Sunday 26 March, 8:30am to midday
Service Rosters

Notice of St Rita’s Parents & Friends, Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 28 February 2023, 6:00pm, Orana Room, Trinity Building

All current parents of St Rita’s College are invited to attend the Parents & Friends Annual General Meeting being held on Tuesday 28 February 2023 commencing at 6:00pm.

Committee Nominations Open

The P&F provides an essential support resource for parents of the College in sharing information relevant to the education being provided by the College and support to College projects and initiatives. Being involved in the P&F is an enjoyable and rewarding way to take an active interest and involve yourself in the College and support your daughter’s education.

All positions on the committee are open for nomination at the AGM. There are many skills and interests among our parent community and taking a position on the P&F Executive doesn’t necessarily mean overburdening already full lives.

Nominations are called for the P&F Executive Committee 2023 positions of:

  • President: Convenes meetings and ensures attendees are given chances to speak.
  • Vice President: Supports President by chairing meetings in their absence and coordinates sponsorship opportunities.
  • Secretary: Prepares Agenda and Records minutes.
  • Treasurer: Keeps records of all receipts and expenditure and presents a financial report at meetings
  • Committee Members x 6: Support the roles of the above as required.

Please nominate electronically at this link: CLICK HERE

There is no requirement to register for a position to be eligible to attend the AGM. We welcome parents to all P&F meetings, regardless of whether they are on the formal committee.  

Kind regards 

Mr Cosi De Angelis, P&F President

Upcoming Dates to Note

  • Thursday 16 February - Years 7-9 Parent Session: Support Your Child with their Studies
  • Friday 17 February – Semester 2 2022 Academic Assembly Presentations
  • Friday 17 February – Year 5 Excursion
  • Friday 17 February – Age Swimming Championships
  • Sunday 19 - Tuesday 21 February – Year 11 Sofitel Live & Learn
  • Monday 20 February – Year 8 Excursion (8.4, 8.5, 8.6)
  • Tuesday 21 February – Hogan and Xaverian Community Mass
  • Tuesday 21 February – P&F Meeting
  • Wednesday 22 - Friday 24 February – Year 7 Camp
  • Monday 27 February – College Photo Day
  • Tuesday 28 February – P&F Annual General Meeting
  • Wednesday 1 March – Music Support Group Annual General Meeting
  • Wednesday 1 March - Years 5-6 Parent Session: Support Your Child with their Studies
  • Thursday 2 March – Year 6 Excursion
  • Thursday 2 March – Volleyball Intermedia Schools Cup Trial
  • Friday 3 March – Water Polo Presentation Evening

WalkOut – Sunday 26 March, 8:30am to midday

WalkOut is a compulsory Mission and Community event for all Years 5-12 students of the College. The Walk commences at John Wren Oval, Sixth Avenue, Kedron and proceeds along the Kedron Brook Bikeway to the College. WalkOut raises funds for student nominated charities. Each student is asked to give the minimum of a gold coin donation to the charity of their preference. Students and their families are very welcome to give more than a gold coin and/or support more than one charity.  Our fundraising will be warmly received by these charities.

This year’s theme is Music & Movie Madness – dress up in something associated with the Movies and/or Music!

A modified version of the Walk is set for Primary Years students (details will come from Ms Howard).  

Thanks are extended to Mrs Carla Burns for the coordination of the many parents who assist with WalkOut, and our thanks are equally extended to each of these parents. ‘Showstoppers’, with awards for the most innovative in costume is held on arrival back at the College. A Sausage Sizzle and drinks will be on sale, organised by the Sports Subcommittee.

Service Rosters

Big Brekky

Students are to meet the supervising staff member at Student Services at 5.55am. Students are to wear modest comfortable clothing.

Tuesday 21 Feb: Mrs Tuite will accompany Rachel Copsey, Hannah Woods, Amy Hawker and Ava Wright

Tuesday 28 Feb: Mr Ryan will accompany Tilly Morrow, Heidi Lynch, Zoe Dalton and Ali Nightingale

Tuesday 7 Mar: Mrs Balfe will accompany Sarah Gallagher, Courtney Tucker, Mia Hunt and Eva Formosa- Kerr

Homework Club

Students will meet their supervising staff member in classrooms S07 and S08 after school.

Tuesday 21 February: Annabelle Roach, Milan Brook, Bronte Flook, Gabi Canty, Ruby Austin, Ava Duggin, Lucy Swan, Abby Burke, Phoebe Shave, Emma Powell, Kate Brandt and Ava Taylor

Tuesday 28 February: Liliana Osborne, Celeste Ansell, Georgia Lobb, Beth Taylor, Kate Brandt, Lucy Thomsen, Sarah Thambiran, Amara Ramdath and Grace Mulligan

Tuesday 7 March: Annabelle Roach, Milan Brook, Bronte Flook, Gabi Canty, Portia Creevey, Ava Duggin, Lucy Swan, Abby Burke, Ruby Austin, Phoebe Shave, Claire Meekin and Beth Taylor

Rosies School Outreach Program

Students to meet their supervising staff member at 6.00pm. Students are to wear modest comfortable clothing.

Brisbane North Monday 22 February: Ms Austin will accompany Rachel Copsey, Alexia Ziegenfuss, Greta Larman and Hannah Woods

Brisbane North Monday 27 February: Mrs Specogna will accompany Maddie Ditchburn, Grace Gordon and Ava Webcke

Brisbane North Wednesday 1 March: Ms Austin will accompany Sarah Gallagher, Courtney Tucker, Imogen Riethmuller and Erin Clancy

The Arts - Miss Ellissa Purser, Head of Faculty - Arts
Drama Club
Visual Art Club

Drama Club

Visual Art Club

From the Library
Library Lovers Day

Library Lovers Day

Debating - Mrs Lorraine Specogna, Coordinator
Welcome to Debating
Queensland Debating Union
Brisbane Girls Debating Association

Welcome to Debating

Preparation for the debating competition has begun. The Years 8-Senior A competition will be over four rounds. Years 9-Senior A teams which successfully win debates will progress to knockout finals in Term 3. Year 7 will compete over six rounds with no finals. I wish all teams best wishes for successful wins and learning.

The Years 5 and 6 competition begins late Term 2. Therefore, information will be included in the next Verbis and on MySRC student news.

Queensland Debating Union

The College has entered ten teams across Years 7 to 10 as well as Senior A. This year there are returning and new coaches. The supportive coaches are from the Alumnae body as well as the teaching staff. Competition begins next week and concludes late Term 3. Coaching by external coaches is after school on set dates prior to the scheduled competition. Teachers are coaching during lunch breaks. All details about the competition are available at

Brisbane Girls Debating Association

Two Year ten teams are competing in this Monday evening’s competition. Each team will be coached by two teachers during lunch breaks. All details about the competition are available at

Sport - Mr Joshua White, Director of Sport
Strength and Conditioning
Tennis Development Program
Cross Country
Touch Football
CaSSSA Term 2 2023 Sport Registration Now Open - Closes 10 March
Water Polo

Strength and Conditioning

Under the watchful eye of Strength and Conditioning Head Coach, Miss Sophie Dodd, our students have been busy in the gym. We have been amazed at the uptake of this program and the dedication shown by the students in attendance. 

Last week our Year 6 students underwent some testing to measure how much improvement they will make over the Term. Our Sporting excellence program athletes are busy with two sessions a week and our non-specific sports program has been working on functional movement and body awareness. 

The popularity of the program this year has amazed us with all sessions at capacity, we have over 23% of the College participating in this program with 45% of athletes attending twice or more per week. This has meant some students have been waitlisted for Term 2. These students will be offered priority placement in Term 2.

Term 2 nominations for Strength and conditioning will open in Week 8. Keep an eye on the College App for further details. 

Tennis Development Program

Last week we had over 60 students start our Term 1 Tennis Development Program, broken down into three groups over three days the students are starting with the basics and by the end of six weeks should have a developed passion for Tennis. A huge thanks to Head Coach Mr John James for his team’s flexibility in delivering a program to so many students. 

It is hoped many of these players will continue within tennis and join the competitive play program in Term 4 and then CaSSSA 2024.

Cross Country

Our Cross Country program is in its second week of training. We had steady numbers last week with lots of returning athletes and new faces. The program in Term 1 is about developing aerobic fitness and knowledge of running movement.

We will have some exciting details coming up about a new Interhouse Cross Country format that will see multiple competitive and social races and even an all-age House relay including Years 5-12 in a battle for supreme House points.

Keep up the good work everyone.


CaSSSA Swimming is now only four weeks away. We continue our selection process this week for our St Rita’s team to compete on 9 March. After a close second in 2022, we are striving for excellence and keeping each other accountable.

Team relay training and squad breakfasts commenced this week on Wednesday mornings. It is important that we do the 1% extra to find every point in the pool. Wednesdays are about this as we train relays and starts. Finish off the session with a breakfast kindly supported by the Sports Subcommittee.

For swimmers not currently swimming squad with us, we extend the invite to this session to help build the team culture and work well together.

For further information please check the College App for nomination forms for the remaining two meets.

Well done also to our U12 swimmers who attended City District swimming last week.  We had some amazing results with eight swimmers selected to attend the Met North Regional Trials.

Touch Football

BMTA (Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association) Touch Football is well and truly underway, with training commenced and Round 1 for our Opens and 15s beginning tonight (Thursday evening). The Sports Department is excited for the season ahead and wishes both teams involved all the very best for a successful season!

The Sports Department has been revamping the Touch Football program, as the season review saw us spread so thin across CaSSSA, Brothers and BMTA. After reflection and the need to compress the program to offer both development and competition opportunities, we are excited to have finalised our structure for 2023. The aim is to develop a strong program based on progressive skill and competition opportunities, leading to success for all students involved. With this new restructure, the College has made the decision to not continue entering St Rita’s College Touch Football Teams into the Brothers competition. The decision to not continue with Brothers Touch Association has not been taken lightly, with the decision based on the need to further develop skills and consolidate our teams into one competition.

The Sports Department has put together a detailed outline of the Touch Football Program, which has now been communicated via the College App. Please ensure you take the time to read through this document.

CaSSSA Term 2 2023 Sport Registration Now Open - Closes 10 March

CaSSSA Sports on offer for Years 7-12 students in Term 2 2023 are as follows:

  • Volleyball - Juniors (Years 7 - 8)
  • Touch Football - Junior (Years 7 - 8)
  • Hockey - Junior (Years 7 - 8), Open (Years 9 - 12)
  • Netball - Inters (Years 9 - 10),  Seniors (Years 11 - 12) 

With trial dates of Thursday 16 or Friday 17 March

Volleyball One trial is scheduled for: - Friday 17 March 3:30pm - 5.15pm @ St Rita's College 

Touch One trial is scheduled for:   - Thursday 16 March 3:30pm - 5.15pm @ Shaw Park, 151 Shaw Road, Wooloowin 

Hockey One trial is scheduled for: - Thursday 16 March 3:30 - 5:15pm @ Shaw Park, 151 Shaw Road, Wooloowin 

Netball One trial is scheduled for: - Friday 17 March 3:30pm - 5.15pm @ St Rita's College 

Training Information Training sessions will be held in Term 1 on Monday afternoons (3:30pm - 5:00pm) and games on a Wednesday afternoon (3:30pm - 5:00pm). 

Only register your interest for trials if you are able to commit to the full Term of training sessions and games. There won't be an option to attend trials and pull out of teams once selected, unless for a medical reason.  It is strongly recommended that families read the Terms and Conditions document prior to submitting a nomination. 

Nomination forms should be submitted by parents/carers. By submitting this nomination form parents/carers and students are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of attending trials and playing sport for the College if selected for a team. 

IMPORTANT - Once you are selected for a team, you are required to fulfil the commitments of that team e.g. you MUST attend ALL training sessions and games. Participation in CaSSSA Term 1 sport will incur a fee of $100 which will be added to your next school fee account. Please read the 2023 CaSSSA Terms & Conditions here:

All Nominations are due NO LATER than Friday 10 March 3:00pm. 

CLICK HERE to register

Water Polo

We've extended registration by one day. Today is now the last day to register for the Water Polo Presentation Evening being held on Friday 3 March. Register Now.

Community Notices
Come and sing with Voices of Birralee!
Free Webinar - 'Respectful Relationships'
Free Workshop - Teaching Learner Drivers

Come and sing with Voices of Birralee!

Love to Sing? Come and trial with Voices of Birralee!

Voices of Birralee is a Brisbane based choral organisation which has a choral program for your child. Our weekly rehearsals at Bardon, Ascot and Carina cater for singers aged 5 to 35 years. We invite you to a free trial at any stage of the year. Simply contact our office at or (07) 3367 1001 to organise the best session to attend. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram @voicesofbirralee to keep up with our events.

Free Webinar - 'Respectful Relationships'

Free Workshop - Teaching Learner Drivers