Verbis - Term 4, Edition 1 2023 Verbis - Term 4, Edition 1 2023

12 October 2023

Year of Simplicity - Travelling Lightly

From our College Leadership Team
Principal - Mrs Dale Morrow
Business Manager, Mr Ed Gleeson
Acting Deputy Principal - Studies, Mr Martin Lobb
Deputy Principal - Students, Mrs Catherine Allen
Assistant Principal - Mission, Mrs Erica Qureshi

Principal - Mrs Dale Morrow

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back to Term 4. I hope the holiday break was enjoyed by all and the students have returned to the College with renewed enthusiasm for the last term for 2023. Last Friday afternoon we welcomed our Year 7 cohort for 2024. It is always a delightful afternoon, and the Year 11 students made the Year 7 students feel very at home. I am always filled with gratitude by the way the older students welcome and embrace the younger ones. The big sister/little sister program is a very effective way to ensure that all students are treated hospitably as they commence their journey at St Rita’s. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Year 11 students for taking this role so seriously and for ensuring that the values of St Rita’s are passed on from the older girls to our newest students. I also express my thanks to the Parents and Friends who were on hand to provide hospitality to our new parents. I am sure all who attended the afternoon felt the warmth of our community.   

I am also mindful that our Year 10 students are off on camp this week. It is a challenging camp and one which is based on developing their leadership skills. The students I spoke with were excited about the challenge that lay ahead. I wish them and the staff well and look forward to hearing of their adventures on their return.

This Friday will see the final day of official classes for the Year 12 students. It is a day filled with gratitude for the wonderful contribution they have made to the College not only during their senior year but over the course of their education. We take the opportunity to share breakfast with them and then lunch in their House groups. The afternoon assembly is an opportunity for the entire school community to farewell the Year 12’s appropriately and to wish them well in their upcoming exam block. I personally, would like to recognise the contribution of this cohort to our College. The school Captain, Ava Wright and the two Vice Captains Rachel Copsey and Taya Kirk have been outstanding leaders. This cohort have been an understated group and have achieved much especially in this last year. They have led the College to victory in the CaSSSA Swimming and Athletics carnivals this year. The Year 12 Music Captains have led the music co-curricular program with the largest participation rate ever in the music program. Our debating captains continue to support the debating program and the House Captains have ensured that all the House Presentation ministries and well-being days have been well supported. The academic and sports captains have led quietly and with great enthusiasm.

I look forward to acknowledging the many students who have achieved highly in the various areas recognised at the Annual Thanksgiving Ceremony to be held at City Hall on the Monday 16 October. It is a wonderful occasion for students, parents, and staff to gather to give thanks for the year. 

Please keep all those who are experiencing the trauma of war across in the world in our prayers as we pray for peace.

God bless.

Mrs Dale Morrow

Business Manager, Mr Ed Gleeson

Technology Upgrades

In response to parent feedback from the 2022 End of Year Survey, the College has commenced a project to improve and align the technology and communication experience for parents and guardians. These improvements will be implemented in a staged approach over the coming weeks and months.

The first of these enhancements, to be delivered next week, is to update parent/guardian logins to a Parent ID Passport or “Single Sign On” service. Gone are the days of the College providing each parent/guardian with a six digit code and password. From next week you will be able to log into your MySRC account using the email address you have registered with the College. If the email address you have registered with the College matches your Google, Microsoft or Apple account, you can also use these identities to login to MySRC.

The implementation of a Single Sign-On Services offers you the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Security and Scalability
  • Improved User Experience
  • One passport - All Services

Please be on the lookout for a follow-up email next week. This email will contain step-by-step instructions and necessary actions. Your cooperation in completing these steps is crucial to maintaining uninterrupted access to MySRC and your College accounts.

Once this change has been implemented, we will commence rolling out “Single Sign On” functionality to other College systems including the St Rita's College mobile app, our Community Portal and other services accessible through MySRC.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our College and for your attention to these important updates. We are confident that these improvements will contribute to a more efficient experience for all members of our College community and we look forward to sharing the rollout of further technology and communication enhancements with you.

Acting Deputy Principal - Studies, Mr Martin Lobb

Release of 2023 Year 12 final subject results and Senior Education Profiles (SEP) to students

From 9.00am on Friday 15 December, Year 12 students and other students who have completed a QCAA subject in 2023 can access their final subject results and SEP from their learning account in the Student Portal via the myQCE website at

Depending on students’ individual circumstances, their SEP will comprise one or more of the following documents:

  • Senior Statement
  • Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)

SEPs are issued as electronic documents and stored in students’ learning accounts. Students can save their SEP on a computer or mobile device and provide it to third parties electronically or they can download it as a secure PDF and print it.

Electronic SEP documents in students’ learning accounts are official documents. They contain an embedded digital signature to confirm they are authentic, and they cannot be altered.

If students download or print their SEP, an employer or further education provider can scan the unique QR code on the document. This will direct the user to a unique QCAA webpage confirming the SEP’s authenticity. For more information please click here.

Printing SEPs

The QCAA does not automatically print and post SEPs, however, students may print their own SEP, or they may request a printed copy of their SEP from the QCAA via their learning account in the Student Portal, which they access via the myQCE website.

The option to request a printed copy of their SEP will become available in the Student Portal when SEPs are issued and will close on 31 January 2024. SEPs will be posted during March 2024. Printed copies are free.

SEPs printed by the QCAA are no different from those that students can print for themselves and are not official documents. They are provided for convenience only.

Accessing the Student Portal

To access the Student Portal via the myQCE website, students must first register for access using their learner unique identifier (LUI). They should do this in advance to ensure quick access when their results and SEPs are issued on 15 December.

After students have registered for access to the Student Portal, they can log in with their non – school email address and nominated password.

Accessing the ATARs

Students are reminded that ATARs will be available via the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) at Students must sign up to QTAC’s ATAR Portal to access their ATAR and need to use their name (as shown in their QCAA learning account), date of birth, LUI and email address.

Deputy Principal - Students, Mrs Catherine Allen

This week has been Mental Health Week. Kildare House has directed a number of activities to promote our need for self - care and community care. As we all know the statistics for poor mental wellbeing continue to rise. Thanks to Kildare House for offering all of us the opportunities to reflect and act on our Mental wellbeing. As part of this week, on Tuesday, we focused on Neurodiversity. Another reflective activity was organised and brief videos allowing some education and understanding of the richness that comes with embracing diversity. Thanks to Elisabeth Murphy for instigating this day.

A reminder that the Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run will take place on Sunday 15 October. This event is a fun family event, from prams to sprints. It’s great for physical and mental health and social wellbeing. We invite our community to support the QIMR Berghofer B2B team. Cate Horton in Year 8 is their ambassador. There is both a 4.5km and 10km track, with both courses finishing at the Brisbane showgrounds. This link will take you to B2B entry page where you can join team QIMR Berghofer.

Our Year 12s finish their lessons this week. They have been an outstanding cohort for whom we wish their very best across their External Exams. Please keep these students in your prayers.

Assistant Principal - Mission, Mrs Erica Qureshi

In the coming Weeks, our Years 5 students will be involved in their first St Rita’s Retreat and in latter weeks, our Year 12 students will participate in their final St Rita’s Retreat. Our Year 6 students will also Retreat this term.

The concept of Retreat, of going aside from the busyness of life, in order to think and pray about our lives, is very ancient. Human beings seem always to have known, intuitively, that sometimes we need to stop and that these times of stopping actually make our lives richer, renew our energy and help us to be clearer about what’s important in our lives. Indeed, this very realisation has been the pillar form which we have drawn this year – Simplicity, peeling back the layers of excess and looking to what really matters.

Jesus had that consciousness, too. In John’s Gospel we read:

The apostles gathered around Jesus and told him all that they had done and taught. He said to them, “Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.” For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat. And they went away in a boat to a deserted place by themselves. (6:30-32)

Our hope is that our students continue to realise the importance – both through their early years and as they graduate from secondary education – of stepping back from their busy lives for prayer, reflection and renewal.

This term, I ask our community to pray in particular for our Year 12 cohort, as they navigate options after school, final assessments and the exciting changes that finishing one life stage and moving to another inevitably brings.

Primary Years News
Head of Primary - Ms Georgina Howard
Term 4 After School Schedule
Primary Awards
Year 6 Study Skills

Head of Primary - Ms Georgina Howard

Our Primary staff and students have had a busy start to Term 4. This term, the Year 6 students begin their final term in Primary School and prepare for the exciting transition to Year 7 and Secondary School. The Year 5 students are preparing to lead our Primary Years in 2024 and continue their journey to becoming independent learners. 

Our shared Primary Years area is an important component of our Primary community. It is the place where students meet, work, learn and have fun. The display wall in this space is an integral part of the Primary experience and we are fortunate to have our wonderful Mrs Hukins work with students in creating beautiful displays each term that are significant to students and their learning. This term we have a Friendship Wall in this space, depicting two Primary students holding string that is held up by a cascade of hearts. 

Each Primary student created and decorated a heart that forms part of this display, sharing what friendship means to them.  There has been much delight in students finding their hearts on the wall. This display is representative of our Primary Years student body working and learning together in friendship and is particularly significant as we look ahead to our first cohort moving up to Year 7. We are blessed to have such a compassionate, warm and vibrant Primary community and look forward to an exciting term ahead.

Term 4 After School Schedule

We are proud to provide our Primary students with so many cocurricular and extracurricular opportunities. In Term 4, Primary students can engage with a wide variety of activities including Chess Club, Debating, Tech Club, Music Ensembles, Prelude Voices and many sporting opportunities. It has been wonderful to see so many students engaged in extracurricular activities this term and we look forward to hearing about their learning experiences.

Primary Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have received Primary Awards this week:

Learner Quality Awards: Tahlia S, Audrey M, Isabella K, Myla H, Gianna C, Sienna M, Sophie M, Gabrielle L, Quinn U, Patrice S, Emma C.

Pillar Awards: Grace O, Evie T, Esther G, Abigail E, Olivia S, Piper W, Thea T, Salene K, Sarah T, Bora C, Annabelle C, Caitlin D, Arabella P, Ciara D.

Year 6 Study Skills

Our Year 6 classes have been working with Ms Wallas in building their understanding of Study Skills. Students have been learning about the importance of study strategies, time management and of their own accountability in their learning journey. We look forward to working with our Year 6 students as they continue to grow into independent learners with an understanding of the importance of strong study skills and work habits.

Faculty News
Year 10 General Science students visit the Clinical Skills Development Service
Science - Student Internship Reflection
QUT Future Summit - Student Experience

Year 10 General Science students visit the Clinical Skills Development Service

On 5 October, 36 students from Year 10 General Science had the opportunity to visit the Clinical Skills Development Service at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital. The students were shown the state-of-the art facilities used to train nurses and doctors and were allowed a hand-on experience with some of the equipment.

They were challenged to beat each other’s score in a CPR compression task, using a simulation model that recorded rate, depth and position of compressions for two minutes. The students soon learned that stamina is as essential for CPR as the more obvious attributes of strength and rhythm!

An experienced midwife demonstrated a manikin that was designed for midwifery training. Watching it go through the four stages of labour was an enlightening (an eye-watering) moment for many. The students had many questions for the midwife and were thoroughly engaged throughout.

Finally, students were shown how laparoscopic surgery is performed, and they had a chance to test their key-hole surgery skills. Some “patients” were “cured” by our young St Rita’s surgeons, but, alas, others were not. It was a fascinating insight into this modern medical marvel. Thanks to the amazing team at CSDS for their warm hospitality and being so generous with their time and facilities. Thank you also to Ms Trifaro for accompanying us on the excursion

Science - Student Internship Reflection

Placing first in the Queensland State Finals of Brain Bee provided Samantha C with an incredible opportunity of an internship at the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) over the September School Holidays.  

Samantha spent time in Professor Jason Mattingley’s lab of Cognitive Neuroscience where she was introduced to many PhD students, Doctors, and Professors, who explained their specific field of research, the importance of their investigation, and an overview of what their occupation encompasses. She acquired knowledge strokes, brain plasticity, visual perception, consciousness, attention, decision making, cognitive development, and much more!

One of Samantha's most memorable experiences was observing Mr Richard Ronayne conduct an experiment on a participant. His current research is specific to investigating episodic memory through Virtual Reality (VR), and thus analysing subjective cognitive decline in the participants. They explored four standard rooms of a house in VR, specifically noting the objects within the space – which they had to recall days later in tests. Mr Richard implemented VR to develop a more relevant and accurate cognitive test, as opposed to the generic paper examinations currently utilised.

Samantha’s internship at the QBI was an enriching experience, providing her with a better understanding of scientific research and how the brain functions. 

QUT Future Summit - Student Experience

During the September holidays, Charlotte M had the privilege of participating in the QUT Future You Summit, joining 250 Year 11 and 12 students from across Queensland. This enriching experience spanned four days, during which students explored both QUT campuses, connected with new peers, and gained valuable insights into their futures.

Students had the opportunity to engage in discipline-based sessions covering fields such as chemistry, pharmacy, exercise and sports science, and biomedical science. The pinnacle of the summit experience was a thrilling entrepreneurial sprint competition on the last day. In teams of four, students tackled real-world problems. Charlotte's group focused on revolutionising the use of robotics in the rehabilitation of elderly stroke patients, proposing an innovative solution named 'Nimble 2000.' They pitched their idea to a distinguished audience of industry professionals, QUT staff, and alumni, vying for their investment.

Charlotte wholeheartedly recommends next year's Year 11 and 12 students to consider this remarkable opportunity. With eight different streams tailored to various interests and strengths, ranging from creative industries to mathematics to social work, there truly is something for everyone.

From the Library
Stationery Lists for 2024

Stationery Lists for 2024

The stationery lists and workbooks for 2024 are now published on the MK Educational Supplies website:   

Orders for 2024 are due by Friday 17 November 2023. 

Instructions to place order:

1. At the top of the MK Educational Supplies website, select St Rita’s College and your child’s Year level, select Girl, then View Book List.

2. Place a tick beside relevant subjects and tick beside A: General Stationery Requirements (additional to items for selected subjects)

3. Show Subjects: to reveal the required equipment and workbooks.

Please select all subjects and purchase all equipment listed for Year 5 and Year 7 students.

If your child already has the required equipment, you do not need to purchase new equipment. The workbooks, however, must be purchased. There will be nominated delivery dates. The dates will be shown at the top of the order form and emailed to you at the time of ordering. 

  • Home delivery will be from Monday 11 December. A tracking number will be provided once the order is dispatched.
  • Store collection is from Monday 11 December - Saturday 23 December only, between 9.00am to 5.00pm (9.00am to 2.00pm Saturday)

The stationary items listed are the minimum requirements. Parents and Guardians are welcome to purchase from elsewhere. Where brand, style or model is noted, this exact item must be purchased. 

Sport News - Mr Joshua White, Director of Sport
Water Polo
Primary School Sport
Touch Football (GCTAS)
BMTA Touch Football
Knowles Cup Tennis
CaSSSA Wednesday Sport

Water Polo

Summer Water Polo Season is back! Grading games have commenced for all teams. It has been wonderful to see all of our Water Polo students back in the water. We are really looking forward to the BWPI Summer Water Polo season and can't wait for round games to start.

Over the holidays we had 7 of our St Rita’s Water Polo Club students attend National Championships in Canberra. Congratulations to the following students: Izzy L, Izzy O, Mia, Emma, Jemima, Tilly M & Tilly H. The teams had some great results with U16s winning Gold and U17s teams placing 5th and 6th.

A massive congratulations to Izzy O who was named in the U16s Australian squad and Tilly M and Tilly H who were named in the u17s Australian squad. They were selected into these teams from the national tournament and got to stay on at the AIS to have a training camp with all selected athletes from around Australia. These are amazing achievements from our St Rita’s athletes.

All Schools EOI Tournament nominations are out and close next Wednesday 18/10/23. Please check the school App and emails for more information. 


At the beginning of the holidays we sent a team to the Vicki Wilson Primary School Netball competition at the Gold Coast. The team played their hearts out over two days and came 6th in the development division, a great result! Thanks to the coaches and parents for all the effort you put in to get the girls on the court.

Term 4 sees our Juniors take the court and we have four Year 7 teams and four Year 8 teams competing in the CaSSSA competition. With Week 1 done, it looks like we are in for another successful season. Keep up the great work everyone.

Primary School Sport

Primary Years sport is off and running for Term 4. Last week we took three teams to the City Districts Gala Day to play AFL against other schools from the Northside. These are learning games so no scores are kept. Our teams were amazing and played so well, learning new skills and making new friends. We have two more weeks to hone our skills and have some fun.

Touch Football (GCTAS)

Last week, our Opens Touch Football team competed in the All-Schools Touch Football Competition. It is the world’s largest touch tournament with over 530 teams competing. A big thank you must go to the parents of these students for the large amount of support for the tournament along with our coaches Britt and Issy and of course Kerrie our Team Manager. To everyone your help and support is appreciated and does not go unnoticed. 

To the players, well done on a fantastic weekend. Five great wins and two narrow losses. Finishing 3rd in our Pool, however, narrowly missing the top 16 and playing in Finals on Sunday. You should all be extremely proud of all your efforts. I would also like to say congratulations to all the players on demonstrating a great level of sportsmanship and pride for the duration of the Tournament.

The Sports Department is extremely proud of all your efforts on what was a massive couple of days of Touch Football.

BMTA Touch Football

BMTA (Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association)

Club Touch Football is heating up. We are now over the halfway point of the Season with Round 9 taking place on Thursday 12 October. All teams have competed extremely well thus far, and we look forward to seeing what all teams can achieve for the remainder of the Season.  Well done to all teams so far this season.

Season 2 BMTA Registrations are open! 

St Rita’s College will continue to enter as many teams as possible into BMTA. This, however, is dependent on numbers. For Season 1 SRC Club Touch Football, St Rita's College will enter teams into - Open, U15, U13 and U11. All Divisions will be played at Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association (BMTA) White's Hill, playing on Thursday evenings. Season 1 BMTA will run Terms 1 and 2 2024: February - June. 

BMTA Trial #1 - Monday 6 November (3.30pm - 5.30pm) at Gibson Park, Stafford

For more information head to the School App or MySRC.

Knowles Cup Tennis

The first weekend of the Knowles Cup Tennis competition stated on Saturday with St Rita’s playing All Hallows in the first round at the Churchie School courts in the morning. There are four grades with four players in each grade – Open A, Open B, Intermediate and Junior. St Rita’s did very well in the Open grades but struggled in the Intermediate and Junior grades:

Open A – won 5 matches to 1

Open B – Won 4 matches to 2

Intermediate – Lost 4 matches to 2

Junior – Lost 6 matches to 0

In the afternoon St Rita’s played Lourdes Hill also at the Churchie School courts.

CaSSSA Wednesday Sport

Last week our Round 1 fixtures kicked off for Junior Netball and AFL and Intermediate Basketball. Thank you all for your great attendance, we look forward to this continuing through the term, and seeing you all progress with your skill level. Our AFL players have one more week of their skills session, before commencing their fixtures in Week 3. Unfortunately, our Basketball teams have been impacted by Year 10 camp this week. However, we look forward to having every play back on deck next week for our Round 3 fixtures. 

Important Dates
Upcoming Dates to Note

Upcoming Dates to Note

  • Friday 13 October - Year 12 Last Day of Classes/Guard of Honour and Hat Throw
  • Saturday 14 October - Knowles Cup Tennis Round 3 & 4
  • Monday 16 October - Annual Thanksgiving Celebration (ATC)
  • Wednesday 18 October - Year 11 P.A.R.T.Y
  • Friday 20 - Sunday 22 October - Junior Volleyball Schools Cup
  • Saturday 21 October - College Race Day Event and Race Day Raffle
  • Monday 23 October - Year 12 External Exams Begin
  • Tuesday 24 October - Year 11 Biology - Toohey Forest Field Trip Pre-Visit
  • Tuesday 24 October - Year 11 Modern history Excursion: QLD Holocaust Museum
  • Wednesday 25 October - Children's Mission Day Primary Liturgy - Corpus Christi Church
  • Saturday 28 October - Knowles Cup Tennis Finals
  • Sunday 29 October - Studio and Chamber Concerts
Upcoming Events
Annual Thanksgiving Celebration and Presentation of College Awards - Monday 16 October
College Race Day - Last Chance to Secure Tickets
College Race Day Raffle - Saturday 21 October
St Rita's College Mother's Luncheon - Saturday 11 November
Year 12 Graduation - Friday 17 November
Studio and Chamber Concerts - Sunday 29 October
Service Rosters

Annual Thanksgiving Celebration and Presentation of College Awards - Monday 16 October

The St Rita’s College Annual Thanksgiving Celebration (ATC) is our formal opportunity to celebrate student achievements and present College awards. 

Please click here to reserve your tickets.

When viewing on a mobile device click the three dots in the top menu bar to open in browser and book your tickets.

ATC is being held in the Main Auditorium of Brisbane City Hall on Monday 16 October. Please click here to view essential information regarding the event.

Please note that ATC is a mandatory event for all students in Years 7, 11, 12 and awardees. 

College Race Day - Last Chance to Secure Tickets

Last chance to get your College Race Day Tickets!

Be part of the excitement at Eagle Farm Racecourse on Saturday 21 October 2023 for the St Rita's College Race Day!

Your opportunity to grab tickets for the College Race Day is running out! Act now as ticket sales conclude today!

Secure your tickets by clicking here.

College Race Day Raffle - Saturday 21 October

Seize this opportunity to become a victorious participant in the St Rita's Race Day Raffle!

Featuring a magnificent prize pool exceeding $10,500, your physical presence at Race Day is not required for you to secure a win.

Our remarkable prizes span from exquisite homewares and dazzling jewelry to an exclusive racing adventure, 5-star hotel getaways, cutting-edge tech rewards, and an array of beauty items, and so much more.

Don't delay, click here for details and to secure your raffle tickets today.

St Rita's College Mother's Luncheon - Saturday 11 November

Join us for a delightful day at St Rita's College Luncheon! Indulge in a scrumptious feast, bask in the joy of camaraderie with friends, and get ready for a thrilling opportunity to win fantastic prizes. It's a day filled with food, fun, and the promise of unforgettable memories. Click here to book your tickets now!

Year 12 Graduation - Friday 17 November

An invitation to Year 12 Graduation has been sent via email to all Year 12 parents and guardians. If you have any questions or require assistance booking tickets, please feel free to reach out to Carolyn McGrath at

Studio and Chamber Concerts - Sunday 29 October

In Term 4, the Trinity Music Centre will be filled with beautiful music as students perform at our Studio & Chamber Concerts. We invite our SRC community to come along and witness some memorable performances on the day. 

Service Rosters

Big Brekky

Students are to meet the supervising staff member at Student Services at 5.55am. Students are to wear modest comfortable clothing.

Tuesday 17 October: Ms Wallas will accompany Amelia L, Ruby R, Amelie E and Bridget C

Tuesday 24 October: Mrs Kirk will accompany Amelia M, Olivia S, Claire M and Grace M

Tuesday 31 October: Mrs Siddiqui will accompany Kate B, Phoebe S, Annabelle Rand Ava D

Homework Club

Students will meet their supervising staff member in classrooms S07 and S08 after school.

Tuesday 17 October: Adele D, Nicole K and Poppi W

Tuesday 24 October: Sophia L, Giselle H, Amy H, Alex L, Annabelle H and Olivia S

Boutique News
Year 6 Fittings for Year 7, 2024 Uniforms
The Boutique has moved to Qkr!
Boutique Opening Hours

Year 6 Fittings for Year 7, 2024 Uniforms

Current Year 6 students entering Year 7 in 2024 will participate in Year 7 uniform fittings in Week 3, Term 4. 

Mirroring the process undertaken in Year 5 for swimming togs and in Year 6 for Canberra Hoodies, students will be conveniently fitted for these uniform items during school hours. Parents/carers are not required to attend these fittings.   

Please note that primary uniform items are transferable into Year 7. To confirm, students can wear their Primary Uniform into Year 7, for as long as they appropriately fit (skort hems are to be no shorter than just above the knees). Once students grow out of their Primary Uniform, they are required to move into the Secondary Uniform (Dress or Blouse/Slacks). 

There are three uniform items that your daughter may require in Year 7:   

  • Formal Dress (Long slacks & Blouse are available upon student request) 
  • Sports Skirt  (Non-compulsory, students may continue to wear their sports shorts for HPE) 
  • Bike Pants (Compulsory for every day wear under the Formal Dress and Sports Skirt) 

Once your child has been fitted for the items above, they will bring an order form home with their sizes. Please note that additional room will be accounted for to allow for age-appropriate growth and to ensure longevity of the uniforms.  A full copy of the Secondary Uniform Guide and some helpful instructions will also be sent home with the order.  

All uniform orders are to be placed via the Qkr! App no later than 5 November 2023. Orders will be delivered directly to the Primary area for collection. 

In January, we recommend students try the uniforms on to check sizing prior to school starting. If your daughter requires an alternate size, you are welcome to exchange the items for a different size before school starts, as long as the items are returned with the tags attached and in the original packaging. It is at this time you will also need to check the length of your child’s dress. The formal dress is to be worn no shorter than mid-knee length at all times, and must be re-hemmed as your child grows.

If you have any questions relating uniforms, please contact the Boutique via email: 

The Boutique has moved to Qkr!

Qkr! (pronounced 'quicker') is a mobile app designed to provide a seamless and convenient online ordering and payment process. The College first introduced Qkr! in January, with the launch of online ordering for The Pantry via the app. Now, we are proud to provide easy access to our online Boutique catalogue via the same platform. 

Qkr! has replace our current online ordering website for the Boutique. Getting started is easy - simply download the Qkr! app on your Apple or Android device, then find St Rita’s College in the app, by searching for 'St Rita' and create a student profile for each of your children. You will be asked to provide your student’s ID number, so please have this ready. Click here for full step-by-step instructions. Parents who prefer to use website ordering can create their account and log in at: 

Product categories from the old website have been mapped over to Qkr!, for your convenience. We have also kept the option to arrange product fittings at the College, if required.   

Orders received prior to 9:00am Tuesday-Friday will be available to collect from the Boutique from 11:00am the same day. Orders received after 9:00am will be available for collection the following business day after 11:00 am.   

Should you have any questions regarding the new ordering process, please contact our Boutique Coordinator, Laurinda Plant via:

Boutique Opening Hours

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Friday: 7.30am - 9.00am & 11.00am - 3.30pm

Term Time only - All orders placed over the school holidays will be available for collection on return to school. 

Community Notices
Catholic Mission Music Event
Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme

Catholic Mission Music Event

Catholic Mission are hosting a music event on Saturday 18 November at Our Lady of the Twelve Apostles Church, Jindalee. An invitation is extended to St Rita's College Community choirs, and dance groups to be a part of this event. Please click here for further details. 

Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme

The Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme provides financial assistance for families transporting students to non-state schools in Queensland. To find out more about eligibility requirements for Students with Disability click here.