Verbis - Term 4, Edition 1 Verbis - Term 4, Edition 1

13 October 2022

Year of Compassion - Begin with the Heart

From our College Leadership Team
Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow
Deputy Principal - Studies, Mrs Maree Trims

Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow

Dear Parents/Carers

It was great to welcome the students back last week for the final Term of their academic year. Hopefully, they will hear words of encouragement from their families and staff for them to finish the year off well by giving their best in all they do this Term. 

I would like to share with you a particular concern I have regarding the use of social media by students. Your daughter may have mentioned to you that I spoke to them about this issue last week in the College Assembly and that, at one stage, I got quite emotional when I spoke to them about the hurt that groups of students can foist onto others through careless and mean comments online. I think what was spoken about to the students is important and I would like to share with you the gist of the issues raised at the Assembly because I think it is important that the College and parents are giving similar messages and taking a common approach in helping the students use social media responsibly.

It is important to recognise that today’s social media platforms are like no other avenues of social interaction humans have ever experienced in the past. In the real world, social interaction is very much governed by so-called social mores- or unspoken rules about how one should behave and what is acceptable to say and how one should say something to someone they may have issues with. Sure, there are still issues of offense and hurt between people but it is often confined and controlled to a large extent. The control of what can be said and how it is said is often moderated when interactions are face-to-face because people are affected by body signals others give them. Extra constraint for how someone can say something about another is also provided by the fact that there are clear legal ramifications for overstepping the mark on casting aspersions on someone’s character. 

In the online world, much of what normally constrains us in our interactions with others are absent. Our primal mental tendencies that helped us way back in our evolution as we became social beings seem to be sparked back into action once more in this new online social world and our brains become reactionary to things that people text. It seems that our attention is most easily captured by negative and fearful thoughts. Such thoughts get our attention very quickly and stick in our brain like a tennis ball does to a Velcro pad. Whereas, positive, joyful, and grateful thoughts tend to stick less to the brain – a bit like an egg on a Teflon surface. Positive stimuli apparently are very hard to hold onto. Evidence points to the fact that the mind has to consciously dwell on a positive grateful thought for a minimum of 15 seconds or it will not imprint on the brain. 

In this world where it is so easy to ‘post’, and there is instant access to posts, it is so easy to zero in on negative opinions. And when someone posts a negative opinion of a person or their actions, that sticks to the mind of others who read it. It can then become a blossoming sentiment about that person from others and, before you know it, others join in and create an ‘online reality’ about the person. Being aware of how online communication can distort reality so easily is a must for all of us to realise. It is the smart and thinking person who is aware that having your attention stuck on the perceived negatives of a person is the instinctive primitive way the brain operates. We need to step beyond this initial primal reaction and consider other people’s real-life feelings. We know that the brain has a much harder job getting its attention centred on the positives but we owe it to others to allow the brain to dwell longer on the positives that each one of us has in our lives. We need to consider the person or situation we may be commenting on and put ourselves in their shoes.  It is almost impossible to take back something negative you might post online because you let your first instinct take control. 

I reminded the students that our theme for this year, ‘Begin with the Heart’ is not meant to be just a good sounding slogan we talk about – it needs to be a description of how we behave at all times. They, therefore, have a challenge of acting online with compassion. A compassionate person understands the struggles of another person and wants to help. Exercising compassion is a choice - a hard choice sometimes because we find it much easier to either stand by the sidelines and look on when we see others hurting, or, unfortunately, join in on adding to the hurt of others. So, parents and guardians, as primary educators of your child, I’m hoping you will join us in continuing to challenge and help our students navigate their online world so that their interaction with their peers and others is a more wholesome experience. We need to educate our young people and ourselves to stop and think before we post. I hope your daughter took some time to discuss some of the ideas that were raised at Assembly.  If not, you may be able to start a conversation with them about some of the issues you believe are important regarding the responsible use of social media.

I did end my address to the students with the following quote:

“In a world where you can be anything, choose to be kind"

God bless

Mrs Dale Morrow

Deputy Principal - Studies, Mrs Maree Trims

2023 Timetable

The 2023 timetable is currently under construction and takes many months of planning and preparation. It is not possible to meet student and parent requests for specific teachers and classes. The classes are created based on student subject selections received by the due date. Therefore, if students change their mind, these changes may not be accommodated.

Senior Exams

Parents/Carers of Students in Years 10 – 12 are reminded that a medical certificate is required if a student will miss or misses the due date for a scheduled assessment (exam or assignment). The medical certificate must be for the date the assessment task is/was due. This includes spoken presentations.

myQCE Student Reference Group

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority established the myQCE Student Reference Group in 2021 to gain student views on curriculum and assessment and myQCE resources. The group will farewell its graduating Year 12 students at the end of this year, so they are recruiting new members for 2023. Queensland students who will be in Year 10 in 2023 are eligible to apply.  These students will have the opportunity to learn about the QCE system, hear from other students, share their experiences and gain new skills. The group meets four times per year and membership is ongoing until students graduate from Year 12. Nominations are open until Friday 4 November and students will need to provide the name and email of a referee from their school when they nominate.  For more information about the myQCE Student Reference Group, please visit the myQCE website or email 

Primary Years
Head of Primary, Ms Belinda Emmi

Head of Primary, Ms Belinda Emmi

Celebration of Learning

St Rita’s College Primary Years looks forward to welcoming parents/carers to the Celebration of Learning event on Monday 14 November from 2:00pm-3:00pm.  During this celebration, students will discuss a learner quality they have been developing.  Our learner qualities are researcher, organiser, reflector, applier and achiever. 

Australian Mathematics Competition

Last Term a number of Year 5 students participated in the Australian Mathematics Competition.  These students took up the challenge to extend and apply their knowledge and skills in Mathematics to solve complex mathematical problems. They all rose to the challenge and reported that although the competition was tough they enjoyed the opportunity to participate. Congratulations to the following students for their engagement in the Australian Mathematics Competition: Ruby Zamora, Willa Koch, Eva O’Keefe, Bella Freeman, Grace Browne, Isabelle Charlesworth, Olivia Byrne, Ciara Donovan, Kayla Subritzky, Marguerite Haines, Niamh Kissane, Gabrielle Lee, Kristina Bowater, Francesca Cunningham, Ava McMillan

Credit: Imogen Martins-Edridge, Caitlin Niere, Elizabeth Barr, Charlotte Patterson, Millicent Hambrecht, Gianna Cassar

Distinction: Anugi Ranasinghe, Namya Bishnoi, Thenuki Gardihewa

Pillar Awards

Congratulations to the following students for receiving Pillar awards this week:

5.1 Addison Corfe – Compassion, Eve Roberts – Hope, Heidi Joseph – Justice, Simone Simpson – Courage, Maggie Lynn - Hospitality   

5.2 - Rosemary McDonald – Hope, Gabrielle Lee – Hope, Kayla Subritzky – Courage, Mia McTighe – Hospitality, Grace O'Connor – Hospitality

5.3 - Harper Fogg – Hospitality, Sydney Josephson – Compassion, Caitlin Niere – Hope, Charlotte Oliver – Hospitality, Navita Shaiju - Compassion

What You Need to Know
Mandatory Isolation Update. Zero Tolerance of Illness on Campus Remains
Safety On Enderley Road
Friday 14 October – Final formal schooling day for Year 12 students
St Rita's College Race Day Raffle
Stationery Ordering Reminder
College Annual Thanksgiving Celebration for Monday 17 October – compulsory attendance by Years 7, 11 and 12 students
Upcoming College Events and Happenings
Service Rosters

Mandatory Isolation Update. Zero Tolerance of Illness on Campus Remains

The Australia-wide lifting of mandatory COVID isolation periods will come into effect from tomorrow, Friday 14 October (with some setting exceptions).

St Rita’s Zero Tolerance of illness or any flu like symptoms on campus remains in place. Staff and students who are unwell, are not to attend school. Parents and or Emergency Contacts of students who present at school unwell will be contacted and asked to collect their child.

Safety On Enderley Road

Enderley Road is a busy road servicing both St Rita’s and St Agatha’s and many local residents. Cautious driving by parents and student drivers is expected at all times in keeping our students, staff and parents safe.

Please put the safety of our students and other drivers before your convenience and adhere to the following expectations.

  • Don’t Speed – Enderley Road during designated hours is a 40k maximum speed zone.
  • Don’t park, drop off or pick up on Yellow Lined areas. They are there for a purpose, that being areas of potential risk. They are also marked by ‘witches hats’.
  • Students must use the Assisted Crossing at the Pool end of Enderley Road to cross to and from the College.
  • Be respectful of our neighbours – don’t park, drop off or pick up across resident driveways.

Friday 14 October – Final formal schooling day for Year 12 students

The final day of formal schooling for our Year 12 students is celebrated with a number of events. The information below is provided again for the notice of Year 12 families.

Year 12 Breakfast – 6:45am - 8:30am, Eirene Hall, and Last Day of Classes

This is a Year 12 student and staff event hosted by the Year 11 students and marks the final day of official classes for the Year 12 girls. This has been a long-standing tradition and is an opportunity for the girls to share a meal together as they prepare for their last day of classes.

House Group Lunches and Assemblies in House Groups (Years 7-12)

The House Group Lunches and Assemblies are an opportunity for the Year 12 students to be farewelled by their House Group. As this is the fundamental structure for our Pastoral Care structure, it is a wonderful opportunity for the Seniors to share their memories with those with whom they have commenced each day.

Year 12 Final Assembly – 1:00pm, Eirene Hall (two family members per Year 12 student only)

The final Assembly for our Year 12 students will be attended by all students and staff. Year 12 Parents, or two family members, are also invited to attend. Our Year 12 Students will be presented with their Presentation Hearts and blessed by the College community and we will witness the official handover of student leadership. Year 12 Parents as asked to arrive from 12:30pm (not before this time, please). Please note, that due to the seating capacity in Eirene, we appreciate you adhering to the two guests per student request. 

Year 12 Guard of Honour and Hat Throwing – 2:00pm approx.

Immediately following Assembly, Year 12 parents are welcome to join their daughter/s for the Guard of Honour down the College Driveway. Once arriving at Hogan Place, parents are to follow the directions of College staff to the parent viewing area. Photos may be taken from this vantage.

Dismissal and Pool

Year 12 students will be formally dismissed following the Hat Throwing. They are permitted to jump into the Pool, in uniform, if they wish. Students from other Year levels will not be permitted in the Pool area. Year 12 students will be asked to depart the Pool area by 2:50pm to enable the usual Friday afternoon water sports to take place. Students do not have permission to travel on public transport or rideshares in wet uniforms, nor enter any commercial premises in wet uniforms. It is the College’s expectation that they either bring a dry change of clothes should any of these be necessary.

St Rita's College Race Day Raffle

Don’t miss your chance to be a winner in the St Rita’s Race Day Raffle. With a prize pool totalling over $14,000 you don’t have to be at Race Day this Saturday to win. Prizes include homewares, jewellery, an exclusive racing experience, 5-star hotel vouchers, tech prizes, beauty and more.

CLICK HERE for the full prize list and to purchase your tickets.

Proceeds will acquire sporting resources for the talented students of St Rita’s. Good Luck and thanks for the support!

Stationery Ordering Reminder

Stationery Lists for 2023

The stationery lists and workbooks for 2023 has been published on the MK Educational Supplies website: CLICK HERE.

Orders for 2023 are due by Tuesday 1 November 2022.


  • St Rita’s College and your child’s Year level, and select Girl View Book List
  • Place a tick beside relevant subjects and tick beside A: COMPULSORY Items for all Students
  • Show Subjects: to reveal the required equipment and workbooks

If your child already has the required equipment, you do not need to purchase new objects. The workbooks, however, must be purchased. There will be nominated delivery dates. The dates will be shown at the top of the order form and emailed to you at the time of ordering.

College Annual Thanksgiving Celebration for Monday 17 October – compulsory attendance by Years 7, 11 and 12 students

The College Annual Thanksgiving Celebration (ATC) will be held on Monday next week, 17 October, at the Brisbane City Hall and is a compulsory event for attendance by Years 7, 11 and 12 students. Year 7 students do not need to be accompanied by a parent/carer. 

Students who are not receiving an award or performing are to go to their House Group teacher in the main foyer on arrival and have their name marked off the roll.  All students who are performing, and/or receiving an Award, have been advised via email of arrival time details and parents have been notified of same via Operoo.

CLICK HERE for the Award Recipient list.

Two tickets per family are allocated. If you have not booked your tickets please do so via the link provided below. Your ticket is required to be presented on arrival at City Hall.

If you have booked tickets and no longer require them, please notify the College at your earliest opportunity so that they may be released for other families. 

CLICK HERE for the booking link.

Upcoming College Events and Happenings

Further information, if available, can be accessed from the date entry in the MySRC Calendar.

  • Thursday 13 October – Year 5 Parent Madonna King Evening
  • Friday 14 October – Year 12 final formal schooling day
  • Saturday 15 October – Knowles Cup Tennis Rds 3 & 4
  • Saturday 15 October – Water Polo Rd 2
  • Saturday 15 October – St Rita’s College Race Day
  • Monday 17-Friday 21 October – Year 12 Study Week
  • Monday 17 October – Annual Thanksgiving Celebration and Awards Evening
  • Tuesday 18 October – AFL Schools Cup Trials
  • Wednesday 19 October – CaSSSA Sport Rd 3
  • Friday 21-Sunday 23 October – Volleyball Junior Schools Cup
  • Friday 21 October – Water Polo 2022/2023 Season Launch
  • Saturday 22 October – Knowles Cup Tennis Rds 7 & 8
  • Saturday 22 October – Water Polo Rd 3
  • Sunday 23 October – Year 8 Parent Lunch
  • Monday 24 October (from) – Year 12 External Exams
  • Wednesday 26 October – CaSSSA Sport Rd 4

Service Rosters

Big Brekky

Students are to meet their supervising teacher outside Student Services at 5:55am. Students are to wear enclosed shoes and modest comfortable clothing.

Tuesday 18 October: Mrs Trims will accompany Hannah Woods, Rachel Copsey, Amy Hawker and Ava Wright

Tuesday 25 October: Miss Allen will accompany Sarah Gallagher, Erin Clancy, Sarah Rees and Imogen Riethmuller

Tuesday 1 November: Miss Newell will accompany Bridget Conn, Annabelle Schmierer, Amelia Turnbull and Fran Turnbull

Homework Club

Students will meet their supervising staff member in the College Library after school.

Tuesday 18 October: Mrs Habgood will supervise Sarah Gallagher, Heidi Lynch, Tilly Hughes, Mia Hunt, Erin Clancy, Sarah Rees, Imogen Riethmuller and Tilly Morrow

Tuesday 25 October: Miss Knogler will supervise Jordan Eriksen, Sarah Rees, Erin Clancy, Elisabeth Murphy, Mia Hunt, Jane Aneed, Chris Jaimon Thomas and Emma Hibberson Tuesday 1 November: Mrs Atkinson will supervise Jordan Eriksen, Zoe Jenkins, Imogen Boucher, Chloe Barron, Maria Veneris, Jane Aneed, Chris Jaimon Thomas and Libby Tiffin

Debating News - Mrs Lorraine Specogna, Coordinator
Debating Master Classes

Debating Master Classes

St Rita’s will be offering a new initiative for the College’s Debating program – Debating Master Classes on Thursday afternoons commencing Thursday 20 October.

The 2023 competition will begin in February. As the last opportunity to debate finished at the end of Term 3 this year, students can disengage with the skills of debating and Round 1 the following year can be difficult.

The Debating Master Classes will be open to students in Years 7, 8 and 9. Students who intend to debate in 2023 and have never debated or have not debated for a while are strongly encouraged to join. The program will be held over four weeks focusing on a different debating skill each week: principle and practical argument; stakeholders; harms and benefits; and issue based rebuttal. Sessions will begin with a skill session using an article provided the prior week.

The Master Class teams will be formed through a mixture of Year levels and experience. Each week this mix will change to maximise skill opportunity development. Teams will be given 45 minutes to develop their argument incorporating the focus skill. This will be without access to research similar to short prep format. The debate will run for 30mins with members speaking for 3-4mins. The adjudication will not be for a winner but rather for another coaching session based on the presentations, advice on success and where to improve.

Our Senior debaters from Years 10 and 11 will be the adjudicators. While the teams are preparing their argument, these members will be coached on how to give feedback on the focus skill and topic. The Master Classes opportunity is being held on Thursday afternoons due to availability of staff coaches and has a capped membership of 24 students. This will not be a first in sign on but rather a random draw once sign on closes. The selection will be across the three Year levels, eg, eight students from Year 7, eight students from Year 8, eight students from Year 9 or relevantly adjusted as required to numbers. It will require a commitment to all four sessions from 3:15 to 5:00pm. Sign on will be through the notice on MySRC from 11 Oct and will close on Monday 17 October. Sessions will begin on Thursday 20 October. For further enquiries, please contact Mrs Lorraine Specogna, Debating Coordinator:

Visual Art
Artwork Spotlight

Artwork Spotlight

Some amazing work from the wonderful students of Visual Art! They have been studying 2D and 3D, landscapes, impressionism, fashion, and more.

Cocurricular Music - Mr Craig Kennedy
Semester 2 Studio Concerts
Christmas Concerts
Upcoming Events in Term 4


After applying earlier in the year, eight of our students were successful in being accepted into the State Honours Ensemble Program held at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University. This program brings together advanced, like-minded students from across the State to participate in an intensive program of rehearsals culminating in a performance in the Conservatorium Theatre.

On the same weekend as SHEP in the September holidays, the Australian Honours Ensemble Program also took place at the Conservatorium. Acceptance into this program is highly contested and students are only offered a place after completing an audition. This year our Instrumental Music Captain, Emily Beutel was offered a position in the AHEP Wind Orchestra. Congratulations Emily as this is a wonderful achievement. The experience that these students would have enjoyed not only improves their individual skills but also allows them to return to our program and support the improvement of each College ensemble they are in. Congratulations to all our students who participated in these programs.

Semester 2 Studio Concerts

On Sunday 30 October we will be holding our Semester 2 Studio Concerts for instrumental and vocal students enrolled in the Music Program. This afternoon will have concurrent concerts occurring in the Trinity Centre with students scheduled to play in one of the numerous 1-hour concerts throughout the afternoon. All students learning at the College are expected to perform with instrumental teachers communicating specific performance times to students. An overview of the schedule will soon be available on the College App.

Christmas Concerts

To conclude the Music Performance Calendar this year, we will be holding our Christmas Concerts on the afternoon and evening of Tuesday 15 November. This event will be in lieu of the previously scheduled Check Out Concerts. Further detailed information will be released over the coming weeks. We look forward to our Music community joining us for a festive finale to our year.

Upcoming Events in Term 4

Sport - Mr Dane Robinson, Director of Sport
Water Polo

Water Polo

National State Championships

In the September holidays, many SRC girls represented their State at the National Championships held at the Gold Coast.

Congratulations to the following St Rita’s Water Polo players:

  • QLD U15 Maroon – Emma Williams
  • QLD U15 Gold – Amelia Calder, Isabelle Langestraat, Arabella Templeton
  • QLD U17 Maroon – Tilly Hughes, Cate Klinge, Matilda Morrow, Horatia Schlect
  • QLD U17 Gold – Jemima Irvine, Taya Kirk, Mia Hollyman

Special mention to the following girls that were selected in the National Age Group Australian Squads from their performance at the tournament:

  • Cadet Women – Emma Williams
  • Youth Women – Tilly Hughes and Horatia Schlect

Horatia was also awarded Most Valuable Goalie of the tournament. All are well deserved achievements.

2022/23 BWPI Competition

We have commenced our first week of grading for the Summer 2022/23 BWPI Competition. The players have been working hard at training, and we look forward to seeing them enjoy the games on Saturdays.

Ms Madison Wall - Head Coach Water Polo

Community Notices
Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme
We're Hiring: Pantry Kitchen Hand/Cook

Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme

The Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme provides financial assistance for families transporting students to non-state schools in Queensland. Applications opened on 1 October and will close on 31 October. To find out more about eligibility requirements, click here.

We're Hiring: Pantry Kitchen Hand/Cook

The College is currently seeking a Pantry Kitchen Hand/ Cook to assist the Convenor and three Chefs in the day-to-day running of the College's Pantry. In addition to basic food preparation and cooking, the Pantry Kitchen Hand/Cook also provides general beverage, food and customer service to students and staff of the College. Required working hours are 12:00pm – 5:00pm Monday to Thursday; and 9:30am - 2:30pm on Fridays during the school Term.


  • Willingness to get in and help out wherever needed 
  • Hold a Food Safety Certificate or willingness to obtain one 
  • A minimum of one year’s experience as a kitchen hand is preferred, however on-the-job training is provided


  • Providing food preparation and basic cooking under the direction of the Pantry Convenor and Pantry Chefs 
  • Ensuring competent food handling operations in accordance with associated food legislation, regulations and standards
  • General Café duties including coffee preparation and customer service (on-the-job training provided)
  • Daily cleaning after service times and before close of day


All applicants must hold current Paid Blue Card (Working With Children check).

If you are interested in this role, please email your Covering Letter and Resume to Human Resources via email