Verbis - Term 3, Edition 3 2023 Verbis - Term 3, Edition 3 2023

17 August 2023

Year of Simplicity - Travelling Lightly

From our College Leadership Team
Principal - Mrs Dale Morrow
Deputy Principal - Studies, Mrs Maree Trims
Deputy Principal - Students, Mrs Catherine Allen
Assistant Principal - Mission, Mrs Erica Qureshi

Principal - Mrs Dale Morrow

Dear Parents and Guardians,

While walking along a stretch of a northern NSW beach recently I was quite dismayed to notice the endless quantity of extremely tiny fragments of plastic being washed up along the entire length of the shore. They are not easy to see, as tiny as they are, but once you notice all the tiny fragments that are there, it becomes obvious that the shore is covered in them. “Micro-plastics” is the term I think they use for this class of pollutant. It comes from the degradation of the millions of tons of plastics that have been washed into the oceans continually these past fifty years or so. 

It made me think of an article I read some years ago about what had been titled, “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch”. If you haven’t heard about this phenomenon, very briefly, it refers to an area in the pacific where various major ocean currents meet and collide and deposit all the various pollutants they have carried as they passed along the coasts of major continents. Much of it is plastic. These patches have been described as the size of NSW. This plastic degrades over time and, as it breaks into micro dimensions, it washes away from this garbage patch and gets washed up onto beaches.

While this whole situation, which is growing worse by the year, it is a sad testament to the thoughtless and irresponsible way humankind, by and large, has looked after the planet, it also stands as a monument to the unbridled consumerism that drives the production of endless products and their packaging. It’s reflective of a mindset of people in first world countries to continually look for the next best new thing that will make their lives easier or better. But it never does – the desire for that new thing is transitory because we are always being peppered with promotions of what else can make life better for us. We are being subconsciously primed to believe that what we are within, and how we relate to others is not as important as getting “more stuff”.

The College’s theme for the year of “Travelling Lightly” is a reminder of our reality. We come into this world, naked and without pretense, open to all the love bestowed upon us, and ever ready to return that love. For many of us the joy of early developmental years flourishes in the field of peace we find in a stable home life. Yet, as time goes by, even children from the happiest homes can end up becoming anxious and uncertain, because of poor messages coming to us from a consumerist world. We lose perspective over time as we look to find happiness in things around us and for what people can do for us. We forget that joy in life is found in loving others and has little to do with personal abundance. We find the call too difficult to accept and try to break it down, replacing it with human-fashioned ones that entail doing, achieving, gaining acceptance, controlling, securing and keeping up appearances. Such materialistic values become buried deeply into our psyche rendering us pre-occupied, confused and troubled. These materialistic values of wealth, status and image, however, work against close interpersonal relationships and connections to others, and can even impact on our psychological health.  

Our Presentation charism encourages us all to become God’s loving gaze and compassionate heart for our world. The pillar of “Travelling Lightly” challenges all of us to live simply and to appreciate that life is much more than an accumulation of possessions. It challenges us to pay attention to the relationships we value and to look outside ourselves to make the world a better and more compassionate place. 

God bless

Mrs Morrow

CaSSSA Track and Field Champions

Congratulations to the St Rita’s CaSSSA Track and Field team. The performance of this team was outstanding not only due to their dominance on both the track and in the field but it was evident that every member of the team gave their best. It was wonderful to see such a healthy culture lead by our seniors of 2023. My congratulations to Mr Kropp as Head of Track and Field and all the coaches who assisted the team achieve their best and win the cup for the second year in a row. Well done to all. 

Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival

I wish the music students all the best as they participate in the Queensland Music Festival over the next four days. These students have practiced hard to reach their best and I know they will display their many talents over the next few days. We wish them well. 

St Rita's College P&F Association, Major Fundraiser for 2023

Click here to purchase your ticket and be in with a chance to win a new car.

Annual Father and Daughter Breakfast

Click here for event details and to purchase your tickets by Wednesday 23 August.

Please note: Friday 1 September - Student Free Day

Deputy Principal - Studies, Mrs Maree Trims

Year 8 2024 Subject Selections

Information regarding Year 8 2024 subject selection is now located on MySRC. Year 7 students and at least one parent are required to attend the subject selection evening on Monday 11 September at 6.00pm via Zoom. 

  • 6.00pm (subject selection introductory session presented by Mr Lobb)
  • 6.30pm – 6.40pm (subject session rotation 1)
  • 6.40pm – 6.50pm (subject session rotation 2)
  • 6.50pm – 7.00pm (subject session rotation 3)

Languages (French, German & Japanese) will be covered together in each session, while the Arts subjects will be covered in separate sessions for Drama, Music and Visual Art.

The subject selection email will be sent out on Saturday 7 October from 7.00am and students are required to select one language (French, German or Japanese) and one Arts subject (Drama, Music or Visual Art) to study for the entire year. Students are not permitted to change subjects mid-year. 

Notification of Subject Selections

Students in Years 7 – 10 will not be notified of their subject selections for 2024 until at least Tuesday 24 October, when the second stage of our timetabling process is finalised. This is close to the due date for the stationery orders.  

Changes to 2024 Subject Selections

The Years 9 – 11 subject selections for 2024 have already been processed and the grid lines created based on student selections. If a student changes their mind on a subject selection, they must submit a Changes to 2024 Subject Selection form located on MySRC/Curriculum under Junior or Senior Schooling. The form must be signed by parents and submitted to Mrs Sax-Wood. Students will not be notified if their selection is possible until late October. This may have implications for stationery purchases.

Deputy Principal - Students, Mrs Catherine Allen

Parent Information evening

Thank you to those parents and guardians who attended the recent Parent Information evening with Melinda Tankard Reist and Daniel Principe.

Please click here for some resources that may assist in navigating this world

Please click here for student resources.

100 Days to Graduation

Last week our seniors celebrated the countdown of their last 100 days of school. I would like to offer my thanks to the College and House Captains who have represented our student community so well. The cohort has been wonderful in their generosity and energy. We wish them all the best as they head into the preparation period for their external exams. 

Simply Splendid

On Friday 25 August, we will be holding 'Simply Splendid' and the Ponytail Chop. Please come along to support the students and this brilliant initiative. Some students will be sharing with us some fabulous performances and a large number will be chopping off their ponytails, in support of finding a cure for cancer. 


Assistant Principal - Mission, Mrs Erica Qureshi

Last fortnight, Mrs Morrow, Ms Howard and Mrs Specogna attended the Nagle Education Alliance of Australia National Conference in Hobart. This sense of connection is evident as we seek to keep Nano's story and vision alive and maintain connections with other Presentation communities. Our College theme this year, Simplicity, also echoes the belief in the simple act of connection - where friendships are genuine and no power imbalance between guests and host exists. 

Connection with others was paramount to Nano Nagle. In fact, without authentic connection – the relationships she had built – the Presentation order would never have made it off the ground. Nagle’s vision of exposing the truth of the gospels to all in her community was controversial, even illegal. The forming of Nano’s schools happened because she wanted to empower the most vulnerable in her community and then stay amongst them, rather than enclose herself in a religious order. She truly wanted to be connected to her students and their families.

An apt summation of Nagle’s legacy to us is to ensure the marginalised are empowered, work for equal dignity for all and to stay true to oneself. This mandate requires us to continually reassess the context of our times.

We strive to live out our College theme of Simplicity and connectedness here at St Rita’s – when we have new staff, students and families join our community, and in our everyday interactions with each other. To truly connect with another member of this community is the most simple act of Grace.

This way of thinking acknowledges that the connections we have with each other are fundamental to our learning community. May they be ever strengthened. 

St Rita's Immersion 2024

I am delighted to announce that St Rita’s College will be partnering with Red Earth for our 2024 Immersion experience to Cape York. Red Earth is an organisation giving young people the opportunity to make meaningful connections with remote Indigenous Australia. They do this by organising immersion programs to remote communities and homelands where traditional Aboriginal culture still lives strong in some of the most beautiful corners of Australia. During the immersion, students contribute to projects chosen by Traditional Owners and learn about the rich culture of the land directly from Elders and their families. Our group will be welcomed by traditional clans and families on private lands that have been locked away for decades and are not accessible outside of this setting.

Our proposed immersion will be from 15 June – 23 June 2024, for nine (9) days to Cape York. The price is approximately $4,058 plus flights. We are seeking interest from current Year 10 Students (Year 11, 2024) and then if there are additional places, current Year 9 Students (Year 10, 2024) may be offered a place. This is because we plan to offer another immersion opportunity in 2025. A representative from Red Earth will come to St Rita’s to launch our immersion at lunchtime on Wednesday 23 August and to present further information. Please click here to view the Red Earth Brochure and click here to view our St Rita's College Proposal. A Parent Information session will also be offered in the coming weeks.   

Primary Years News
Head of Primary - Ms Georgina Howard
Primary Book Week Parade
Chess Club
Hopeful Hearts
Pillar Awards
Primary Arts
Set for Seven - Year 7 2024 Orientation Program

Head of Primary - Ms Georgina Howard

This term our Year 6 students have been learning about Jesus’ New Law and spiritual and corporal works of mercy. As part of their studies, they recently participated in a Vinnies Workshop. Students learned about the realities of homelessness and were challenged to think beyond their own assumptions to answer "What do you think when you hear the word homeless?" Students were inspired to look beyond their own comforts and common stereotypes to consider the causes of homelessness and, in turn, how we can truly help those less fortunate. They learned that homelessness is not just the absence of a roof, but rather not having a safe place to live, security, choices or privacy. Students were avid listeners and respectful participants and we look forward to our continuing relationship with St Vincent de Paul.

Primary Book Week Parade

Read, Grow, Inspire

We are excited to announce that our 2023 Book Week Parade is on the horizon and this year's theme is Read, Grow and Inspire. Through reading, children explore new worlds, nurture their minds and find inspiration to dream big. 

Primary parents and families are invited to attend the Book Week Parade on Friday 25 August followed by morning tea. It’s a great opportunity for families to come together and socialise amongst the hype and excitement of Book Week.

Please click here to RSVP.

Chess Club

This term we have been excited to begin our Primary Chess Club! The Chess Club girls are enjoying working with our Chess Coach each week to foster their love of Chess and gain confidence in their abilities.  

Research has proven that playing chess can strengthen problem solving skills, foster critical, creative and original thinking, teach logical and sequential thinking and demonstrate the importance of decision-making and consequences. We are excited to be providing this opportunity for our Primary girls and can see their excitement as they learn new skills and improve their chess games! 

Hopeful Hearts

In our Secondary Years, students are able to voluntarily participate in lunchtime initiatives that pique their interest and fuel their desire to contribute to the College community. In Primary, we want to provide similar Primary versions of these social justice opportunities.

We have sought ideas from our Primary students, who never hesitate in providing feedback in all shapes and forms. One of the joys of Primary teaching is capturing the enthusiasm of our students in a meaningful and engaging way.

Their newest initiative is the student titled ‘Hopeful Hearts’. Our Hopeful Hearts meet each week and learn about inspirational figures, particularly inspirational women who we can look to for guidance, inspiration and hope. The title ‘Hopeful Hearts’ was proffered by a group of Year 6 students who “wanted a name that would describe the heart of Nano Nagle”. Our Hopeful Hearts are currently furthering their understanding in learning more about Nano and the early Presentation sisters. In learning about Nano and the sisters, the girls are continually enthralled by the stories of compassion and courage. 

Pillar Awards

Congratulations to all students who received a Pillar Award this week:

Mia C, Imogen A, Claire C, Michaylah T, Isla P, Quinn L, Alfia C, Liliana N, Sophia B, Millicent H, Zara M, Grace O, Eve R, Charlotte M, Ashvi R, Imogen M

Primary Arts

Year 5 Specialist Arts have begun their unit of Media Arts with a snap! They are learning about shot types, composition, rule of thirds, framing, angles and more, followed by time in the beautiful new playground on the flat. Eventually using their photography skills to create a music video. 

Set for Seven - Year 7 2024 Orientation Program

All Year 7 2024 students and families (including our continuing Year 6 students and families) are required to participate in our Set for Seven Orientation program of events listed below. 

Day 1: Student Connect Day 
*student only event - continuing Year 6 students and incoming Year 7 students
Friday 1 September 2023 (student free day) 
8.30am - 2.40pm 
Dress: Sports uniform  
Confirm your daughter’s attendance

Day 2: Student and Parent Orientation Session 
*student and parent event - continuing Year 6 families and incoming Year 7 families
Friday 6 October 2023 
3.30pm - 5.30pm 
Confirm your attendance

Thank you to everyone who has registered, if you have yet to register your daughter and your family please do so via the links above.

Please mark your diaries with these compulsory Set For Seven Program dates. We look forward to supporting our continuing Year 6 students and incoming Year 7 students as they transition into their high school years at St Rita's College.

Faculty News
Science Week

Science Week

Pride Petunia Competition

Our Year 5 and 6 students joined forces with the Science Ambassadors to kick of Science Week in full bloom! The Petunia Pride Plant Growing Competition is an engaging opportunity for our Primary students to showcase their gardening prowess.

From the Library
Sarah Armstrong Author Visit

Sarah Armstrong Author Visit

Award winning writer, Sarah Armstrong, is visiting the College on Monday 21 August. Sarah will workshop writing techniques with all Year 7 students in preparation for their short story assessment in English. She will also speak with all Primary students to share her love of literature and reading. Primary students have been enjoying reading Sarah’s middle grade book Big Magic during library and reading time. Copies of Big Magic and the recently released sequel Magic Awry can be purchased through our community partner and independent bookstore, Riverbend. Scan the QR code to navigate directly to Riverbend’s online shop or click here.

Purchasing instructions:

  1. Add the items to your cart.
  2. Check out by creating an account.
  3. When you get to the Delivery page, select ‘Pick up at school event’.
  4. In the notes section of the Delivery page, please write your child's full name (first and last), class and school name.
  5. Complete the payment.

All books will be delivered to the College and distributed to your child the following week.

Music News - Mr Craig Kennedy, Head of Cocurricular Music
Queensland Catholic Colleges Music Festival
Music Gala
Upcoming Events in Term 3

Queensland Catholic Colleges Music Festival

QCMF is finally here, and all our ensembles are looking forward to performing throughout the festival. Overhearing rehearsals in the past few weeks, there has been noticeable improvement and we are looking forward to hearing each of our ensembles perform to the best of their ability. Our students will perform at Villanova College and St James Church and School amongst thousands of musicians from Catholic schools within Queensland and interstate. Performance details have been posted on the College App with further links to the Event Memo, QCMF Key Information Brochure and a Festival Map.

Anyone can attend as an audience member over the course of the weekend to support our ensembles. Please see the performance schedule for further information. Our Music students would love to see you there.

Click here to view St Rita's College Performance Schedule.

Music Gala

On Saturday 9 September all College ensembles will perform in the Music program’s major concert for the year, Music Gala. Throughout the afternoon the Music Support Group will be running a BBQ and bar so there will be ample opportunity for parents to get involved and help to make the Gala a special celebratory occasion. Parents are asked to sign up through this link:

The Music Support Group has also put a call out for Music Gala raffle donations which can be brought in before Friday 25 August. Please see the published App notification for more details on raffle donations.

Upcoming Events in Term 3

We would like to extend an invitation to anyone in our extended community to join us for any of our upcoming performances and events. You would be most welcome. For further details to see if there is something that may interest you, please follow this link:

Sport News - Mr Joshua White, Director of Sport
CaSSSA Track and Field
Water Polo
CaSSSA Sport
Strength and Conditioning
Touch Football

CaSSSA Track and Field

On Monday our team of over 100 students competed at the Annual CASSSA Track and Field Carnival. Our team began training back in Term 2 with selection events in Term 3. The team led by head Coach Mr Peter Kropp and Assistant Coach Kimbra Winburn were very motivated this year after winning the championship for the first time in 2022.

Our results on Monday came from a lot of commitment and ownership of the journey from all students involved. The day proved to be tough with Mt Saint Michaels College and All Hallows School pushing us the entire day. We are so proud of how the team performed under that pressure and to walk away with success in all divisions shows the depth of commitment and talent.

The team also set six (6) new CaSSSA Records along the way including the 17 Years 4 x 100m Run. The focus now turns to regional selection and then onwards to State Champs in October. Good Luck Team, we know you will be amazing.

A huge thank you to Peter, Kimbra, and the Team of Coaches for the season and also to Captains Josie and Jemma for leading the team and creating a culture around not just success but enjoyment.



New Record (Old Record)

Laila B

Girls 12 Year 1500 Metre

5.14.93  (5.21.51)

Laila B

Girls 12 Year 800 Metre

2.33.18 (2.35.26)

Sienna Y

Girls 12 Year  200 Metre

27.54 (27.58)

Sienna Y

Girls 12 Year 100 Metre

13.38 (13.47)

Mia N

Girls 15 Year Triple Jump

10.96 (10.58)

Sophie M, Jemma M, Josie K, Claudia A

Girls 17-19 4x100 Metre Relay

50.12 (50.33)

2023 CaSSSA Track and Field Results

St Rita’s College


Mt St Michael’s College


All Hallow’s School


Mt Alvernia College


Brigidine College


Loreto College


Lourdes Hill College


2023 St Rita's College CaSSSA Track and Field Results

Track Cup


Field Cup


Percentage School Cup


All Age Relay Cup


12 Years Team


13 Years Team


14 Years Team


15 Years Team


16 Years Team


17 Years Team


Water Polo


Congratulations to the following students: Emma W, Prudence D, Abby B, Lucy A and Caitlin E who recently competed at the Hawaii International invitational tournament. The students came 9th in the U18s divisions which is an amazing result. Well done to all. 


Water Polo Trials

Water Polo trials have now wrapped up for the 23/24 summer season. We have exciting time moving forward for the new Water Polo season. The trials have been a huge success and we can't wait for students to start training in their teams for the summer competition which is commencing at the start of Term 4. 

CaSSSA Sport

A reminder that Term 4 CaSSSA Sport registrations close on Friday 18 August. Please refer to MySRC for further information on the sports that are on offer along with the trial and registration information. 


Vicki Wilson Cup

A great weekend of Netball was had on 4-5 August with out Vicki Wilson Cup Team competing in the finals series at Nissan Arena. The team finished top of their pool on Friday and headed into a challenging day on Saturday. Some tough competition and nail-bitingly close games saw the girls finish in 8th place, well done to all involved! 

Club Netball 

Club Netball is winding up with final round games and potentially five of our teams will progress through to the finals. Well done to all teams this season. 


A big congratulations to Gemma H who played in the Commonwealth Youth Games and won gold with her Fast 5s netball team!

A big congratulations also to Bronte F who was awarded MVP in her Met North Netball team and has been selected in the 16-19 years QLD Netball state squad. She is looking forward to attending the high performance camp in September.

Congratulations to Mia Nguyen who was selected to attend the Australian volleyball development camp in Bendigo later this year. 

Netball Awards Night

Change of Date: A reminder that the Netball Awards night has now been moved to Friday 15 September. For further details and to purchase tickets, please click here.

Strength and Conditioning

Well done to everyone who has been working hard in strength and conditioning. I know you're excited about the new program for the second block of the term, starting this week. Congratulations to the Year 8's who have been working hard on their technique and have been able to progress to more complex movements and lifts in the gym. Congratulations to Alexis F who got her first body weight chin up this week. Testing for the sporting excellence group is next Monday, please register via the link send on email. 

The SEP group had a great session at the TH7 Recovery Centre on Friday. It was really great to see the group challenge themselves with the five degree cold plunge pool and experience the other equipment available to them.

Touch Football

Brisbane Secondary All Schools

Congratulations to our Opens and 15s Touch Football Teams. A great weekend of Touch Football was had on 12 -13 August with our Opens and 15s team competing in the Brisbane Secondary All Schools Tournament at Runcorn. Both teams competed extremely well, in which there was some tough competition over the course of the weekend. Both teams had some fantastic wins and nail-biting close games. Superb effort from all the players and coaching staff involved.

Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association (BMTA)

Club Touch Football is heating up, with grading rounds now completed. All teams have competed extremely well, and we look forward to seeing what all teams can achieve for the remainder of the Season. Well done to all teams so far this season.


Senior Schools Cup 

A great weekend of Volleyball was had between 4-6 August with our Senior Schools Cup Team competing at QLD Schools Cup Tournament at Runway Bay. Congratulations to our Senior Schools Cup Volleyball team who finished 6th place in what was a tough competition. Superb effort from all the players and coaching staff involved.

Junior Schools Cup

We now look ahead to our Junior Schools Cup Volleyball Team, who have begun training for the upcoming Tournament taking place at the end of October. We wish the team all the best as they prepare for the Schools Cup Tournament.

Important Dates
Upcoming Dates to Note

Upcoming Dates to Note

  • Thursday - Sunday 17-20 August - Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival
  • Friday 18 August - Rosa Colour Day and 'Say No to Bullying Day'
  • Monday 21 August - Year 10-Road Safety Workshop
  • Tuesday 22 August - Collins Fundraiser Day
  • Thursday 24 August - 2024 College Captains announced 
  • Friday 25 August - Senior Careers Breakfast (Years 11 & 12)
  • Friday 25 August - Simply Splendid/Pony Tail Chop
  • Tuesday 29 August - SRC/Nudgee Year 9 Social Evening
  • Wednesday 30 August - Father/Daughter Breakfast
  • Wednesday 30 August - P&F Raffle Drawn
  • Wednesday 30 August - 2024 House Captains announced
  • Thursday 31 August - Nagle Thrifty Thursday
  • Friday 1 September - Student Free Day
  • Friday 1 September - Year 7 2024 Transition Day
  • Friday 1 September - Year 9 Drama Excursion
  • Monday 4 September - Year 5 Catholic Mission Workshop
  • Wednesday 6 September - Year 5 Immersion Concert
  • Saturday 9 September - Music Gala
  • Monday 11 September - Year 8 2024 Subject Selection
  • Wednesday - Friday 13-15 September - Rosa House Sudsy Challenge
  • Friday 15 September - Netball Awards Night
  • Friday 15 September - Senior Music Finale
  • Friday 15 September - Term 3 Concludes
Upcoming Events
St Rita's College P&F Raffle - Drive away in a Mazda 2 - Less than 2 weeks to go
Father & Daughter Breakfast - Tickets now available!
Service Rosters
Year 10 Road Safety Workshop

St Rita's College P&F Raffle - Drive away in a Mazda 2 - Less than 2 weeks to go

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our P&F major fundraiser for 2023 will be drawn in two short weeks with the lucky raffle winner of a Mazda2 G15 Pure Hatch to be announced on Wednesday 30 August 2023.

Have you purchased your tickets?
With only 2,000 tickets available at $50.00 per ticket - don’t risk missing out!

In lieu of the St Rita's College Carnival, this raffle is the P&F Association major fundraiser for 2023, so we are asking all parents and friends of the College to get behind this fundraising initiative. All funds raised support the College in providing exceptional learning opportunities, programs and facilities for all students to enjoy.

We recently received approval to extend the raffle period and this much anticipated draw will now take place at the Father Daughter Breakfast on Wednesday 30 August. All raffle ticket sales remain valid and no action is required by existing ticket holders. 

Click here to view details and to purchase tickets.

Don’t delay, purchase your tickets today!

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Mr Cosi DeAngelis
P&F President

Father & Daughter Breakfast - Tickets now available!

Tickets are on sale for our annual St Rita's College Father and Daughter Breakfast, hosted by the Sports Subcommittee. 

Purchase your tickets by Wednesday 23 August to secure your seat.

Wednesday 30 August 2023
6.00am sharp to 8.30am
St Ledger Marquee, Eagle Farm Racecourse, Lancaster Road, Ascot

Prepare to be captivated by our special guests: Shane Webcke, Former Brisbane Bronco and Australia Rugby League Player, Caitlin Mair, Past student, Australian Cricketer and Tom Court, Former Queensland Reds, British and Irish Rugby Player.

Ticket price includes a plated table served breakfast, complemented by a selection of danishes, croissants, fresh fruit, juices and tea/coffee. Student Ticket $45.00/Father Ticket $75.00.

These tickets are limited in supply and in high demand. Don't miss your chance to partake in this enriching experience that celebrates the bond between fathers and daughters. 

Service Rosters

Big Brekky

Students are to meet the supervising staff member at Student Services at 5.55am. Students are to wear modest comfortable clothing.

Tuesday 22 August: Miss Austin will accompany Hannah Woods, Rachel Copsey, Courtney Tucker and Sarah Gallagher

Tuesday 29 August: Mr Guthrie will accompany Taya Kirk, Imogen Riethmuller, Josie Kropp and Sarah Rees

Tuesday 5 September: Miss Austin will accompany Annabelle Schmierer, Cindy Tam, Lily Holm and Grace Dardanis

Homework Club

Students will meet their supervising staff member in classrooms S07 and S08 after school.

Tuesday 22 August: Amy Jenkins, Annabelle Hartley, Te Keene Brinsdon, Ella Chambers, Lysanne Lombaard, Izzy Langestraat and Grace Mulligan

Tuesday 29 August: Macy Bishop Charlotte Barr, Ella Chambers, Olivia Sim, Annabelle Hartley, Emilia Hudson and Sarah Thambiran

Rosies School Outreach Program

Students to meet their supervising staff member at 6.00pm. Students are to wear modest comfortable clothing.

Brisbane North Monday 21 August: Mrs Trims will accompany Emma Black, Charlotte Lewis, Charlotte O’Keefe and Naomi Tshamala

Ecumenical Coffee Brigade

Students to meet their supervising staff member at 5/107 Bowen St Windsor at 6.15am.

Monday 21 August: Mrs Diamond will accompany Belinda Self, Abbey Self, Nina Vickers, Zoe Dalton, Matilda Morrow, Roby Vickers, Ava Cavanagh and Amelia Long

Year 10 Road Safety Workshop

All Year 10 students will be attending an in-school Road Safety Workshop. This is an education program run by Road Safety Education where students are encouraged to take greater responsibility for themselves and their friends before they face the challenges of driving solo or as a passenger. The program consists of a series of practical and powerful workshops that challenge students to change the way they think about road safety, RYDA helps lay the foundation for safe road use throughout their lives. Please note in one session there will be an emotional video showing the ripple effect of a fatal car crash. Our College Wellbeing Officer will be in attendance at these sessions.

Additional information about the program can be found at

Term Dates
2024 Term Dates

2024 Term Dates

2024 Term Dates are now available. Please note these may be subject to changes and additions.

Please click here to view current (2023) term dates.

Boutique News
Year 10, 2024 Blazer Fittings
Year 5 Swimming Gear - 11, 18 & 25 August
Sale items
Opening Hours

Year 10, 2024 Blazer Fittings

The last of the House group Blazer fittings will be held tomorrow for Xaverian, Friday 18 August. If your daughter has missed her fitting, please ask her to attend the Boutique as soon as possible. The last day for ALL Blazer fittings is Monday 21 August. This includes all catch-ups

Year 5 Swimming Gear - 11, 18 & 25 August

Year 5 students will be fitted for their swimming gear on 11, 18 & 25 August. Students will bring an order form home with their requirements. Please ensure ALL orders are placed by 3 September 2023, so they can be delivered to the Primary area for collection. 

Sale items

All items must go: 

  • Water Polo Suits - $85
  • Bike Shorts (cotton) - $25
  • Music Uniforms – $50
  • Netball Dresses - $60
  • Track Suits – from $40
  • Vest - $20

 Sale items are available to purchase via the Online Boutique or in store. LIMITED STOCK available.

All items are old try-ons and in new condition.

Opening Hours

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Friday: 7.30am - 9.00am, 11.00am - 3.30pm

Sudsy Challenge
Rosa House Sudsy Challenge

Rosa House Sudsy Challenge

This September, Rosa House is poised to embrace The Sudsy Challenge, a commendable endeavour aimed at garnering both funds and awareness for Orange Sky - an organisation that is dedicated to providing access to complimentary laundry services, comforting warm showers and authentic interpersonal exchanges for people experiencing homelessness.

Every contribution, no matter its size, holds the potential to effect meaningful change. Rosa House whole heartedly values and welcomes any form of support extended. The team has already reached the midway point towards achieving their fundraising goal and therefore we call on our College Community to show their support. 

For further details and to make a donation, please click here.

Rosa House Colour Day

The Rosa House Colour day is on Friday 18 August along with National Bullying No Way Day. This will be supported by the backflips against bullying. 

Bullying is the ongoing and deliberate misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical and/or social behaviour that intends to cause physical, social and/or psychological harm. Even bystanders have a responsibility to stop bullying.  

We encourage the whole school to come with braids to show your support and awareness towards 'Bullying No Way'. Each house group will be receiving ribbons and an info sheet on Friday morning. The ribbons and braiding of hair is a sign of us growing a connection and supporting this movement. 


Community Notices
Sacrament of Penance at St Agatha’s Church
2023 Non-Government Schools Census collection notice
Oriana Presents "Beneath the Southern Cross"

Sacrament of Penance at St Agatha’s Church

Enrolments for the Sacrament of Penance (also known as Reconciliation in the First Rite or Confession) are now open at St Agatha’s Church.

Click here to view further details and to register

For additional information please contact Sandy Cantarutti, Children and Families Pastoral Associate, St Agatha’s Parish, Clayfield via or call the Parish Office on 3262 2859.

2023 Non-Government Schools Census collection notice

The Australian Government Department of Education (the department) would like to advise all staff, parents and guardians that it will collect certain information about your school, its staff and student body as part of the 2023 Non-Government School Census collection (the Census).

Parents are not required to do anything, however the College is responsible for providing the information to the department. Please click here to view further details.

Oriana Presents "Beneath the Southern Cross"

From ‘Georgie Girl’ to ‘You’re the Voice’, acclaimed Sunshine Coast ensemble, Oriana Choir, will present a celebration of Australian music from across the decades at 2.00pm on Sunday 13 August at the Trinity Centre, St Rita’s College, Clayfield and at 2.00pm on Sunday 20 August at Stella Maris Catholic Primary School, Maroochydore.

For more details and to book your seats for either concert visit