Verbis - Term 4, Edition 2 Verbis - Term 4, Edition 2

27 October 2022

Year of Compassion - Begin with the Heart

From our College Leadership Team
Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow
Assistant Principal - Mission, Mrs Erica Qureshi

Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow

Dear Parents/Carers

Some of you may know that this week on Friday is World Teachers’ Day. This is the one day set aside each year to reflect on the very special role teachers play in our society and to appreciate the many ways they have a positive impact on the lives of students.

It is important that we recognise not only today’s teachers but also the generations of teachers who have gone before us. I still have very fond memories of teachers that I had when I was at school and I’m sure many of the teachers at St Rita’s were inspired by the teachers they had when they were students at school as well.   

If we think back over the past two years, we have lived through some extraordinary circumstances, brought about by the COVID pandemic and one of these was the closing of schools. This resulted in you as parents and guardians having to adjust your lives in a significantly major way to ensure, as far as you could, that your children’s learning could proceed at home. What this brought home to everyone, in a stark way, was the incredible work teachers are in fact responsible for. I’m sure you would attest to how hard it was to ensure the learning continued at home, and that you would have been at a complete loss if the online lessons provided by the teachers had not been available. The preparation of these online lessons was a massive task for teachers but they rose to the occasion and tried as much as they could to ensure learning did not suffer. Under normal circumstances, they cope with the many challenges of normal classroom teaching that we should be truly thankful for their dedication to their roles. This year we say thank you to our teachers for ‘teaching through every moment’. On your behalf, I want to acknowledge and express appreciation for the many ways teachers provide support and inspiration to your children.

So, on a local level, here at St Rita’s, Friday will be the day we will have our own theme “Hats off to Teachers”. On this day, and in the days leading up to tomorrow, I have encouraged the students to think about what teachers do for them. Teaching is not a 8:30am – 3:00pm job as some cynical people claim it to be. There are so many hours that go into lesson preparation and marking. There is so much expertise teachers show in being able to cater for all the varied learning needs within every class they teach during the day. As well as the academic needs, teachers are mindful of trying to support healthy social interactions within their classes and are very interested in how every individual develops as a unique person. You only have to listen to the speeches from our Year 12 students at the end of their time at St Rita’s and hear what they say about their teachers. They will often describe how their teachers have always been there for them, have supported them, have cared about them personally and academically, have been able to have a joke with them, and have always looked for ways to support their learning and development.

I have asked the students to think of ways they can show appreciation – maybe a handwritten card, a message from the class, a note of affirmation on their desk. I hope, too, that parents and carers may take some time to thank a teacher for their day-to-day care of your child. 

My message to the students also included the following:

"Please use the message of World Teachers’ Day as motivation for you to put the same amount of effort into your lessons as your teachers do. Place care for your learning as a high priority by showing respect for the learning process in every lesson. I know the great majority of you already do. One of the wonderful traditions we have here at this College is that students as they leave their classroom after each lesson say a simple “thank you” to their teacher. Never lose this courtesy as it helps to remind us that our teachers are working hard for you.” 

On World Teachers’ Day we take our hats off to teachers and all staff who work in schools.

God bless

Mrs Dale Morrow

Assistant Principal - Mission, Mrs Erica Qureshi

In Week 2 of this Term, our Year 7 students were involved in their first St Rita’s Retreat, and in latter weeks our Year 12 students will participate in their final St Rita’s Retreat.

The concept of Retreat, of going aside from the busyness of life, in order to think and pray about our lives, is very ancient. Human beings seem always to have known, intuitively, that sometimes we need to stop and that these times of stopping actually make our lives richer, renew our energy and help us to be clearer about what’s important in our lives.

Jesus had that consciousness, too. In John’s Gospel we read:

The apostles gathered around Jesus and told him all that they had done and taught. He said to them, “Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.” For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat. And they went away in a boat to a deserted place by themselves. (6: 30-32)

Our hope is that our students continue to realise the importance – both through their teenage years and as they graduate from secondary education – of stepping back from their busy lives for prayer, reflection and renewal. 

This Term, I ask our community to pray in particular for our Year 12 cohort, as they navigate options after school, final assessments and the exciting changes that finishing one life stage and moving to another inevitably brings.

A prayer for our Year 12 Students

Lord, please calm their spirits, come and still their nerves.

For the questions they are about to be given, help them to read them carefully.

Come and flood their hearts with your peace.

For the words they are about to write, help them to recall everything fully.

Come and inspire their minds as they gather their thoughts.

Be with them now and always.


Primary Years
Head of Primary, Ms Belinda Emmi
Spotlight on 5.1

Head of Primary, Ms Belinda Emmi

Year 5 Pillar Awards

Last week Year 5 had their last Year Level Assembly for 2022.  It has been a pleasure to share in student learning and to see students modelling the College Pillars with grace and passion throughout 2022. The Year 5 cohort of 2022 consistently demonstrate the Pillars in their actions and words. 

5.1 Awards

  • Hannah Muir – Compassion
  • Ciara Donovan - Courage 
  • Niko Fafeita – Simplicity
  • Anugi Ranasinghe - Hospitality
  • Elizabeth Barr – Simplicity (absent)

5.2 Awards

  • Sophie Mitchell - Courage
  • Kayla Subtrizky – Courage
  • Grazia Pierno - Hospitality
  • Imogen Martens-Edridge - Simplicity
  • Sienna McKenzie - Hope 

5.3 Awards

  • Ingrid Nobilo – Hope
  • Emilia Whatley – Compassion
  • Eva O’Keefe – Hospitality
  • Kristina Bowater – Hospitality
  • Niamh Kissane – Simplicity

At our final Assembly Grace Browne, Kayla Subritzky and Anugi Ranasinghe received their awards for the Australian Mathematics Competition, with Anugi receiving a Distinction award. Congratulations again to these students.

Spotlight on 5.1

Recently 5.1 welcomed a new student into their classroom. The class shared who they are, their interests and likes through the medium of art. Every student constructed a self portrait made up of images and examples of who they are. This sharing of ‘who I am’ helped to support all students express themselves and forms an amazing art display for 5.1.

What You Need to Know
Stationery Ordering Reminder
End of Year Parent Survey Released
Brisbane City Council Parking Enforcement
St Rita's College Race Day
Upcoming College Events and Happenings
Parent End of Year Event - Saturday 19 November
Service Rosters

Stationery Ordering Reminder

Stationery Lists for 2023 

The stationery lists and workbooks for 2023 have been published on the MK Educational Supplies website in Week 1 of Term 4 and Orders for 2023 are due by Tuesday 1 November 2022: Click Here.


  • St Rita’s College and your child’s Year level, and select Girl View Book List
  • Place a tick beside relevant subjects and tick beside A: COMPULSORY Items for all Students
  • Show Subjects: to reveal the required equipment and workbooks

If your child already has the required equipment, you do not need to purchase new objects. The workbooks, however, must be purchased. There will be nominated delivery dates. The dates will be shown at the top of the order form and emailed to you at the time of ordering. 

NB: Year 7 2023 students select all subjects, as Electives do not apply until Year 8.

For Years 5 and 6 2023, the required items and respective quantities will pre-load.

End of Year Parent Survey Released

The annual End of Year Parent Survey has been released via Survey Monkey, and we would appreciate the commitment from all parents/carers to participate in the Survey.

the College Board and Leadership support the importance of seeking the feedback of parents/carers on a range of College topics. This feedback is important to us as we continue to maintain a successful College and strengthen our reputation as an educator of choice. We have, this year, included a section on the forthcoming College Centenary and invite current parent opinion on events and projects that honour this important milestone.

If you did not receive the SurveyMonkey email, your email with the College may not be up to date, or you may have previously ‘Opted Out’ of a College Survey issued via Survey Monkey.  If you have not received the Survey Monkey email, please let Mrs Anna Roberts know at  

The QR code below may also be used to access the Survey, if you have not already submitted your responses.

Brisbane City Council Parking Enforcement

The Brisbane City Council Parking Compliance Unit has placed signage in Enderley Road to advise that the Unit is monitoring the area and we believe this will be ongoing until the end of the school year.

Drivers should be careful to adhere to all parking rules, including yellow line, zone time and double parking rules.

St Rita's College Race Day

The Race Day at Eagle Farm on Saturday 15 October was again an overwhelming success and the College’s sincere thanks are extended to Paul Holloway and Chris Overs of the Sports Subcommittee for their meticulous work in bringing the event together. Di Holloway and Miss Bonnie Holloway are too to be thanked for the support they gave to the event, as is past student Loretta Ryan for emceeing the happy and colourful day.

The event raised in the vicinity of $18,000 for the College sports program – yet again an outstanding result for this popular event. Race Day was again supported by a large number of parents and businesses that captured the spirit that St Rita’s is well loved for. From providing Race sponsorship to donating raffle and fashions on the field prizes, the enormity of the organisation and the number of people who contributed to that organisation was significant

There was a large line up of fashion contestants, a lot of tips bouncing around the marquee and from table to table, and the faultless hospitality from the BRC staff on one of the busiest days in the Spring Carnival topped off a terrific day. Like last year, the Raffle was opened to the entire College community. Results can be accessed at the link: Click Here

Please note: Prize winners will be contacted regarding collection of their prize.

Our most grateful thanks are extended to everyone who supported the event and who attended; to the large number of past students and families who supported the Raffle; to the very large array of prize donors; and to the race sponsors – Clear To Work, Liquor Legends, Clayfield Jewellery and Madison Cleaning Services.  Your collective generosity and support benefit the many students for whom the Sports Subcommittee of the College work so hard. Thank You.

Click here for more photos from Race Day!

Upcoming College Events and Happenings

Further information, if available, can be accessed from the date entry in the MySRC Calendar. 

  • Saturday 29 October – Knowles Cup Tennis Finals
  • Saturday 29 October – Water Polo Rd 2
  • Sunday 30 October – Music Studio Concerts
  • Wednesday 2 November – CaSSSA Sport Rd 5
  • Wednesday 2 November – Year 8 Japanese Dinner
  • Wednesday 2 November – Music Support Group Meeting
  • Thursday 3 November – Year 11 Biology Field Trip Day 1
  • Friday 4 November – Year 11 Biology Field Trip Day 2
  • Saturday 5 November – Water Polo Rd 3
  • Monday 7 -Wednesday 9 November – Year 8 Camp
  • Tuesday 8 November – Hogan Community Mass
  • Tuesday 8 November – Year 5 Retreat
  • Tuesday 8 November – P&F Meeting
  • Tuesday 8 November – Sports Subcommittee Meeting
  • Wednesday 9 November – CaSSSA Sport Rd 6

Parent End of Year Event - Saturday 19 November

Parents are invited to attend an End of Year event on Saturday 19 November. Please click on the link for details: Click Here.

This event is parent organised with payment collected externally from the College.

Service Rosters

Big Brekky

Students are to meet the supervising staff member at Student Services at 5:55am. Students are to wear modest comfortable clothing.

Tuesday 1 November: Mrs Tuite will accompany Bridget Conn, Annabelle Schmierer, Amelia Turnbull and Fran Turnbull

Tuesday 8 November: Ms Newell will accompany Zoe Dalton, Matilda Morrow, Taya Kirk and Josephine Kropp

Tuesday 15 November: Mr Ryan will accompany Zoe Jenkins, Maria Veneris, Tilly Hughes and Liv Toovey

Homework Club

Students will meet their supervising staff member in the College Library after school.

Tuesday 8 November: Miss Bradbury will supervise Chloe Barron, Jordan Eriksen, Elisabeth Murphy, Felicity Fletcher, Tilly Hughes, Tilly Morrow, Libby Tiffin and Mia Hollyman

Tuesday 15 November: Staff member (TBA) will supervise Amelie Grohn, Jordan Eriksen, Eve Ryan, Mikayla Jebreen, Mia Hollyman, Ella Zappert and Grace Gordon

Careers and Guidance News - Mrs Melanie Sax-Wood, Head of Pathways & Careers
Defence Forces Work Experience Program – A Student’s Story
QUT STEM Summit - A Student's Experience
Job Advertisements
Year 9 Careers Day
Options Careers Information App
Online Resources for Parents
The Good Universities Guide

Defence Forces Work Experience Program – A Student’s Story

One of our Year 11 Students, Eva Formosa-Kerr, engaged in the Defence Forces Work Experience Program over the September holidays. She took up the Officer Aviation Work Experience at the RAAF Air Base -Amberley. Eva shares her experience with others to encourage them to get involved in these opportunities.

Mrs Melanie Sax-Wood, Head of Pathways & Careers

Looking for a career that is full of excitement, innovation, and variety, then the Defence Force might be the place for you.

The Royal Australian Airforce is an internationally respected organisation equipped with some of the most advanced aircraft and air defence technology in use.  On 21 September 2022, I was selected to attend a work experience placement at the RAAF Base at Amberley, the largest Air Force Base in Australia.  I was fortunate to be able to experience all the facilities up close and had the opportunity to discuss the various roles with Fast Jet Pilots, Fixed Wing Pilots, Mission Aircrew and Air Traffic Controllers.  Amberley Airforce Base which employs over 5,000 people is home to the Super Hornet, the Growler, C-17 Transport and KC-30 Air Refuelers.

Upon arrival we were briefed on the day, cleared security with id checks and changed into our flight suit. Under supervision we were transported all over the Air Base to see up close Australia’s most advanced aircraft and defence technology in use anywhere.

The first stop was the world’s fastest fighter aircraft, the Super Hornets, and the Growlers.  We experienced the Super Hornets take off and I was lucky enough to stand on the wing of the Growler and view inside.  Here we spoke with Fast Jet Pilots, Weapon Systems Officers, Electronic Warfare Officers, some women, that operate the most advanced weapons and electronic warfare systems within the airspace. 

Following the Super Hornets, it was off to the see the KC-30’s Air Refuelers, the Air Mobility Officers primary airborne role is to refuel aircraft mid-air to other aircraft that are flying in formation only meters away.  Lunch was in the Officers Mess, then we were taken to the Air Traffic Control Tower, here we had a view of the whole Airforce base.  Air Force Air Traffic Controllers do more than just control from a tower or in front of a radar screen at a military airfield.  They can be called upon to control the airspace above a battlefield, whether that is over the land or the sea and often work with the Army and the Navy.  

We were able to speak with highly professional Defence personnel first hand all throughout the day about their roles, and I was amazed with the broad range of career options both in the air and in ground support roles.  Not only did the Officers talk about their challenging and rewarding work, but also about the many other career, financial and lifestyle benefits that the Defence Force can offer.

This is just a snapshot of what was a brilliant day, there were so many opportunities that I never thought existed and if you have a passion for variety, exciting challenges and rewarding work, this might also be right for you.

Eva Formosa-Kerr, Year 11

QUT STEM Summit - A Student's Experience

The QUT STEM Summit was an amazing opportunity that I experienced in the September holidays.  Along with 250 other Year 11 and 12 students, we got to tour the Gardens Point campus, talk to industry professionals and experience many university lectures and practicals. Personally, I went to five different practicals focused on science and health. However, there were a range of other taster sessions revolving around IT, mathematics and engineering. Lunch each day provided a time to chat with other students while enjoying a catered lunch on campus. Whilst the taster sessions went for three days, on the fourth day, an entrepreneurship challenge was held. In this challenge, I got together in a group of five to solve a problem facing our world. We chose the management of sugarcane waste that comes with the production of sugar and sugarcane materials. Our solution to recycle the sugarcane pulps into biofuel and electricity was a favourite with the industry professionals and we came in second. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and would highly recommend others to take it up next year.  

Gabrielle Searle, Year 12

Job Advertisements

This time is busy for many employers with the lead up to Christmas and with businesses picking up post COVID. Over the past three weeks in particular, I have receive several job advertisements from employers who are recruiting junior staff for a variety of positions, casual and fulltime. Just so you are aware these are circulated to the student cohort/s via email (depending on the age of the staff the employer is seeking) and employers are getting back to me saying many of our students are applying. If you have a local business and would like me to advertise vacancies to the student body please email me at with your position description. There have been some fabulous positions for graduating Year 12s also, they are in demand at the moment and the girls are able to link these jobs to their future studies.

Year 9 Careers Day

Mrs Kylie O’Hare and I will spend Thursday 24 November with the Year 9 cohort immersing them in our Careers Program for the day. This day will be filled with activities and should not be missed. This time allows us to work intensely with the students and to introduce them to a range of resources that are used throughout their Careers classes in Year 10. All students will be issued with their ‘Work It Out’ workbook written by Tracy Marsh at Work Ready. We will continue to use this in class along with many other resources in 2023. We are looking forward to working with the cohort as many of them are beginning to experience the world of work first hand through part time employment and thinking more about life after school. The students will have some homework over the holidays (some conversations with you and their grandparents/older family relatives), so please encourage conversations about what they see on their horizon post-school. One of the resources we will introduce them to is the Options Careers Information App and they will need their mobile phone throughout the day to download this and discover the features of the App. We ask that parents also download this App so that you too are in touch with what is happening and available to students moving forward.

Options Careers Information App

Our College’s subscription with Options Career Information includes the new App. Year 10 Careers classes and the Senior Study Skills classes have stepped the students through the downloading of the App and talked about its many features. I have asked the students to download the App with you, so you too have all this information at your fingertips. Hence the link to the fortnightly bulletin will not be in Verbis or emailed to the girls. Set up the App so you receive a notification each fortnight for the informative bulletin that is stacked with the latest information gathered from numerous sources; local, state, national and international. The calendar lists all the upcoming career events, which you can save to your personal calendar. Please contact me for the access code:

Online Resources for Parents

Transitioning from high school to university can be a challenging journey for students and their parents.  Several universities provide resources for parents to support them and their children through the transition.  Some examples are:

The Good Universities Guide

This guide provides information on Australian university courses, university ratings, careers and other tertiary study topics.  It comes in three formats – a website, an e-book and a hardcopy book which can be purchased from the Good Education Bookshop. Information about scholarships is available on the website site. The Education Blogs page contains articles on a range of topics including four tips for making the most of O Week, student life and student stories. Posts include: