Verbis - Term 2, Edition 1 2023 Verbis - Term 2, Edition 1 2023

27 April 2023

Year of Simplicity - Travelling Lightly

From our College Leadership Team
Acting Principal - Ms Catherine Allen
Deputy Principal - Studies, Mrs Maree Trims
Assistant Principal - Mission, Mrs Erica Qureshi
Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching, Mr Martin Lobb

Acting Principal - Ms Catherine Allen

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Term 2 of the school year. Liturgically we are in Easter time or the Paschal season, which focuses on celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and finishes at Pentecost, 50 days following Easter Sunday. It is the longest season in the liturgical year and is a time of joy and new life with hope. May these be present for all in our community.

It’s early in the term and there is much going on. Downey Park Club Netball has commenced, Debating continues, Year 8 camp is currently underway and Year 9 students have enjoyed a Retreat, with the Year 11 Retreat on Thursday. This week the College community enjoyed a respectful and lovely Liturgy for ANZAC Day. Thank you to Erica Qureshi and all involved in this Liturgy. With a beautiful address by Major Brian Nally (Vice President of the Clayfield Toombul RSL Sub Branch), the impressive and inspiring qualities displayed by people in the armed forces were celebrated. Lest we forget.

The annual student artwork was revealed to the school this week by our College Captains. With an invitation for all students to be featured in some way, it is a lovely installation piece, our ‘simplicitree’ in our year of Simplicity. With a stylised ‘oak’ tree providing canopy over our 8 Houses, the artwork embraces us all and gives a nod to our history. The Sisters in Kildare, Ireland, planted an oak tree on departure to Australia, where they came to Wagga Wagga, then Longreach and then Clayfield. We think it’s beautiful.

God bless you all.

Ms Catherine Allen

Deputy Principal - Studies, Mrs Maree Trims

Year 11 2024 Parent and Student Meeting

There is a compulsory Year 10 parent and student meeting on Monday 15 May at 6:00pm to outline the subject selection process for Year 11 2024. Parents can either attend in person in the Trinity Auditorium or attend via Zoom. It will provide an opportunity for parents and students to ask questions about the events in the coming months as students lead up to choosing their subjects for Year 11 in 2024.

Science Faculty Community of Practice

Last Thursday our senior science teachers participated in a Community of Practice forum, hosted by our Head of Science, Ms Isabel Trifaro, at St Rita’s College. Science teachers from local state, catholic and independent schools attended alongside our senior teachers to discuss and share ideas on assessment tasks in the senior science subjects. QCAA have encouraged schools to network within their regions by hosting these Community of Practice meetings. We would like to thank Amber Salmon, Principal Education Officer (Physics) from QCAA for attending the meeting and sharing the role QCAA plays in supporting schools in the implementation of the senior syllabuses.  

Parent Teacher Student Interviews

The first of the Parent Teacher Student Interviews took place on Monday evening and the second evening is on next Tuesday, 2 May. Students are encouraged to be present for the interviews. If parents were unable to make a booking due to teacher availability, they can view all student results and feedback in MySRC.

QCAA Invigilators: register your interest

Each year, the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) hires community members to work as invigilators who observe and report on Year 12 exams at schools throughout Queensland from late October to mid-November. These are paid positions. Invigilators supervise the proper administration of the assessments. They are not responsible for supervising students or assisting with administration or assessment set-up tasks.

Potential applicants can register their interest now to be notified when applications open in early June. In the meantime, they can get the documentation together that they will need to apply. QCAA invigilators must be at least 18 years of age, eligible to work in Australia and hold a current paid blue card, or exemption card, or a Queensland College of Teachers registration. The following QCAA link will allow you to register your interest: Click Here.

Assistant Principal - Mission, Mrs Erica Qureshi

Jesus’ mandate to us to live life fully encourages our community to continue to experience all facets of life in its wholeness. This term we begin our Retreat Program for the year, which seeks ways for both our students and our staff to move towards wholeness, reminiscent of hope experienced because of the Easter story. Last week, our Year 9 students retreated on Wednesday and our Year 11 students retreat on Thursday this week. Next weekend, our staff will attend our annual staff retreat at Santa Theresa, Ormiston. Our Retreat program falls into line with our Social Emotional Learning Program, when students and staff alike confirm that spirituality is a viable approach and means to address well-being.  

The concept of Retreat, of going aside from the busyness of life, in order to think and pray about our lives, is very ancient. Human beings seem always to have known, intuitively, that sometimes we need to stop and that these times of stopping make our lives richer, renew our energy and help us to be clearer about what’s important in our lives.

Jesus had that consciousness, too. In John’s Gospel we read:

The apostles gathered around Jesus and told him all that they had done and taught. He said to them, “Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.” For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat. And they went away in a boat to a deserted place by themselves. (6: 30-32)

Sr Raphael Consedine pbvm wrote the following in the Foreword of Sacred Space, a collection of her beautiful poetry. Whilst Consedine’s explanation is of the need for us to seek sacred spaces of stillness and silence – whether of the heart or physical – in our context, the following words might encourage us also to view each of our spaces as sacred:

Faced with the human task of living with the simplicities, the complexities and ambiguities of our world, people of all faiths, and of no particular faith, know the need to withdraw momentarily and sometimes for extended periods into their ‘sacred place’ – that deep reflective centre from which they live, and which grounds them strongly within their daily reality.

In ancient times, seers measured out a temple – the words denoted ‘sacred space’ – on the ground and in the heavens. Standing there, they read the signs which directed their actions.

Our own life-experience is continually heightened, deepened, extended by our contact with others in our evolving world. Our sacred space is uniquely ours yet living from it makes us acutely aware of what we hold in common. Sharing the perceptions of the heart creates possibility, energises us to reach beyond.

Our hope is that all in our community continue to realise the importance of stepping back from our busy lives for prayer, reflection and renewal, and that these can be the wellspring from which we draw when times are both good and not so.  May we consider ways we can “reach beyond” to find commonality with each other from our own sacred spaces.

Flood Appeal Thank You from the Presentation Sisters Lismore

We recently received the following message of thanks from the Presentation Sisters Lismore for our efforts in raising money for the Flood Appeal: 

Dear St Rita’s College Community,

We are sending our heartfelt love, thanks and deep gratitude with the Lismore heart, which has fast become a symbol for Lismore over time. At no other time has Lismore’s heart been so broken, but so buoyed by the overwhelming generosity of donations from around the globe. Thank you for your significant contribution in helping Lismore in it’s time of need.  

Your gift from The St Rita’s College community extended our hearts in outreach to others. May we each keep our hearts open to the ongoing needs around us. 

With our love and blessings from The Presentation Sisters and Staff, Lismore.

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching, Mr Martin Lobb

Artificial Intelligence

2023 has seen the unleashing of Artificial Intelligence into the public for mass consumption, and while AI has been around us for many years (think Siri, Alexa, smartphones, search engines – the list goes on), this easy to access tool has allowed users to access a world that was once thought of as science fiction.

So, what started with a rumble regarding ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) has become a roar as more AI platforms and apps are made available with an AI friend being recently added (uninvited) to Snapchat apps.

While we recognise the genuine worth of these tools as useful additions to the resourcing of teaching and learning, we must ensure that we maintain our academic rigour and the integrity of our assessment.

What does this mean for our College community?

  • Students will not use ChatGPT or other AI apps/platforms to generate assessment task responses, as this is not considered students’ own work and will be classified as Academic Integrity infringement as per the College Assessment Guidelines.
  • The College will utilise available AI detection technology to authenticate student work. St Rita’s College have used Turnitin for many years. Turnitin is a global web-based plagiarism prevention system which has now included AI detection software.
  • As educators, we will be investigating the use of AI as a tool for student learning, particularly in areas such as: brainstorming & generating ideas, building vocabulary, generating writing prompts, research assistance and test revision.
  • As a teaching and learning community, we must continue to educate our students on the importance of academic integrity and authenticity.
  • As a teaching and learning community we must continue to teach students to evaluate learning tools and sources of information.
  • All College Faculties will commence an audit of current assessment offerings to ensure they can best provide authentic responses.
  • We will continue to follow the direction of the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority, to ensure the best possible learning experience for our students. 

What can you do as a parent/carer?

As always, the College looks to work with our parents and carers, and we ask for your support in:

  • Having a discussion at home about the use of AI and how it should not be used to generate assessment tasks.
  • Having a discussion at home about the use of AI and how it can be used in many positive ways (do you currently use it in your workplace?)
  • Reinforcing the College policy regarding Academic Integrity.
Primary Years
Head of Primary, Ms Georgina Howard
Primary Debating

Head of Primary, Ms Georgina Howard

Term 2 is set to be an exciting time in our Primary Years! With Year 5 Camp in Week 5 and our Year 6 Canberra Trip in Week 6, our staff and students have a busy term ahead. Our Primary Year Level Overviews have been shared with families this week and provide a snapshot of our learning and assessment this term. 

We are only in Week 2, but our Primary students have already been enthusiastic participants in our growing list of lunchtime opportunities. Our Mini Vinnies group met last week and have special plans for the upcoming Winter Appeal. Many students have also joined the Eco Club and were very efficient helpers in weeding and clearing out the vegetable gardens. Primary students participated excitedly in Collins Colour Day and shared some beautiful pledges, with a focus on wellbeing, self-care and body positivity. 

We look forward to a wonderful term ahead. 

Primary Debating

QDU (Queensland Debating Union) will hold Years 5 and 6 Debating in Terms 3 and 4 this year. A letter of invitation will be sent home during the week beginning 8 May, prior to the Year 5 Camp and Year 6 Canberra trip, with applications closing on Friday 26 May. You are welcome to visit the QDU website:

So families can begin conversations as to whether Debating is an option for a cocurricular activity, here is some information:

  • Students do not need any prior experience; however, some confidence for speaking in public would be appropriate.
  • All coaching will be held from 3:15pm to 4:30pm at St Rita's College. Pick up is no later than 4:40pm. At this stage, it will be held on a Monday due to staff availability.
  • Coaching staff will be a mix of teachers and Year 10 students (for Year 5) and Years 11 and 12 students (for Year 6).
  • Students are to research and write their own speeches. Coaches will advise on the content and structure. Students will need to read broadly to support writing rebuttals on the night of the debate. Therefore, speeches are to be written within their own time and to be brought to the meetings.
  • Students will be required to attend the online QDU Academy sessions. These are virtual coaching sessions by the debating organisation to support debaters. Currently, these begin at 4:00pm for secondary schools. Students attend these separate to supervised coaching.
  • Until Term 3, there is no information about topics, the venue or times about the evening. Only the date for competition is available. Hopefully this will be known by mid-July.
  • Teams will be selected by the Debating Coordinator in consultation with the Head of Primary and Primary teachers.
  • There will only be two Year 5 teams and two Year 6 teams. This will mean that there will be no more than 8 students selected from each Year level.
  • The Year 6 team will be a mix of students who did not debate in Year 5 (at any school), as well as returning debaters from 2022.
  • In Year 7, prior experience of debating is not required.

How to be considered for the team:

  • Attendance at the teaching sessions in Term 2.
  • Able to attend the online QDU academy for each round – see list of dates below.
  • Able to attend all after school coaching – see list of dates below.
  • Able to attend all debate evenings – see list of dates.

Primary Debating Dates

  • 26 May – Applications close for Years 5 and 6 debating
  • 1 June – Finalisation of team selection
  • 5 June – 3:15 to 4:30 – Coaching – All Years 5 and 6 members
  • 12 June - 3:15 to 4:30 – Coaching – All Years 5 and 6 members
  • 10 July - 3:15 to 4:30 – Coaching – All Years 5 and 6 members
  • 16 July - QDU online academy
  • 17 July - 3:15 to 4:30 – Coaching – All Years 5 and 6 members
  • 27 July – Round 1 competition
  • 3 August – QDU online academy
  • 7 August - 3:15 to 4:30 – Coaching – All Years 5 and 6 members
  • 14 August - 3:15 to 4:30 – Coaching – All Years 5 and 6 members
  • 21 August - 3:15 to 4:30 – Coaching – All Years 5 and 6 members
  • 31 August – Round 2 competition
  • 4 September - 3:15 to 4:30 – Coaching – All Years 5 and 6 members
  • 11 September - 3:15 to 4:30 – Coaching – All Years 5 and 6 members
  • 12 September – QDU online academy
  • 3 October - 3:15 to 4:30 – Coaching – All Years 5 and 6 members
  • 11 October – Round 3 competition
  • 16 October - 3:15 to 4:30 – Coaching – All Years 5 and 6 members
  • 17 October – QDU online academy
  • 23 October - 3:15 to 4:30 – Coaching – All Years 5 and 6 members
  • 30 October - 3:15 to 4:30 – Coaching – All Years 5 and 6 members
  • 1 November – Round 4 competition

Mrs Lorraine Specogna

Debating Coordinator

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Dates to Note
Service Rosters
Library Author Event - Wednesday 3 May - Rebecca Sparrow in conversation with Allayne Webster
Primary Mother Daughter Evening – Friday 12 May – Final Week To Book Tickets
Mother Daughter Dinner 2023 - Saturday 20 May - Book Tickets now
Parenting Teenagers Presentation - Wednesday 24 May
Memorial Mass - Saturday 27 May
Rita's Longest Lunch - Sunday 11 June - Book Tickets Now

Upcoming Dates to Note

  • Thursday 27 April - Year 11 Retreat
  • Monday 1 May - Public Holiday
  • Tuesday 2 May - Marian and Kildare Community Mass
  • Tuesday 2 - Friday 5 May - Academic Week
  • Tuesday 2 May - Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Wednesday 3 May - Year 7 Immunisations
  • Wednesday 3 May - The Think Project: Allayne Webster Event
  • Wednesday 3 May - Music Support Group Meeting
  • Friday 5 May - Cross Country Lead-Up Meet
  • Friday 5 May - Strings Concert
  • Tuesday 9 - Friday 12 May - International Arts Week
  • Tuesday 9 May - Bands Concert
  • Thursday 11 - Friday 12 May - Queensland Youth Music Awards
  • Friday 12 May - QSSST Tennis Championships
  • Friday 12 May - Primary Mother Daughter Evening
  • Monday 15 - Wednesday 17 May - Year 5 Camp
  • Monday 15 May - Year 11 2024 Subject Selection Initial Meeting

Service Rosters

Big Brekky

Students are to meet the supervising staff member at Student Services at 5:55am. Students are to wear modest, comfortable clothing. 

Tuesday 2 May: Mrs Specogna will accompany Jessica Knight, Alexis Ziegenfuss, Greta Larman and Madison Grundie

Tuesday 9 May: Mrs Qureshi will accompany Emmerson Foster, Grace Gordon, Sophie Morris and Lily Holm

Homework Club

Students will meet their supervising staff member in classrooms S07 and S08 after school. 

Tuesday 9 May: Mrs Trims will supervise Ruby Austin, Ella Chambers, Milly Lock, Kate Brandt, Ava Duggin, Phoebe Shave, Amara Ramdath, Emma Powell, Claire Meekin and Celeste Ansell

Rosies School Outreach Program

Students to meet their supervising staff member at 6:00pm. Students are to wear modest comfortable clothing. 

Brisbane City Thursday 11 May: Mrs Qureshi will accompany Eve Ryan, Mikayla Jebreen, Olivia West and Lauren Roberts

Library Author Event - Wednesday 3 May - Rebecca Sparrow in conversation with Allayne Webster

The Think Project: Rebecca Sparrow in conversation with Allayne Webster

Join us to celebrate the release of Allayne Webster's new book, Selfie.

At a time when it is increasingly difficult for young people to distinguish between reality and digital distortion, Selfie invites us to reconnect with our true selves.


The Nano Nagle Library invites parents and children to join Rebecca Sparrow and Allayne Webster on Wednesday 3 May at 6:30pm at the St Rita's College Trinity Centre for a rich discussion on separating what’s real from the glossiness of the online world. This event is open to all Year levels, however the book’s target audience is middle grade/early young adult (11-14 year olds).


The $30.00 ticket price includes one copy of the book Selfie by Allayne Webster and attendance for one adult and child at the author event.

You may purchase additional copies of the book ($18.00) and additional tickets ($6.00) via Humanitix.

Book Collection:

St Rita’s College students can collect their copy of the book from the College Library prior to the event. All other patrons can collect their copy of the book on the night of the event at the Riverbend Books stand. Please bring your ticket as proof of purchase.

Click here to book your tickets before Friday 28 April.

Primary Mother Daughter Evening – Friday 12 May – Final Week To Book Tickets

At St Rita's College, our Mother Daughter events aim to celebrate the special bond between mothers and their daughters and provide an opportunity to acknowledge this bond as a community. Held on our beautiful College grounds, our inaugural Primary Mother Daughter Evening will be tailored for our Years 5 and 6 students and their mothers. We look forward to a wonderful evening celebrating the special role of the mothers in our St Rita's Primary community!

St Rita’s College Years 5 & 6 Mother Daughter Evening
Friday 12 May 2023
5:30pm – 8:30pm
Cove Lane, St Rita’s College

Tickets: $50 pp (Includes Canapes) - Cash Bar Available

Note: One ticket per person needs to be purchased for mothers and daughters, e.g. if you and your daughter plan to attend, two tickets will need to be purchased. 

Dress: Smart Casual

Click here to book your tickets by Friday 5 May.

iPhone users: If the 'Buy Tickets' button does not appear at the Humanitix link, please select the 3 vertical dots in the top right hand corner and select 'Open in Browser'. The 'Buy Tickets' button should now appear.

Mother Daughter Dinner 2023 - Saturday 20 May - Book Tickets now

A fabulous evening of dinner and dancing awaits Mums and Daughters at the St Rita's College Mother Daughter Dinner for Years 7-12.

Join us on Saturday 20 May 2023, 6:00pm for 7:00pm at the Royal International Convention Centre, Halls A&B, 600 Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills. 

  • $90.00 per person (plus booking fee). Includes two course meal. Cash bar.
  • Dress Code: Cocktail
  • Elite Photographics will be located in the concourse area from 5:30pm

Bookings are required by Friday 12 May. 

Enquiries can be directed to Mrs Anna Martini at 

There are two booking options available:

  1. A Table of 10 of booking single seats. When booking a table, full payment for all 10 guests is required at the time of booking (seats cannot be 'reserved', for later payment). Please note: Tables can only seat a maximum of 10. The venue is unable to accommodate tables for 11 or 12, which has been possible in previous years. 
  2. Booking individual tickets. If booking individual tickets and you wish to be seated at a particular table, please ensure you tell us who your 'Table Captain' is at the time of booking. If the person booking the tickets is the Table Captain, please place your name in that question box.

If not booking under a Table Captain name, every attempt will be made to seat you with families from the same Year level.  

You will be asked to provide the name, email and mobile number for each attendee. Please take the time to enter this information accurately as it is required under the venue's COVID Safe event management plan.

This is an official College student event and behaviour rules apply. Alcohol will not be served to students of legal age.

Click here to book tickets now.

Parenting Teenagers Presentation - Wednesday 24 May

Parenting Teenagers - presented by Dr Justin Coulson 

Dr Justin Coulson is the co-host and parenting expert on Channel Nine’s Parental Guidance, the founder of, and one of Australia’s most trusted parenting, relationships and wellbeing experts.

At this event, Dr Coulson will offer practical, evidence-based tools for parents/carers, that will nurture positive wellbeing and relationships; the ‘little’ things that can make life more enjoyable and relationships more positive and confident.

  • Date: Wednesday 24 May
  • Time: 5:30pm – 7:00pm
  • Venue: St Rita’s College Eirene Centre

To register your attendance, please CLICK HERE.

Memorial Mass - Saturday 27 May

Rita's Longest Lunch - Sunday 11 June - Book Tickets Now

Rita's Longest Lunch
Sunday 11 June 2023, 12:30pm - 4:30pm 
Hogan Place, St Rita's College
Tickets: $50.00 Single (1 person) OR $90.00 Double (2 people)
With live entertainment by Brisbane musicians, The Bentleys

Rita’s Longest Lunch is presented in the traditional European Long Lunch style where parents, alumnae and friends of St Rita’s can indulge in their preferred culinary experience along one grand table. Skilled food and wine lovers, contemporary cuisine artisans, or those who prefer a home brought hamper or even Uber Eats, will delight in this day out on Hogan Place at St Rita’s enjoying time with friends and live music. 

Tickets cost just $50.00 single (1 person) or $90.00 double (2 people) by pre-purchase only. 

Rita's Longest Lunch attendees can choose to BYO food or purchase through one of our preferred suppliers (details will be sent to attendees closer to the date). A selection of Champagne, Sparkling, Wine and Beer will be available for purchase at the event (EFTPOS or cash). Champagne may be pre-purchased with tickets by 10:00am on 7 June 2023 and collected from the Bar on arrival. Water is provided at each setting. No BYO beverages are permitted, including non-alcoholic.

Rita's Longest Lunch is an 18+ years event only and is not open to students.

Click here to book your tickets before Friday 9 June.

Pathways and Careers - Mrs Melanie Sax-Wood
Student Happenings
Save the Date - Year 10 Careers Day, Wednesday 14 June
Options Career Information App
QUT Future You Summit
QUT Senior Subject Selection
Preparation for post Year 12
QTAC and Tertiary Entry
Open Days, Expos and Career Markets

Student Happenings

Australian Defence Force Experience Day

In February, Ali Nightingale (Year 12) attended the Australian Defence Force Experience Day. Below she shares her experience:

The morning started off with some information about ADF roles and displays of weapons and camouflage clothing. I was able to hold and fire the weapons (with an empty magazine of course), which was a very interesting experience, as the rifles were not as heavy as I expected! I quickly made friends with the only other girl there and we chatted with some of the military staff about their roles in the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Then we participated in a military training session where we did rotations of different fitness activities. We were led by two PTI army officers and taken through each activity. The session was very ordered, and military based, and I was appointed as team captain of my team - being the youngest on the team. We ran through the session twice after completing a group warm up. As team leaders I was required to encourage my team and ensure everyone made it through the activities. After we finished, we completed a cool down stretch session and more of the military staff talked with us about the main tasks of the session, which were teamwork, communication, and perseverance. Towards the end of the morning I spoke with Ash, an officer in the Army. Ash is a previous defence force gap year student who has continued to serve for over 10 years in the ADF. Talking with Ash was extremely insightful as I am interested in the Army gap year myself, and she gave me lots of information about being a woman in the defence force and shared her journey. The morning was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and further cemented my knowledge of what life is like in the Defence Force and only made me more excited for my future career path with the ADF. 

ADF Breakfast

For International Women’s Day, six St Rita's students were fortunate to attend a breakfast hosted by the Australian Defence Force. This event was filled with current serving Defence women throughout all the services - Air Force, Navy and Army, setting out to encourage and inspire young women in today’s generation to celebrate International Women’s Day. This was through multiple guest speakers, women currently serving in the Defence talking about their own personal experiences and how the ADF continues to break down the barriers in gender equality. Proving that your ability to serve this nation in the ADF is determined by your ability to get the job done, rather than by gender. With over 250+ jobs on offer the ADF offers excellent career opportunities for women and provides a uniquely supportive and inclusive workplace. An insightful event for us.

Eva Formosa-Kerr

Trade Taster Program

Adelaide Kennedy in Year 10 has taken up the Trade Taster Program at TAFE. This six-week program (1 day per week) offers students the opportunity to try a variety of trades over this time. This allows them to find out if a course is the right option for them, or test out a potential career path they are considering for the future. Adelaide is the first student to engage in this program. I look forward to hearing more about her experience after the 6 weeks.

Mater Education 

Clover Youngman shares her experiences at Mater Education:

The Certificate II in Health Support Services through Mater Education encourages and assists high school students interested in health to create a pathway for themselves, whether you are interested in Nursing, Aged Care, Medicine or Allied Health role. Throughout our time completing this certificate we covered various topics in theory, engaged in roleplays and practical skills. Topics include diversity, workplace health and safety, communication in the workplace, standards of service and many more. The skills developed aid us in everyday life and to complete the qualification. This course is a great way to get a foot in the door for health jobs and we are excited to begin the Certificate III this term.

Save the Date - Year 10 Careers Day, Wednesday 14 June

In Term 2, in the lead up to senior subject selection, the Year 10 students will be involved in Careers Day. This day features guest speakers working with the students in small groups. Numerous industries are represented and based on student requests. Many of the guest speakers are parents, Alumnae and wider community members. This year we are including a series of workshops at the end of the day, a more hands on approach. If you would like to present to the students so they can discover greater insight into particular jobs/careers, please email me at

Options Career Information App

We have been using this App for some years in our Year 10 Careers classes and it contains a wealth of information for both students and parents. This is available from the Apple App Store or in Android version. All Year 10 students were asked to talk with their parents over the recent school holidays about using the App and accessing the fortnightly bulletin which has a wealth of information, a calendar of events, the latest happenings, institution information and all things Careers pertinent to Years 10, 11 and 12 students and their parents. If you haven’t already downloaded the App, use the access code SRC1926 to access the bulletins.

QUT Future You Summit

The QUT Future You Summit is delivered over four days in the September school holidays for Years 11 and 12 students. The Future You Summit program includes:

  • an orientation day (optional)
  • four practical experiences
  • inspiring keynotes with high-profile speakers
  • interactive Q&A panel sessions featuring local industry leaders, entrepreneurs and researchers
  • QUT alumni, academics, and current students sharing their career journeys
  • social activities (optional)

Click here for more details.

QUT Senior Subject Selection

Thinking about what subjects to take for senior? This event is designed to help you make informed decisions about your future study and career options at QUT.

Click here for details.

Preparation for post Year 12

Term 2 is traditionally a very busy term for Career Expos, Open Days etc. Generally, a busy term for Year 12 students to do further planning for the year beyond your graduation. We strongly suggest that students and their parents avail themselves to the numerous on-campus and virtual Open Days. If your senior student hasn’t already started planning or researching options, now is the time to get it all together. 

A few valuable tips:

  • Don’t delete any careers emails without reading them thoroughly
  • Start your research now – this is YOUR future you are investing in
  • Ask many questions – the only silly question is the one NOT asked
  • Approach this process (your transition from school) with an open mind
  • Remember your decisions will be based on your research, so do it well
  • Have the courage to step outside your comfort zone or look at things a little differently
  • Always have a Plan B as Plan A might not pan out as hoped
  • Seek advice from a variety of people (don’t just take your friend’s view)
  • Like and follow a variety of institutions on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube eg: QTAC, UQ, TAFE, myQCE, QUT etc
  • Keep all your information or research together in the one place, this will help you throughout the year   
  • Add all the important events to your calendar so you don’t miss them
  • View the resources in the Careers section of the library, they are for you
  • Look out for Early Entry Programs you might consider applying for – it is always handy to know you have a place secured long before the external exams even start

Students will receive their QTAC Guide in June/July.  It contains information about courses you can apply for through QTAC and application processes.

Year 12 students are strongly advised to start a folder of information they will need later in the year and early next year.  Keep this folder in your room at home and add to it during the year. Items that could be placed in this folder include:

  • Learning Unique Identifier (LUI) number and password for your Learning Account so you can access your Year 12 results early. You will also be required to know your LUI to complete your QTAC application.
  • Tax File Number (TFN), which you will need to apply for a HELP loan next year. You also need a TFN if you want to be paid for a full-time or part-time job.
  • Course, job and tertiary entry information you gather at career markets/expos, institution open days, TSXPO, etc.
  • Handouts on tertiary entry you will receive at Year 12 What Next?, expos and lunchtime talks.
  • Information about available scholarships and tips for submitting a great application.
  • Additional qualifications you might wish to submit as part of your QTAC application and/or portfolio particularly if applying for EAS
  • Any other information related to your plans for 2024.

QTAC and Tertiary Entry

Sign up to receive QTAC news

Keep up to date with changes at QTAC to ensure you make well-researched decisions based on current information. Click here if you want to receive QTAC news updates.

Online resources for Year 12 parents

Transitioning from high school to university can be a challenging journey for students and their parents. Several universities provide resources for parents to support them and their children through the transition. Some examples are linked below:

The Good Universities Guide

This guide provides information on Australian university courses, university ratings, careers and other tertiary study topics.  It comes in three formats – a website, an e-book and a hardcopy book which can be purchased from the Good Education Bookshop. Information about scholarships is available on the website site. The Education Blogs page contains articles on a range of topics including 4 tips for making the most of O Week, student life and student stories. Posts include:

VET pathways for high school students

Griffith University recognises the skills and knowledge gained through Vocational Education and Training (VET) as a highly effective pathway to university. While Griffith encourages you to achieve an ATAR, they still recognise stand-alone VET qualifications completed at high school. If you complete a Certificate III, IV or Diploma and meet the English prerequisite you may be eligible for a place in a range of Griffith degrees. Click here to find out more and to view the list of eligible degrees.

Open Days, Expos and Career Markets

SAE Open Day

SAE Institute will be hosting their Open Day on Thursday 4 May from 6:00 – 8:00pm. If you are keen to find out more about a creative industries career path and also want to try out some of their state-of-the-art equipment catch them at the Expo.

2023 Tertiary Studies Expo reminder

The annual Brisbane Tertiary Studies Expo (TSXPO), Australia's largest tertiary studies expo, offers a unique opportunity for anyone interested in starting, changing or upgrading their career. It will be held at the Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane Showgrounds on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 July 2023 from 10:00am to 4:00pm on both days. Featuring many local, interstate and overseas education providers, students' services and support agencies. Don't miss this great opportunity to map out your future, all in the one location!

Adjustment Factors – How can they assist me?

Adjustment Factors help you gain entry into university courses. If you are eligible for Adjustment Factors your position on the merit scale for entry into a course will be ‘adjusted’ to give you a new, more competitive score.

Universities award Adjustment Factors for a variety of reasons and programs so you will have to enquire to every university you are interested in attending, to fully understand their eligibility requirements.  The process for applying for ‘Adjustment Factors’ may vary so it’s important that you start your research now.

Visit the QTAC website for information on the following Assistance schemes:

  • Educational Access Scheme (EAS)
  • Financial assistance
  • Special admissions schemes
  • Year 12 subject scheme
  • Access and equity schemes
  • Rural Access scheme
  • Regional preference schemes
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander schemes
  • Elite Athlete and Performer Schemes
  • QUT Elite Athlete Special Entry Scheme
  • Griffith University Elite Athlete Program
  • Access USC Elite Athlete Adjustment Scheme
  • Other special admissions schemes
Science News
Year 7 Chemistry

Year 7 Chemistry

This Term, Year 7 students are studying Chemistry. In preparation, the students have been learning about safety, equipment and measuring.

One challenge was learning how to use measuring cylinders to accurately measure volumes of coloured water. Sounds easy, but it is actually a tricky skill to perfect!

Sport - Mr Joshua White, Director of Sport
Sport Update
CaSSSA Team Sport
Water Polo
Strength and Conditioning

Sport Update

As we hit Week 2 of Term 2, we set our sights on CaSSSA Cross Country and the first round of competition in CaSSSA Sport and Club Netball. We have so many students on the move every day this Term, from Touch Football, Volleyball, Netball, Tennis, Water Polo, Cross Country, Strength & Conditioning and soon, Athletics.

We wish all participants good luck for the season and hope you have a great time playing sport.

Mr Josh White

Head of Sport


Welcome to Term 2 Netball. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for their patience and support as Georgia and I settle in to our new roles. We hit the ground running and managed to get all teams on the court on Saturday for their first round of Club Netball for the season.

It was great to see everyone having fun and a big shout out to all the parent helpers for helping the day run smoothly. We had mixed results over the day, but the main aim was participation and fun and I think we achieved both.

CaSSSA Netball begins this week and are looking forward to seeing some more great netball. Please keep an eye on emails for any updates on netball throughout the term and feel free to contact the Netball Office if you have any questions:  

Good luck to all teams for the CaSSSA and Club seasons!

Mrs Shandelle Caruana

Sports Coordinator


Our Tennis Teams are hard at training for the Queensland Secondary Schools Team Tennis Challenge in early May. We will be sending two teams to compete on 12 May. Good luck to the players and coaches.

Demand was also high to run a second term of Tennis development, and we were thrilled to get another 30 students signed up for 8 weeks of skills and gameplay to get as many players ready for competition as possible. The sessions have just commenced this week and will run till the end of the term.

CaSSSA Team Sport

Welcome back to Term 2 CaSSSA Sport! 

We look forward to sharing information and celebrating the results and achievements of our CaSSSA Junior Touch and Volleyball teams this Term. Round 1 will unfortunately be impacted by our Year 8 students being away on Camp. However, we had a fantastic great first training session last Wednesday afternoon, where our teams had the opportunity to meet their coach, teammates and develop their Touch and Volleyball skills! We look forward to seeing all players take the field and court in Round 2 and welcome back our Year 8 teammates. A reminder to check the College App each Monday for the draw which indicated where each team will be playing for their fixture that week on Wednesday.

Mrs Nicole Callanan

Sports Coordinator

Water Polo

State Titles

We had a huge Easter Holidays for Water Polo, with 7 teams competing over two weeks at the QLD State Titles.

Congratulations to all of the players and coaches on some amazing Water Polo. Thank you to the parents and families for your support over the two weeks.

Results are below:

  • U12 Brown (Maroon division) - 5th
  • U12 White (White division) - 10th
  • U14 Brown (Maroon division) - 3rd
  • U14 White (White division) - 17th
  • U16 Brown (Maroon division) - 4th
  • U18 Polo Bears / SRC Ice (Maroon division) – 2nd
  • U18 Polo Bears / SRC Snow (Maroon division) – 4th

A special mention goes to Horatia Schlect (graduate of 2022) receiving Most Valuable Goalie.

QLD Thunder Debut

Tilly Hughes and Amy Middlemass (current St Rita's College Coach) both played for QLD Thunder (our National League Team) on the weekend, a huge achievement. Congratulations to both players. They are both products of our St Rita's College Water Polo pathway with Polo Bears, both playing U18 and into Premier League. This is a huge achievement, congratulations to you both.

Miss Madison Wall 

Head Coach Water Polo

Strength and Conditioning

Over the Easter Holidays, we hosted some of our Sporting Excellence Program and Sport-Specific Strength & Conditioning (S&C) participants at our Holiday S&C Clinics. Throughout the holiday clinic, students completed various new Strength Programs as well as conditioning sets involving MAS Running, Skipping, off-feet conditioning (row erg/assault bike/bike erg) and the students’ favourite – the Primal Bodyweight Only session. It is always fantastic to see these students rip in and learn new skills both inside and outside of the gym over the holidays.

The Strength & Conditioning Program has started strong this Term as we welcome back 136 previous Strength & Conditioning participants, as well as 37 students who are new to the program in Years 7-12.

Students commenced their new strength program throughout Week 1 and will progress in this program for the first half of term, before commencing Block 2 from Week 6. Throughout Term 2 we have the following squads running:

In Season:

  • Opens Touch Football (BMTA) S&C Squad
  • Vicki Wilson Netball S&C Squad


  • Swimming S&C Squad
  • Winter Water Polo S&C Squad


  • Non-Sport Specific S&C Squad
  • Year 5 Introduction to S&C

This term for our Primary students, it is the Year 5 cohort’s rotation for the ‘Introduction to Strength & Conditioning’ (Year 6 to be involved in Term 1 and 3 of 2023). Year 5 students were extremely excited to commence the game-based program held in the Eirene Centre, where students’ balance, stability, core control, hand-eye coordination and teamwork skills are challenged throughout the session. Year 5 students were extremely autonomous and collaborative throughout their station rotations. We are looking forward to seeing how much the cohort progresses over the course of the term.

Sophie Dodd

Head Coach - Athletic Development

Community Notices
St Agatha's Catholic Parish - Enrolments Open for The Sacrament of Confirmation 2023
Brisbane Writers Festival Program - 10-14 May

St Agatha's Catholic Parish - Enrolments Open for The Sacrament of Confirmation 2023

For more information and to download an enrolment form, click here or visit 'St Agatha's Catholic Parish Clayfield' on Facebook. 

Interviews begin at end of Term 2 (registration required). 

Confirmation is Term 3, 22 August.

Questions? Email Sandy at or call Parish Office (07) 3262 2859.

Brisbane Writers Festival Program - 10-14 May

In 2023, Brisbane Writers Festival is spinning a rollicking tale of festive entertainment across five days, four nights and more than 150 events. The plot? Full of twists and turns. The characters? A diverse cast of writers, readers and thinkers coming together to enjoy a lively line-up of panel discussions, salons, special events and more.

Click here to view the 2023 Brisbane Writers Festival Digital Program.